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February 2018


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Fashion in February, what does that look like?


that when you leave Yolanda’s Fashion Boutique e have lots going on in the boutique this you will be so excited and happy with your purchase month! We have been to Toronto and that you can’t wait to wear it! back several times over the months orYou can find Yolanda’s Fashion Boutique on Facedering amazing new fashions for spring! It has been book as well. Our Facebook page is updated several so much fun! Their are many trends coming such times a day. There are always lots of posts regarding as bright colours, mixed prints, pastels, and fancy new arrivals and fashion tips and sales. Right now denim with colourful floral appliques! There are there is a store wide TAX free sale, next week there some styles available already for cruise or vacation will be something else so be sure to keep an eye out wear but what is really great is if you give us enough and come and visit us soon. time we can special order items in for you! If you Owner Lastly, there will be a SPRING/SUMMER fashwere not aware, we have sizes xs - xxxxl available in the store! We carry such lines as Papillon, Yest, Yolanda Vanleeuwen ion show at the boutique on Feb 27th and Feb 28th. There are limited tickets available so get yours Yesta, Dolcezza, Red Coral, Papa, Teaberry and asap! The tickets are $25 however that $25 can be deducted so much more! off of any purchase made on There is always a lot to look at and so the best way to shop at the evening of the event you Yolanda’s is by having a personal style appointment or simply attend. This will be a wonstop in and see if the amazing ladies that work here can help derful personalized intimate you find pieces that they know will work best with your body event with a small gift bag, type and offer you the most style and comfort! You have to snacks and refreshments for experience it to believe that we are not about selling but more all who attend. We are so about offering great service. When you come and visit us you looking forward to meeting will soon realize our hearts are for helping you find pieces that you! accentuate the beauty that is Contact us at 519-341-5560. Yolanda’s Fashion Boutique is within you. We realize how it located at 5471 On-6, Guelph, Ontario (Between Guelph and feels to walk away from a store Fergus on the corner of Bedford Road and Highway 6 behind with a purchase that was less the Pioneer Gas Station). then perfect, we want to be sure

$60 Classic Mani/Pedi Special at Beauti by Chanti


alentine’s Day is coming soon. What better way to celebrate the day of love by pampering yourself, or your loved one with an amazing deal this month at Beauti By Chanti. Don’t miss the Classic Manicure and Classic Pedicure special for only $60 from February 1st to the 14th. Book your appointment now before this deal disappears, gift certificates are available. What’s new in nails for 2018? Did you know the 90’s are calling? Look for Chantelle Duimering bold and beautiful reds this year, as the classic look of 90’s killer red nails comes back. Pair your dazzling reds with a shiny top coat and you’re ready to tackle anything. I love playing with some 90’s trends using primary colours and geometric shapes. Stop in and see what I can do for you — we can try out abstract lines, with a taupe base and fine black lines traced on top, or even a red and pink mani with curved cutouts for drama. Or maybe let’s do some reverse colour blocks with kelly green and pastel pink. I can even do uptown punk themes or cool contrasts — call me for more info. Not only do I offer mani/pedis where you get to choose from some amazing colours and accents for your nails, but I also offer facials, eye treatments, specialty masques, facial peels, lip treatments, waxing, as well as soothing paraffin wax treatments. Battle the elements with warm paraffin which moisturizes for healthier looking, softer skin, and even improves circulation.

This important service will help revitalize your skin from the harshness of winter, and bring back that healthy glow. Book your session today. Look for more specials throughout the month on my Facebook Page. Contact me at 519-8356278. Beauti By Chanti is located in Ariss at 5726 Wellington Road 86.

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February 2018



Noisy Brakes?

hen it occurs, brake noise may be the formation of surface corrosion. If the noise irritating. However, some sounds disappears after a few stops, it does not indicate are a very normal part of brake opa problem. If it does not disappear or the brake eration, while others may indicate a problem. pedal pulsates you should have your brakes inHow can you tell when noises from your vehispected right away. cle’s brakes are something to ignore or a probTrace squeak/squeal noise – Some brake lem that needs attention. linings may emit a soft squeak or squeal noise at Ken Buehler Things to observe: medium speeds under light-to-medium braking. Where does the brake noise seem to originate? It may occasionally occur during the first few At what speed does the noise occur? stops with cold brakes (especially in the morning), or in condiDoes it happen when the brakes are cold, or when you have tions of rain or high humidity. been driving for a while? Groan noise –. It is perfectly normal for some ABS systems Does it happen after multiple stops, or only after the first few to make a groaning noise when the ABS is activated. On some stops? vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions, a slight groan Does it happen in wet conditions (such as rain, humidity or may be heard from the brakes just as the vehicle comes to a after a car wash)? complete stop or when allowing the vehicle to creep forward Environmental concerns with asbestos prompted automobile slowly from a stop manufacturers to switch to semi-metallic brake linings, which ABS self-check – If you hear a small click and feel slight provided excellent brake performance. However, because of brake pedal movement when first starting to drive (at 5-10 kilothe metal-to-metal contact between semi-metallic pads and the meters per hour), this is most likely the Anti-lock Braking sysbrake rotor, these pads often produced more noise than pads tem properly performing a self- check to ensure that the system with asbestos or organic linings. More recently we have seen is functioning properly. the introduction of ceramic brake materials which are a more If your vehicle develops brake noise, and you feel unsure superior product, but also more costly (be aware that there are about what it means, you should always take it to a qualified different qualities of ceramics). shop for an inspection and accurate diagnosis of your vehicle’s One may think any noise they hear indicates a problem with brake system. Be aware of the various qualities and types of the braking system. A certain amount of noise from brake combrake lining, drums and rotors that are available for your veponents is not unusual. hicle, while less costly brake components may provide satisThe following are generally considered characteristic of all factory braking performance, the consequences may be noisy braking systems. These noises do not generally indicate any brake operation. malfunction of the braking system or improper operation, but If you have any questions or concerns about brake noises may indicate it is time to perform normal brake service. coming from your vehicle please drop by and we will road test Loud squeal noise – Some disc brake pads come with wear your vehicle to see if it has any issues that may require service. indicators. If you have a continuous audible noise, present We are located in beautiful downtown Alma. We are here to when driving but disappears when braking, then the pads probserve you Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm. Call 519-846ably need replaced. 9221 or find us on the web at Follow Grinding noise – This noise may occur during the first few us on Facebook at to stay up stops on rear drum brakes and on some front disc brakes due to to date.

