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October 2012



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The Booster is a messenger for small business Welcome to The Booster Magazine. We showcase the talents and unique offerings of businesses in Wellington County. We’re a messenger for small business. I’m Mark Waddell, the Publisher. We’re changing our format slightly to make the magazine as reader-friendly as possible. Experts say we’re bombarded with over 5,000 messages of all kinds every day. This magazine is designed as a quick read, to give you quick, local information for a busy world.


ongratulations to Jim and Deborah Kaminski from Fergus Family Chiropractic as they celebrate 20 Years of Serving Centre Wellington. Jim and Deborah have supported the Booster since July 1995. Congratulations and thank you! O’Sheas Pub is open for business in the south end of Fergus. Offering traditional Irish Pub Fare, the restaurant has 2 pool tables, 10 plasma TVs and 18 beers on tap. Best of luck! Martin Cooper Hair Co. is on the move. They are moving their business and joining Mosaic Spa at 820 St. David St. N. in Fergus on November 13th. Martin Cooper’s last day at their current location will be October 27th. For more information, call 519-8431880 or Mosaic’s number at 519-787-5400. Ecclestone Financial Group presents

Alvin Law, CSP HoF, on Tuesday, October 23rd at the Fergus Community Centre. With over 30 years speaking experience and living 50 years without arms, Alvin is as real as it gets. Alvin connects his insights with humorous and emotional stories from his own life. R.S.V.P. to Ecclestone Financial by Friday, October 12th by calling 519-843-5110. Space is limited. Have a great month!

Mark Waddell The Booster Guy p.s. if you enjoy this magazine, then please let our advertisers know. They’ve brought it to you for free. When you read about something you like, tell our advertisers that you read it in The Booster.

Dodging Travel Insurance Pitfalls


Travel insurance questionnaires can be etting everything arranged for a a very daunting task but my suggestion holiday can be a headache at the is to get help if you don’t understand the best of times, and it has almost questions. If you are unsure of a medical become a tradition to forget something in question pertaining to your health, get your the hustle and bustle of sorting everything doctor to help you answer the questions. out. As a result, usually the last thing to be Once a medical emergency happens the checked off the list is sorting out the travel insurance company will go to your medical insurance, and what happens is that we’ll records to make sure you have answered the take any kind of low-priced policy just to questions correctly and if not they will deny say “I’m covered”. But are you actually STACEY AARSSEN your claim. The average stability clause in covered in the event of a claim? most policies is six months, which means When I speak to groups about travel that your health has to be stable six month insurance they usually have a story of a prior to your departure to cover that medical friend or family member that has been risk, which included any medication denied a claim and they always want to changes, increases, decreases, adding or blame the insurance company. What’s deleting of medications. Anything to do most important is that you understand with your heart usually has a twelve month stability period. what you’re purchasing. You wouldn’t buy a car, computer or There are polices that have a shorter stability period but you will investment without understanding what you are purchasing. In pay a slightly higher premium to be covered for the medical risk. my experience most people assume they are covered because Always remember when you purchase travel insurance is to they paid a premium and the insurance company will pay a claim understand your coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, in the event of a catastrophic medical event. In my investment planning practice we work on protecting what are the exclusions and what is the stability period of that what you’ve worked so hard to acquire, your investments, and particular policy. All companies have different conditions so do part of that protection is purchasing travel insurance that will your own due diligence and read the policy booklets. cover you in the event a medical emergency arises while you’re Call Stacey at Sentry Group for more information at 519-341traveling out of the province. 3691.

Call Mark For Advertising Rates at 519-843-2346

October 2012



Toe-In The Line

our vehicle doesn’t like to keep secrets. It’s rare for vehicle trouble to sneak up on you. Most of the time, if you’re paying attention and know what to look for, you can see trouble coming in time to keep it from getting out of hand. Take your tires, for example. If your tires are showing wear, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re simply getting old. Tire wear can show up in many different patterns, and the pattern on your tires can often tell you a lot about what might be causing the wear. Tire wear such as feathered edges can be caused by improper alignment toe. Cupping of tires can be caused by improper wheel balance or worn suspension shocks. Cupped edges can be cause by improper wheel balance, worn suspension shocks or improper alignment toe. Excessive wear on one side of the tire can be cause by incorrect alignment camber, worn suspension ball joints, weak springs or struts. In all instances, wear can be aggravated even more if the tires are underinflated. Eliminating worn parts, an out-ofalignment vehicle is a common result of everyday driving. But the term alignment doesn’t really refer to your vehicle’s wheels but rather to the suspension. As part of normal driving, parts of your vehicle’s suspension may become worn, and springs can be stretched out. Even a small accident or bumping a curb can disrupt your suspension, knocking some of the highly calibrated components offkilter, making your wheels sit at improper angles. An alignment restores these angles to their correct measurements, making sure that your wheels sit straight. Wheels are intended to be perpendicular to the road. If the wheels are tilted inward or outward, it’s called “camber’ and is measured in degrees. The purpose of this adjustment is to distribute the vehicle


load nearer to the point of road contact. Another alignment problem is positive or negative “caster”. Think of this in terms of forks on a bike. A bike will steer itself with no hands because there is a “positive caster”. Because the top of the forks is tilted backward, the DSA (directional stability angle) keeps the steering in line. “Negative caster” occurs when the top of the forks are tilted forward. That’s the reason a bike is hard to steer when the front wheel is turned around. “Toe” is a term for your wheels, “toe in” or “toe out”. The tires drag against the pavement causing different wear patterns. How do you know if your vehicle needs an alignment? Other than the obvious uneven tire wear, your vehicle may seem to drift to one side, even when you think you’re driving straight or your steering wheel vibrates, or you are driving straight, but your steering wheel isn’t centered. If none of these indicators occurs but it’s been a while since your last alignment, check your owner’s manual to see how often the manufacturer recommends having this service. Each vehicle manufacturer designates standard angles for the alignment, specified in degrees. The type of alignment you receive will depend on your vehicle’s suspension. A four-wheel



alignment is reserved for all-wheel drive vehicles or front wheel drive vehicles with independent or adjustable rear suspensions. In this case both axles have to be properly aligned so that all four wheels align in a rectangle, parallel to one another and perpendicular to the ground. If you have a rear wheel drive vehicle, your car may only require a front-end alignment, in which only the front axle components are adjusted. In this alignment, the rear wheels and axle are realigned so as to be parallel with the front axle and perpendicular to the center line of the vehicle. Replacing the tires may replace the worn rubber, but it won’t eliminate the tire wear problem. Your new tires will suffer the same fate unless the issues, causing the wear, are corrected. Buehler Automotive is located at the lights in Alma - call 519-846-9221 and speak to our service department. Visit

After 25 years

Kat's Kostumes is going out of business. (time for retirement!) Total Liquidation... everything must go! Just in time for dress-up for Hallowe'en, theme parties, community events, Theatre and Xmas. Individual costumes for sale. Accessories will be sold separately. Over 150 adults, 20 childrens A variety of sizes, variety of prices. Fixtures, props, masks, wigs, desk, racks, etc. A sale too good to miss! At #7736 Nichol Twp. Line 4 ( R.R.#2 Elora) 2 sideroads south of Fergus off Hywy # 6, turn right, 1st house on right. Cash & carry only (NO debit) Weekend sale starts Sat. Oct. 13 10-4pm and Sun. Oct. 14 10-4 pm No early birds please. Watch for more updates at and See their window display at 240 St. Andrew St. W. Fergus (beside Grand Theatre)

NO DEALERS PLEASE 4 October 2012

Don’t wait ‘til next year for an awning


ast forward to spring 2013. The weather’s gorgeous. You resurrect the patio furniture from storage, the kids burst onto the deck and you’re thinking barbecue.

long for it to be installed if you book now and there’s still a lot of beautiful fall weather left - owners Brian and Nancy Jans are busy in the spring which means a longer wait time.

