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July 2013

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Dar’s Country Market’s 2-year anniversary celebration!

t’s been 2 full years since the grand them to ensure only the highest quality opening of Dar’s Country Market and freshest food products are sold to their in Elora, which means it’s time to customers. If you’re looking to impress celebrate! Join everyone at Dar’s 2nd your friends and family, or just enjoy some Anniversary Celebration on July 12th to premium quality, fresh seafood, then be sure 14th to enjoy a delicious BBQ and a host to check out Dar’s fresh seafood counter. of events including live Celtic Music by They feature a wide assortment of in-season The Crooked Penny Celtic Band (Saturday seafood from the highest quality distributors only) and lots of taste testing throughout the in Southwestern Ontario! weekend. SPECIAL THANKS In support of Dars 2nd year birthday bash Darlene Dunn, owner and operator of Dar’s Elora Home Hardware is offering 10% off Country Market would like to give a special all BBQ accessories and 100 dollars worth of thanks to all of her customers for their wood pellets with every Traeger purchased Darlene and her son Cory from continued support and a few good friends during the weekend. who have helped her along the way. A special Dar’s Country Market in Elora thank you also goes out to her husband James For those of you who are not aware of this gem, Dar’s Country Market features the and her great staff for all of their hard work freshest, premium food products with loads of flavour. They and support! are your one-stop-shop for fresh local produce, premium Dar’s Country Market is located directly beside The Beer Store quality cut meats, sustainably raised seafood & shellfish, fresh in the Home Hardware Plaza at 6458 Wellington Road 7 – Unit baked breads and desserts, Mapleton Organic ice creams & 3. Open 7 days a week! You can also visit their second location yogourts, Kawartha dairy ice creams, fine cheeses, specialty at the St. Jacob’s Farmer’s Market. coffees, local jams, relishes, preserves, food dips, and the list Check out Dar’s website for coupons & store updates goes on! Dar’s Country Market cuts their own meats in-house, allowing

Dar’s Country Market 2nd Year Birthday Bash!


Friday, July 12th to Sunday July 14th

• Schinkel’s Black Forest Deli Ham $4.99 lb.* • New York Striploins Triple AAA Angus $10.99 lb.* • Stemmlers Jumbo Weiners $4.49 lb.* • Picards Chips 2/$5.00 Mix n’ Match* • Muskoka Dry Ginger-Ale $6.50 per case of 6* *while supplies last

Fundraiser BBQ Saturday and Sunday with all proceeds going to the Elora Green Space Park. Face Painting, Live Music, Draws, Prizes!

6458 County Rd. 7, Elora 519-846-8600

Don’t hide from the heat, enjoy your deck with Shade Plus


t’s hot outside. Instead of enjoying your deck, you hide in your house, and run up your energy bills. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can still enjoy your deck and lower your energy bills at the same time. With a wide variety of applications and sheeting options, Shade Plus in Elora can provide you with a variety of deck and patio covers and enclosures that can be customized to suit your needs. Their retractable, canopy or window awnings with UV ray protection, will help to minimize use of your air conditioner, and get you back outside, enjoying summer with your family and friends. Their full line of awnings from Solidux are competitively priced, come with a 10-year warranty, and are available in a wide range fabrics by Sunbrella. Customers have the option of a motorized awning allowing you to use it with a switch or remote.  Natural Light Patio covers from Shade Plus are like adding an outdoor room that will give you longer use throughout the year. Your private oasis can be enclosed with screen, windows, patio doors, and a sliding glass wall. Shade Plus is the exclusive dealer for Natural Light Patio Covers in Wellington County.  Finish your deck or entrance way with their line of aluminum

railings available in many choices of styles and colours. There’s even a wrought iron style that is maintenance free. Shade Plus can come to you! Owner Brian Jans strives to give the best possible customer service. He offers the convenience of meeting his customers at their home to answer questions and to go over product samples. Visit their website at or call (519) 846-2509 and speak to either Nancy or Brian.

Summer sales have begun! Haven't picked up your summer sandals yet?

Step into Shoetopia for quality, comfort and style .... and a great price. We need to make room for fall arrivals in August!

860 Tower St., Fergus

(between McDonalds and Tim Hortons) Join us on Facebook at

(519) 787-1834

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July 2013



Thank you Centre Wellington!

his August marks Shannon Curran’s second year as owner of Sew What?! Sewing Company! Shannon would like to thank the Centre Wellington community for all their support as her business has continued to prosper. Have an expert seamstress make your dress Over the last 2 years under Shannon’s ownership, Sew What?! has branched out to offer custom apparel, which is Shannon’s specialty. She’s educated in fashion illustration, pattern-making draping, garment construction, and she has experience with alterations. Shannon can make an outfit after seeing a picture or two. So, if you found a dress style you like, but want to add sleeves from another dress, show her the pictures and she’ll bring your dream dress to life and have it fit you perfectly. Sew What?! specializes in custom-order designs, wedding dress alteration and suit jacket adjustments, flower girl dresses, Euro hems, and new zippers. They also offer general hems and

pant shortening. If you need an alterations done, or want a gorgeous custom outfit, tailored to your needs, book an appointment with Shannon today! Call 519-787-6618, or drop into the store, at 208 St. Andrew St. W. The store hours are Tuesday from 9:30-5, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30-6, Thursday from 9:30-8, and Saturdays from 10-3.