4 February 2018

Trust your home reno to the experts at Cover-Ups


ou have a grand vision for your home reno — let us help make that vision a reality. We at Cover-Ups Carpet and Flooring are a unique company that prides itself on superior craftsmanship with small town customer service. Our guarantee is our customers’ satisfaction. We do exquisite work that many people unfortunately don’t expect from a small town store. Come to Cover-Ups and see what we can do for you — from detailed tile backsplashes to diamond patterned flooring, we can create from your imagination! Hire the professionals When looking for a contractor, it’s important to hire only the best to ensure the project is completed. Ask for references and make sure they have extensive experience in similar projects. Some of our customers have turned to us when previous contractors couldn’t finish the work for lack of knowledge. Cover-Ups Carpet and Flooring only works with the best and guarantees your projects are finished. We offer a wide selection of carpet, vinyl, vinyl tiles, laminate, hardwood, cork and more. We carry an impressive selection of porcelain tiles and are a Schluter approved dealer. We are also a PARA Paint dealer and stock the most popular pails of paint and primer. Our team at Cover-Ups will take you through each step of your renovation project with valuable suggestions to help you. Call (519) 848-2883 or (226) 383-2883 and ask for Caroline or visit us at 157 George St. in Arthur or 199 St. Andrew St. W. in Fergus. Like us on Facebook for updates.

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February 2018



Your “bridge” to better hearing

he St. David St. bridge may be closed, but Ward Hearing Centre is still OPEN and happy to serve you! You can drive right up to our entrance and our parking lot is fully accessible - and remember, you are free to park anywhere in the lot, you don’t need to stick to the few spots right in front of our office! It’s no secret that hearing aids can be pricey. Maintain your investment by Brian, Shannon, having your hearing aids cleaned by a trained hearing aid professional. Not only will unmaintained, moisture and earwax-plugged hearing aids break down more frequently; they can actually stop working completely. A professional cleaning and maintenance service schedule can prolong the life of your hearing aids and keep them sounding great for years to come. Brian Ward’s team of dedicated hearing healthcare professionals at Ward Hearing Centre offers a complimentary cleaning service for the lifetime of your hearing aids. During your appointment, they will thoroughly check the sound quality and functionality of your hearing aids. With the help of specialized tools and techniques, wax and moisture can properly be removed from your hearing aids. They can also examine your ear canals and safely clean them to prevent excessive wax buildup. (Please note that while the hearing aid cleaning service is complimentary with the purchase of your hearing aids, there is a fee for ear cleaning.) Brian advises that without regular in-office maintenance, the microphone and “receiver” (the proper hearing aid term for the “speaker”) will get plugged up; this prevents sound from being produced and you end up with a hearing aid that sounds fuzzy or

6 February 2018

just doesn’t work at all. So how often are regular, in-office cleanings necessary? The duration between cleaning appointments is different for every individual and depends on one’s lifestyle and amount of earwax production. A general rule of thumb is 4 times a year- Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall. However, Brian and his team of caring professionals will discuss Pippa and Jesse your personal needs with you and create a suitable maintenance plan should this need to happen more frequently. Home care is also essential to the life of your hearing aid. “It’s a good idea for the hearing aid user or caregiver to inspect the hearing aids at home on a regular basis and change your wax guards as necessary,” says Brian. “We’re always happy to show you how to do this simple but essential task if you need a reminder”. Here are a few “At-Home” tips for cleaning & maintaining your hearing aids: • Cleaning agents like “rubbing alcohol” can damage or weaken the shell. Use only a soft, dry cloth or tissue to clean the instruments whenever they are removed from your ears. • Remove any accumulated earwax daily. When using a tool such as a “wax-loop” (the small curved metal wire on the end of a black handle used on some hearing aid styles) or a hearing aid brush, always clean the instruments from below. This is easily done just by holding the hearing aid upside down. This will prevent particles of wax and debris from falling back inside the instrument. • If the sound of your hearing aid becomes weak, it is likely that the wax filter is plugged with ear wax. Either replace the wax filter or ask Brian and his team for advice on corrective action. • Handle your hearing aids with care and clean hands! Remember, “An unaided hearing loss is far more noticeable than a hearing aid.” For more information, please call (519) 843-4327. Ward Hearing Centre is located at 160 St. David St. S – Unit 100 (Behind the Brew House). Remember, we are still open and fully accessible during the bridge construction! Visit us online at to learn more about the services Ward Hearing Centre has to offer you. Whatever your hearing needs, you can rest assured knowing that Brian and the staff at Ward Hearing Centre are caring, experienced professionals who will always put your interests first to ensure your peace of mind. Please join us in welcoming Jesse, our clinical practicum student from Conestoga College. She will be completing her training with Brian and Shannon until the end of April, and we’re pleased to have her!

Ward Hearing Centre - Expert Hearing Care You Can Count On!