‘The sun’s rays are strong’ That’s okay, you’ve endured 5 months of winter’s wrath, you can handle a little heat. ‘The sun’s getting stronger’ That’s okay, compared to shovelling snow, scraping ice and white-knuckle driving, you’re unfazed. ‘The sun’s unbearable’ The kids retreat to the comforts of air conditioning. You wipe sweat from your brow as you push the chairs back into place. The party’s over.

You know that corner room in your home? A meat locker in the winter, an oven in the summer? Shade Plus can install an awning that will keep the temperature more consistent throughout the house. Another good reason to call them in October.

Should have called Shade Plus last fall. The good news? It’s not spring 2013. It’s fall 2012. The perfect time to add a patio awning or cover to your deck. You won’t wait as

Shade Plus is a great source for windows too. In fact, their Lifestyle windows are the most energy efficient on the market with an R-value of 4.16. The industry average? 3.4. Their Lifestyle Windows are a standard Low-E which gives you extra UV protection - other window companies will up-charge for this, but not Shade Plus. The Super-spacer Seal protects against condensation and mould as well. Visit or call Brian and Nancy at 519-846-2509 with your questions.

Nancy & Brian Jans


Fall Festival

MELVILLE UNITED CHURCH Fergus Community Event Food, Fun, Entertainment

SAT. OCT. 27th 10am-4pm • Baking • Attic Treasures • Homemade Meat • Pies • Vendors • Crafts

• Christmas Corner • Silent Auction • Children’s Area • Books • Popcorn

“OH JONAH” MUSICAL by Melville’s Children’s Choir (1:15-1:45 p.m. - Freewill offering) Corner of Tower & St. Andrew Streets


Turkey Dinner With All The Trimmings Dessert And All Taxes. Sunday October 7th: 4 to 7 pm Monday October 8th: 12 to 7 pm


519-843-5655 Belwood Super Snax



519-843-3274/1781 519-787-0570

Our hours are Sunday to Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday 8 a.m. to 9.p.m. all year round so come and see us.

Call Mark For Advertising Rates at 519-843-2346

October 2012



Why are Sleep Rite’s mattresses better?

ou felt great in the summer, but now it’s fall and your aches and pains have returned. Cooler nights aggravate tired joints and muscles for you and many other Centre Wellington residents.

You’ll sleep even more soundly when you find out how much money you save at their store. There’s a NO TAX special until October 31st and when you buy one pillow, you get the second for half price.

Want to finally get a good night’s sleep? Replace your old mattress. Sleep longer. Rejuvenate your mind. Boost your immune system. Syed and Marlene at Sleep Rite in Fergus are confident in their line of mattresses. In fact, they encourage their customers to shop around, get prices and collect product information from other mattress retailers. Then visit their store and find out why their mattresses are better.

Longer nights means you’re going to spend more time in your bed over the next few months. You’ll sleep better with a quality mattress from Sleep Rite. Sleep Rite, located at 100 MacQueen Blvd. in Fergus. Call Syed and Marlene at 226-383-1170.

d e v i r r a s a h Fall a l l i V e o h S t a Hurry in for best selection

Great new boots: tall, short, casual & dressy 1-54 Wellington Rd 7, Elora 519-846-SHOE (7463)

Not your average shoe store!

6 October 2012


$100 off snow removal package

ing lots, Pro Lawn Care specials everyone looking forward izes in residential snow plowing to shoveling snow again this and has built their business with year? We didn’t think so. At that in mind. Everything from our Pro Lawn Care, we’re offering a distrained, uniformed, friendly staff count of $100 on our 6x2 unlimited equipped with detailed work orresidential snow removal package ders for each client, to our tractor/ regularly priced at $500, if you sign blower combination, Pro Lawn up by October 31st. Care is capable of getting through “You own us for six months of the anything old man winter throws year!! From November 1st to April at us. 30th, we will professionally plow “The time saved by hiring a prothe snow from your driveway safely fessional snow removal service and in a timely manner, as soon as BOB VAN ZEYL is a lifesaver when it comes to getting to 2 inches of snow has fallen with unlimited work on time or simply peace of mind knowing your lane is visits,” says Bob Van Zeyl, owner at Pro Lawn Care in Fergus. clear and your house looks lived in while your down south for To make it even easier for our clients, the total can be paid the winter,” says Bob. Their 6x2 snow removal package also over 4 monthly installments of $100. Bob says “if this still makes a great Christmas gift! doesn’t sound good enough, I’ll throw in the other 6 months of the year at no charge!” Consider Pro Lawn Care’s snow removal service for your Pro Lawn Care’s crews hit the streets early in the morning to business or commercial location as well. For more informastart plowing, sometimes even beating the street plows. In the tion, call Bob at 519-787-LAWN (5296). event that the street plow fills in the end of a client’s lane after it’s been plowed, they can simply call or email and Pro Lawn Care will send an operator back to clear it within an hour at no extra charge. Unlike other snowplow companies who focus on large park-

FALL Service SPECIAL Includes lube, oil filter & tire rotation We check all fluids, suspension, exhaust, tires, brakes, lights, steering, cooling system and more!

Service by people you can trust


Winter Tires & Rim Packages AVAILABLE NOW


825 TOWER ST. S. FERGUS 519-843-1240 We offer COMPLETE Auto Care

Honest, Personal Service

Call Mark For Advertising Rates at 519-843-2346

October 2012


Would You Insure a 3 Million Dollar Home?