What to look for when buying a car


The Road Test: If the car looks promising, take it for a road test. A quiet, residential area then an open quiet stretch of road are the best testing environments. Does the car start immediately and idle smoothly once warm? Are the dash gauges and warning lights operating ok, check again while driving. Try all the accessories, buttons and switches. Try the Ken Buehler park brake and see if the brake warning light comes on Here are some important things to look for: Check the odometer reading: the average distance is 18,000 to and that it holds the vehicle on a grade. 20,000-km per year. Really high kilometer vehicles may have a On both smooth and rough road surfaces, start and stop the low price tag but may require lots of maintenance, so they are vehicle, drive forward and backward, make several turns in both no bargin.  directions. For most vehicles there should be no more than 2 Does the odometer reading correspond with the general condiinches of play in the steering wheel. Listen for any unusual noistion? Excessive wear on the pedal rubbers, upholstery and cares when moving the steering.  peting could indicate a great deal of driving.  Make a few sharp turns at slow speed. The steering shouldn’t Inspect the car body by checking along the side of it for dents, stiffen up or bind. If there is power steering, no squeals, moans ripples or signs of repainting which might indicate accident reor sudden change in steering effort should be present. pairs in its history.  On a grade decelerate from 80km/h to about 25km/h without Check the body for rusting. Bottom of all doors, wheel openusing the brake. Then step hard on the accelerator. If there is ings and lower body panels are prime locations. Paint blisters heavy blue exhaust smoke, the engine may have an oil consumpor cracking can be signs of rusting under paint or worse - rust tion issue.  perforation from the other side of the panel.  Try several brisk stops to check the brakes. They should feel Check the tire treads for excessive wear. Four new tires would firm, not spongy and should not grab or swerve the car.  be an expensive start. Is there a spare wheel, jack and wheel Try the transmission in all gears. Manual transmissions should wrench? Are they in good condition?  shift smoothly and not grind. Automatic transmissions that allow Do the doors, trunk and hood fit and close snugly? Try the excessive engine speeds between gears may need major repairs. door lock mechanism and window regulator to see if they work. If it’s a manual transmission, check the operation of the clutch, Do the windows close completely?  if it’s grabby or engages close to the top of the clutch pedal travCheck for damp carpets or a musty, damp smell inside the car, el, it may need some clutch work. which could indicate a leak of some sort. Rock each corner of Buying a well cared for vehicle can save you money and still the vehicle. It should jounce then come to rest quickly. If it keeps give you safe worry free motoring for years and need not be bouncing, the shock absorbers probably need replacing.  stressful if it’s done right. A two or three year old vehicle has If the engine is cold, remove the radiator cap and check level taken the hit for the largest amount of depreciation and may well and condition of coolant. Check the radiator for signs of leakage still be like new. If another vehicle is in your future plans, please or corrosion. Re-check for leaks after a road test. Do not remove feel free to call and ask any questions. Call (519) 846-9221, a radiator cap when engine is at operating temperature or warm, we’re located at the lights in Alma. ecently we have had some vehicles through our shop that customers had just purchased that did not meet the expectations of the new owners. This has inspired me to compile some points for vehicle shoppers to consider when car shopping. This is the second part in a series of what to look for when shopping for a car.

4 July 2013

Take care of yourself & visit Sensational You


with a personal touch. o two women who walk Mary has been in the mobile bra into Sensational You in business for over 9 years, helping Fergus are the same. But Centre Wellington residents find the both are looking for the right bra that bra that best fits their shape. will fit them properly. Here are some features to look for A small-figured woman may look in an excellent supportive bra: for a padded bra to accentuate her All the breast tissue must be enfigure, while a fuller figured women compassed by the supportive triangle is looking for a bra that fits and supand the cup. ports her well. Support must be from beneath the An active, sporty woman needs a breast, rather than supported by the bra that will counteract the effects of shoulder straps. motion on delicate breast tissue. A There must be no pressure to remother-to-be is looking for a bra that direct the breast and restrict circulawill support the changes in her body. Mary Lloyd from tion. A woman who has undergone a The support should be firm enough mastectomy needs a specially fitted Sensational You to take out most of the motion of the bra that will fit the prosthesis with breast during walking and other motion. comfort and security. The bra should be constructed of soft fabric, custom-fitted to These women are all different, but are looking for the same each woman’s size and configuration. A proper fitting garment thing. A properly fitting bra. will not gouge or bruise delicate tissue. However, women tend to buy bras that don’t adequately supTake care of yourself. Every woman should wear customport or protect their breasts. As a result, their bras are a source fitted bras and enjoy better health through proper breast care. of irritation instead of support. Come visit Sensational You in Fergus, or give them a call at Mary Lloyd of Sensational You is happy to offer bras and 519-766-8818. bra fittings to Centre Wellington residents. Her store, located at 1A - 181 St. Andrew Street East offers a great selection of bras,