...let us inspire you Colour of the Year 2018

Colour of the Year 2018



Simon Chang


6458 Wellington Road 7, Elora

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February 2018


Are Spousal RRSP Contributions Still Useful?


ith the introduction of pension splitting for seniors we are often asked if a spousal RRSP contribution has any more value. Briefly a spousal RRSP is an RRSP that is opened by your spouse but you contribute to it based on your own contribution limit and more importantly you claim the tax deduction. In the past it was the only option available to balance out retirement income but the pension income splitting rules changed the landscape. However one key point to remember is that pension income splitting only allows RRSP money to be split after age 65 (once the account has been turned into a RRIF or registered retirement income fund). If planned properly income splitting using a spousal RRSP can be done before age 65. The planning required is to make sure you avoid the attribution rules which will tax a withdrawal from a spousal RRSP account in your hands if a contribution was made into the account by you in the current calendar year or the two previous calendar years. Note carefully the reference to calendar years. If you make a spousal contribution in February of 2018 you are entitled to deduct the amount on your 2017 personal tax return. However your spouse cannot withdraw those funds and have them taxed in his or her return until calendar year 2021, assuming no further spousal contributions were made by you in 2019, 2020 or 2021. The benefits of spousal contributions are quite clear if there is a big difference in marginal rates between spouses. For example if the contributing spouse is in the highest Ontario

TAX TALK Ed Mitukiewicz tax bracket they would save roughly 54% on their 2017 taxes and if the receiving spouse is in the lowest tax bracket they can withdraw the entire amount in 2021 and pay only 20% resulting in a 34% after tax return for a three year investment. Ultimately the usefulness of spousal RRSP contributions will depend on your particular circumstances so you need to review this planning with your financial advisor.

YOUR SIDING SUPERHEROES! ‘Here are some shots of a beautiful two-storey Guelph home. Our friendly, neighbourhood superheroes Simon, Joseph and Nathan installed new vinyl siding, aluminum soffits, fascia & eavestrough.’

- Siderman


8 February 2018


Enjoy filtered water straight from your tap


re you worried about the environmental impact of plastic water bottles? According to the Ottawa-based Polaris Institute, it’s estimated that only 14 per cent of plastic water bottles get recycled in Ontario. In fact, many of them end up in landfills, or as litter in forests, parks and SIMON DAVIES rivers. If you’re tired of using water bottles, Aquarius Water Treatment has the solution for you! Choose from a reverse osmosis filter system, or a whole house carbon filter for your home, the choice is yours. Reverse-Osmosis Water System Improve the taste of your drinking water with reverse-osmosis technology. We have a variety of drinking water systems that

work to remove particles, reduce lead, tastes, odours and chlorine by 99 per cent. Use clean, RO water right from your kitchen tap. Call us and we’ll help you choose the right system for your home. Whole House Carbon Filter Are you looking for a water filter system that reaches your whole house? Get fresh, filtered water from every water source in your home with a whole house carbon filter from Aquarius. One benefit from using a carbon filter is that it removes chlorine from the water supply in the home’s plumbing system which ensures that the chlorine can’t be embedded in clothing or released into the air. Call us for details. Looking for a licensed plumber or gas fitter? Simon has been in the trade for over 35 years so if your toilet needs to be unplugged or you are doing a bathroom or kitchen renovation, he can help. Can’t get out of the house to get water or salt? Aquarius Water will deliver it for you.They are located at 195 Geddes Street in Elora. For more information give them a call at 519-846-9090.

“Paul really boosted my confidence when driving…”


he Fergus-Elora Driving School strikes again with another successful graduate!

Melanie Weinstein says her driving examiner thought she was so welltrained that he asked her what driving school she was with so he could recommend it to others. The recent graduate was proud to say her instructor was Paul Coombe. Melanie adds, “My experience was nothing less than exceptional. Between registering for the in-class lessons and scheduling the in-car lessons, the instructors and staff are very knowledgable and helpful.” “Paul really boosted my confidence when driving with his constant positive feedback, and he explains what to do in different situations and why,” she says. “The best part of the course was how prepared I felt for the road test,” says Melanie. She says she likes that Paul was happy to go over everything she was unsure about until she was comfortable. As a result, she says passing the test came easily. Don’t miss their March Break

Classroom Course from Monday March 12th to Thursday March 15th. Call 519-787-9300 for more info. The office and classroom are in Fergus at 122B St. Andrew St. W., across the road from Ron Wilkin Jewellers. Their website is www. Award-Winning Instructor Paul Coombe with Melanie

Have a business idea but don’t know where to start? Currently own a business and feel that it’s time to grow? WE can help! The Business Centre Guelph-Wellington has partnered with the Township to bring its services right here to Centre Wellington. Book today to receive: · A free one-hour consultation with a highly qualified business advisor · Answers to how you can get your new business off the ground · Advice and direction for your business · Access to a suite of seminars and workshops · A variety of resources to support your entrepreneurial journey

The Business Advisor in Residence program will provide one on one business consultations on the 3rd Thursday of every month at the Municipal office in Elora.


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February 2018



doTERRA class on Feb. 26th

alentine’s Day is coming soon — are you ready? Show her you care with a gift certificate from The Village Spa. Or better yet, book an appointment for a pampering session just for her on Valentine’s Day. There’s so many options — mani/ pedi, facial, massage, everything to make her day special. She’ll love you Kyla Seehaver for it! doTERRA Essential Class Keep the date open — Monday, February 26th, we are hosting a doTERRA class about essential oils and babies. You won’t want to miss it. Eyelash Extensions Kyla offers expert eyelash services — she uses nothing but the best for her clients! Mink lashes are natural looking and


feeling. We apply them one lash at a time for an incredibly down to earth look. We offer Full Sets and 2, 3 and 4 week fills. Contact Kyla for more info. Massage with doTERRA Book a relaxing massage with Nancy Sandink this month. She uses the soothing properties of DoTERRA essential oils, and the experience is amazing. Nancy Sandink We also provide eyebrow and eyelash tinting, and waxing services. Book an appointment today. Visit us at 115 Geddes St. in Elora and call 519-846-1818. Like us on Facebook for updates.