By now you should understand why it is imperative magine for a moment that it’s Sunday evening that you have your long-term disability insurance and you are relaxing at home when there’s a reviewed. Even with a group plan there could be some knock at the door. You open it up to find a man significant holes that need to be filled. You are the in a well-tailored suit standing before you holding proverbial “goose that lays the golden eggs”-you are a large package. He tells you he’s the lawyer for a the source of wealth that pays for everything you own. distant uncle of yours who died recently, and asks If a serious disability should strike and you’re not if he can come in for a moment. He sits down and properly insured, the financial consequences could be explains that in his will, your uncle bequeathed to devastating. you a painting. It’s a Picasso-an original. And it’s At Wright & Associates, we not only help right there in the package. The lawyer goes on to say that there is only one TREVOR WRIGHT C.H.S. people insure against income loss due to illness Investment Funds Advisor or injury, we like to be our client’s FULLcondition you must agree to before accepting the Life and Health Insurance Advisor TIME financial advisor. We commit to making inheritance: you must hang the painting above the journey ahead to their financial dreams as the mantelpiece in your home until the day you smooth as possible while advising them and eliminating the risks turn age 65. At that time, you may keep or sell the painting as you along the way-leaving them to focus on living their lives. see fit. You eagerly agree; he hands over the package and bids you For a complimentary, no-obligation financial health check, please good night. contact us at 519-265-5126 or email Trevor at trevor.wright@ So there you are: the new owner of a Picasso-with an estimated The cost of the assessment and consultation will value of $3 million. Now what is the first thing you’ll do with the be absorbed by ourselves with a view to a longer term relationship painting come Monday morning? That’s right: you’ll INSURE IT! through your engagement of our services. Please note that the value Aren’t you that Picasso? Aren’t you the most valuable asset you of the assessment is over a thousand dollars and in no way obligates own? If you take your annual income and index it to inflation for you to conduct business with our company. the rest of your working career, you are probably looking at making one, two or three million dollars. What an asset you are! Aren’t you Insurance products offered through multiple Insurance worth more than all your other assets combined-including your Companies, Mutual Fund products offered through Investia home, car and other possessions? While you can replace your home, Financial Services Inc. car and other possessions, you can’t replace you!

Protect your car, and your wallet Rust can do serious damage to your car.

Take preventative measures and help protect your car from harmful corrosion with an annual application of Krown Rust Proofing at Cotton’s Auto Care in Arthur. You’ll keep your vehicle longer. Maintain and protect it with Krown from snow, ice, salt, gravel, and Canada’s dramatic climate fluctuations. Rust can do serious damage to your wallet. An annual application of Krown will help prevent big repair bills caused by road chemicals and damaging rust. Their qualified applicators do a thorough job by using a high-pressure application ensuring all hard-to-access inner surfaces are protected. Krown’s rust-inhibiting products provide maximum durability, and will protect your car more effectively. “Other shops use thick sealants which do more harm than good,” says Dan Cotton. “These sealants trap moisture against the metal causing rust instead of preventing rust.”

8 October 2012

Krown uses its own penetrant, free of toxins and solvents. It lifts moisture, settling into a vehicle’s inner metal seams and crevices for complete protection. The Canadian Automobile Association and the Automobile Protection Association say Krown Rust Proofing is an effective way to protect your vehicle against rust. For any questions about Krown products, or to book an appointment, call Dan and Lisa at Cotton’s Auto Care, 519848-3515. They’re located at 490 Eliza Street in Arthur.


Fall has arrived at Shoetopia!

all has arrived at Shoetopia! With great new styles and fashions, why would you go anywhere else? We’re very thankful to all of our great customers, and we’re having a Happy Thanksgiving sale where almost everything in the store is 15% off from October 1st-7th. You’ll be seeing a few new lines at Shoeotpia this fall. We’re constantly asking our customers what they want to see. Mephisto is at the top of the list. Starting in November we will be receiving some Mephisto sandals to let everyone know that coming next summer we’ll have a great line up of over 30 different styles! I can’t tell you how happy we are about getting this line. They are known worldwide for their comfort and style … you’ll have to try some on! People have been clamoring for Doc Marten’s as well, so we’ve brought some in! We have mens and womens Doc Marten boots as well as some of their shoes for men. We will be expanding this line over the next few seasons as they are back in vogue. We have received over 300 new handbags and wallets from Joanel, Anne Klein, Nine West, Anuschka, and beautiful Italian leather bags from Trend. Bogs are back in full force at Shoetopia – hurry in as they sold out

quickly last fall and the Canadian supplier is already running short for this season! Of course you can’t beat the comfort and styling of our Rieker, Clarks, Ecco and Josef Seibel. There’s thousands of pair to choose from! Join us for our Ecco event October 1013th where when you buy one pair of Ecco shoes or boots you can get another for 50% off! On Saturday October 20th, Lee from Keen will be joining us for our Buy-One, Get-One 50% off Keen Event. Keen is our fastest growing brand in the store. If you’ve only tried their sandals, now is the time to get into some of their shoes and boots with this great deal! We’re working hard to be your favorite shoe store. You’ll love our selection and prices and down home service. Yes, we will put the shoe on your foot! Shoetopia is located in the south end beside McDonalds just off Highway 6. Call (519) 787-1834 for more information, or visit us online at and browse our webstore.

Blow your own ornament October 27th


he fall is here! Kitras Art Glass is busy planning some exciting events over the next few months.

Watch for Hometown Holiday Weekends in December (more details in next month’s Booster).

There’s a great selection of gifts and decorating ideas at their Dickson Drive Store in Fergus. The showroom is open Monday to Friday and on Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm.

This event will promote shopping locally for the holidays and it will include holiday decorating with glass, sales on holiday items and gifts, special refreshments, live demonstrations and a holiday wrapping service.

This month, take part in a ‘blow your own ornament’ workshop on October 27th from 9 am to 3:30 pm. Learn all about the fine art of glass blowing. Spaces are limited, so call or email us to book a time slot. It’s hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner!

Kitras Art Glass is also booking time slots for these upcoming class dates - December 1st, December 8th and December 15th. Cost is $20 per person. To register or if you need more information, please call 519843-2480 or email

SOPHIE AND STEPHEN FROM KITRAS ART GLASS Call Mark For Advertising Rates at 519-843-2346

October 2012



Disability Amount Tax Credit

ne valuable credit that should not be over looked is the Disability Amount Tax Credit. To qualify a form T2201 Disability Tax Credit Certificate must be completed, certified and submitted to the Canada Revenue Agency.   A qualified person has to do the certification with the most common requests being made of medical doctors who are familiar with the specific condition of the taxpayer.   The qualified person has to certify that the taxpayer has a severe and prolonged mental and physical impairment which  significantly restricts the ability to perform a basic activity of daily living.  The basic activities reviewed include, speaking, hearing, walking, feeding, dressing and mental functions.  There is often a fee associated with having the form completed (which is itself a qualified medical expense) but the actual tax savings of the credit is approximately $1,500 per year, so a nominal fee is definitely worthwhile.   The disability amount is a “nonrefundable” tax credit meaning that the taxpayer has to have sufficient income such that tax would be owing against which the credit can be applied. The T2201 form asks the qualified person to identify the year in which the impairment began.  If you have over looked this credit and its certified to have begun in a prior year you

TAX TALK Ed Mitukiewicz

can request adjustments to amend prior tax returns for up to ten years.   Once the certified form is in hand it will allow a taxpayer who is in a retirement home or nursing home to claim some of those costs as medical expenses which increases the tax savings and value of the certification.  A number of special rules apply so please consult with your financial advisor. 

