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August 2012

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Community Yard Sale

here will be a Community Yard Sale on Saturday, August 11th from 8 am to 1 pm to raise funds for ‘Kids Can Play’ - a community initiative for an accessible park at Stait Park (at the corner of Garafraxa and Provost Streets in Fergus). There will be a Bake Sale and a Penny Drive along with a tree planting ceremony and fundraising announcements at 10 am. For anyone interested in donating items, booking a table (tables will be provided by The Township of Centre Wellington), or to find out more information, contact Kirsty Coles by email at - the public is also invited to drop off any donations for the Yard Sale on the front porch of 198 Garafraxa St W. on the evening of Friday, August 10th. Kirsty says “Stait Park is a great location because it is central, big enough and in a community with lots of families and families with accessibility needs. We have begun approaching

local corporations and service groups for donations, and so far have had some pretty good success.” Kirsty says to watch for silent Auctions this fall and winter - stay tuned! New in town is Cherry Hill Elora Gift & Book Outlet which opened at 136 Metcalfe St. Owner George Mocherie says the store is open 7 days a week and it offers lots of giftware, home decor items, funny novelty stuff, art kits, glassware along with new limited edition art pieces. Just down the road from George’s store is Wreckless Eric, a cozy coffee shop (formerly the Refuge) in Elora. Best of luck to Laura Halford-Scott with this new venture! New in downtown Fergus is Tivoli Films Inc. - a full service video production company specializing in corporate videos. Brent Hallman is the Director and his company is located at 145 St. Andrew St. W. Call 519-7878206, email or visit

FROM THE PUBLISHER Mark Waddell 519-843-2346 to see their work. A reminder that the Fergus Scottish Festival takes place this weekend (August 10th-12th). This year’s games features Celtic Music, crafts for the kids, heavy events championships, bagpipes, drums, author appearances, bands, Highland dancing, story telling, singing, clan information and heritage, beer tents, artisans and vendors galore! Finally, The Booster will run a new advertising feature in the coming months whereby we interview a local business owner and record some of the interview for our YouTube page. This month’s feature is Legge Fitness in Fergus and Listowel. Legge Fitness has a number of YouTube videos on our page outlining their products. Check it out on page 6 of this month’s issue and visit our YouTube page at

These factors contribute to a stroke


ost people recognize chest pain and shortness of breath as signs of a heart attack, but many don’t know the signs of stroke. Stroke is a leading cause of death in Canada, affecting thousands of Canadians each year. It is therefore very important to know the warning signs of a stroke: sudden weakness, numbness or tingling; trouble speaking or understanding speech; sudden loss of vision or double vision; sudden severe headache; and dizziness. By recognizing these symptoms and seeking medical help quickly, the complications of a stroke can be minimized. Some factors can increase a person’s risk of having a stroke: age, male gender, family history and previous stroke are all factors that cannot be changed. There are also many factors that can be changed, such as cigarette smoking, high cholesterol, sedentary lifestyle and excess alcohol consumption. Another important risk factor for stroke that

blood pressure to a desirable level, there are many different medications which can be prescribed by your doctor. For most people a blood pressure of less than 140/90 is the goal, but for those with diabetes or kidney disease the goal is even lower. By controlling blood pressure, you not only reduce your risk of stroke, but also your risk of heart attack, kidney disease and eye damage.

Stefan gudmundson from shoppers in Elora

For more information, visit your HealthWatch pharmacist at Shoppers Drug Mart in Elora, located at 89 Geddes St. Call (519) 846-5379.

can be changed is high blood pressure. Maintaining a healthy weight, eating a healthy diet, exercising and limiting alcohol consumption are all things people can do to lower their blood pressure. If these measures don’t bring

Call Mark For Advertising Rates at 519-843-2346

August 2012


Are you getting a good night’s sleep?