lue a v 0 $2

(When you mention this ad

...a KROWN APPLICATION at regular price and a


Expires February 28th, 2018) Serving area since 1984

Book your appointment today: COTTON’S AUTO CARE 490 Eliza St. , Arthur (519) 848-3515

10 February 2018


Try A New Summer Camp This Year!

oin us for a full week of building and programing Lego robots, learning to design and code video games, science experiments, games and more! Your child will learn valuable skills all while making friends and having fun with STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). Every day of Sylvan camp is different. We have new themes, prizes and surprises each day! Families will receive fun pictures and videos of the day’s creations and collaborations. We end the week with a celebration including a pizza party! This year’s camps will run the weeks of July 16th-20th, July 23rd-27th, July 30th-August 3rd and August 20th-24th. The camps will take place at our centre on Woodlawn Road. Summer camps sold out quickly last year so don’t wait to enrol call, email or drop by the centre today! Campers should be in grades 1-8. Camp runs from 9am-4pm with early drop off and late pick up available. Cost will be $250. Mention Booster Magazine for $25.00 off! Visit: email: sylvan.guelph@gmail. com or call: 519-823-5711. Ask about our PA Day and March Break camps! Sylvan Learning has been providing education and enrichment programs for Wellington County families for over 30 years.

27 Woodlawn Rd W Guelph, ON N1H 1G8 519-823-5711

Does everyone mumble? It’s time to get your hearing checked.

Fergus 731 St. Andrews Street West

519.787.0206 • Book a FREE hearing test* today!

*Free hearing tests are only applicable for customers over 50 years of age. No purchase required. Some conditions may apply. †Based on national physician referrals over the tenure of the corporation’s Canadian business operations compared to the disclosed referral count of leading competitors.

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February 2018


ESTATE AND EXECUTOR ADVICE Statistically speaking, our population is aging. The reality is, baby boomers are reaching retirement age and beyond. If you’ve found this to be part of your reality, (or you have a friend or family member rapidly approaching this reality), read on! Like every other milestone in life, proper planning helps to ensure the road is true and paved, not full of potholes and unexpected twists and turns. My hope is that by the end of this article, you will realize retirement planning isn’t just about “will I have enough?”, it’s also about, “what will happen when I die?” Let’s face it, at one time or another, we all ponder, dream (and stress), about where we have left things, and with whom, when this comes to pass. It seems there is much more information and professional help available to help us along the actual retirement investment path, unfortunately, the same does not ring true for estate planning. We aren’t typically asked by financial advisors, “what happens when you die?” So, just what DOES happen when you die? Who is going to watch over your estate? Being asked to be someone`s executor is a great honour, it means you are trusted and respected. But before you accept and get in over your head, here are just a few very important points to ponder… Do you know if there is a final Will? Is the Will with a lawyer? Is it current? Does it state you as the Executor? These issues can be daunting and overwhelming…you really need to ask yourself, are you really the best person to administer their needs? Are you qualified to represent their estate if things get complicated? Dean Dunbar, O.N., EPC, CEA Do you have access to available funds to look after funeral (519) 843-2056 expenses or legal fees after their death? Freedom 55 Financial There is help out there both for you as the named Executor or Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. if you are at simply at the planning stage. You can turn to me 431 St. Andrew Street West, for trusted experience and sound advice for all your estate and Suite 104, Fergus, Ontario (226) 383-1201 financial planning needs.


Scents To Love Fragrance Event Discover Your New Signature Scent ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Come in and let us help you find your new scent! SWEET, MUSK, FRESH we can help! Until February 24th


Tower Street South Fergus 519-843-3160 Call Mark For Advertising Rates - 519-843-2346

February 2018


What a pain in the foot...


f you where in a room full of people, and you where to ask if anyone in the room ever experienced foot pain, a lot of hands would go up. Let’s face it..., we don’t walk on our hands. The foot is one of the most complex structures of the body, and is a very tough body part, given the abuse it is put through. Forces several times the body weight occur at heel strike.

order to treat painful conditions of the lower limb.

For example, a condition of osteoarthritis in the big toe joint, may cause the joint to become partially or fully fused. The fusion of the big toe may make you walk differently, causing problems in other parts of the body. BOB WITTE Often the big toe joint is painful, which make things even worse. The big toe is used to propel ourselves forward, so if it does These forces move through the foot, ankle and work their not move or if it is painful, the foot and the rest of the body will way up through the rest of the body. It comes as no surprise compensate. You may or may not be aware that you are comthat the rest of the body is affected, when our feet hurt. To make pensating. Eventually your body will be in the habit of compenthings more interesting, there are foot conditions that are not sating, unless something changes to alleviate pain and/or allow the foot to move in a more natural way. A lot of us live with painful, that cause pain elsewhere in the body. The reason for this is that force is transferred from one joint to another when conditions which we do not know are treatable, even though weight bearing. Pedorthists refer to this as the “closed kinetic there may be simple solutions. It is my role as a pedorthist to identify these conditions and treat them via orthotics, footwear chain”. The foot is the first body part through which these forcand modifications to footwear. es are transferred, so it is the body part which I work with in

Whether you’re moving closer to your family or closer to relaxation, an SRES® designee will take the time to sell your current home and find you the home of your dreams.