* Personal and Corporate Tax Planning * Estate and Succession Planning * Retirement Planning CONTACT: Ed Mitukiewicz Tax Partner Collins Barrow 846-5315

COLLINS BARROW Chartered Acountants 0342 Gerrie Road, Elora, Ontario N0B 1S0 Phone (519)846-5315 Email:

Savings and benefits of a Kinetico system


With Kinetico Water Softeners... - There are no costly electrical components to replace or repair. - There are no controls to set or adjust. - Its twin tank softening ensures a constant supply of soft water 24/7/365. When one tank is exhausted, service switches to the other while the first regenerates. Watermatters also offers reverse osmosis drinking water systems, ultra violet sterilizers, iron removers, dechlorinators, anything to do with water treatment - they do it!

entre Wellington residents know all about the problems associated with hard water. Containing a significant amount of calcium and magnesium, hard water is known to clog a home’s pipes and ruin its fixtures. Consider a Kinetico Water Softener from Watermatters in Fergus and eliminate these issues and start saving money on your home water bills immediately. Savings and benefits of a Kinetico system Did you know Kinetico systems are completely non-electric? This means your system will no longer be susceptible to power outages and other problems associated with electrical components. A Kinetico water softener will also reduce your salt and water consumption. A Kinetico system uses only 1 pound of salt, 7 gallons of water and 11 minutes to regenerate.

10 October 2012


If you have any questions about water softeners or a reverse osmosis system for your home, then contact Greg Montgomery at Watermatters, your local water treatment specialist at 519-8434753 or visit the store at 180 St. Andrew St. West behind Fergus Fireplace.

“I learned different ways to avoid crashes”


head-on collision and your teen was at the wheel.

No one wants to hear these words, but how do you stop something like this from happening? Start by enrolling your teen in the Fergus-Elora Driving School. The classroom component of their program teaches emergency procedures, defensive driving techniques and driving in adverse weather conditions. During their in-car lessons, they’ll learn to avoid head-on collisions, avoid rear crash collisions, emergency braking, swerving and 401 driving.

“This course made me a more confident driver.” “I learned about different ways to avoid crashes.” “They have knowledgable and friendly instructors.” “It is interactive and well explained.” Book now in one of their upcoming courses... FERGUS: Monday and Wednesday evening course beginning Monday, October 29th - Wednesday November 21st. Christmas Break Course on December 31st, and January 2nd, 3rd, & 4th.

Fergus-Elora Driving School Instructor, Sean, teaches the class defensive driving

Other classroom topics include car maintenance, preventative maintenance, parallel parking, hill parking, three-way turn, one way street driving, buying and insuring a car, all about dermit points and enforcements, right-of-way driving, problem-solving assignments along with impairment and how it effects your ability to drive. It’s extensive to say the least! And what are students saying? “You learn about situations you might not have otherwise thought about.”

DRAYTON: 4 Saturday Course: November 17th, 24th, and December 1st & 8th. For more information, call The Fergus-Elora Driving School at 519-787-9300. The office and classroom are in Fergus at 122B St. Andrew St. W., across the road from Ron Wilkin Jewellers. Or contact them in Drayton at 519-6389990. Their website is

Hallowe’en party at Roxanne’s Reflections


Town”. As a journalist, his freelance work ran in Maclean’s Magazine, Saturday Night, the Star Weekly and the Financial Post. In 1941 his series “Britain and Europe at War” was syndicated in more than 500 papers and reached an audience of over 3 million readers. His distinguished career also included an honorary doctorate from the University of Western Ontario and membership on the founding Board of ROXANNE BEALE Governors for the University of Waterloo. Roxanne encourages you to drop by for As a passionate conservationist, his these events this month… research and activism were instrumental in the creation of the Shand Dam on the Grand River, prompting Premier Leslie On Saturday, October 20th, Darlaine Saddler, author of Frost to name him “The Father of Conservation in Ontario.” Journey of an Orphan will be at the store from 1 pm to 2 pm. Hugh Templin’s only novel, “The Precious Seed”, was never published in his lifetime due to his declining health. It is only On Saturday, October 27th Roxanne’s Reflections is hosting now, 42 years after his death, that his historical novel about a Halloween Party from 10 am to 4 pm. Drop by in costume for the original settlers of Fergus Ontario has been made available a spooky story time, creepy crafts and yummy treats! to readers. Then on Friday, November 9th at 7 pm, authors Mark & Book worms unite! Visit Roxanne’s Reflections at 152 St. David Templin are celebrating the launch of The Precious Andrew St. West in historic downtown Fergus, call 519-843Seed by their grandfather, Hugh Templin. Hugh’s father ran 4391 or email for more information. the Fergus News-Record where he worked as a student and Our hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9 – 6, Thursday became editor. In 1933, to mark the 100th anniversary of and Friday 9 – 8, and Saturday 9 – 6 and Sundays 12 – 4. Fergus, he wrote and published “Fergus: the Story of a Little oxanne’s Reflections is the meeting place for book lovers. On-line shopping and big-box book stores don’t provide this kind of atmosphere; Roxanne’s is the place where book-lovers connect. Visitors share reviews and chat with Roxanne’s staff about the latest titles. You’ll notice a great sense of community at her store.

Call Mark For Advertising Rates at 519-843-2346

October 2012



O’Sheas is now open!

ith 18 pints (including Caffrey’s, Smithwicks, Guinness, Harp, and Kilkenny), O’Sheas is Centre Wellington’s newest restaurant offering the best in Irish Pub Fare.

Their menu is loaded with pub favourites including fish and chips, steak and guinness pie, shepherd’s pie and don’t forget about their Wednesday Night wing specials, a great value. Have you heard of their Irish Nachos? Not Nacho chips, but potato chips - give them a try! O’Sheas is a great place to drop by for a game of pool and to watch the big game. There are 10 plasmas throughout the restaurant, so there’s always a good seat.

Try their late-night menu if you’re looking for something to munch on. There are mozza sticks, deep fried pickle spears, spicy cactus cuts, chicken fingers and a host of other choices!

O’Sheas has that cozy feel even though it’s big enough to accommodate any sports team or staff party. With its relaxed atmosphere, it’s everything you’d want in a pub. Watch for live music on weekends in the coming months. Call 519-843-8300. O’Sheas is located on MacQueen Blvd in the south end of Fergus.

"Eyes Wanted"

"An absolutely beautiful clinic, located across from the Quarry in Elora. Caring optometrists. Great selection of frames!"

294 Mill St. E., Elora or call 226-384-2020 12 October 2012

Decorate your home for Christmas at Elora Home Hardware

Why Christmas in October? Patty, Jen, Janice and even Elora Home Hardware's loveable mascot Rufus know you need to plan well in advance for any home renovation. Let their staff show you an affordable new line of kitchen cabinets and countertops with high quality, solid hardwood fronts, dove-tail construction and self-closing drawers. Finished on all sides, they say any handyman can install them. No time? Their experienced kitchen installer can do all the work for you (need to allow 3 weeks for completion). Ask about their exclusive line of Quartz/Caesar stone, granite, marble and Eco stone from Stoneworx, along with a range of beautiful back splashes and wall finishes from Erth Stone. Elora Home Hardware offers a complete range of bathroom fixtures, faucets, plumbing parts and accessories as well as the exclusive Rock Solid line, a beautiful collection of bathroom vanity designs that boast great craftsmanship at an affordable price and eight different cabinet

door styles as well as eight superior granite colours. Walls looking a little worse for the wear? They can set you up with quality Benjamin Moore and Beauty Tone Paint or wallpaper from Joanne's Fabrics. With the area’s largest collection of inspired palettes, they have the colour choices you need to bring life to any home and transform the ordinary into the sublime.