30 Day Risk-Free Trial

Includes CrossFit Some restrictions apply

For a complete description of classes, go to our website

Old Quarry Commons 294 Mill St. E. Elora 519-846-8733 Call Mark For Advertising Rates at 519-843-2346

July 2013


Design your own jewellery with Ron Wilkin Jewellers


ou want your jewellery to be as unique as you are! To suit your lifestyle and reflect your passion. You can now do that with the help of Ron Wilkin Jewellers. The ability to design the jewellery you can’t live without is now just a couple of clicks of the mouse away with new state of the art design software. Whether it is as simple as changing the size of the stones or copying that unbelievable magazine piece all within a budget and a reality suitable for you, the staff at Ron Wilkin Jewellers can help. What about your grandmother’s ring sitting in your jewellery box that you want to wear but is just not quite your style? Let’s use the stones and make it into that piece that you will

love to wear and think of that special person every time you put it on. Jewellery is special, celebrates big moments in life; doesn’t it deserve the time to make it perfect so that every time she looks at it, it brings a sparkle to her eye and puts a smile on her face? Of course it does! Let Ron Wilkin Jewellers help you create that Sparkle. Sparkle, it’s what we do! Call 519-843-1225 Graham and Amy or visit our store in downtown Fergus.

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S ’ N O VEHICLE OF THE MONTH COTT - Velda Beirnes of Guelph & her 1998 Ford ZX2 Sprayed with Krown since 1998

Book your appointment today:

COTTON’S AUTO CARE 490 Eliza St. , Arthur (519) 848-3515

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6 July 2013

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July 2013


Are there tiny rocks in your water?


comes out of the tank is soft or mineral free. id you know there are tiny rocks When the resin beads are saturated with in your water? Cities that get their calcium and magnesium, the resin beads water from a river source genermust be cleaned (regenerated). This is where ally contain a high content of calcium and the salt comes in: water mixes with the salt in magnesium, which are actually tiny rock parthe outer tank and forms brine. ticles. This is HARD WATER. The brine flows through the beads, cleanHard water produces these problems: ing and recharging them. The water is then • Water spots and filming on dishes, stainflushed away. The regeneration takes about less steel sinks and appliances 30 minutes. It is preset to happen at 2 am. • Clogged faucets, valves and pipes Aquamaster water softeners are “Demand • Bath tub and toilet rings Initiated” which means they monitor your • Build up on shower curtains and walls water usage and will produce soft water ac• The need to use up to 4-times more deterOwner Simon Davies cording to that pattern. gents and soaps No wasted water or salt! A 60% saving • Soap scums build up over timer softeners. • Itchy dry skin We also have refurbished Aquamaster softeners that are • Dull limp hair completely rebuilt and have the same 10 year warranty. • Less efficiency, shortened life, and higher costs for your Looking for a licensed plumber or gas fitter? Simon has water heater. been in the trade for over 25 years so if your toilet needs to be Maytag, Kitchen Aid, and GE recommend using a water unplugged or you are doing a bathroom or kitchen renovation, softener to get better washing results and extend the life of we can help. Can’t get out of the house to get water or salt? your appliances. Aquarius Water will deliver it for you. A water softener removes the minerals, here’s how: We are located at 195 Geddes Street in Elora. For more inYour in coming water is directed through the softener, as formation give us a call at 519-846-9090. the hard water flows through the resin beads in the round tank, the hard water particles stick to the resin beads. The water that


Choosing the right hearing aids

and need hands-free communication. Ochoosing the right style of hearcupations such as sales representatives ing aids can be overwhelming. will benefit as communication is important This is the second part of a seat all times. ries about choosing the right hearing aid 4) Do you enjoy watching television, but for you. find it difficult to understand what is being Brian Ward, from Ward Hearing Centre said? Many of today’s affordable hearing in Fergus, offers aids are capable of receiving a crystal clear his clients complimentary consultations TV sound with zero interference. Similar to help determine what hearing aids are to cellphone Bluetooth technology, the right for them. television’s sound is sent to your hearing Some of Brian’s clients have said “my friend has a certain pair of hearing aids, aids using Bluetooth so you don’t have to I should be able to wear the same thing”. Brian Ward from Ward Hearing deal with wires or bulky equipment. This modern innovation allows you to hear While this is sometimes true, it’s always your favourite TV programs with exceptional clarity, so you best to wear a style of hearing aids that is best suited to a percan hear every word. son’s degree and type of hearing loss. If you’re having trouble with your hearing, but have been Features and advantages are important to consider when inputting off getting it checked, contact Brian Ward from Ward quiring about new hearing aids. Some features include: Hearing Centre to have a no-cost complete hearing assessment 1) Use of an effective telephone program. that will determine if there is a need for hearing aids, and if so, 2) Remote Control - if you like having more control in adjustwhich style of hearing instrument is best suited to your lifestyle ing your hearing aids, but dexterity is an issue, consider hearing and needs. aids that are Remote Control compatible. Nowadays, hearing aids have the technology to be fully automatic with the addiWhatever your assessment results, you can be rest assured tional option of manual control - usually at no extra cost. that the caring, professional people at Ward Hearing Centre will 3) Do you need a link to other electronic devices such as a treat you first-rate with only your best interests in mind. Bluetooth connection to a cellphone? (You can use your hearVisit Ward Hearing at 135 St David St S in Fergus or call ing aids to communicate seamlessly with your cellphone). This (519) 843-4327. is a great option for hard of hearing people who are on the road