I am Bob Witte, a Certified Pedorthist with 25 yrs of experience. I am located at 135 St.David St.S. in Fergus at the “Old Livery”. I have an on-site lab to meet your needs better. Call 519 843-7979 for a no-charge consultation or walk-in during business hours. Also check out our new website:

Decision Drivers of Canada UPCOMING COURSES March Break March 12th March 13th 0pm -2:3 9am March 14th March 15th


Real Estate Centre Inc., Brokerage

Each Office Independently Owned & Operated

25 years experience Bus: 519-787-0203 Cell: 519-835-6176 14 February 2018




Spring Apr. 21st Apr. 28th May 5th May 12th

Over 17 years experience

Take your in-classroom in Drayton & do your 11 hrs private, 1-on-1, in-car lessons with pick-up in the Drayton, Palmerston, Elora or Fergus Areas. Competitive prices


You’re invited! We’re putting the finishing touches on our renovations, so pop in and see our new Design Centre! Mark your calendars: There will be a TRADES NIGHT PREVIEW on Wednesday, February 28 from 7pm-9pm (contractors and designers please call ahead to register). Then watch for our GRAND RE-OPENING for the general public on Thursday March 1st from 9:30am until 8pm.

Owner Paula Coffey

238 George St. Arthur, ON

226.443.4300 Call Mark For Advertising Rates - 519-843-2346

February 2018



5 Headache-Inducing Core Problems

problem. ere it comes… the pressure over your left The pain signals you are experiencing; what you call eye, the blurred vision, the feeling like there a head “ache” are simply the symptoms of a deeper is a vice squeezing your head and now the problem. Pain is a signal that all is not well with you, throbbing pain has you searching for a quiet place to but the pain itself is NOT the real problem. hide. You are getting another headache. Headaches are typically caused by a mix of potential Luckily, this time it’s just a “normal” headache… CORE PROBLEMS or triggers that need to be the kind you seem to get ONLY a couple times a week. addressed. These may not be the only components at That’s so much better than one of those nasty migraine headaches that debilitate you every couple of months! Dr. Kira Bailey work but addressing these 5 will be a great start so you can start enjoying a headache-free life. Of course, they always seem to appear when you DC 1. Emotional or Psychological Stress have a million things to do and they make every single Believe it or not, emotional stress is the number one cause of task exponentially more difficult to complete. physical pain. If you are worried about your kids, the bills, your So now comes the most important question: relationship, your job, finances… you can bet this is one of the What are you going to do about it? main problems at the CORE of your situation. Are you planning on doing something different than you 2. Poor Diet normally would, something that could PERMANENTLY stop Since you are what you what you eat… fuel is at the CORE your headaches? of how your body functions. The absence of the right foods or The headaches keep coming back right? There must be one the presence of the wrong ones can set your hormones out of thing or most likely a few different things that continue to balance, altering blood flow and contributing to your headaches. cause your headaches. If you 3. Lack of Sleep knew what those things were, wouldn’t you prefer to address The link between poor sleep quality and headaches is definite. In addition to affecting chemical messaging systems, a decrease them instead of simply masking in your body’s ability to heal, sleep loss also decreases pain the symptoms? threshold. This means the same life stresses that our body Let’s be clear, I don’t think there is anything wrong with would typically adapt to easily, in the absence of quality sleep, drugs, oils, muscle rubs, or anything else that you’ve been could trigger chronic headaches and other pain syndromes. doing. I know when used properly they can really help, but in 4. Dehydration most cases they just get you through and don’t correct the real Dehydration can cause the brain tissue to shrink and pull away from the skull. When this happens, pain receptors are activated and your head hurts! 5. Structural Distortions The spine is one of the most amazing CORE systems of the body. Not only does it physically protect the nervous system, it is also permeated with receptors vital to the delivery of information to and from the brain. When an abnormality with the spine occurs it irritates surrounding tissues like discs, joints, ligaments and muscles. Irritation to any of these structures is capable of generating ongoing headaches. Chiropractors are expects in detecting these Core Warren (Welsh) Problems and then creating solutions to help you overcome them. Are there more CORE PROBLEMS that could be causing your headaches? The answer is yes. But these are the major ones and they are also the easiest to address. You can start addressing them right away with little effort and see benefit. Let’s remember, your headache is NOT caused by a lack of Tylenol in the blood. In fact, at the root of every challenge are CORE PROBLEMS that need to be detected and corrected. Not only will this approach make your headaches better, it will improve everything else in your life too. For more information on how I can help you manage and eliminate your headaches call me at Shift Family Health (519-787-8111) or visit our website (

16 February 2018


Make the most of your RRSP

ontributing to a Registered of the previous two years. This income-splitting Retirement Savings Plan is one of strategy can save your household taxes before the most effective ways for Canadians and after retirement. to save for retirement. If an RRSP is part of 5. Top up whenever you can — Think about your investment plan, here are some valuable contributing raises, bonuses, tax refunds and suggestions you can take advantage of: extra cash flow after you pay down a debt. At 1. Make it automatic — With a biweekly or the very least, boost your annual contributions monthly pre-authorized plan, you can avoid the by the inflation rate. rush before the contribution deadline and benefit 6. Plan for more than retirement — You from tax-deferred growth on your contributions can borrow funds from your RRSP to buy a The staff at throughout the year. qualifying home through the Home Buyers Plan Ecclestone Financial or to pay for qualifying educational programs 2. Contribute more during peak earning years — If you are in a high tax bracket, consider maximizing through the Lifelong Learning Plan. You do not have to pay tax your contributions to benefit from tax deduction. Plan to on these withdrawals as long as you repay the money to your withdraw in retirement when your income and tax rate are RRSP according to a set schedule. likely to be lower. Talk to us about whether you’re taking full advantage of 3. Consider an RRSP loan — If you have excess RRSP your RRSP. It is important to regularly review your RRSP contribution room, you may want to consider an RRSP loan contributions and investments to ensure you’re on track for a so you can make a larger contribution comfortable retirement. to your RRSP during the first 60 days of Mutual funds are offered through Manulife Securities the year. You then use your tax refund to Incorporated. Insurance products and services are offered repay some or all of your loan. The result through Manulife Securities Insurance Inc.  Banking products is more money working for you sooner. and services are offered through referral. 4. Consider making your contribution Contact us at 245 St. David Street N. in Fergus; to a Spousal RRSP — A spousal RRSP is call (519) 843-5110. an RRSP that is opened by your spouse or common-law partner, Ted Ecclestone and Bryan Paul, but that you contribute to — and you get the tax deduction. Financial Advisor, Manulife Securities Incorporated When your spouse or common-law spouse partner withdraws Life Insurance Advisor, Manulife Securities Insurance Inc and the money, he or she pays any taxes due, as long as your most Ecclestone Financial Group Inc. recent spousal contribution wasn’t made this year or in either