But time's running out. You need to book your home renovation project soon if you want it for the holidays! So drop by this month! Also, see Elora Home Hardware's Christmas store, set to open Thursday, October 25th. Elora Home Hardware is located beside the Beer Store and across from Tim Horton’s in Elora. Call 519-846-5393, like them on Facebook/elorahomehardware or visit Hours are Mon-Fri 8-8, Sat 8-6, and Sun. 8-5.

Diamond rings that stop traffic

Ladies, is he about to pop the big question? Gently persuade your guy to stay out of the mall and step into Ron Wilkin Jewellers in downtown Fergus. The mall offers stuffy, impersonal chain stores. You can't even tell those stores apart, can you? Some guy in a three-piece suit you'll never see again. The atmosphere at Ron Wilkin Jewellers is relaxed. No suits. No ties. It's small-town customer service at its best. Then there's the incredible selection of diamonds. Each one boasting the Wilkin Stamp of Approval. That's because Graham and Amy

Graham & Amy Wilkin

take their diamond buying seriously. Very seriously. Travelling thousands of miles, meeting with wholesalers from all over North America and researching on-line for countless hours, a lot has gone into what you see in their display cases. What's more, Graham and Amy Wilkin will work with you every step of the way. They'll help customize your ring exactly the way you want it. They'll show you the latest technology that makes for a diamond-shopping experience like no other. They'll design your ring right in front of your eyes, in real-time, with their incredible computer software. It's brand new at their store. You really should check it out.



109 ST. ANDREW ST. W. DOWNTOWN FERGUS • 519-843-1225

While Quantities Last Until September 30

TUES. 9-6 WED. 9-6 THURS. 9-6 FRI. 9-8 SAT. 9-5:00

Big, beautiful diamond rings. Perfect for an engagement, wedding or anniversary. That's what you'll find at Ron Wilkin Jewellers in downtown Fergus. Call 519-843-1225 or visit their downtown St. Andrew Street West, Fergus store.

Call Mark For Advertising Rates at 519-843-2346

October 2012


Acupuncture - What is the point?


ealth care is a hot topic. Just mention health through to May of this year, when we will complete care to anyone at a social gathering and all of our program by writing a certification examination with a sudden you will have hours of conversation IVAS( the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society). fodder as people argue the benefits of our current care Now here is where things get interesting. If we go versus “alternative” modalities such as acupuncture, back to the our imagined social gathering, the mention chiropractic, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) or of alternative modalities (such as acupuncture) usually naturopathy. It makes me wonder if health care should breaks people into a few different camps. We have the fall under the umbrella of “thing not to be discussed staunch “Non Believers” who feel Western Medicine is in polite company”, which to date only applied to sex, the pinnacle of scientific and correct care. We also get the politics and religion.... “Granola Nuts” who hold on to the belief that all Western Interest in alternative health care options has been Medicine is designed to destroy our bodies and fill us full around for decades, and many modalities are becoming of toxic chemicals... I prefer to live in the middle, and I more mainstream in the human health care side. am excited to say this. Western Veterinary Medicine has Acupuncture is one such modality. Acupuncture utilises KAYTE ARMSTRONG provided me with a great toolbox of options and treatments needles to stimulate nerve signals or energy (classically from the Arthur for a myriad of conditions. I am happy to have modern referred to as Qi or Chi) in the body to achieve a medicines and surgical techniques available. I appreciate Vet Clinic particular effect. It may be that the goal is pain relief the insight and advantage that modern diagnostic tools (the most widely accepted use in Western medicine) or better digestion. (like blood work, ultrasound and radiology) can give me. Why are Acupuncture has been used to modify behaviour (people swear by it to these tools important to me? Well, they are how I can ensure the best assist them in quitting smoking). But acupuncture is not as mainstream possible outcome for my patients. They are what allow me to make a in the veterinary world. difference. But what if I could have even more tools available? It turns I, along with my associate Dr. Roxane Pardiac, have been enjoying out, I can. By adding “alternative modalities” my veterinary toolbox the opportunity to train in veterinary acupuncture. One of the things I becomes more diverse, and I am even better prepared to deliver care to have learned is that the use of acupuncture in animals may have been as, my patients. And I don’t believe you have to choose Western medicine or even more mainstream 2000 years ago than the use of acupuncture over other types - which is why I object to the term “alternative”. I am in people! Agricultural species such as cattle and horses were of looking forward to mixing the best of both worlds and embarking on a vital importance to the ancient Chinese, so ensuring their health was career of Integrative Veterinary Medicine, which will hopefully allow imperative. Treatments for nerve damage post calving, mastitis in me to be able to offer more to my patients and their owners. This milking cows and laminitis in horses have all been described and are will also allow clients to choose care that fits both their needs and their still in use today. In modern times, this knowledge has been transposed lifestyle choices and preferences. to other species, such as cats and dogs. Conditions such as arthritis, If you would like to have more information about acupuncture and diabetes, hypothyroidism and inflammatory bowel disease have been its uses in veterinary species, please do not hesitate to call the Arthur treated with acupuncture. It has even been used in pets such as parrots Veterinary Clinic at 519-848-2536. (for conditions like feather plucking) and rabbits (for conditions like We welcome new patients, including companion animals, horses, and head tilts). Our studies began in November of 2011 and continue food animals.

Drop Zone winner is a breast cancer survivor


ver the next 3 months, Definition Fitness will spotlight breast cancer awareness at their Elora location. “We deliver a new theme for our members every 3 months,” says Kayte Armstrong from Definition Fitness. “The music we work out to and the choreography changes as well. This gives variety to the workout.” Kayte says if you don’t change what JOANNE you do, the body becomes acclimatized BEFORE and you won’t reach your fitness goals. “By changing what we’re doing - while staying true to the product - we improve the outcome for the participant,” says Kayte. “That’s why our programs are fresh and interesting.” They’re also safe, effective and open to anyone regardless of their level of fitness. “Focusing on breast cancer awareness gives our members a little extra motivation,” says Kayte. No one knows the value of this program like Joanne Leighton, a breast cancer survivor and winner of Definition Fitness’s Drop Zone challenge, a Biggest Loser-inspired competition held earlier this year. Diagnosed in March 2009, Joanne endured surgery followed by 8 rounds of chemotherapy and a year of herceptin therapy. “I had been a member at Definition Fitness for a year or

14 October 2012

so, and was really close to meeting my personal fitness and weight loss goals when I was diagnosed,” says Joanne. “Although this was a set back for me, it was also a positive distraction for me, and I tried really hard to maintain my commitment to the gym. Although I was really shy about people knowing about me, I continued at the gym wearing a ball cap, and most people didn’t even know.” Joanne couldn’t continue her work-out JOANNE regimen, but she maintained contact with AFTER Definition Fitness. She decided to take part in the Drop Zone program thanks to encouragement from Kayte. “This was the best thing I could have done for myself. I really didn’t have a specific goal in mind, I just knew the weight had snuck back on and I needed to start focusing on my health through fitness and weight loss,” she says. “Kayte and all her staff were amazing supporters to all of us in the Drop Zone program. It was hard getting started, but after I made the commitment to join Drop Zone, I was driven to work hard. Winning the Drop Zone challenge was certainly a humbling payoff for all my hard work. The staff and fellow participants from the Drop Zone program were all wonderful people to work along side.” Drop by Definition Fitness this month and take part in this exciting new program. Call 519 846 8733 or drop by their 294 Mill St. E. location in Elora or