ou wake up in the morning, but you’re still tired. Have you ever wondered why this is? The experts say you didn’t get a deep sleep and you didn’t get enough REM sleep. A deep sleep repairs muscle and tissue while boosting your immune system. REM sleep rejuvenates your mind. When you’re able to get that uninterrupted Deep/REM sleep, you’ll wake up rested, restored and rejuvenated. Six hours of deep, REM sleep is worth more than nine hours of broken sleep. What interrupts our sleep? Tossing and turning, your partner’s movement and

general discomfort effect your body’s pressure points causing you to change position several times a night. If you wake up tired, stiff and with aching muscles and joints, your mattress could be a big part of the problem. A good night sleep starts with a comfortable and supportive mattress. The right mattress reduces tossing and turning, improves circulation and alleviates pressure points resulting in more hours of deep restorative sleep. A good night sleep rejuvenates the body, improves motor activity, boosts

your immune system and improves your memory. “This is what we want for our customers,” says Marlene from Sleep Rite in Fergus. Buying a new mattress can be a confusing and even frustrating experience. Sleep Rite’s sleep consultants want to help you by finding out what’s causing your aches and pains. Then they’ll recommend the right beds to try. The rest is up to you! “Take your time, try them out in all the sleeping positions you use,” says Marlene. “Our stores in Fergus and Hanover provide a relaxed, stress-free environment so you won’t feel rushed. We will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision, but ultimately, your body will tell you the right bed for you.” Check out their selection when you drop by this month - they’re located on MacQueen Blvd. in Fergus (beside Zellers). Call 226-383-1170.

Buehler Automotive Vehicle Tip Back to school High school and college students will soon head back to school. Mom and Dad: If your kids use your car, have your vehicle serviced for your peace of mind to ensure that it's in safe working condition. Buehler Automotive reopens August 13th! 519-846-9221 3 Elora St. S., Alma, Ontario 4 August 2012

Northwind Installation installs Shaw Direct TV


V and internet are everywhere. Thanks to Northwind Installation, an authorized Xplornet dealer in Arthur, that includes those hard to reach places as well! Now you can enjoy HD satellite TV and high-speed internet wherever you call home. The Anywhere Bundle from Shaw Direct and Xplornet allows you to save money when you combine these services. BUNDLE AND SAVE! If you sign-up for the Anywhere Bundle this month, eligible customers will receive a 5% discount on their Xplornet monthly service fee. That means your household could save over $130! WHO QUALIFIES? Any existing customer with, at minimum, 2 years remaining on an Xplornet Internet contract or new customers that sign-up with a two or three-year contract for Xplornet Internet Services qualifies for this offer. SHAW DIRECT PACKAGE Ask about their Digital Indulgence Lite package whereby you receive... • Over 250 Channels • Also qualify for Super Channels at 50% for 6 months • Multi Receiver Warranty extra $6.08 … only $45.99 per month.


Waterloo Region. With fast, consistent, reliable service 4G WiMAX boasts more than 40 towers across the region, with more towers to come this fall and winter. For additional information, please visit

“We are excited to be able to install Xplornet and Shaw Direct now. Both can be installed same day by one technician.” says Neil Kaminski, owner of Northwind Installation. What is Xplornet? Xplornet is Canada’s largest rural highspeed provider and focuses exclusively on providing high-speed to rural communities across the country. There are 4G WiMAX networks across Wellington, Grey and Perth Counties and much of Oxford, Bruce and

About Northwind Installation Locally owned and operated, Northwind Installation is an authorized Xplornet dealer. Northwind has installed high-speed to thousands of rural homes and business across Southwestern Ontario. The sales team invites you to call for current promotions, such as 100GB Top Up and 2 receivers for $0. Visit for more details or call Toll Free 800-691-5661.