Do you have the cold or the flu?

ith an array of treatment options available, it’s important to recognize the differences between the common cold and the flu as you treat each one differently. A flu can lead to serious health complications, so it’s often a greater health concern. WHAT CAUSES COLDS AND FLU? Colds and flu are caused by viruses. There are more than 200 viruses that can cause the common cold but only a few known viruses that cause influenza (the flu). That’s why it’s easier to develop vaccines to protect against the flu (flu shots) but not against colds. There are two main types of flu virus: influenza A and influenza B. Viruses change over time, so new flu shots are needed each year.


WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A COLD AND THE FLU? Colds and flu have many symptoms in common such as cough, sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, sore throat and fatigue. However, the flu tends to begin more quickly, has more severe symptoms than a cold and is more likely to cause high fever, aches and pains, headaches and exhaustion.

WHAT TIMES OF YEAR DO THEY OCCUR? Flu is most common between November and April. About 5-20% of people may get the flu in any given year. Both colds and flu are more prevalent during the colder months. Next time you need to choose a cold or flu remedy, consult your Shopper’s Drug Mart Pharmacist for a Health-Watch Cold and Flu Symptom Assessment. In Elora, Shopper’s Drug Mart is located at 89 Geddes St. Call (519) 8465379.

Now Open Sundays! • Organizing your medications • Blood pressure checks • Easy refills • Flu shots 89 Geddes St. Elora (519) 846-5379

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For a wedding to remember, call Fergies catering


menus to suit your style and budget. Dietary ood is one of the most important things restrictions? Not a problem with Fergies, as to plan for your wedding. Fergies Fine they work hard to accommodate you. They Foods stands out in Centre Wellington only serve the best quality foods, served fresh as the premiere choice for quality catering. from local producers to create a memorable For a wedding to remember, turn to owner, event. Miriam Foell and her team, who have been Not only do they serve amazing cuisine, but serving the community for over 6 years. Centre its presentation is also important to Fergies. Wellington residents know her downtown They can coordinate the food with the decor, Fergus location as a foodie’s dream, with a to ensure the whole event stays true to the head chef and bakers, that have been preparing bridal couples’ theme and vision. They will homemade meals and pastries for years. MIRIAM FOELL also include the serving dishes, and cutlery for Will your wedding be casual chic or classic up to 500 guests, to keep within your budget. elegance? Is it a sit down meal or country-style Fergies continues to pride themselves on superior customer buffet? Is the event an outdoor tent wedding, or inside a grand service and quality cuisine that keeps them top of mind for any hall? special occasion. Miriam and her team can sit Call for more info at 519-787-7700, they are located at 187 down with you and figure out St. Andrew St. W. in Fergus. Visit or like your needs. Based on your plans, them on Facebook. they’ll serve a delectable selection of handmade dishes, memorable bites and exquisite sweets to add a unique style to your special event. After all, it’s the food that makes the wedding. Your guests will remember the special tastes that Fergies is known for. They can even create a wedding cake for you. Fergies prides itself on offering a unique experience, with customized

18 February 2018

Wedding Showcase ♥ ♥ ♥


Brides — receive a free consultation with Cobblestone Creations

rides, you don’t want to trust your wedding decor to just anyone. For a personal touch, turn to Cobblestone Creations. We are a local company, with small town experience. We have the expertise and the customer care to make your event a special one. We have connections We have made some great connections with our local venues and work closely with the management and staff. We know the hours of the venues, when we can get Brenda from Cobblestone Creations (left) and a recent wedding reception in Elora (right) in, and when they require take down. We with your wedding decor so you don’t have to worry about the know what they supply and what we could provide to complete details. their dream. Cobblestone Creations has everything you need to achieve My door is open to all my clients to drop by with a sample of the look you want — we have ceiling treatments, back drops, your colour pallet, so we can find the perfect match or somehead table decor, table linens, chair covers and sashes, overlays thing that will compliment. I offer samples to sign out to take and runners, centrepieces, accent pieces, entrance decor, and home and talk it over with your family and wedding party, if even gift, cake and sign in table decor and much more. that works for you. I am always available for discussions when Our hours are flexible, and we offer friendly and personal something comes up. I can be reached by phone, text or email service with one on one consultations in the show room, or reand alway willing to help where I can. laxed at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee. We are a husband Expert customer service and wife team and we know how to work together to create the Not only do we love weddings, perfect ambience of your dreams! we love what we do and we ofReceive a one-hour free consultation, and contact us at 519fer incredible customer service. 767-5678, or email Visit Let the professionals help you the website at

Chocolate Plan to look amazing on your wedding day! Book an appointment with an expert seamstress to have your dress looking its best!


on Destinati ? Wedding Private oon? Honeym

• Wedding favours • Smash cakes • Desert platters • Wedding party gifts • And so much more!