What You Don’t Know, You Can’t Manage


ll workers are entitled to work in a safe and benefit everyone. The Ministry of Labour has provided healthy workplace. As a supervisor or health a guide to make the Occupational Health and Safety and safety representative the safety and well Act easier to read. This guide does not cover everything being of your co-workers should be one of your key and in some cases you may have to know exactly priorities. If you do not have the basic knowledge and what the Act says but reading this guide may help understanding of the Occupational Health and Safety with understanding and using the Act better. Beyond Act how do you know if you are providing these workers Rewards can also provide you with training courses on with the safest and healthiest enviroment possible? how to use the Occupational Health and Safety Act. “The Occupational Health and Safety Act* provides Contact us for further information. us with the framework and the tools to achieve this Making your workplace a safe and healthy goal. It sets out the rights and duties of all parties in enviroment is a team effort. It takes the employer, the workplace. It establishes procedures for dealing with supervisor, health and safety committee/representative workplace hazards, and it provides for enforcement of the and employees working together to make this happen. Jess law where compliance has not been achieved voluntarily. Provide yourself with the knowledge and understanding Knowing and understanding the Occupational Health of the Act. Know how to use it. Ensure that you are and Safety Act can provide you with a better understanding of all providing everyone with the safest and healthiest workplace the safety measures that need to be followed in your workplace.” possible. What you don’t know, you can’t manage. Find out more Ministry of Labour by contacting Beyond Rewards at 519-821-7440. As a supervisor you not only have to do what your job requires, Beyond Rewards newest location is 400 Tower St. S., P.O. Box #3 under the Occupational Health and Safety Act you also have to in Fergus – Open Wednesdays and by appointment. ensure that a worker is protected, works in a manner that is safe not Register for one of their upcoming courses...Basic Health only for the worker but all who work around them, advise workers and Safety Certification 1 Training on October 24&25 at the of potential and actual dangers/hazards in the workplace, thoroughly Guelph Business Enterprise Centre or December 3&5 at the OPP train and take every precaution reasonable to protect the worker. Community Centre in Fergus (Health & Safety Representative As a health and safety representative you have several important Committee Training & Supervisor/Management), from 9 a.m.-4 rights and responsibilities. One of these duties is to identify p.m.(both dates). The trainer will be Rob Ivancic (WSIB Approved workplace hazards through monthly workplace inspections. Trainer). Supervisor One Day – Health and Safety Training (Basic) Looking at the “Little Green Book” may be intimidating and – October 24th, at the Chamber office in Fergus from 930 am-430 overwhelming, but with the right training you can easily start to pm. The Trainer will be Lynne Bard. understand and use these rules and regulations so that they can

Ecclestone Financial Group Inc. presents ALVIN LAW CSP, HoF Tuesday, October 23 at the Fergus Community Centre Drawing on over 30 years experience as a speaker – but more importantly, 50 years of living life without arms – Alvin is as real as it gets. Deformed due to the infamous medication, Thalidomide, doctors predicted zero quality of life and the world called it a tragedy. Really? An event that will keep people talking … Painting with words, Alvin seamlessly connects his insights with humorous and emotional stories from his own life. His customized, professional and enthusiastic presentation feature a performance on the keyboard and drums as proof positive of his success in overcoming obstacles.

Agenda: 10 am Grades 7 & 8 2 pm Grades 9 & 10 7 pm All Welcome




Ecclestone Financial Group Inc.

Please R.S.V.P. to Ecclestone Financial by Fri Oct 12th Tel: 519-843-5110 Space will be limited

Call Mark For Advertising Rates at 519-843-2346

October 2012


Could This Help Your Arthritis? Do you have any of these arthritic problems? • Osteoarthritis • Rheumatoid arthritis • Bursitis/tendonitis • Degenerative joint disease • Lumbar disc problems • Aching pain in the arms or legs Pain Pills Are Not The Answer Do you remember the Vioxx scandal? It was a medication designed to relieve arthritis pain … but like all drugs, it had side effects. After years of use worldwide, the makers withdrew it from the market because of the overwhelming evidence it caused heart attacks and strokes. There’s a time to use pain medications, BUT not before seeking a natural way to correct the CAUSE of the problem! Ask yourself … after taking all these pain medications … maybe for years … are you any better off? Pain Is Not Just “Old Age’ Have you had one doctor after another telling you this is just the natural process of the body getting older – that you should expect to have arthritis. Sure, if you don’t take care of your damaged joints now, as you get older they will be worse (which is why you shouldn’t wait any longer to see if I can help you.) However, old age is not the cause of your arthritis. I’ll venture to say all 360 joints in your body are the same age, yet arthritis and joint degeneration has not affected every one of them – only your previously injured joints that never healed properly. My name is Dr. Jim Kaminski, owner of Fergus Family Chiropractic. Over the past 20 years since we opened the doors, I’ve seen hundreds of people come in suffering with arthritis and leave the office pain free.

out what chiropractic care can do for your arthritis. Just call before October 18th and you’ll get my “Arthritis Evaluation” for only $30. • An in-depth consultation about your arthritis where we will listen … really listen. • A complete nerve, muscle and spinal exam to find the “cause” of your problem • A full set of specialized x-rays to look for joint degeneration (arthritis) … (NOTE: These would normally cost you at least $85). • A thorough analysis of your exam and x-ray findings so I can show you how to fix the problem. I’ll answer all your most probing questions about chiropractic and what it can do for you. The appointment will not take long at all and you won’t be sitting in a waiting room all day either. To take me up on this special offer, you must call before October 18th, 2012. Call today 519-843-1500 and soon you may be getting the green light to having fun again.

Arthritis pain?

Call by October 18 and receive your:

Here’s what some of the top medical researchers had to say about chiropractic... “Chiropractic adjustments, with our without exercise, improved symptoms more than medical care did after both 3 and 12 months.” – British Medical Journal. “Chiropractor’s adjustment of the spine was more helpful than any of the following: traction, massage, biofeedback, acupuncture, corsets, and ultrasound.” – Staley Bigos, MD Professor of Orthopedic Surgery Here’s your opportunity to find

16 October 2012

• in-depth consultation • exam • Full set of specialized x-rays (if necessary) • A thorough analysis of your exam and x-ray findings


$30 (a value of $130)

Call 519-843-1500 198 St. David St. N., Fergus

“Celebrating 20 years of service in Centre Wellington”