Do I need glasses?

have always had great vision, but recently I have to hold the newspaper further away to see the words. Do I need glasses? The short answer is “Yes”! Presbyopia is a visual condition that eventually affects everyone. Our ability to focus on items close to us is controlled by changing the shape of a crystalline lens in our eye. Over time this lens gradually

thickens and loses its flexibility. More importantly, age related changes take place in the muscle fibers around the lens which are responsible for changing the lens shape. With a less elastic lens and weaker surrounding muscles, the eye has a harder time focusing up close. This is a

the symptoms of presbyopia sooner in life. Presbyopia is a normal aging process of the eye and cannot be prevented. However, an eye examination with an optometrist will determine what prescription glasses or even contact lenses will work best to let you read comfortably again and eliminate your symptoms. Dr. Angela Tamblyn and Dr. Jody Lorentz have extensive experience and real solutions to treat your presbyopia. Come DR. ANGELA TAMBLYN & see us at the Quarry Optometry Centre DR. JODY LORENTZ located in the Old Quarry Commons building in Elora to discuss your many slow process that occurs over many years treatment options. but usually becomes apparent to people in Visit Quarry Optometry Centre at 294 their early to mid-forties. Mill St. E., Elora or call 226-384-2020 Signs of presbyopia include holding The new school year is rapidly reading materials at arm’s length, as well approaching! Make sure your children’s as blurred vision, eye strain and headaches eyes are school ready with a full during near work. Other factors can cause comprehensive eye examination. Kids one to notice the symptoms of presbyopia Please ourare covered for one eye and under sooner in life. These includejoin certain us19for examination yearly OHIP. medications, some diseases of Friday, the body June 15th atthrough 12:00 noon. such as diabetes and even where one lives. For instance, people who live closer to the equator in hot, sunny environments have more UV exposure and can experience

grand openin

Light refreshments and snacks provided. Call Mark For Advertising at 519-843-2346 August 2012 5 Some Rates door prizes as well! Everyone is welcome.


The Booster Magazine interviews Legge Fitness...

i folks, I’m Mark Waddell Publisher of the Booster Magazine and I’m here with Stephen Legge from Legge Fitness Stores in Fergus and Listowel. Mark: So Stephen, the big question nowadays is… am I better to buy fitness products on-line or from a local retailer? Stephen: A lot of people might think it’s cheaper and easier to buy online, but buying products over the internet is really quite risky. The internet is a lot of ‘smoke and mirrors’ and sometimes it’s impossible to know who you are dealing with and what you’re getting. When you purchase from a local retailer, like us, you know exactly who you are dealing with. Our business is based on the educational services we offer. We can help you identify your fitness needs and goals, AND you can touch, see, experience and compare various models of products in our 2 large stores. This is becoming an increasingly rare opportunity, and thus, a tremendous value to our customers. Not only do we make sure you receive a top-quality product that suits your needs, we service everything we sell. Mark: What should I know about warranties? Stephen: A warranty is only as good as

give people a firm foundation to build on. The 6 Essential products are: 1 - Hydrotherapy Spa (or Hot Tub) 2 - Whole Body Vibration Platform 3 - Far Infrared Sauna 4 - Inversion/Oscillation Table 5 - Cardiovascular product (Treadmill, Elliptical, Bike, etc.) 6 - Strength Machine (and/or Weights) STEPHEN LEGGE BEING INTERVIEWED BY MARK WADDELL

the manufacturer. Many warranties are riddled with loopholes and conditions attached to them, like excluding normal wear and tear, or needing to ship the product back (in the original packaging) to an off-shore manufacturer for servicing! We only carry brands that offer at least a 2 year usable warranty, though some of the equipment comes with a 20+ year warranty. Mark: Tell me about your 6 Essential Product Categories… Stephen: We make it simple and easy for our clients to get started with their new fitness program. The 6 Essential Product Categories ensure that people have a balanced approach to their fitness plan. There are many different types of products that people can use in their fitness regime; however our 6 categories

t a W E N ’s t a h W Shoe Villa?

Mark: Thanks Stephen! To put first things first and get started on your own health and fitness program, check out the selection and service available locally at Legge Fitness Stores. Stop by their Fergus location at 195 St. David St. S., (Saturday or Sunday 10-5) or their Listowel location at 202 Main St. W. (Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday 9-6 or Friday 9-8) Call 1-800-6957338 or visit their website at www. To see a clip of our interview, and a series of product demonstrations, visit The Booster Magazine’s YouTube Page at

Summer stock, mens, womens, kids, all on sale ... up to half off! Fall inventory is arriving daily ... come check us out in beautiful Elora! Not your average shoe store!

