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June 2013

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New 10,000 Sq. Ft. Fitness Superstore! Grand Opening June 15th page 18

Employee benefits - Do you have the right coverage?


mall businesses make up 98% market is available to you. When a of all companies with emrenewal comes in the Advisor will ployees in Canada, accordverify everything is fair based on the ing to Industry Canada. In the recent company’s experience and act accordManulife Financial Small Business ingly. Typically the company offering Research, 66% of small business ownthe renewal will be contacted if the ers say they understand how offering a renewal seems too high and a negohealth benefit plan will help their busitiation will take place. If necessary, ness and almost all (95%) are aware up to 10 quotes can be obtained to get satisfied employees are more produca very comprehensive evaluation of tive and focussed. what other companies are willing to So why do employers resist impleoffer. menting an employee benefit plan? By dealing directly with benefit Many employers do not have the companies (as opposed to being part The Staff At Ecclestone Financial time to spend on big picture planning of an association plan), the employer – 30% say finding that time is a problem. That is where a Benhas more control over cost. When everything is pooled, many efit Advisor comes in – with some basic employee information companies are subsidizing the expenses of a small number (one page), The Advisor is able to get started. This includes of companies with extremely high claims. By knowing your getting up to 10 quotes and providing a comparison package, own company’s experience, small business owners are buildto give a full view of what is available on the market. Plan ing credibility. Benefit companies will use that to give more implementation is also handled by the Advisor, with a minimal favourable quotes, they are more accommodating when they amount of time or paperwork required from the employer. have an idea of your past claims. Businesses are also able to According to the Manulife report, more than half (51%) of fully customize every aspect of the plan, controlling cost and business owners don’t believe that it’s more effective to promaking sure it is as efficient as possible. vide benefits and would rather pay their employees higher In the end, the most important thing when it comes to imwages. When considering offering employees a wage increase plementing an Employee Benefit Plan is that you know exit is important to factor in the other expenses involved, such as actly what you are getting and are provided with the ongoing CPP, EI, Workers’ Compensation and Employer Health Tax. support you deserve. By working closely with someone who Implementing an Employee Benefit plan is a more tax effeccares about the needs of your company and is constantly guartive way to compensate your employees. The employee will anteeing you are getting the most efficient plan possible, you receive the health and dental benefits tax-free and employer can do what you do best – working on your business. contributions are deductible as a business expense. Instead of paying approximately $1113 for a $1000 raise (of which Give us a call at Ecclestone Financial - (519) 843-5110, the employee will receive approximately $634 after taxes), the email or visit employer could contribute $1080 into a plan (includes Ontario Our office is located at 245 St. David St. N. in Fergus. Retail Sales Tax) and the employee receives $1000 in health insurance, tax free. Employee satisfaction with their plans is also very high – According to the sanofi-aventis 2006 Healthcare Survey, if given a choice, 63% of respondents would keep their health benefits rather than receive an extra $15,000 cash payment each year! The biggest worry small business owners have when it comes to their Benefits plan is controlling future cost increases. When you deal with a Benefit Broker, the entire benefit The Grand River Advertising Magazine

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2 June 2013


Warm-weather events to kick off summer

une is a month filled with warm-weather activities and events to kick off summer. Come out and support Centre and North Wellington Spark of Brilliance as they present their 8th Annual Fundraiser on June 22nd. This year they have a special guest – Lynn Spence, Home Decor & Fashion Expert of City TV’s CityLine, who will be giving participants interior design tips and answering questions. Doors open at 11:30 am, there will be door prizes and a light lunch will be provided at noon. Tickets are $35 and can be purchased at Williams Decorating & Benjamin Moore at 199 St. Andrew St. W. in Fergus, and at Karger Gallery at 14 Mill St. E. in Elora. Come out and join the fun and support your local Spark of Brilliance! For more information, please call 519-8435742 ext. 561. On Saturday, June 29th, the GetInTouchForHutch race will be held in Arthur in honour of Steven Hutchison, a son, friend, brother and team mate who took his own life. There will be youth and adult volunteers present on race day from various mental health organizations to share info on youth mental health awareness. The proceeds from this race will be supporting 3 charities (Kids Help Phone, and Canadian Mental Health Association’s Youth Engagement Projects). There will be a 1km walk and 5 km walk/run at 10 am. For more info, please contact Myrna Hutchison at getintouchforhutch@ or at 519-994-3623. Visit the website at www. Plan to attend an evening with Mentalist Mark Fletcher—an acclaimed performer who will be live on stage at the Fergus Grand Theatre Mark Waddell for one night only on June 8th at 8 pm. ‘The Booster Guy’ Recent media coverage describes his show as “Jawdropping!” -  SNAP Magazine  and “Stunning! ...You don’t want to miss this show!” -Lindsay Post. Tickets are available at Fergus Grand Theatre box office online at www. or by phone at 519-787-1981. Wingfield’s Folly is playing June 14th and 15th at the Fergus Grand Theatre. In his third year on the farm, after two, profitfree seasons, Walt finally pinpoints the economic source of his problems and embarks on a course which brings him to his most profound crisis to date. In this sequel to Letter From Wingfield Farm and Wingfield’s Progress, Walt sets up a closed economy with his neighbours, prints his own currency and falls in love. Tickets are on sale now, contact Ralph Basset Associates at 519843-4852. The Elora Centre for the Arts is hosting Art in the Yard on July 6th and 7th at 75 Melville St. in Elora. Over 50 artists will be taking part, juried and originals only. There will be art, music, food and an Enchanted Woodland for the kids, as well as a draw for $200 Art in the Yard bucks. Call 519-846-9698 for more info.

Still time to get your summer wine on Island Mists

Less alcohol and they’re fruity. Our Black Raspberry and our Red Raspberry are fan favourites... Our Green Apple in white too! NOW is the time to start your big reds for the holiday season, so they get a chance to age and come into full robust flavours. Also, check out the international wines from Australia, Chile, Italy, name a few! Get on our Limited Edition call list to have a chance to preorder wines that are out only available in a limited quantity. Watch for in-store monthly specials.