What new hearing aid technology means to you


rian Ward from Ward Hearing Centre in Fergus says hearing aid technology is now better than ever! In fact, today’s hearing aids provide more than adequate amplification and clarity for today’s active lifestyle. Thanks to technological advancements in noise reduction, hearing aids automatically adjust to changes in most environments to best amplify your situation based on your surroundings. Indeed, gone are the days of the annoying and constantly whistling hearing aid. “Many of us can think of a family member or friend who BRIAN has a hearing aid that is whistling away as they frantically try to adjust the aid to get it to stop,” says Brian. “But today’s hearing instruments have special features specifically designed to instantly handle acoustic feedback.” Improved Sound Clarity & Reduced Noise Then there’s the benefit of speech enhancement for better clarity of speech. Since the high-pitched sounds in words (ie. f, s, th...) are responsible for approximately 70% of the clarity (speech intelligibility) necessary to distinguish between the different sounds in words like “fifty” or “sixty”, it’s important to be able to hear those sounds in a crowd. As lower-pitched sounds like vowels “mask” out the delicate higher-pitched sounds, through the use of “directionality” today’s hearing instruments have the ability to focus more on the speech sounds coming from in front of you and closer to the sides (usually where you need to hear the most). This means an improved ability to focus on what you want to hear, and you’ll spend less time having to deal with much of the “hubbub” of annoying background noise. Direct Sound From Your TV Many of the “Zoomers” (Those of the Baby Boomers who are

still under the age of 50 and the rest of the 50+ population), are very interested in Bluetooth Technology.Bluetooth allows for the audio from TV and Radio to be streamed directly into both hearing aids. Audio from other devices, such as Cell Phones and iPods, can also be streamed directly into today’s hearing aids allowing for a greatly enhanced sound experience. For people who are on the road a lot, the “Hands Free” aspect with Cell Phone use allows for crystal-clear conversations without having to touch your phone. Automatic Adjustments & WARD Remote Controls Remote controls are often supplied with new hearing aids. This allows the hearing aid wearer to take advantage of both the automatic function of many of today’s hearing aids along with the ability to fine tune their listening experience to the situation if desired. Discreet Yet Effective Many clients tell Brian that their friends are always so surprised to hear that they wear hearing aids since they haven’t yet noticed them. A large number of today’s hearing aids blend in and are not visible at all or visible only from very up-close Whatever your hearing needs, you can rest assured knowing that the caring, professional service at Ward Hearing Centre will treat you very well with only your best interests in mind. Remember - “An unaided hearing loss is far more noticeable than a hearing aid”. Ward Hearing Centre is located in Unit #2, 135 St. David Street S. (inside the Old Livery Bulding) in downtown Fergus. Free parking is available directly behind the Old Livery across from the Brew House. Call (519) 843-4327.

Protect Your Car From Winter's Elements

UNDER CAR DRIPLESS OILING Same affordable rate! - 20 years experience MELITA AUTO SALES & SERVICE

8050 Wellington Rd. 18 (Belsyde Ave. E. )Fergus

est. 1993


Call now to book your appointment We appreciate your business!

Over 60 good quality vehicles in stock

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October 2012


Martin Cooper & Mosaic Spa... Creative beauty! Martin Cooper Hair Co. is on the move! They are moving their business and joining the Mosaic Spa family at 820 St. David St. N. in Fergus on November 13th. "We are very excited about this transition to Mosaic," says Melanie Cooper about the relocation. "It's one-stop-beauty shopping." Martin Cooper's last day at their current location will be October 27th. Melanie, Allison and Rachel encourage customers to book ahead during what will be a very busy October, November and December. Watch for 4 new product lines coming soon! (don't worry folks, they'll still offer Moroccan oil). Before they move, they will be clearing out all the other products from their salon, so grab them while you can! Remember, Christmas is coming!

Once the move is complete, watch for extended hours in November. If you're interested in a career opportunity, please contact Melanie at Martin Cooper Hair Co. for more information. Remember to 'Like' Mosaic Spa on Facebook for both the hair studio and the spa. For more information or an appointment, call 519-843-1880 or Mosaic's number at 519-787-5400

look for we ekly trips, trends and tricks from o ur pros!

Cover photography by Jay Hart and Elske De Groot

18 October 2012


Have your medications reviewed

o you take three or more regular prescription medications? Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacists in Elora offer a convenient Healthwatch Medication Review service for the convenience of their customers. During a 20 to 30 minute appointment booked with one of their pharmacists, you will discuss such topics as allergies, best time to take each medication, whether medications should be taken with or without food and how medications interact with one another. At the end of a Healthwatch Medication Review, you will receive a concise list of your medications with helpful tips on how they should be taken. Under the Healthwatch umbrella, Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacists promise they ... - Will be available and accessible when you need help.

- Will ensure that your medication is available for you when you need it. - Will respect your privacy and the confidential nature of your relationship with them. - Will pass along knowledge and advice that leads to your better health.

Stefan gudmundson from shoppers in Elora - Will know and monitor your full prescription history. - Will double check to make sure that your prescription is right for you.

Call the store at 519-846-5379 extension 0 for an appointment. All you need to bring is your health card and all of your medications including vitamins and natural supplements. The pharmacists will do the rest! All are welcome. Blister packing and dossette filling services are also available. Take care of yourself!

Welcome the colourful days of Autumn!


hat a great time to soak in Mother Nature’s grand finale to the growing season. It’s been nice to be able to start on our own fall cleanup here at the garden centre while enjoying mild, dry days. Here at LittleTree, we’re focused on getting ready for the fall planting season. This is a month of pulling out, planting bulbs, light shearing and of course, it’s the best season for adding some trees, shrubs and perennials to the landscape.

To help get you in the mood, we’ve reduced our prices store wide to make it easier on your wallet - So drop in soon to enjoy the savings and pick up some nice fall colour for your gardens and front door. Regular hours are Monday to Saturday, 8:30 to 6:00 and Sunday, 10:00 to 4:00. Note that we will be closed Thanksgiving Monday. We’re located in the north end of Fergus just off Highway 6. Call 519-843-5394.

Call Mark For Advertising Rates at 519-843-2346

October 2012


What mortgage term is best for me?