1-54 Wellington Rd 7, Elora 519-846-SHOE (7463) 6 August 2012

Health and Safety training August 27-28


ince 1989, the industry leader in the Health & Safety and Human Resources fields has been Beyond Rewards.

By contracting services to Beyond Rewards, you’ll be able to utilize a broader knowledge base for Health and Safety and Human Resources than just one individual could provide. Beyond Rewards goes beyond the basics, setting them apart in assisting you; taking the complexity out of compliance. Did you know that Beyond Rewards has clients who have been awarded first and second place for Best in Human Resources? They provide proactive, quantifiable and professional solutions for your business. They offer health & safety, human resource and risk management solutions, planning, strategy, and analysis to keep you competitive ahead of today’s and tomorrow’s business demands. “We provide the resources for you to


professionalism. I would not hesitate to work with or recommend her for any project.” Find out more by contacting Beyond Rewards at 519-821-7440 or visit Beyond Rewards Fergus address is 400 Tower St. S., P.O. Box #3 in Fergus; Guelph address is 17a-218 Silvercreek Pkwy N. Suite 327.

Lynne Bard

Alicia Rogowski

achieve the results and consistency,” says Lynne Bard, President of Beyond Rewards. The President of Myrias Marketing and Communications Inc. had this to say...”For over 5 years we worked with Beyond Rewards on numerous projects. The President - Lynne Bard’s organizational skills, intelligence, superior communication abilities and insightfulness always helped to insure that all projects went smoothly and successfully. Working with Lynne brings both a sense of enjoyment and

Register for one of their upcoming courses... Basic Health and Safety Certification 1 Training on August 27 and 28 at the OPP Community Centre in Fergus (Health & Safety Representative/Committee Training), from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.(both dates). Or at the Guelph Business Enterprise Centre on September 10 and 11 from 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. (both dates). The trainer will be Rob Ivancic (WSIB Approved Trainer).

Ice Cream stand now at Dar’s Country Market

ou can’t go wrong with delicious Kawartha Dairy ice cream. At least that’s what the customers at Dar’s Country Market are saying! Dar’s new ice cream stand is just another reason locals are dropping by her busy Elora store located next to the Beer Store and Elora Home Hardware. With summer in full swing and area farmers hard at work, more local summer produce is coming available and owner Darlene Dunn’s store shelves are stocked full! It’s a great time to pick-up some fresh tomatoes or corn on the cob. Darlene says purchasing from local growers and small farms is a priority for her. You’ll find an array of local pork, chicken, cheese, deli and dairy at her store. Fire up the grill and enjoy Dar’s delicious summer sausage, pepperettes, smoked pork chops (courtesy of J-Mar Meats in Mount Forest) - all of these are great summer choices for backyard barbecuing! Bored with your nightly dinner routine?

suggestions that will put some sizzle into your meals. Why not try their Al Madina Egyptian Cuisine with a selection of fresh hummus, masala, baba gnoche, taboule, tzitki, roasted red pepper hummus, blue cheese and stuffed olives. What else can you find at Dar’s Country Market? - There’s locally made preserves including Country Flavours and Rotham products. - Specialty teas. - Gluten-free baked goods. - Fresh sandwiches - pick one up when you’re on your lunch break. - You can make specialty and custom orders.

Darlene invites you to visit their fresh fish and seafood counter to explore some new options. Their staff are always available to give you some ideas and meal

Dar’s son Cory has joined the team at Dar’s Country Market! Drop by and say hello! Dar’s Country Market is located at 6458 Wellington Rd. Unit 3, in Elora (beside the Beer Store). Call 519-8468600.