8 July 2013


The path to safe, courteous and aware driving

Paul, and his driving instructors aul Coombe is having anShawn and Shahab, take the time to other busy summer! While learn what each student’s strengths the Fergus-Elora Driving and weaknesses are. They help School produces more and more guide them along the path to safe, students with an over 95 per cent courteous, and aware driving. road-test success rate, Paul continIf you want to be the next sucues to umpire baseball games in cess story from The Fergus Elora Centre Wellington and in Guelph. Driving School, book now for one Recent graduate Anders Gatten of their upcoming courses...there’s is one of the many graduates who a 4-Day August Course in Fergus highly recommends Paul as a topfrom Tuesday, August 6th to Friday, quality instructor. “Paul makes evAugust 9th. In Drayton, there’s a erything easily understandable and 4-Day August Course from Monhe makes everything clear,” says Jon and Anders Gatten with day, August 26th to Thursday AuAnders. award-winning instructor Paul Coombe gust 29th. His father Jon Gatten was For more information, call pleased with Paul and the staff at The Fergus-Elora Driving School at 519-787-9300. The ofThe Fergus-Elora Driving School as well. fice and classroom are in Fergus at 122B St. Andrew St. “What a fantastic service to have in our area,” Jon says. W., across the road from Ron Wilkin Jewellers. Or contact Ask around town and you’ll probably know someone who them in Drayton at 519-638-9990. Their website is www.fergraduated from the Fergus-Elora Driving School. In fact, they’re probably the person you trust most in the driver’s seat!


Acupuncture for Seizures

pirit is a Labrador retriever. She is a good natured, alternatives. And this is where acupuncture comes in. attentive dog and loves to be around her family. The goal of acupuncture in the management of seizures Spirit also has seizures. Her seizures are quite is the same as that of traditional medicine - to reduce the severe, in that she will fall to the ground and start motoring frequency and severity of the seizures. . Experiments have with all four feet, faster than “I’ll Have Another” in his last shown that brain transmitters are affected by acupuncture, race. These seizures, while not frequent, were distressing and this is believed to be the mechanism for acupuncture to both Spirit and her owner. We knew that these seizures anti-epileptic action. Acupuncture can be used safely were not caused by an organ dysfunction or due to low blood alongside Phenobarbital and Potassium Bromide and is an sugar, as her blood work was always normal. We also knew option in seizure cases where control of seizures is less that Spirit did not suffer from an infectious disease of any than desired, and maximum medication doses have been KAYTE kind. That left us with only a couple of explanations for ARMSTRONG reached. Acupuncture can also reduce the need for drug the seizures. Spirit either has a brain tumour or idiopathic dose increases – it can act in concert with medications epilepsy. An MRI would potentially allowing us to get control at lower doses. In pets that have liver show us if she had a tumour, but challenges and cannot handle anticonvulsants, acupuncture may this diagnostic tool is not always also be a good option. And, in Spirit’s case, acupuncture was used financially an option for clients. because her seizures were infrequent enough that her owner felt As the seizures were not occurring that medications were too risky when compared to the severity of more frequently and not progressing Spirit’s epilepsy. in their severity , we are assuming So, how did it all turn out? Spirit had a treatment shortly after Spirit has idiopathic epilepsy she had her 3rd seizure of this year. One month later, we treated her Options for treatment of seizure disorders include Phenobarbital a second time. She had had a small seizure in between treatments and Potassium Bromide. These two medications are the most that consisted of just a head twitch. This was a big change, as all commonly used anticonvulsants in companion animals. Some her other seizures were full body, leg paddling seizures, complete patients are on one of these two drugs, and some more severe or with foaming at the mouth. At her third visit Spirit was seizure free. poorly responsive patients need both. There are potential side Spirit continues to come in monthly for maintenance sessions. We effects to these medications which may include nausea, lethargy are hoping to get a year in without seizures, but even if we can have and liver damage. Veterinarians are careful to monitor their patients them be of the head twitch type, rather than the full body, Spirit’s while on these medications to reduce the risk of side effects while quality of life will definitely have improved. If you have any achieving the best control possible. It was a concern for the potential questions about acupuncture or other alternatives, contact the Arthur side effects of medications, combined with the low frequency (once Veterinary Clinic at 519-848-2536 or email integrativemedicine@ monthly) of Spirit’s seizures that prompted her owner’s interest in