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Make your own wedding wine at Vintner’s Cellar


very bride and groom wants their wedding day to be special. Why not make it a wedding to remember by crafting your own wine? Let Vintner’s Cellar in Elora be your guide to a wonderful wine-making experience. All future brides and grooms are invited to come and experience wine making for themselves. Owner Cheryl Butler can help you every step of the way! Not only can you serve your own, specially-selected wine at the reception, but you can also make your own wine as wedding favours for yourselves and your guests. What a great way to personalize your wedding experience! The bride and groom can make it themselves, or you can invite the wedding party to participate in a party atmosphere. Custom labels can also be printed up with the couple’s names and wedding date – perfect for storing in a wine cellar to be opened on a special anniversary. Before you begin making your own wine, you will need to apply for a Special Occasion License. Confirm with the location whether they will allow you to bring your own wine. Then, you need to find out if there is a corkage fee. A corkage fee is a service charge for serving the wine. A good way to reduce this cost is to use larger bottles. You should then decide what type of wine you should make depending on the food you plan on serving. And make sure you give yourself plenty of time. This will give your wine a chance to age ensuring a premium taste. Vintner’s Cellar offers 100% juices in over 60 varietals for a premium quality wine at a fraction of the price! They also offer RO water refills -- $2.50 for an 18 litre jug. They are located in Elora at 6484 Wellington Rd. 7. Call 519-846-8555, ‘Like’ our Facebook page or visit for more info.

Photography by Sara Monika


• Tents • Linens • Tablewear • Ceiling Liners • Tables • Chairs • Lighting Systems • Sound Systems • Flooring • Pipe & Drape • Portable Bars

275 Gordon St. in Fergus 800-219-2947


20 February 2018

Wedding Showcase ♥ ♥ ♥

Wedding Showcase ♥ ♥ ♥ February 2018


Ron Wilkin Jewellers Est. 1967 109 St. Andrew St. W. Fergus 519.843.1225

22 February 2018

W W W. R O N W I L K I N J E W E L L E R S . C O M

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Brides: Pick up a free sample cake box to take home

cake is about 6 to 8 months away from the event re you planning your dream wedding date. Consultations can be casual — you may for 2018? Don’t forget one of the email Kellie or call her to book a date and time most memorable things about your to meet. If you are emailing, please be sure to wedding — your cake. include the wedding date and reception venue. Whether it’s a 3-tiered wedding cake in Cake can be part of your late night table traditional white, or the most non-traditional Cake isn’t just the centrepiece dessert for all cake you can think of, contact Kellie at Fancy your guests, it’s often served as part of a late That Cake. She turns dreams into reality. She night table as well. Kellie offers all kinds of can also create a matching groom’s cake for an other sweets to go with a late night dessert extra special touch. buffet. French macaron, a wonderful selection Free consultations and sample box of squares, and her new favourite — cookies. Kellie offers free consultations that include a Kellie says she has a bride who wants all sample box to take home with you. Kellie from kinds of cookies She is ready to Fancy That Cake at her big work with you and day, including chocolate chip, come up with a unique design for your cake from various sources of peanut butter, oatmeal, and snickerdoodles. inspiration that will make everyone take notice. The goal is for you to be Kellie offers free delivery in proud of your wedding cake — the the Centre Wellington area. centrepiece of your big day. She has Call Fancy That Cake at 519over 8 years experience in wedding 787-1805 or email her at info@ cake creation, and she offers one on one customer service to create only the best. The most ideal time to book your

Felicia from Fit Fully Yours at Sensational You


efore you know it, bridal and spring formal season will be upon us. Whether you are a beaming grad, the blushing bride, a member of the wedding party or a proud guest, you will want to look your best. Sheer and clingy fabrics, cold shoulders, bustier and one sleeve looks are still very much on trend, and each of these fashion statements place particular demands on your underthings. But we at Sensational You are up to the challenge! First on the catwalk is ‘Felicia’ from Fit Fully Yours. The trim along the top and bottom edges has little loops built in so that the straps may be fully adjusted to meet any profile: halter, crossed or way out at the sides. The extra-long straps, including the bonus set of clear ones, will meet any profile. We’ve pictured ‘Felicia’ with the straps crossed at the front, but you could just as easily cross them at the back, wear one halter style or one from right to left (or left to right for that matter!), or take the bandeau plunge and go totally strapless! With a bra this versatile, the only limit to what you wear underneath is what you wear on top! “Felicia” is available in white, black and nude in sizes 32C – 42F inclusive. G, H, I, J cups are available in select band sizes, and may require us to order the bra in for you. Of course we are happy to do that, it’s part of our Sensational service after all, but do allow four to six weeks for delivery. Fitting strapless bras can be an extra challenge – you may find that a smaller band size than usual is required. The wide

silicone-trimmed band that “Felicia” features will help you feel less prone to the forces of gravity, but it still takes some getting used to, and we don’t want to think of you tugging and hoisting as you walk down the aisle! So why not make an occasion of it? Give us a call to make an appointment for your whole bridal party – bring your dresses and we will make sure that you all get properly fitted with extra-special one-on-one service to help you get ready for your extra-special day. In addition to specialty bras, you may require a little cheat for a slim smooth profile. We have a great selection of Spanx that tackle specific problem areas. And we are in love with Shapeez Unbelievabra Ultimate bra! This bodyshaper has a patented smooth-back design to eliminate visible bra lines and back bulges while providing superior breast shaping, support and tummy control. Made from luxurious moisture-wicking all-way stretch fabric, this is not your grandma’s girdle – it is incredibly comfortable! Available in black and nude, Shapeez will give you a Sensational silhouette for all your formal events. Sensational You is located at 181 St Andrew St East, across the street from the Bicycle Tailor in beautiful downtown Fergus, or give call 519-766-8818.