Call Mark For Advertising Rates at 519-843-2346

August 2012



After Tax Rate of Return on Dividend Income (Part 1)

hese days we hear a lot about how you should purchase investments that pay “dividends” since you can generate a rate of return while you wait for the stock market to stabilize. Unfortunately what you actually earn from a dividend can vary greatly depending on what the underlying investment is and in which type of account it was purchased.  To truly assess the value of a dividend you need to look at the aftertax rate of return and this is where it can get very confusing. Webster’s dictionary defines a dividend as “an individual share of something distributed”.   This definition would include not only a payment received on an investment in stock (what most people recognize immediately as a dividend) but also could include the amount paid out from a mutual fund or the monthly distribution from an exchange traded fund (etf) or trust unit.  If you have invested in these other types of instruments you know that what you are actually getting could be taxed as dividends, interest, capital gains, not taxed at all as return of capital or not taxed simply because they are held in a registered account such as an RRSP. A few years ago things got more confusing as the concept of eligible and ineligible

TAX TALK Ed Mitukiewicz

a higher clawback of their Old Age Security payments. For investments in non-registered accounts when looking at eligible dividend income a rule of thumb often used is to multiply the dividend rate by 1.3 (this factor fluctuates depending on what tax bracket you are in) to get the equivalent interest rate that would leave the same amount of dollars in your pocket after tax.  For example, if BCE is paying a 5% dividend then after taxes that is the same as getting a 6.5% interest rate.  Note if you are investing only in registered accounts such as RRSP’s, RESP’s and TFSA’s then there are no tax advantages of dividends over regular interest as no dividend tax credit is available.   Next month we’ll explore some other dividend tax issues.

dividends were introduced into the tax system.   Briefly an eligible dividend is an amount paid on a Canadian publicly listed security or from high rate active income taxed in your own private corporation.  Eligible dividend income is usually a good thing as it is taxed at preferential rates across Canada.  For an Ontario taxpayer who has no other income on their 2012 tax return they can earn just under $48,000 of eligible dividend income and pay no income tax (note the only amount owing in this case would be $600 of Ontario Health premium which is buried into the tax * Personal and Corporate Tax Planning calculation and cannot * Estate and Succession Planning be avoided).  So for * Retirement Planning the most part eligible dividends are a good thing however for some COLLINS BARROW seniors the calculation to CONTACT: Ed Mitukiewicz Tax Partner Chartered Acountants get the higher tax credit 0342 Gerrie Road, Elora, Ontario N0B 1S0 Collins Barrow Phone (519)846-5315 results in higher net Email: 846-5315 income and potentially

Clifford the Big Red Dog is coming to visit


ongratulations to Roberta Vlietstra, the winner of our “Where do you like to read in the summer?” draw. This draw was offered exclusively to our email newsletter subscribers. Do you receive our email newsletter? It only comes once a month and is a great way to find out about upcoming events and sales, and there are great draws and coupons to take advantage of. It’s easy to subscribe. Just contact us with your name and email address, and we will add you immediately. You can unsubscribe at any time and we never, ever provide your contact information to anyone else. August is a happening month here at Roxanne’s Reflections Book & Card Shop. We have free events happening every Saturday for kids. Come by between 10:00 to 12:00 each Saturday for crafts and story time. And we are especially excited about Saturday, August 25 when Clifford the Big Red Dog is coming to visit. He will be here from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 2:00 to 4:00.

8 August 2012


Just drop in during those times to meet Clifford. There will be stories, crafts, refreshments and draws. Don’t forget to bring your camera as Clifford loves to have his picture taken. The Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games are taking place Friday, August 10 to Sunday, August 12 and Roxanne’s Reflections will be there. Roxanne and Kim are looking forward to spending the weekend selling Scottish books at the festival site. Come by the booth to say Hello and check out our great selection of Scottish themed books. While Roxanne is away at the festival,

Mimi, Abby and Patricia are having a Sale at the store. It’s a 4 day Summer Clearance Sale. Come by the store on Thursday August 9, Friday August 10, Saturday August 11 or Sunday August 12 and save 15% on all in store merchandise. What a great opportunity to stock up for back to school or fall reading. Pick up your book club’s reading choices and save. Start your holiday shopping early and save. But don’t tell Roxanne, she’ll be so surprised by the empty shelves. Roxanne’s Reflections Book & Card Shop is an independently owned bookstore. Please come by the store at 152 St. Andrew St. West in historic downtown Fergus, call 519-843-4391 or email for more information. And check out our website at We are open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9 – 6, Thursday and Friday 9 – 8, Saturday 9 – 6 and Sunday 11 - 3. Happy Reading from Roxanne, Abby, Kim, Mimi and Patricia!