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June 2013


Car shopping tips from Buehler Automotive


ecently we have had some vehicles people purchasing a vehicle only to find later through our shop that customers had that there is money owing on the vehicle by the just purchased that did not meet the exprevious owner. Once you take ownership, you pectations of the new owners. This has inspired become responsible for any outstanding debts. me to compile some points for vehicle shoppers If you’re purchasing from a Registered Dealer, to consider when car shopping. you should not have to worry about money owPurchasing a vehicle can be a big investment. ing on a vehicle as the dealer will have done a For many people, that may mean borrowing from lien search before they took possession of the a bank or other financial institution. So it’s a good vehicle themselves.  Ken Buehler plan to first decide how much you want to pay for When buying private, it is best to purchase a vehicle, set a maximum and don’t go over it.  a vehicle that is certified and emission tested so Vehicles come with purchase expenses that should also be there are no surprises. Even then you may want to get a repuincluded in your total cost calculations. Things like sales tax, table shop to inspect the vehicle before you hand over your registration and insurance costs. Allowing some funds for a mehard earned cash. chanical inspection may be money well spent before you agree Keep in mind that any used vehicle may have some flaws. to make a purchase. A hasty purchase can be a future headache What you want to avoid are big costly repairs or a vehicle with when buying a used vehicle. major mechanical or body problems. Ask the seller about the To avoid becoming the owner of a lemon, you should do car’s accident record, history of ownership and service resome research on the vehicle or vehicles you are considering cords.  If the seller is co-operative in answering your questions, looking at. There is lots of auto consumer information availchances are good that he has nothing to hide. If it’s a private able on the Internet and in some publications like Consumer purchase, the owner usually provides the seller’s package from Reports. Another resource is to ask your automotive technician the Ministry of Transport. This lists all the previous owners of for their thoughts on the vehicle or vehicles you may be conthe vehicles from new. sidering. After all nobody knows the good the bad and the ugly A vehicle that has been passed around from owner to owner better than the technicians who repair vehicles for a living.  may be a red flag, just be diligent in doing your research to be Armed with this information, you should be able to comsure it is ok. Ask if you can have your own shop look at it to see pile a list of vehicles in your price range that you expect will what they have to say about the condition of the vehicle. If they meet your needs. Now you’re ready to go “kick tires” and shop refuse, it’s usually best to walk away.  around for the right one. If you’re buying a car from an inStay tuned next month when we discuss what to specificaldividual (private sale), it may be wise to do a lien search to ly look for when purchasing a vehicle. Call (519) 846-9221, be sure the vehicle is free and clear. There have been cases of we’re located at the lights in Alma. 

“Paul makes everything easily understandable”


“What a fantastic service to have in our he Fergus-Elora Driving School area,” Jon says. has earned a solid reputation in Anders recently chauffered his grandCentre Wellington as the preparents around town while they were visitmiere driving school. Instructors Paul ing from Manitoba and they too were imand Shawn are not only the best trained pressed with his driving skills. and most experienced, which translates Want to be The Fergus Elora Driving into superior results for their students, but School’s next success story? Book now many of their customers say they’re the for one of their upcoming courses - there’s most patient and caring as well. This is just a 4-Day June Course from Tuesday, June what new drivers need to gain confidence on the road. Paul and Shawn are passion- Dr. Jon Gatten and his son Anders with 25th to Friday, June 28th from and a ate about driver training and that’s evident award-winning instructor Paul Coombe 4-Day August Course from Tuesday, August 6th to Friday, August 9th. In Drayin the success rate of their students - over ton, there’s a 4-Day July Course beginning Tuesday, July 2nd 95 per cent of their students pass their road test on the first try! to Friday, July 5th and a 4-Day August Course from Monday, Anders Gatten, who recently graduated from The Fergus-EloAugust 26th to Thursday August 29th. ra Driving School, recommends Paul as a top-quality instructor. He says Paul has the ideal personality for his profession. For more information, call The Fergus-Elora Driving “Paul makes everything easily understandable and he makes School at 519-787-9300. The office and classroom are in everything clear,” says Anders. Fergus at 122B St. Andrew St. W., across the road from Ron “I really enjoyed the in-car lessons of the course the most.” Wilkin Jewellers. Or contact them in Drayton at 519-638His father Dr. Jon Gatten was pleased with Paul and the staff 9990. Their website is at The Fergus-Elora Driving School as well.

4 June 2013

Vibration Plates New at Herbal One


ur New Vibration Exercise Plate allows fitness training sessions for all ages. This low impact exercise is used for a minimum of 10 min’s per day 3 – 5 times per week. Vibration plates benefit not only beginners, but advanced exercisers as well. We will set the plate according to your fitness needs. Best of all, there is no need to join a weight loss program to take advantage of using the vibration plate. Vibrations Plates Benefits • Strengthens muscles and bones • Helps with fat loss and weight loss • Reduces cortisol levels (stress horGloria & Maggie hold 5 lbs of fat! mone) to help with stress and belly fat • Increases blood circulation loss goals. Join our weight • Stimulates lymph glands, promoting better circulaloss program in June and tion and prevent water retention receive 10 weeks of weight • Improves flexibility and balance loss for only $149. Our • Improves joint function (arthritis) Home Weight Loss PackNew Vibration Plate • Relaxes and massages muscles ages and Quick Loss PackGood for overall health, arthritis, fibromyalgia, lower back ages are 20% OFF. Stop in today for a free consultation and pain, circulatory problems, varicose veins, osteoporosis, musfind out how you can be down 10 lbs for Canada Day. cle strength, core strength, anti-aging, stress , energy and celHerbal One Weight Management lulite. 794 Tower Street South (M&M Plaza) Fergus Come in and try a 519-787-9990 COMPLIMENTARY SESSION ON US! With summer in the air let us help you reach your weight

Summer concerts on the Brew House patio


is quite spectacular. Invented by t’s patio season (finally!) and Denis, one of our bartenders, it is Brew House on the Grand is already receiving rave reviews!  ready to help you have a great Father’s Day is coming up, of summer.  In addition to great food, course. We are planning another cold beer and the best view around, the rib-fest on the patio.  What says Brew House is offering two different “I love you dad” more than great patio concert series this summer. ribs and cold beer?!  Maybe Contemporary Thursdays are winning tickets to a Blue Jay’s already underway.  Many of the artists game?  Be sure to ask for details performing over the season have been about our latest Bud Light promo finalists in the Fergus Songwriting next time you’re in. Competition so they offer a great mix Join us on the patio We are participating in Doors of original songs and cover tunes.  For Open on June 22 so if you’ve example, next week, June 13, Tamara never had a full tour or seen our quaint Bed & Breakfast rooms, Ashton of Elora will grace our patio.  Not only is she a great local you may wish to join one of the tours between 10 a.m. and talent, but she also won the 2012 Songwriting Competition.   Celtic Saturdays start up in July.  Having teamed up with 4 p.m. And any day of the week, when you least expect it, local artists and the Celtic College in Guelph, this new series Katherine might just pull out her fiddle and strike up a tune. offers both traditional and more contemporary takes on There’s always something going on at the Brew House so be traditional Irish and Scottish music.  Every week is different so sure to stop in. be sure to hear them all!    By the way, the Brew House has gone to Summer Hours A complete list of artists for both series is available on our and is now open Tuesday-Saturday 11:30 a.m. – 1 a.m. and website at  Music starts at 8 Sunday-Monday, 11:30 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.  See you soon! Brew House on the Grand at 170 St. David St. S. Call p.m. (in the case of rain, we move inside). 519-843-8871 or visit for June also brings the introduction of The Menacing Caesar!  more information. If you’re a fan of the Caesar, this new addition to our bar menu

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June 2013


Let’s not leave dad in the cold!