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LAWYER Morris & Shannon LLP

24 February 2018

Wills Powers of Attorney Real Estate Contracts Small Business Family Matters

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Suffering from Low energy or Depression in the Winter? Could be Seasonal Affective Disorder


f you have been suffering from low mood which improves once the days get longer, you may be experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder. Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD, is a complex of symptoms which includes having low energy, sleepiness, depression, increased appetite resulting in weight gain, carbohydrate cravings, and loss of libido – all of which persist in the winter and improve during the longer days of summer. It is a condition generally more prevalent in women amongst populations in northern latitudes and affects 4-10% of the people.

perature/metabolism, and mood. A one hour walk outside daily can accomplish this as well. Other therapies a Naturopathic Doctor may suggest for SAD to boost mood include: tryptophan, 5-HTP, or St. John’s Wort – all of which should not be taken with prescription anti-depressants without the supervision of your healthcare provider. It is also important to ensure you are getting enough aerobic exercise, vitamin D, and B complex vitamins to support mood and energy throughout the winter.

Dr. Nicole Bobala, ND Naturopathic Doctors treat SAD using a mulIf you or someone you know suffers with SAD tifaceted approach including diet, lifestyle, and herbal/supplement recommendations specifically targeted to don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Nicole and book a free 15 minute the improvement of mood and increasing energy. To treat SAD, consultation to learn more about how she can help. Her services many of the same therapies used to treat non-seasonal depres- are covered by most extended-health insurance plans. sion are considered. The exception to this is light therapy which She can help find a holistic approach specific to your is typically used mostly with seasonal depression. The reason for this is that people with SAD tend to over-produce melato- needs. Contact Dr. Nicole, ND at Shift Family Health Centre, nin, which the “sleepiness” hormone inhibited by daylight and located at 105 Queen St. West in Fergus. Call 519-787-8111. bright artificial light. Light therapy is one of the most researched treatment for SAD and it has been shown to be very effective. It can also help to normalize cortisol (stress hormone), body tem-

5 tips to prevent your septic system from freezing


id you know that septic tanks work better in warmer temperatures? When a septic system freezes, water can back up into your house. A costly mess. Freezing can happen if a septic system is unused for a lengthy period of time (i.e. vacation, snowbirds) if a tank is under a porch or in an area where the snow can’t accumulate and create an insulation, or if the tank is close to the surface of the ground. If a system is failing hydraulically -- if you notice water pooling at the surface, or seeping from a mound -- freezing is very likely. This effluent will freeze and prevent further effluent from entering the soil. If you suspect your septic tank is freezing up, call the professionals at Snorks right away. Don’t let the problem get worse -- take care of it immediately with the Snorks team. They have the proper equipment and expertise to service your septic system. In the meantime, here are five tips from Snorks to help prevent freezing of your septic system: 1. Use warm water. If you feel your system is starting to freeze, use warmer water at various times

of the day. Spread out your laundry schedule to include a warm load per day and use your dishwater or take a hot bath. 2. If you are going on vacation for an extended period of time, have someone use acceptable quantities of water regularly to prevent freezing. Sewage needs to enter the system to raise temperatures. 3. Fix leaking plumbing fixtures and appliances. This will ensure your septic system is running smoothly year round. 4. Don’t drive over your septic sytem with snowmobiles, atvs, or any other vehicles/heavy equipment. While some people use snow as an insulator in the winter months, you want to make sure that you don’t compact the snow down too much. This is not a good insulator. 5. (On the other hand) when snowplowing, don’t get carried away and pile too much snow on top as this is not good for your septic tank either. If you have questions, Call Kevin and Lisa at Snorks 519-837-3661.

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Check out these 3 gift ideas for Valentine’s Day


hopping for your Valentine is as easy as 1-2-3 at I Love Chocolate! and I Love That Gift! with these top 3 gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

#1. Truffles and Chocolates People come from miles around to snap up the truffles and chocolates from I Love Chocolate! They are handcrafted using Fine Belgian Chocolate and quality ingredients. There are Solid Belgian Chocolate pieces including roses by the dozen or half dozen - various chocolate designs from $1.99. Or come and experience many flavours of Truffles, Homemade Caramels, Dipped Maraschino Cherries, Buttercreams with a smooth decadent centre, Smooth N’ Minty that melt in your mouth, and Peanut Butter Cups. Treat your Valentine to a Valentine’s box of fresh hand crafted truffles and chocolates this year from I Love Chocolate!

Chocolate Roses

#2. Fresh Fudge Choose from over 12 flavours -- the fudge is made fresh on site. All their fudge is crafted with butter and natural flavourings including: Vanilla Chewy Praline, Chocolate Chewy Praline, Chocolate Raspberry Swirl, Sea Salt Caramel and Tiger Butter, to name a few. #3. Kameleon Jewelry is a unique gift idea at I Love That Gift! Kameleon Jewelry is Canadian designed Sterling Silver jewelry where the centre pieces, or Jewel Pops, pop out and are completely interchangeable into a ring, necklace pendant, earrings, and bracelets. Many great gift items for your Valentine including socks, mugs, jewellery, photo frames to name a few.

Fudge Heart

Watch for extended Hours for Valentine’s Day! I Love Chocolate! and I Love That Gift! are located at 227 St. Andrew St. W. in Downtown Fergus. Call 519-843-7906 or remember to visit their website at and ‘like’ them on Facebook at ilciltg

ds Apple iPa .99 from $169





Reg $279.99

Reg. $339.99







32 GB

$139.99 SPECIAL!

Reg $399.99


Intel i5 4GB 320GB HD

$599.99 Reg $699.00


We repair all makes and models! 26 February 2018

Kameleon Jewellery


Reg. $799.99

TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU! 920 St. David St. N. Fergus

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The February 2018 edition of The Grand River Booster Magazine

February 2018 Booster Magazine web  

The February 2018 edition of The Grand River Booster Magazine