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July 2013


The Heel Spur myth and heel pain


epetitive strain from your daily routine long term treatment of custom-made orthotics may can bring about heel and arch pain. The still be necessary, but the lifestyle activities that most common cause of heel pain is intermittently irritate the soft tissue in the foot can Plantar Fasciitis. be prevented. Many individuals with Plantar Fasciitis have A no obligation evaluation includes examining a heel spur at the origin of the Fascia at the heel foot biomechanics and a computer-video gait bone. Heel spurs however do not cause pain. The analysis. Custom-made prescription orthotics are term “Heel Spurs” is often used as a synonym for fabricated at our on-site lab, now open 5 days: Fasciitis. Causes of heel pain include inadequate Tuesday to Friday 9-5 and Saturday 9-12 by flexibility in the calf muscles, lack of arch support appointment or walk-in. Call Bob Witte, your local (hyper-pronation), being overweight, suddenly pedorthist at 519-843-7979 for an appointment or increasing activity and spending too much time on information or talk to your family physician. You the feet. Worn out shoes, running and walking on may also check our website: BOB WITTE We are a certified member of the College of cambered surfaces may also be a factor. Part of the pedorthic evaluation process is to find out if factors Pedorthics of Canada. other than lack of arch structure are contributing to pain. The

New high efficiency Kinetico softener


She would definitely recommend Watermatters for nne Spriet is in love with her Kinetico twinyour home’s water needs. tank water softener, her whole-home deNew this month at Watermatters in the Kinetico chlorinator and her reverse osmosis system Essential Series is the first ever single-tank, nonfrom Greg Montgomery of Watermatters in Fergus. electric water softening system. Ergonomic design. Her previous water softener wasn’t very efficient, Space saving. High efficiency. she says. In fact, it wasted a lot of water. Not only does the Essential Series single-tank Anne’s family of 6 was in the process of a kitchen soften water, it blends in with your other appliances, renovation. She says the time was right to address their it keeps salt and water usage to a minimum and helps home’s water issues. She is very happy she did. high-efficiency appliances work more effectively. Her family bought an entire package from Greg. Greg The price is comparable to anything you’ll find at the They are in love with their water system. Montgomery Since they turned to Watermatters, they are not box stores. Some key features of the Essential Series are: waiting for endless water regeneration like they did from their • Monitors water usage and regenerates (cleans) itself only old water softener. The Kinetico system also allows them to cut when necessary. down on hand soap, shampoo and laundry soap. • Adjustable to your homes specific water conditions. Anne notices that her dishes are sparkling, her clothes are • Third-party certified and backed by Kinetico’s 5-year cleaner and her water bills are down too. warranty. Power outages aren’t a problem since her new softener Come visit Greg at Watermatters located at 180 St. Andrew doesn’t run on electricity. It’s also smaller, uses less salt and Street, West in Fergus for all your water needs. Call (519) 843it regenerates in 11 minutes, not 2 hours like her old softener. 4753. Anne says Greg was a pleasure to deal with and very efficient.

Bungalow 55


new social enterprise has emerged at 55 Geddes Street in Elora. Junk Yard Tree, Jellicle Juice, and The Elora Picnic Experience have joined together to demonstrate sustainability, ethical production, and creativity. At Junk Yard Tree, new inventory appears every week - from visual art to furniture to fashion, all products have been handcrafted in Elora using re-purposed material. Our Jellicle Juice booth provides chilly real fruit smoothies so you can sip healthy on a hot day. Home made food that is local and organic AND hearty is prepared so you can take a picnic to go, and use your included map to scout a wonderful area to eat. Come to hang out, shop, eat, and drink, while supporting our inspirational artists!

Call 519-827-2091 for more information, or email 10 July 2013

New inventory appears every week!

GET MORE FOR YOUR MONEY MORTGAGE INSURANCE PROTECTION, YOU HAVE OPTIONS... Whether you are currently paying mortgage insurance at the bank or looking for insurance to cover your mortgage, we have the coverage you need. Aside from providing you a stronger and more affordable policy, below are some additional advantages:

Enter our contest! (scan the QR code or visit for details)

Ecclestone Financial (519) 843-5110 245 St. David St. N., Fergus Call Mark For Advertising Rates at 519-843-2346

July 2013


Is Your Vehicle Ready for Summer? Get Ready for Summer Special!





Tire rotation Lube, Oil, Filter

Ask us to check your Air Conditioning Call Today!


We will check:

• Tires • Brakes • Antifreeze • Exhaust system • Wipers • Belts • Suspension • Check all fluids • and more!


w Now an accredited Ne emissions testing & repair facility

Complete Auto Repair

Service by people you can trust

On-going and Seasonal Maintenance Exhaust Brakes Shocks & Struts Oil Changes Tires & Steering Wheel Alignments Coolant & Transmission Flushing Fuel Injection Service Custom Pipes Performance Exhaust C.V. Joints Converters