Muskoka Deck chairs for dad

Our Annual House

t sure has been a spring of ups and downs! So whether you are just getting started on your gardening for the season or if you were lured into the early warm weather and are now beginning for your second or third time.... we still have an amazing selection of annuals, hanging baskets and vegetable transplants. Our red pot tomatoes which are huge and fruiting are now buy two and get the third free, come in early for the best selection of heritage and tried and true varieties. Now that we had the joy of celebrating mom’s special day in the snow, lets not leave dad out in the cold! We are fully stocked with beautiful shade and flowering trees that dad has always wanted but was hoping someone else would help with the lifting and digging! We also have some beautiful outdoor furniture from Bosman Home Front that would make a nice addition to dads “man bbq cave”! Come on in and we can guide you in creating your outdoor

Japanese Maple

oasis or help fill in those holes that you’ve been ignoring for too long. We would love to see you! Gift certificates are always available. Hours: Mon-Wed and Sat 8:30-6:00 Thurs & Fri 8:30-8:00 Sunday 9:00-5:00 Call 519-843-5394

It’s Senior’s Month

To celebrate this we are offering complimentary hearing assessments at our clinic and half-price batteries for Seniors Coupon valid until June 30th, 2013

6 June 2013

New location 7999 Wellington Rd. 109 Arthur

Dad wants a chainsaw from Universal Rentals for Father’s Day

Natalie, Jackie and Jan from Universal Rentals Fergus

You had your chance to get dad the Christmas present he’s always wanted, but you played it safe and bought him a tie, didn’t you? Don’t make the same mistake this Father’s Day. Dad has enough ties. He doesn’t want more cologne. And please, don’t buy him yet another set of cuff links. Dad wants a chainsaw. Mom, take the kids to Universal Rentals in Fergus where Jan and Natalie can show you the chainsaw of dad’s dreams. Universal Rental’s staff will answer all of your questions and cheerfully offer their expert advice on the perfect model for him and your budget. Don’t know what size of chainsaw to get? Gift cards are available to make shopping easier. There are plenty of other gift ideas at Universal Rentals as well. Come check out their line of Stihl t-shirts, hoodies, jackets and accessories. There’s an array of Stihl accessories along with blowers and trimmers for dad as well. ABOUT UNIVERSAL RENTALS Universal Rentals is a full service rental and resale company specializing in light and medium duty construction equipment. With friendly, knowledgeable staff, and a service record spanning over 40 years, they’re experienced in creating rental solutions for their customers. Whether you’re a home owner doing a renovation, a small contractor, or a large construction organization, they can supply you with all your rental needs on-time, every time. If they don’t have it, they can get it! In addition to Stihl, Universal offers top-brand equipment names such as Exmark, Hitachi, Parker, Paslode, Task, Topcon, Ucan and more! Get dad what he wants this Father’s Day by visiting Universal Rentals, located at 140 Saint Patrick St. West in Fergus, call 519-843-4570. Visit

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June 2013


Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP)


he Canadian Government had announced • An increase in the Government’s authority to in the Economic Action Plan of 2013 that suspend and revoke work permits and Labour there were plans in place to make reforms Market Opinions (LMOs) if the program is being to the Temporary Foreign Workers program misused. (TFWP). This wasn’t expected in the near future • Questions will be added to the employer LMO however because typically government decisions application to ensure that the TFWP is not used to aren’t made very quickly. On April 29th word came facilitate the outsourcing of Canadian jobs. down from the Minister of Human Resources and • Ensure employers who rely on Temporary Skills Development and the Minister of Citizenship, Foreign Workers have a firm plan in place to Immigration and Multiculturalism that they were transition to a Canadian workforce over time announcing the changes to the Temporary Foreign through the LMO process. Lynne Workers program. • Introduce fees for employers for the processing Bard There have been two situations that have of LMOs and increase the fees for work permits so spurred these changes to the TFWP within the last year. The that the taxpayers are no longer subsidizing the costs first cause is from British Columbia this past fall. A Chinese • Identify English and French as the only languages that can company called HD mining was planning to import as many be used as a job requirement. as 200 workers from China to mine a proposed project. When The changes that were announced on April 29th have calmed Canadians caught wind of this they were not pleased, and so the some of the outrage, but not all of it. There is still the issue of Government started to have a look at the Temporary Foreign the 300,000 plus Temporary Foreign Workers who are currently Workers policy with the intent to revise. in Canada. The percentage of migrant workers in Canada has In April this year, the Canadian public was outraged over the increased by a staggering 70% in the past 5 years (http://ccrweb. displacement of 45 Canadian employees to be replaced with ca/en/increase-temporary-foreign-worker-numbers) 45 Temporary Foreign Workers. RBC has since issued a public So what will these changes actually mean for employers and apology and says it is making plans to provide these 45 resident business owners? employees with employment in Canada, but people have asked • Increased costs due to higher fees and higher wages for when is it going to stop? Temporary Foreign Workers. The original intent of the TFW program was to fill the • Lengthier processing times due to suspension of Accelerated labour shortage gaps in Canada temporarily until Canadian LMOs. workers could be found to fill the positions. Canadian citizens • Approvals will be harder to obtain as employers now have to are starting to wonder if Canadian companies have begun to provide a plan for replacing the TFWs with Canadian workers. abuse this program and are just bringing in Temporary Foreign For more information on recruitment best practices, assistance Workers right away because they are cheaper work and keep with your recruitment and outplacement needs; contact us at wages and benefits low. . Not all of the changes are to take place immediately, but Beyond Rewards is a preeminent human resources, risk there are a couple changes that will be implemented effective management, safety, health and training consulting firm based immediately. These changes are: in Guelph, Ontario. Contact Jean at • Employers are required to pay Temporary Foreign Workers Beyond Rewards is currently offering both Certification Level at the prevailing wage rate by removing the 5- 15% wage One and Level Two courses for Health & Safety. We also offer flexibility. a variety of online learning opportunities including a full Train • The Accelerated Labour Market Opinion (LMO) process the Trainer course. For more information, visit our website at has been suspended. or call Lee-Anne Vandenberg, HR & Other changes that will come into effect down the road are: Safety Consultant at 519-821-7440.

In Your Home Personal Training! • Get Fit! Achieve Results In The Comfort Of Your Own Home. • Affordable 1 Hour Sessions With Equipment Brought To You. • Committed To Helping You Achieve The Goals You Want. • Vinyasa Yoga Flow Classes (all levels) Arthur Karate Dojo (schedule on website).

519-400-9755 8 June 2013

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Discover Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes at Kitras Art Glass

s that the gentle babbling of an Alpine stream coming from your backyard? Or the magical strains of an Indonesian gamelon, resonating from your porch?

Your family and friends will no doubt be impressed with the rich, resonating sound of your Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes, found at Kitras Art Glass. These wind chimes are symphonically tuned, quality chimes. Unique and hand-crafted in the USA since 1989, the Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes are available in 10 musical scales including Japanese and Chinese, as well as Westminster. Known as the “Stradivarius of Wind Chimes” the Music of the Spheres Chimes are available in 7 sizes spanning 4 octaves. They come in black, powder-coated, aluminum alloy tubing with adjustable activity control. With the wedding season approaching, The Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes make a thoughtful and unique wedding gift. Visit the showroom and store at Kitras Art Glass where you can find other wedding gifts, including their large selection of vases, beautiful glass webbed ornaments such as their 14” Spirit Balls and custom one of a kind pieces -- they make great graduation presents too. There’s lots of items for the garden – choose from whimsical butterflies, colourful spiral spires, Hummingbird Feeders and Beautiful Garden Art. Their showroom hours are Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm. Call 519-843-2480. Visit their location at 530 Dickson Drive in Fergus. You can also stay in touch with them over Facebook/KitrasArtGlassInc.