amortization period is 25 years, and this is also s a mortgage borrower – particularly if the standard used by lenders when discussing this is your first time embarking upon mortgage offers, as well as the basis for homeownership – there’s no doubt you have a mortgage calculators and payment tables. Shorter load of questions related to the mortgage process. Aside timeframes are also available. The main reason to from the most common questions, such as those relating opt for a shorter amortization period is that you’ll to mortgage rate, the maximum mortgage amount you’ll become mortgage-free sooner. And since you’re be able to receive, as well as how much money you’ll agreeing to pay off your mortgage in a shorter need to provide for a down payment, the following five period of time, the interest you pay over the life questions and answers will help you dig a little deeper of the mortgage is, therefore, greatly reduced. into the mortgage financing process. 1. Can I make lump-sum or other prepayments on ROGER HICKS, A shorter amortization also affords the luxury my mortgage without being penalized? Most lenders AMP, Mortgage/ of building up equity in your home sooner. While it pays to opt for a shorter amortization enable lump-sum payments and increased mortgage Leasing Agent period, other considerations must be made payments to a maximum amount per year. But, since DLC Home before selecting your amortization. Because each lender and product is different, it’s important to check stipulations on prepayments prior to signing Capital Solutions you’re reducing the actual number of mortgage you make to pay off your mortgage, your mortgage papers. Most “no frills” mortgage (broker # 10844) payments your regular payments will be higher. So if your products offering the lowest rates often do not allow income is irregular because you’re paid commission or if for prepayments. you’re buying a home for the first time and will be carrying 2. What mortgage term is best for me? Terms typically range a large mortgage, a shorter amortization period that increases from six months up to 10 years. The first consideration when your regular payment amount and ties up your cash flow may comparing various mortgage terms is to understand that a not be your best option. longer term generally means a higher corresponding interest 5. How do I ensure my credit score enables me to qualify rate and a shorter term generally means a lower corresponding for the best possible rate? There are several things you can interest rate. While this generalization may lead you to believe do to ensure your credit remains in good standing. Following that a shorter term is always the preferred option, this isn’t are five steps you can follow: 1) Pay down credit cards. This always the case. Sometimes there are other factors – either in the #1 way to increase your credit score. 2) Limit the use of the financial markets or in your own life – you’ll also have to credit cards. If there’s a balance at the end of the month, this take into consideration. If paying your mortgage each month affects your score – credit formulas don’t take into account the places you close to the financial edge of your comfort zone, fact that you may have paid the balance off the next month. 3) you may want to opt for a longer mortgage term, such as five Check credit limits. Ensure everything’s up to date as old bills or 10 years, so that you can ensure that you’ll be able to afford that have been paid can come back to haunt you. 4) Keep old your mortgage payments should interest rates increase. cards. Older credit is better credit. Use older cards periodically 3. Is my mortgage portable? Fixed-rate products usually and then pay them off. 5) Don’t let mistakes build up. Always have a portability option. Lenders often use a “blended” dispute any mistakes or situations that may harm your score by system where your current mortgage rate stays the same on making the credit bureau aware of each situation. the mortgage amount ported over to the new property and the new balance is calculated using the current rate. With variableAs always, if you have any questions about the information rate mortgages, however, porting is usually not available. This above or your mortgage in general, I’m here to help! means that when breaking your existing mortgage, you will You can call Roger at 519-546-3772, or email face a penalty. This charge may or may not be reimbursed with your new mortgage. Some lenders allow you to port your mortgage, but your sale and purchase have to happen on the same day, while others offer extended periods. 4. What amortization will work best for me?The lending industry’s benchmark The Grand River


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20 October 2012

The Aquamaster takes up less space


ne of the installation benefits of an Aquamaster is its easy to use electronic system. This reliable system is based around a computer which will never let you run out of water even in power outages, as the controller will remember the time of day setting for at least 16 hours and other settings indefinitely without the use of batteries. The sleek design of an Aquamaster offers full-size performance in a fraction of the SIMON space, as compared to a traditional softening unit. The size of the Aquamaster makes it more manageable when it comes to adding salt or performing any routine service checks. The Aquamaster also takes up less space than other water softeners


meaning you don’t have to rearrange the world to add it to your home. Remember that Simon Davies from Aquarius Water Treatment is also one of this area’s most recognized plumbers. He can help you with infloor heating, gas and electric water heaters, air lines, pressure tanks for wells and anything to do with plumbing renovations (small jobs too!). Aquarius Water Treatment has a wide range of contacts in the plumbing industry, so if DAVIES you are looking for a part or fixture, come into the store and let them help you find it. Visit Aquarius Water Treatment in Elora located at 195 Geddes St. Call us for more information at 519-846-9090.

Fit to Walk: your local pedorthist

aving practiced as a pedorthist for close stock orthopedic shoes will no longer do, custom-made to 20 years, I have treated a lot of different footwear may be indicated. individuals, feet and lower limb disorders. At Fit to Walk, having an on-site lab allows the Every individual, even though they may present with same individual who made the evaluation also to the same problem, may require a different approach to manufacture the orthotics specifically for you, not to treatment. As individuals, our sensitivity to pain may mention the capacity to provide on demand adjustments vary and lifestyle, age and weight play a major role. or replacements. Orthotics made with a plastic shell Using the right type of shoe in conjunction with the can often be refurbished by simply removing the top orthotics is very important. An extra depth shoe helps cover components and replacing them. How long do to accommodate the orthotic, and the last type, counter orthotics last? This depends on the condition treated, material and upper material determine good fit. The BOB WITTE the lifestyle and weight of the individual. Typically upper shape, length, width of a shoe help to determine replacement occurs between 2 and 3 years for the shell the right fit. A shoe with a rockered bottom can aid greatly with material. the speed in which some foot conditions heal. Some individuals For more information you may want to check out www.fittowalk. may benefit from a stretchy toe box to accommodate deformities, com. To make an appointment or if you simply have some questions and others may require Velcro closures instead of laces when back you may call 519 843-7979. mobility is impaired. Shoe modifications such as lifts to treat leg We are located at “The Olde Livery”, 135 St. David St. South in length discrepancies can vastly improve the gait and prevent hip and Fergus. Parking is available at the municipal parking lot at the back back deformities. Where foot deformities are so severe, that regular of the building accessible via Menzies lane.


That Kid Is Driving Me Crazy!

nyone heard that one before? Many   parents these days are having a much Welcome to Young Solutions, your support harder time parenting than ever before.  for those challenges with family issues;  both With separations, single parent families, internet traditional families, and split and blended influences ramping up the kids, access to street families. Therapist, R. Paul Young is a drugs, and the often excessive free time our Registered Social Worker and for over 20 years, kids have, the mix can be scary.  On top of that, has helped many hundreds of families, children let’s think about who our teens are hanging out and teens. with.  Even if we are confident about the youth in our home, what is s/he exposed to by their peers?  Young Solutions was founded in 2011 and   is located in a safe and comfortable private It’s a scary world for our teens to grow up in.  Therapist, R. Paul Young country setting in Centre Wellington just outside Parents have so little time, and developmentally of Elora. They not only provide counselling for speaking, teens are distancing themselves from us anyways as parents, families and teens, but also for adults dealing with stress, they seek to become their own person.  As a result, not only do the anger issues, depression, separations, couple issues and more. kids have more unsupervised time, but even if they want to talk, Find out more at or call Paul at we often don’t have the time, or maybe the patience, or maybe the 519-505-2550. understanding of what our youth today are facing.

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October 2012






Your Home Town Broker The Price Team Tracy & Ron Price

Are you new to Centre Wellington? Is there a new baby at your house?

519-843-5854 655 Tower St. S. Fergus

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MAJOR APPLIANCE SALES & SERVICE Service to all Makes and Models - serving the Fergus/Elora area for over 25 years -

397 Woodlawn Rd.

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EXCAVATING FREE ESTIMATES Trenching, Ditching, Rock Setting, Grading, Drainage, Small Ponds

469 Wellington Rd. 7, Salem Ph: 519-846-0867 Cell: 519-239-5792



199 ST. PATRICK ST. W. 519.843.4172

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Toll Free to Riding Office:

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Mark Katerberg

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WE SELL • Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bikes, Rowers • Strength Machines and Weights • Whole Body Vibration Platforms • Inversion/Oscillation Tables • Hydrotherapy Spas/Hot Tubs • Far Infrared Saunas Listowel and Fergus Locations 1-800-695-7338 Fergus Store Location: 195 St. David Street South Retail Hours: Saturday and Sunday 10:00 to 5:00




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Plus Make 35 equal monthly payments with zero interest o.a.c. Manufactured by

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WOODWORKING Expertly crafted custom cabinetwork

Roger Hicks,

• Built-in wall units • Mantels • Bathroom vanities • Kitchen cabinets


Mortgage/Leasing Agent, 519-546-3772

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