519-843-1240 825 Tower St. S. in Fergus

12 July 2013


Get your dream kitchen at Elora Home Hardware

quality kitchen renovation without the hassle is not just a dream. It’s reality. Just ask Sharon, a recent customer of Elora Home Hardware... “Just a note to thank you for all your help during the renovations! You have really gone out of your way to be helpful. I have appreciated that you were always communicating with me and keeping me informed each step of the way.  I have worked with lots of tradesmen/women throughout the years and the local tradesmen/women you referred to me were some of the best.  They were professional, skilled, as well as kind and respectful, especially towards my Mom.  As I was “ managing” my Mother’s kitchen reno project, often from a distance, I was grateful to have you and Thank you Sharon and Irene for allowing us into your home “The designer is close by in Cambridge so any kind of modiyour group of professionals involved. It made the fication can be done quickly,” says Patty. “This means you get process much easier for myself and my Mom.  Thank you. Please the look you want fast. You don’t have to wait 8 weeks to make put me on your list of references.  I will give you, your staff and changes. I’ve also removed the middle man so my prices are the tradesmen/women a glowing report!!!” good.” Sharon Carr from Elora As always, Elora Home Hardware offers their other line of imCome check out what Sharon is talking about at Elora Home ported solid hardwood kitchens that is both stylish and economiHardware. Drop by and see Patty Uhrig and the design team. cal. These kitchen cabinets and counter tops are finished on all Patty’s staff recently redesigned their showroom to coincide sides, so any handyman can install them. with their new line of kitchens from a Cambridge, Ontario supElora Home Hardware is located beside the Beer Store and plier. across from Tim Hortons in Elora. Call their staff at 519-846Patty says the sleek cabinetry lines and the stylish colours can 5393. Like them on Facebook or visit be customized to suit their customers’ specific tastes.

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July 2013


The Gruffalo coming to Roxanne’s Reflections


Lisa is a very talented writer. The story of Stewie t’s summer and to make your book shopping the Skink is so fun to read with parts that you easier, we have extended our store hours. will be singing to yourself later. She manages to We are now open on Wednesdays from combine both a great rhyming story and lots of 9 am to 8 pm, and on Sundays from 11 am to great facts about skinks. You will absolutely love 3 pm. Summer is a great time for reading and reading about Stewie. Additionally, this book has we have just the book you’re looking for. Our really awesome illustrations. Suzanne Del Rizzo summer reads table has some really wonderful creates dimensional illustrations using plasticine reads for all ages and at great prices. Check it out and sometimes polymer clay. The artwork in this before they are gone! Roxanne Beale children’s book is so delightful. Do not miss Roxanne is recommending Letters From Skye this opportunity to meet both Lisa and Suzanne, learn about by Jessica Brockmole as a perfect summer read. The story plasticine art and listen to Lisa read from the book. They will is told in letters, very much like The Guernsey Literary and be here at the store on Saturday, July 27 from 11am to 1 pm. Potato Peel Pie Society, and would be a great choice for anyone You can get your book signed and enjoy some cake while you who enjoyed that book. It is also very reminiscent of Kate are here! Morton’s writing, so if you have enjoyed The Forgotten Garden Roxanne’s Reflections Book & Card Shop is an independently or The Secret Keeper be sure to pick up Letters From Skye. It is owned bookstore. We’ve been serving Centre Wellington and coming out on July 9 and is a super price of only $21.00. area residents for over 16 years and love helping people find We also have some fabulous children’s events happening in the solution to their reading dilemmas. If you are looking for July. On Saturday, July 13, we have a new visitor coming to suggested reads, just ask any of the staff. We all love reading. see us. The Gruffalo, from Julia Donaldson’s award-winning Are you looking for a specific title? We can always special book, will be joining us and he can’t wait to meet all of his Centre Wellington fans. No need to be scared of The Gruffalo, order it for you. Please come by the store at 152 St. Andrew St. West in historic downtown Fergus, call 519-843-4391 or email as he is even afraid of a little mouse! Drop by to meet him for more information. Join us between 9am to 12pm or 2pm to 4pm. There will be story time, on Facebook or subscribe to our free email newsletter. Our crafts, cookies and prizes to win. Summer business hours are Monday, Tuesday 9 - 6, Wednesday, On Saturday, July 27, we have 2 really special and talented Thursday, Friday 9 – 8, Saturday 9 – 6 and Sunday 11 – 3. visitors coming. Lisa Dalrymple is a local children’s book Happy Reading from Roxanne, Abby, Kim, and Mimi! author and she has a new book out called Skink on the Brink.

14 July 2013


Allergies, Why Me?

illions of people suffering from a wide variety of conditions, allergies included, have benefited from chiropractic care even though chiropractic is not an allergy treatment. Why? Because chiropractic is a method of health care that permits your body to function at its best. That is especially important if you suffer from allergies. The most common immune disorder is the allergic reaction that occurs when the immune system overreacts to an allergen (dust, pollen, milk, dog or cat dander, strawberries, etc) and produces too many neutralizing chemicals (especially histamines) to counteract it. STUDY SHOWS CHIROPRACTIC HELPS By releasing stress on the nervous system chiropractic permits the immune system to function more effectively – something all allergy sufferers need. A healthy nervous system helps the immune system. In a three year study of 107 individuals who had been under chiropractic care for five years or more, Ronald Pero, Ph.D., Chief of Cancer Prevention Research at New York’s Preventive Medicine Institute, found that chiropractic patients had a 200% greater immune response than people who had not received chiropractic care, and 400% greater immune response than people with cancer and other serious diseases! The superiority of those under chiropractic care did not diminish with age! “When applied in a clinical framework, I have never

seen a group other than this chiropractic group to experience a 200% increase over the normal patients… We have never seen such a positive improvement in a group…” WHY DOES IT WORK? Chiropractors correct a basic cause of body malfunction to optimize your immune system function. “A healthy body is capable of neutralizing these toxic substances and a body which has malfunctioning defense mechanisms cannot. The emphasis on allergies must be on building a healthy body, not on trying to use evasive tactics by eliminating all the allergens.” A healthy spine is a basic human need – essential for health and healing no matter what disease or condition you may have. It is as important for healing as good nutrition, water and sleep. A spinal check-up by a Doctor of Chiropractic to remove spinal nerve stress will help give you every advantage to reach your optimum health potential. Source: Koren Publications, Inc.