Lucy from Kitras Art Glass

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June 2013


Better service than the box stores


and sluggish, not operating at it’s ord is getting out that full capacity. Bring it to him so that there’s a new manager he can get it running at the level that at Reality Bytes in it was the day you bought it. Fergus and business has never been Not only does Reality Bytes do better! Chris Sharpe brings over 19 repairs, but they offer refurbished years IT experience to the north-end computers for sale. They purchase Fergus computer store. computers off-lease from large corChris is a Microsoft Certified porations, then bring them to the Systems Engineer, who was born facility for extensive testing bein Fergus and now lives in Guelph. fore they are offered for sale at the He has a passion for his work and a store. It’s a great way to pick-up a passion for reconnecting with Cenquality computer without breaking tre Wellington. your budget (laptops start at only Chris wants you to know that $199). And don’t worry, they stand Reality Bytes is committed to Chris Sharpe from Reality Bytes behind what they sell. Visit Reality customer service. Their technical Bytes in Fergus and speak to Chris expertise sets them apart from the for more information. one-dimensional service you’ll find at a box store. They know their stuff! They’re located at 920 St. David St. N. (just off Highway 6 They repair anything from keyboards and screens on laptops in the north end of Fergus), call 519-787-0006 and in Elmira to virus removal, and general backups. Perhaps one of the main complaints customers have is that their computer runs too slow. at 112 Bonnie Cres., or call Troy in Elmira at 519-669-5551. Chris says over time your computer becomes weighed down

Chewy is pain-free - no pharmaceuticals


here are times when you just have to stick in the water”, but now he waits by the shore step back and look at what is happening for the stick to come within wading distance. Told around you, to really get a sense of how you he was smart. things are going. I had one of those moments the What gave me pause is the realization that other day. As you may know (if you have been Chewy is on borrowed time. Sure, he has been reading my ramblings in The Booster), I trained in for a while – he started having problems jumping veterinary acupuncture in 2011 and 2012. I have into the truck last year, about this time. I started been very pleased with patient progress and how treating him with acupuncture, and he regained acupuncture is working for my patients. I have a enough strength and coordination to jump again. number of patients who come in on a monthly basis Chewy has been coming faithfully every month to have their “therapeutic pokes”. It is one of these KAYTE ARMSTRONG for acupuncture treatments. And while time and from the patients that made me stop and consider. the inevitability of age is slowly causing muscle Chewy is an old dude. For an oversized lab, he is Arthur Vet Clinic loss, he is still able to get up and down on his own, really old – over 14 years and going strong. Sure, he play, run (ok, very short distances) and interact with has lost weight and is only just staying in normal weight range his environment in a positive way. He is having a really good in spite of a big appetite. His coat is a little less luxurious than time being an old dog. when he was a 4 year old, but hey, go to Tim Horton’s at 10 am and tell me how the 80-year-olds look there. He is still very What made me pause and consider when Chewy came in the happy to see people, and he wags his tail like crazy. Sometimes, other day was this: Chewy is gracefully aging, and appears to be hard enough to knock himself over! The most notable change in pain free. And, I realized, he is not on any pharmaceuticals! No Chewy is the slow loss of muscle over his hind limbs. Slowly, NSAIDS, no gaba pentin, no tramadol, not even any supplements slowly, time is taking its toll, and Chewy is less robust in the or herbals. He is being managed strictly with acupuncture, and butt. He stands lower on his hocks, and his hind limbs tremor. successfully. Thanks to this treatment, Chewy is enjoying the When not walking, he prefers lying down to standing. privilege of being old! Remember, old age is a privilege, as not His owners have told me that he has stopped swimming. It everyone lives to see it. was his main joy in life to chase a ball or stick into the lake, and swim out after it to retrieve it. He would do this for hours. Now, For more information on whether acupuncture may older and wiser, he will only go ankle deep in the water. His help your pet, please contact Dr. Kayte Armstrong at the owners believe he knows how relatively unstable he is, and that Arthur Veterinary Clinic (519-848-2536). We are currently he isn’t swimming in case he can’t make it back to shore. Smart accepting new patients as well. guy. That being said, he still likes a good game of “throw the

10 June 2013


Definition Fitness offers CrossFit!

ur community in motion just got bigger! We are Center Wellington’s first integrated, hybrid gym! What does this mean to you? You can enter our doors and find exactly what you need! Do you enjoy working out in groups? We are well known for our group fitness program, and offer over 65 classes weekly! Do you want us to develop a program you can follow on your own? We can do that! Do you just want to access our equipment, whenever you need to? With our 24 hour access, we have you covered. And now, we are able to offer a form of fitness training that concentrates on creating core strength and endurance – CrossFit! CrossFit is considered “core conditioning” because it forms the foundation for all athletic and active living pursuits, and it is core conditioning in that it focuses on creating strength and improved mobility from hips to shoulders! CrossFit, by definition, is a form of exercise that is broad, general and inclusive, which means it is accessible to all populations. Grandmas excel, right beside high school track stars, the former football star (20 years ago) can keep up with the 25 year old construction worker. It provides options and challenges for all (clockwise) Randy performing fitness levels and will get you ready for the ultimate pull-ups, Patryk upside down sport, life! and Amanda staying stacked Curious? Why not try out all that Definition Fitness has to offer? For only $69, you can enjoy everything for 30 days – gym access, group fitness, CrossFit team training and one CrossFit personal training session weekly. What better way to see if our Community in Motion is right for you? Drop by Definition Fitness and see what all the hoopla is about. They are located at 294 Mills St. East in Elora, call 519-846-8733. Visit their website at

Tax Whistle Blowing Rewards Coming To Canada


n late 2012 the first award in the USA under the IRS Tax TAX TALK Whistle-Blower Legislation was provided to Bradley Birkenfeld. He was a UBS banker who helped the IRS track down thousands of Americans who had evaded tax with Ed the bank’s help.  The award he received was $104 million.   Mitukiewicz While this seems like an unbelievable amount the taxes information and all reward payments will be subject to income recovered for the US government were apparently in excess of tax (so the government will tax back some of its own reward $5 billion.  The IRS whistle-blowers program can pay rewards payment).  Since this proposal only deals with international of up to 30% of collected proceeds. matters it appears that domestic tax evasion must still rely on Until recently the Canada Revenue Agency had no similar the existing snitch (Informant Leads) program with no rewards program but rather they relied on leads that came in through the being paid, which is likely why most leads received are made Informant Leads Centre, which is sometimes referred to as the on a no names basis.  snitch line, where taxpayers could leave tips on suspected tax avoidance matters.  The 2013 Federal Budget included a proposal for what is being called the * Personal and Corporate Tax Planning Stop International Tax Evasion Program.  * Estate and Succession Planning The program will pay up to 15% of the * Retirement Planning federal tax collected to individuals with knowledge of major international tax non-compliance when they provide information to the CRA that leads to COLLINS BARROW CONTACT: Ed Mitukiewicz the collection of outstanding taxes in Tax Partner Chartered Acountants 0342 Gerrie Road, Elora, Ontario N0B 1S0 excess of $100,000.  To be eligible the Collins Barrow Phone (519)846-5315 individual cannot have been convicted Email: 846-5315 of the tax evasion about which they have

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June 2013


Sleep Rite in Fergus celebrates 1st anniversary


make a split-second decision. leep Rite would like to Past customers have appreciannounce their very first ated Syed and Marlene’s knowlanniversary serving Cenedge of their products, and lack tre Wellington. Syed and Marlene of sales gimmicks. Mattress shopwould like to thank their customers ping doesn’t have to be a hassle; at for their support over the past year. Sleep Rite, picking out a mattress If you’re not already a customer, is an individually-focused, relaxthey would like to invite you to ing experience. save yourself a drive to Guelph or Top-notch selection Waterloo, and shop local at Sleep Syed and Marlene choose the Rite, instead. It is an independentmattresses that they sell based on ly-owned store, and specializes the reputation, performance, and solely in mattresses and pillows. history of the brand, and stand beSyed and Marlene are dedicated hind their products. They offer topto finding the right fit for each and quality names such as Sealy Posevery customer, and enjoy educatturpedic, Tempurpedic, Stearns, ing people about what they offer. Foster and Zedbed. Sleep on it before you Marlene and Syed from Sleep Rite They also sell proper pillows make a decision for all different types of sleepers. Instead of bombarding you with Whether you sleep on your side or back, there will be a perfect impersonal sales tactics, Syed and Marlene provide a personal pillow for you at Sleep Rite.  approach to mattress and pillow shopping: they ask you what Sleep Rite isn’t just selling mattresses and pillows; it’s selling you are looking for, what your needs are, your sleeping habits, a good night’s sleep, for every customer. Check out their selecand if you have any aches and pains. From there, they provide tion when you drop by this month - they’re located on Macyou with the two or three best options. They even encourage Queen Blvd. in Fergus (in front of Target). Call 226-383-1170.  their customers to get quotes from other stores, and to ask as many questions as they’d like, instead of pressuring them to

A Gardener’s Eden Nestled Among The Pines On South River Road Your one-stop destination for everything you need to ensure the perfect summer garden

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12 June 2013


New line of kitchens at Elora Home Hardware

ou don’t have to drive to the city to find a great selection of quality kitchens. Instead, drop by and see Patty Uhrig and the design team at Elora Home Hardware. Our team redesigned the showroom to coincide with the unveiling of a new line of kitchens manufactured in Cambridge, Ontario. Patty says these new kitchens are making quite a statement. Elegant looking, but extremely functional. Patty says the sleek cabinetry lines and the stylish colours can be customized to suit their customers specific tastes. To experience the extensive variety of designs, door styles and finishes, the best thing you can do is to drop by Elora Home Hardware and consult with their team. “The manufacturer is close by in Cambridge so any kind of modification can be done quickly,” says Patty. “This means you get the look you want fast. You don’t have to wait 8 weeks to make changes and you don’t have to compromise style for price.” These custom kitchens are available in all the hardwoods as well as bamboo and a new polyester line. Custom bath cabinets, bookshelves and bars are also available - ‘if you can draw it, they can build it’. As always, Elora Home Hardware offers their other line of solid hardwood kitchens that is both stylish and economical. These kitchen cabinets feature self-closing drawers, solid hardwood fronts, dove-tail construction and they’re finished on all sides, so any handyman can install them. Elora Home Hardware is working with a local experienced kitchen installer who can measure and install at a very reasonable price. To make your kitchen really stand out, add a backsplash from ErthCOVERINGS. No longer are flat walls the norm, ErthCOVERINGS enables the natural beauty of stone to truly express it-

Don in front of the new kitchen display at Elora Home Hardware

self by adding depth, texture and stunning appeal to any interior or exterior wall. Whether you’re simply looking to accent your home or you want to create an entire project with the feel and the richness that natural stone offers, ErthCOVERINGS at Elora Home Hardware is an affordable solution that is easily adaptable to any environment. ErthCOVERINGS is 100% natural stone available in a range of styles, textures, and colours. Etched glass is becoming a popular choice for a backsplash. You can customize your backsplash by adding any image that is burned onto the glass. The possibilities are endless! And you’ve got to see their new ErthCOVERINGS Swirl series - incredible! Ask Patty to see samples and see how you can have the kitchen you’ve always wanted without the hefty price tag. Elora Home Hardware is located beside the Beer Store and across from Tim Hortons in Elora. Call their staff at 519-8465393. Like them on Facebook or visit

New Swirl Series from ErthCOVERINGS now at Elora Home Hardware Call Mark For Advertising Rates at 519-843-2346

June 2013


No-stress renovating with The Plumber’s Wife

“Renovate” doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Take the stress out of renovating and come to The Plumber’s Wife in Arthur.

plumbing field and products to make bathroom renovations less stressful for you. Paula’s team which includes 4 licensed plumbers will coordinate with your tradesmen or help you source a local electricians, plumbers and others to finish the job according to your specifications while keeping things on budget.

The first step in renovating that old bathroom is to contact Paula Coffey and her team to go over things like budget, tastes and what you want in your new bathroom. Next step, come visit their incredible showroom. Come see The result? A happy client and the amazing selection of bathroom a beautiful bathroom. accessories, tubs, showers, toilets and decor. If renovating is not in your Paula and her team will future, stop by anyway for guide you step by step from the Paula Coffey owner of spectacular decor, accessories, beginning of the project through The Plumber’s Wife and gift ideas. New products are to its end. Paula and her crew (photo credit Alan Rawlins) arriving all the time! believe in communication and listening to your needs, but, they won’t shy away from giving Call Paula to book a consultation at 519-848-3641. Come their much sought-after opinion on a good product or solution visit their showroom at 238 George St in Arthur. for your needs. They will use their experience and knowledge of the

When choosing flooring becomes overwhelming...


every space in the home, including ou love the luxurious look moist or damp areas like bathrooms of hardwood for your home. and basements, but did you know that But, you’ve heard laminate now Pre-oiled solid hardwood is also a is more affordable and more durable!? possibility? Perhaps ceramic tile would be a good Cover-ups also carries a spectacular choice. Where to start? selection of Porcelain tiles for your The team at Cover-ups Carpet & bathroom and kitchen renovation. Flooring in Arthur answer these No need to drive to the city! Don’t be questions everyday. Caroline and Gord, overwhelmed with the selection and respectively designer and renovation choices out there, the team at Cover-ups contractor, with their combined 40 knows how to help you narrow it down years experience in the renovation and will take you through each step business have built a solid team to help with valuable suggestions. And when it you. They like to look at your project comes to installation, peace of mind is as a whole and assist you in making guaranteed. the best decisions, considering your Every customer is important - they style of course but most of all any structural and technical as well as budget Paula Coffey from the Plumber’s Wife, also will assist you in every way they can in Arthur and Gordon Blyth from Cover to make you happy with your flooring considerations. Ups Carpet and Flooring received the Best experience. Hardwood or laminate? What about of Show Award for their beautiful booth at So next time you drive through Arthur, Luxury vinyl planks? The selections are the Fergus Lions Home & Leasure Show stop by the store and see why their endless. Which flooring is right for you? this past May Hardwood continues to be a sought after customers keep coming back! flooring for many homeowners. Not only is hardwood beautiful, but it adds value to your home. Laminate Cover-Ups Carpet and Flooring is located at 480 Smith may be a better alternative for you especially with young kids St. in Arthur, in the Liquidation World Plaza. Call 519-848and pets. Luxury vinyl planks and tiles are fantastic for nearly 2883.