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From Jack’s Desk…

eople always ask me why I chose Two of my current staff, Ed Klapwyk and the name Jack’s Aluminum for our Bob Pauw, have been with me from the company, when most of our winbeginning and even my rookie installer Jim dow and siding installations involve vinyl Hogeveen, has close to thirty years under his products. That is simply because in 1976, toolbelt with us. You might say there isn’t when this company started, there was no such much that we haven’t seen, when it comes to thing such as vinyl windows or vinyl siding. windows, siding, soffit, fascia and eavesThe main siding product was 8” horizontal trough. aluminum siding, and the main window Jack’s Aluminum Ltd. is proud to be the the staff at jack’s improvement products were aluminum storm first choice of well over 20,000 customers in aluminum windows. That just goes to show how the sidFergus, Elora, Guelph and area. If you need ing and window industry has evolved and changed over the past 35 new windows, or if your house needs a face lift, my installers preplus years. The only thing that hasn’t changed much with us, is pare their own quotes, and they would love to share their experience dependable cost effective products and our name. with you. Please visit our new website and We started selling vinyl siding in 1981 and vinyl replacement connect to our blog which proudly lists our weekly jobsites. Or give windows in 1992. From time to time we actually get a customer us a call, 519-843-5000, 519-822-5000 or Email us at jacks2@ who has had aluminum siding and even aluminum storm windows installed by us over 30 years ago. And it is very humbling when we We’d love to quote you!! are told “we were very happy with Jack’s Aluminum over 30 years ago and that is why we’d like to hire you to replace that old siding.” Jack Klapwyk, president/owner We treasure those type of repeat customers. JACK’S ALUMINUM LTD.

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Industry Day event at Grand River Raceway

Horse racing festival celebrates the spirit of horse racing

rand River Raceway’s 16th edition of its signature race, the Battle of Waterloo, will be contested on Aug. 5 as part of the racetrack’s Industry Day event. Industry Day, now in its 23rd year, began at Elmira Raceway as a celebration of the harness racing industry. Industry Day is recognized by racing enthusiasts as one of the best afternoons in harness racing across (l) Mayor Joanne Ross-Zuj with Battle Of Waterloo Ambassadors Wellington & Napoleon North America. (r) 2012 Battle Of Waterloo victor Tarpon Hanover and driver Scott Zeron The Industry Day program offers topIndustry Day – Horse Racing Celebration notch horse racing and showcases the best of young Ontario Where: Grand River Raceway stars. Included in this stellar lineup is the Battle Of Waterloo’s 7445 Wellington County Rd. 21, Elora companion race — for the girls — the Battle Of The Belles. This When: Monday, August 5 (Holiday Monday) race will be contested by the province’s top rookie pacing fillies. Races begin at 1:30 p.m. Starters for the Battle Of Waterloo and the Battle Of The Belles Cost: Admission & parking are always free will be determined in elimination races on July 29. Features: 11 races, including the Battle of Waterloo, Other Industry Day activities include pony rides, horse crafts and facepainting for the wee ones. Grand River Raceway will Battle Of The Belles, and Ontario Sires Stakes; children’s activities, prize draws & more. also pay tribute to horseman Carl Jamieson who is a five-time More info: or winner of the Battle Of Waterloo, and will be inducted into the (519) 846-5455 Canadian Horse Racing Hall Of Fame in mid-August.