14 June 2013

Have You Been Told These Facts About Whiplash? Special Opportunity to Have A Professional Evaluation For 14 days only, I’m running a very special offer where you can find out how bad your injuries are and if I can help you.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, played sports and suffer from any of the following … • Neck pain • Sharp, shooting pain in the arms • Numbness and tingling in the arms or hands • Painful headaches or dizziness • Unrelenting muscle soreness …. there may be cause for concern. This may be the most important article you will ever read about your injuries. It’s amazing how different life can be after a split second collision, or a fall or accident playing sports. One minute everything is fine, the next you are hurting for days, weeks, months or even years and uncertain if life will ever get back to normal. Tasks you use to perform with ease, like reading, concentrating, sleeping, or even grasping objects, now take more energy and cause annoying pain. If you feel like this, or have any of the symptoms listed above, you could be suffering from whiplash. Whiplash is an injury to the spine caused by a jerking motion, either backward, forward or from the side. Whiplash can severely damage your ligaments and joints, even if you feel just a little sore after the injury. If not healed properly, painful scar tissue and degeneration of the spine will develop, causing misery in your neck joints for decades. One medical study concluded 43% of patients “will suffer long-term symptoms following ‘whiplash’ injury, for which no conventional treatment has proven to be effective.” This means that almost half the people who have neck trauma from a car accident or sports injury will suffer for years. Plus the traditional methods of treatment like neck collars, ‘wait-tosee’, and pain pills are not working. My name is Dr. Jim Kaminski, owner of Fergus Family Chiropractic. I’ve been helping people heal and be pain free after car accidents and sports related injuries for over 20 years. Chiropractic treatment has proven to be a very effective method of healing whiplash injuries.

What does this offer include? Everything I normally do in my ‘New Patient Evaluation’. Just call before June 20, 2013 and here’s what you’ll get …. • An in-depth consultation about your problem where we will listen … really listen .. to the details of your case. • A complete neuromuscular examination • A full set of specialized x-rays. • A thorough analysis of your exam and x-ray findings so we can start mapping out your plan to be pain free. • You’ll see everything first hand and find out if this amazing treatment will be your solution, like it has been for so many other patients. Until June 20, 2013 you can get everything I’ve listed here for only $30. The normal price for this type of evaluation including x-rays is $130 --- you’re saving a considerable amount on this offer. Don’t let scar tissue and degeneration build up and be painful for life. Take me up on my offer and call today 519-843-1500.

Is Whiplash Affecting You?

Here are the results of one chiropractic study … “The results of this retrospective study would suggest that benefits can occur in over 90% of patients undergoing chiropractic treatment for chronic whiplash injury.” – European Spine Journal

Come June 20, 2013 and receive your: • in-depth consultation • exam • x-rays (if necessary) for

$30 (a value of $130)

Call 519-843-1500 and get back your life! 198 St. David St. N., Fergus

Call Mark For Advertising Rates at 519-843-2346

June 2013


What to do about foot & ankle pain


assist in providing proper foot alignment to any of us work in jobs that rereduce the stress within the leg muscles, foot quire prolonged periods of ligaments and soft tissues. Orthoses usually standing on concrete floors with consist of a shell made from plastic or rubor without steel toed shoes. Our feet and ber and have a certain degree of tilt built in ankles ache during and after work. The pain specific to your lower limb condition. An exmay be sharp, dull or manifest itself as plain tension is applied to the shell and features are soreness. The leg muscles fatigue, and start added to off-load pressures that cause soreto lose their hold on the plantar arches of the ness in the forefoot. feet. The tibialis posterior muscle in particular Orthoses are manufactured at our on-site is responsible for controlling the amount that lab at 135 St. David St. S. at “The Olde Livthe long arch collapses (pronation). If the ery” in Fergus. Our service is recognized by tendon of this muscle ruptures or subluxes, major insurers and billing assistance is prothe arch of the affected foot will be either vided if required. completely or partially collapsed resulting in BOB WITTE A Certified Pedorthists is registered through a flat foot. the College of Pedorthics. Call us at 519-843-7979 for a noYou may have tried off the shelf supports and changing obligation assessment. shoes with some success, yet the pain and discomfort remains. Custom made orthoses made from a neutral position cast can


No 2 water softeners are the same

softeners use at least 24 volts. ’m Simon Davies, owner of Aquarius Aquamaster can regenerate in as little as Water Treatment in Elora, and I would 15 minutes while conventional softeners can like to personally thank everyone who take nearly two hours. Aquamaster dropped by our booth at the Fergus Home Softeners have a packed resin bed and alShow. This year was a great success. lows for reserve capacity. This reserve also As I have written in the past, most softallows the Aquamaster Softener to regenerate eners operate the same way, on the demand with clean, soft water. principle. What makes one softener different So when it’s time to replace your softfrom another is the amount of water and salt ener give us a call at 519-846-9090 or drop used during the regeneration of the softener. by the store at 195 Geddes St in Elora. We The Aquamaster Water Softener saves operating expenses by using up to 50% less salt also stock Water Filters, Water Filter HousOwner Simon Davies and up to 80% less water per regeneration ings, Reverse Osmosis Units, and Ultraviothan conventional softeners. let Lights. We also have a water dispensing Aquamaster softeners are the only appliance with a separate, machine. built-in, wholehouse, self-cleaning dirt and sediment filter. Besides selling water softeners, don’t forget that I am a liAquamaster Softeners also operate on 12-volts while other censed plumber and gas fitter and I will be happy to assist you!

16 June 2013

Save over 80% in energy costs

ings. And faster return on investment. You love your pool. You love watching In fact, these revolutionary pumps recovyour family frolic in it, and have a great er their own cost in 2 to 3 years in power time in the summer heat. savings. But, are you tired of never having the Hayward’s Super Pump operates quietly, proper pool chemicals on hand? Spend especially at energy-saving lower speeds. more time by the pool by using The SimThe pump provides customizable speed, plicity Kit. The Simplicity Kit, now availduration, and priming time to match the able at Ponds for People Pools, is a 3-month circulation needs of any pool design. It’s chemical kit that takes the guesswork out of 110 cubic-inch basket has extra leaf-holdpool maintenance. The kit is a weekly proing capacity.  It’s integrated, programmagram that’s easy to use and hassle-free. ble interface customizes speed, duration, The Simplicity Kit comes with 12 600gpacks of Zap (a weekly shock), 24 AquaRob from Ponds for People Pools and priming time. Not only can you save energy, but save on trips to the store for Foot with zinc (stabilized chlorine tablets pool supplies.  with Algicide built-in), 2 1L end algae, 25 Aquacheck water test Take energy efficiency and pool maintenance to the next level strips and 1 water test bottle, along with complete instructions with Ponds for People Pools, located at 920 St. David Street to make your pool experience stress-free, safe and relaxing. North in Fergus. Call 519-787-7474. As much as you love your pool, you don’t love the outrageous energy costs of your pool’s pump. Ponds for People Pools can help save you over 80 per cent in energy costs with Hayward’s best-selling Super Pump VS. Hayward’s How does it work? Well, Hayward’s Super Pump is just the best-selling right size compared to other variable-speed models, particularly Super Pump for applications with 1 1/2” plumbing. This means you take energy efficiency to the next level with the Hayward Super Pump. The reduced size means energy sav-

General Excavating Additions Septics Trenching Drainage Driveways Grading Retaining Walls Post Holes Barn Cleaning and so much more!