16 July 2013


First aid for summer

involved. Nat-mur helps where the hives are related ummer is a time when we are more active to exposure to sun. For bee stings, Ledum is the and spend much of our time outdoors. Both best remedy, but you can also alternate with Apis. of these can be very beneficial to our health. To prevent (or treat) swimmer’s ear, take Silica But too much of a good thing can be harmful. Here before and after swimming. It also helps to dry are some tips for relief from summer’s ailments. out the ears with a blow-dryer (but avoid blowing For the following protocols, use a potency of directly into the ear). 30C in water, repeated 4-6 times per day, unless Injuries: otherwise indicated. MT refers to mother tincture. There’s something I call DIY Deck-building Too much sun: For a minor sunburn use Belladonna. Cantharis is Marg Gollinger, Syndrome. Arnica is for the muscle pain from doing used where there is intense pain with blistering (2nd DSHM, BMath work you’re not used to or from overdoing it. Arnica is also great for bruises. Hypericum is a godsend for degree burns). Causticum is for more serious burns. smashed fingers or toes. Gardener’s backache can be eased with Sulphur can help a heat rash. Sunstroke is a more serious Bellis (from bending over all day). Ruta is the remedy of choice condition and may need emergency medical attention if the for sprains and strains (including tennis elbow). For any type patient is no longer able to regulate his/her temperature. The of puncture wound, including bites (dog, insect, spider, snake), first remedy to think of is Belladonna. Take it every 10-15 use Ledum. Finally, for cuts or burns, apply Hypericum and minutes until relieved. A Belladonna patient is fevered with Calendula topically to soothe the skin and speed healing (put a hot, flushed-red, dry face and dilated pupils. In the case of 10 drops of the MT of each into a bottle of water and shake). Carbo-veg, the patient will be in a state of collapse and need to Have a safe and healthy summer! be fanned to revive. Gelsemium has flu-like symptoms, such as For an appointment with me call 519-846-5574 or for dizziness and drowsiness with shuddering. Nat-carb is known for a severe headache from the least exposure to sun or where information see If you have a group that’s looking for a speaker, I’m happy to speak about health a patient tends to get sunstroke repeatedly. Glonoinum, gets care and healthy living - no charge! violent pounding, throbbing headaches with visible pulsation The information provided in this article is for education of carotids purposes only and does not replace professional medical Too much nature: advice. For poison ivy use Croton-tiglium. For hives, Apis (which is made from a bee) helps, especially where there are allergies


Revenue Agency Part Owner of the Family Cottage

recent Ipsos-Reid poll found that 97 percent of cottage TAX TALK owners share their cottage with family members and that about one in ten owners admits that the shared use has caused a family rift. Ed Thankfully, the Revenue Agency doesn’t make regular visits Mitukiewicz however, they do want their share when there is a taxable as a joint owner which does result in avoiding future probate event. The most common taxable event would be a direct sale fees of $2,250.00. However, by making the daughter a joint of the cottage that may trigger taxable capital gains. Up until owner the Revenue Agency considers Mother to have sold one1980, a family unit was able to claim two principal residence half of the cottage to her daughter thereby triggering one-half exemptions which allowed any cottage gains to be tax-free of the $100,000 capital gain and income tax of up to $11,600 in similar to the city or main family dwelling. Currently, in most the year of transfer. cases, a gain or loss is calculated when the cottage is sold. In some cases it’s possible to defer taxes “and” avoid probate However, the principal residence designation should not be but this should be reviewed with your financial advisor. ignored as it is possible to choose between the cottage and city home, or possibly, a combination of the two to lower the overall tax bill. * Personal and Corporate Tax Planning In many cases, the parents wish to keep the cottage in the family and so to avoid probate * Estate and Succession Planning fees, they will add the children to the deed * Retirement Planning and carry on as joint owners. Unfortunately, while they may save on probate, this is a taxable event and the Revenue Agency COLLINS BARROW wants their share. For example, assume CONTACT: Ed Mitukiewicz Tax Partner Chartered Acountants Mother (a widower) owns a cottage worth 0342 Gerrie Road, Elora, Ontario N0B 1S0 Collins Barrow $150,000 and has a cost base of $50,000. To Phone (519)846-5315 Email: 846-5315 avoid probate, she puts her daughter on title

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MORTGAGES MAJOR APPLIANCE SALES & SERVICE Service to all Makes and Models - serving the Fergus/Elora area for over 25 years -

Roger Hicks,


Mortgage/Leasing Agent, 519-546-3772 Licence # M08002436

397 Woodlawn Rd.

Home Capital Solutions Licence # 10844 Guelph 824-4925 214 SPEEDVALE AVE. W., GUELPH (INDEPENDANTLY OWNED AND OPERATED)


Complete Home Exteriors • Siding • Soffit

• Fascia • Eavestrough





Unit 15 - 820 Gartshore 519-843-2739(BREW) Open Tues, Wed, Thurs 10 AM - 8 PM




TED ARNOTT, MPP Wellington-Halton Hills

519-787-5247 To receive your complimentary package of civic and community information and printed invitation cards to be redeemed for welcome gifts from local business email... June Walinga

INSURANCE Have you been declined for life or critical illness insurance? Do you think you are uninsurable? Would you like to leave something for your grandchildren? Call Trevor for a free insurance evaluation! 519-265-5126 Call



SECURITY SYSTEMS Home & Security Systems You can depend on


Control your lighting, thermostat, alarm or unlock doors with your Iphone, Blackberry, or smartphone

199 ST. PATRICK ST. W. 519.843.4172

KENILWORTH RR#4 519.848.3324





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Grounds Maintenance Landscaping (design & build) Retaining Walls Decks Patios Snow Plowing

• Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bikes, Rowers • Strength Machines and Weights • Whole Body Vibration Platforms • Inversion/Oscillation Tables • Hydrotherapy Spas/Hot Tubs • Far Infrared Saunas 10,000 Sq. Ft. Fitness & Wellness Superstore: 105 Queen St W (in the Fergus Marketplace) Fergus Superstore Hours: Saturday & Sunday 10:00 to 5:00


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