Bring DAD for a Father’s Day feast! Dinner Specials

Tuesdays - Pasta Night Wednesdays - Wings and Rings Thursdays - Liver & Beef Pot Pie Fridays - Fish and Chips Saturdays - Steak Sundays - Roast Beef

June is also Senior’s Month visit us for breakfast, lunch or dinner! CALL TO MAKE A RESERVATION

519-843-5655 Belwood Super Snax

5 GEORGE ST, BELWOOD Our hours are Sunday to Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday 8 a.m. to 9.p.m. all year round so come and see us.

Call Mark For Advertising Rates at 519-843-2346

June 2013


Stephen Legge and Philip Legge


New 10,000 sq. ft. Superstore

egge Fitness Superstores is celebrating 25 years as a family owned business. However, their new 10,000 sq. ft. Superstore is one of the biggest changes in their business in recent years. Stephen Legge says “We feel very fortunate to offer our clients such an amazing selection of high quality fitness and wellness products. We specialize in the TRUE Fitness Treadmills, Ellipticals and Bikes, Bodycraft Strength Machines, DKN Vibration Platforms, Teeter Inversion Tables, Softub Therapy Spas, and our unique Custom Made Saunas.” Philip Legge adds “Our business is not just about helping people choose some of the best fitness and wellness products on the market, but helping families achieve their highest level of health and fitness. We evaluate each individual’s needs and goals and then look at various options to help each client achieve their health and fitness potential and ultimately their life potential.” So, if you are interested in fitness and wellness you won’t

want to miss their Grand Opening for their new Superstore. It is on Saturday June 15th from 10:00 to 5:00 with the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at 10:15. Everyone who comes to the Grand Opening on Saturday, June the 15th gets a chance to win a $1,000 Gift Card! On top of that, their Grand Opening Sale makes it the best time to invest in a new fitness or wellness product. You won’t want to miss this event! Feel free to contact Legge Fitness Superstores in advance to receive more information about their awesome products and services. They are open on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 5:00 in the historic Fergus Marketplace at 105 Queen St. W. or at 519787-7498. They are open in their Listowel Store on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9:00 until 6:00 and Friday from 9:00 until 8:00 at 202 Main St. W. or at 519-291-5987. Visit The Legge family welcomes you to come and join in the exciting activities on Saturday June 15th between 10:00 and 5:00.

Grand Opening Sale



1 DAY ONLY – SATURDAY JUNE 15TH Enter For A Chance To Win a $1,000 Gift Card 10,000 SQ. FT. OF AWESOME PRODUCTS ON DISPLAY!

We educate, equip & empower you to achieve your optimum health and fitness potential! Celebrating our 25th Anniversary as a family owned business! Why go to the city? We have the best products, best service and best value! 18 June 2013

Listowel and Fergus Locations 1-800-695-7338 105 Queen St. W., Fergus 519-787-7498 In the Historic Fergus Marketplace on the River! Retail Hours: Saturday and Sunday 10:00 – 5:00 Personalized Service by Appointment during the week

Arlene Saunders is back in the studio


fter four years of hanging up the paintbrushes Arlene is once again back in the Studio. She recently stepped down as general manager of the Elora Centre for the Arts to focus on her love of painting, watercolours primarily – her medium of choice for the past 30 years. Arlene was born and raised in rural Prince Edward County, Ontario, immersed in the natural beauty of the area and surrounded by her five creative siblings. Her combined love of art, geography and math led her to a 20 year career as a cartographer. During that time her artistic interest was guided by a number of artists through various art schools and societies in Southern Ontario and Northern Manitoba. Since 2002 she has lived with her husband Chris and their sons in the historic village of Elora, Ontario. Arlene Saunders “I paint what I love – old stuff (like my sister ;) – old mills, barns and homesteads including the treasures that can be found in them. Throw in a few fun and colourful pieces and I am feeling a nice balance.” Commission pieces are always welcome – whether it is plein air or from photos Arlene will be able to capture the image you are looking for in the size and price that suits you best. So if you have always wanted a painting of your home, cottage, favourite vacation spot, street scene or landmark building (before they disappear for ever) visit her website for all of the details on commissioning a piece for yourself or as a group gift. As well as original artwork, Arlene carries giclee reproductions of many of her pieces. Visit her website today – Arlenesaunders. com, call 519-846-8292 or email Arlene will be exhibiting, along with 50 other artists, at Art in the Yard, held on the grounds of the Elora Centre for the Arts – July 6 & 7 – l0am-5pm.

S ’ N O T T VEHICLE OF THE MONTH O C Gordon Dickieson of Palmerston & his 1989 Chev Pick-up 200,000 Km. Treated with Krown since 1998

Book your appointment today:

COTTON’S AUTO CARE 490 Eliza St. , Arthur (519) 848-3515

Serving area since 1984

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June 2013


Choosing the right hearing aids


eciding on the right type of hearing based on your hearing test results. He’ll also aids can be confusing. You may consider your occupational and recreational get dizzy just thinking about your hearing needs. If your hearing loss requires choices. There are several factors to consider it, hearing aids must possess enough power before you decide on what style of hearing to amplify effectively. Understandably, the aids are best for you. desire for discreet, cosmetically appealing Brian Ward, from Ward Hearing Centre hearing aids is common among Brian’s cliin Fergus offers his clients complimentary ents. Fortunately, great advancements in consultations to help determine what hearhearing aid technology have made it posing aids are right for them. During your visit, sible to couple a hearing aid’s effectiveness Brian Ward from Ward Hearing with discreet styling. Brian will: “An unaided hearing loss is far more no• Measure your degree of hearing loss ticeable than a hearing aid,” says Brian. Please call Ward Hear(mild, moderate, moderately-severe, severe, profound). ing Centre for a complimentary appointment at (519) 843-4327. • Examine the type of hearing loss. Located at 135 St. David Street S. in Fergus (in the Old Livery, • Ask you about your lifestyle and time spent in particular across from the Brew House). environments. Watch for Ward Hearing in next month’s Booster when Brian After a thorough hearing assessment and middle-ear testing will explain which style of hearing aids best fits your situation. procedure, Brian will take the time to discuss your best options

Stay Sun-Safe this Summer


CHOOSE THE RIGHT SUNGLASSES ere are the best ways to protect your family’s Some cosmetic sunglasses don’t protect against sun health while having fun in the summer sun exposure. Look for a sticker stating your sunglasses offer from Shoppers Drug Mart in Elora. UVA and UVB protection. AVOID PEAK-HOUR SUN COPING WITH SUNBURN The sun is brightest between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., so Contact a doctor if your baby gets sunburned, or your limit exposure during these times, especially for children. child experiences a burn causing blistering, pain or fever. Also, stick to shaded areas, avoid over-exertion and stay Remember to... hydrated when outdoors by drinking plenty of cold water. • Keep your child hydrated with water and juice. ALWAYS USE SUNSCREEN • Soothe burns with cool baths and wet compresses. Always wear adequate sunscreen—even in the shade. • Reduce pain with children’s acetominophen. Choose sunscreen with a minimum Sun Protection Stefan • Avoid lotions or creams unless your doctor instructs you Factor (SPF) of 15. Make sure it offers “broad-spectrum gudmundson to use a specific product. protection” against both UVA and UVB rays. Apply • Keep your child out of the sun until the burn has healed. sunscreen 20 minutes before sun exposure and reapply it For more information, visit your HealthWatch pharmacist at Shoppers every two hours, or right after swimming, toweling off or sweating. (Yes, Drug Mart in Elora, located at 89 Geddes St. Call (519) 846-5379. even waterproof formulas.) Babies should always stay in the shade, but sunscreen can be used on babies as young as six months, provided it’s limited to small areas such as hands and cheeks.

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20 June 2013


Read any good books lately?

have his picture taken. ave you chosen your summer Looking ahead to July, we have a new reads for your vacation? Roxanne, visitor coming to see us. The Gruffalo, from Mimi, Kim and Abby at Roxanne’s Julia Donaldson’s award-winning book, will Reflections Book & Card Shop have so many be joining us on Saturday, July 13 and he great reading suggestions. When you are can’t wait to meet all of his Centre Wellington on holidays, do you like to read something fans. No need to be scared of The Gruffalo thought-provoking and literary? Roxanne just as he is even afraid of a little mouse! Drop finished Will Ferguson’s 419 and absolutely by to meet him between 9am to 12pm or 2pm loved it. If you prefer something lighter, Kim to 4pm. has read the new Sophie Kinsella, Wedding Roxanne’s Reflections Book & Card Shop Night, and it is just as wonderful as all of her is an independently owned bookstore. We’ve other novels. Roxanne Beale been serving Centre Wellington and area One of Mimi’s most recent recommended residents for over 16 years and love helping reads is Ailsa Kay’s Under Budapest. This people find the solution to their reading dilemmas. If you are is Ailsa’s debut novel, and Mimi felt that the dialogue was looking for suggested reads, just ask any of the staff. We all so well-crafted, it really brought the characters to life. And love reading. Are you looking for a specific title? We can the settings had so much gritty detail. You can meet Ailsa always special order it for you. Please come by the store at at Roxanne’s Reflections on Thursday, June 20 at 7pm. She 152 St. Andrew St. West in historic downtown Fergus, call 519will be discussing or reading from her book and we will be 843-4391 or email for more celebrating with refreshments. You can get a copy of the book information. Join us on Facebook or subscribe to our free email signed! newsletter. Our Summer business hours are Monday, Tuesday, We are also making plans for Clifford the Big Red Dog’s Wednesday 9 - 6, Thursday, Friday 9 – 8, Saturday 9 – 6 and visit. He is coming to Fergus on Saturday, June 29. Drop by Sunday 11 – 3. And starting on Wednesday, June 26, we are the store between 9 am to 12pm or 2pm to 4pm for this free open until 8 on Wednesdays. Happy Reading from Roxanne, kids event. There will be story time, crafting, prizes to win and Abby, Kim, and Mimi! treats. Don’t forget to bring your camera! Clifford loves to

Great gift for dad Our lowest price ever

Warren Grandfather Clock Cherry Bordeaux Finish Base includes a decorative cut out H. 79-3/4" (202 cm) W. 19-1/2" (49 cm) D. 12" (30 cm)

Locking door for added security Cable-driven, Westminster chime Kieninger movement features a chime silence option. 2 Year Warranty

Special $1295.00

Regular $2295.00 (while supplies last)

Many Other Models Available!

Ron Wilkin Jewellers

109 St. Andrew St. W. in downtown Fergus 519-843-1225 Call Mark For Advertising Rates at 519-843-2346

June 2013










One space left! The Grand River Advertising Magazine

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Booster Business Directory

MORTGAGES MAJOR APPLIANCE SALES & SERVICE Service to all Makes and Models - serving the Fergus/Elora area for over 25 years -

Roger Hicks,


Mortgage/Leasing Agent, 519-546-3772 Licence # M08002436

397 Woodlawn Rd.

Home Capital Solutions Licence # 10844 Guelph 824-4925 214 SPEEDVALE AVE. W., GUELPH (INDEPENDANTLY OWNED AND OPERATED)


35% off installations Take 35 months to pay 0 interest OAC

Complete Home Exteriors • Siding • Soffit

Manufactured by


Call 519-787-0257 or 1-800-280-6743


• Fascia • Eavestrough




Unit 15 - 820 Gartshore 519-843-2739(BREW) Open Tues, Wed, Thurs 10 AM - 8 PM




TED ARNOTT, MPP Wellington-Halton Hills

519-787-5247 To receive your complimentary package of civic and community information and printed invitation cards to be redeemed for welcome gifts from local business call...

1-866-223-1798 June Walinga

INSURANCE Have you been declined for life or critical illness insurance? Do you think you are uninsurable? Would you like to leave something for your grandchildren? Call Trevor for a free insurance evaluation! 519-265-5126 Call




SECURITY SYSTEMS Home & Security Systems You can depend on


Control your lighting, thermostat, alarm or unlock doors with your Iphone, Blackberry, or smartphone

199 ST. PATRICK ST. W. 519.843.4172

KENILWORTH RR#4 519.848.3324



Your Home Town Broker The Price Team Tracy & Ron Price Award Winning Mortgage Experts

WE SELL • Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bikes, Rowers • Strength Machines and Weights • Whole Body Vibration Platforms • Inversion/Oscillation Tables • Hydrotherapy Spas/Hot Tubs • Far Infrared Saunas Listowel and Fergus Locations 1-800-695-7338 Fergus Store Location: 195 St. David Street South Retail Hours: Saturday and Sunday 10:00 to 5:00

WELCOME Are you new to Centre Wellington? Is there a new baby at your house? Call (519)843-5570 for your free package of gifts and civic information.

519-843-5854 655 Tower St. S. Fergus


Forest City Funding License # 10671

Also available: Oak Wine Barrel Planters

M.P. MICHAEL CHONG M.P. Wellington-Halton Hills

Toll Free to Riding Office:

1-866-878-5556 200 St. Patrick St. W., Suite 5 Fergus, ON N1M 1M4

Proudly serving Centre Wellington since 1969

Grounds Maintenance Landscaping (design & build) Retaining Walls Decks Patios Snow Plowing

18 Mountainview Rd. S., Suite 205, Georgetown ON L7G 4K1



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June booster web  

The June 2013 edition of The Booster Magazine, serving Wellington County.

June booster web  

The June 2013 edition of The Booster Magazine, serving Wellington County.