The Heel Spur myth and heel pain


he summer is past the half-way point, school will soon begin and most of us will soon get back to our normal routine. It is the repetitive strain caused by this routine that can bring about conditions such as a type of heel and arch pain. The most common cause of heel pain is Plantar Fasciitis. Many individuals with Plantar Fasciitis have a heel spur at the origin of the Fascia at the heel bone. Heel spurs however do not cause pain. The term “Heel Spurs� is often used as a synonym for Fasciitis. Causes of heel pain include inadequate flexibility in the calf muscles, lack of arch support (hyperpronation), being overweight, suddenly increasing activity and spending too much time on the feet. Worn out shoes, running and walking on cambered surfaces may


also be a factor. Part of the pedorthic evaluation process is to find out if factors other than lack of arch structure are contributing to pain. The long term treatment of custom-made

orthotics may still be necessary, but the lifestyle activities that intermittently irritate the soft tissue in the foot can be prevented. A no obligation evaluation includes examining foot biomechanics and a computer-video gait analysis. Custommade prescription orthotics are fabricated at our on-site lab, now open 5 days: Tuesday to Friday 9-5 and Saturday 9-12 by appointment or walk-in. Call Bob Witte, your local pedorthist at 519 8437979 for an appointment or information or talk to your family physician. You may also check our website: We are a certified member of the College of Pedorthics of Canada.

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August 2012


Are You Suffering from Hip and Knee Pain?


he numbers of individuals undergoing total hip replacement and total knee replacement are increasing significantly. With the aging of the population and increased lifespan, the occurrence of replacements can continue to increase. Advanced surgical procedures are helpful, if you need them. Of course, people with unrelenting, daily pain may require radical surgery to these affected areas. For everyone else, though, the best way forward are the old reliables: regular exercise, as vigorous as is appropriate; a healthy diet containing plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables; and sufficient rest on a consistent basis as possible. Regular chiropractic care is also a key component in helping to keep your weight-bearing joints in peak condition. Hips, knees, and ankles are all weightbearing joints. These joints are big and strong and have many surfaces that distribute the mechanical loads which are placed on them throughout the day. These joints may not last forever and, like all living systems, they can eventually begin to age and break down. Serious problems occur, however, when these critically important joints start breaking down long before their “warranty” expires. Many hip and knee problems are a result of chronically poor posture. Almost none of us are taught how to use our bodies properly. We don’t come with instruction manuals. So as time goes on, the bad habits we develop

as children and teenagers become permanent. People slouch, they let their abdominal muscles sag, they stand with all their weight on one leg, and their heads stick out in front rather than being centered over their chests. One result is chronically tight and painful neck, shoulder, and lower back muscles. Another result is chronically uneven distribution of the weight of the body, to one side or the other, ultimately causing degeneration of hip and knee joints. Technically speaking, chiropractic care helps balance weight-bearing loads in the spinal column. The immediate result is improved spinal biomechanics, which benefits all the other weightbearing joints in the body, particularly the hips and knees. Hip function and knee function are directly related to how well your spine is working. Many times, hip pain and knee pain are being caused by mechanical problems in the spine. Neck pain, shoulder pain, and lower back pain let you know that your spinal biomechanics are off. The connecting links are biomechanics and distribution of weight. Regular chiropractic care addresses all of these problems, helping ensure optimal functioning throughout your body. By helping restore proper spinal biomechanics, chiropractic care helps improve hip and knee function also.

It’s very important to address these issues when you’re young. When you’re not as young as you were, the time to begin making healthful changes is right now. So why wait any longer. Make the choice for a happier and healthier you. Your hips and knees will be thanking you for years to come!

What is Causing Your Hip and Knee Pain?

Find out how chiropractic can help!

Call 519-843-1500

198 St. David St. N., Fergus

Summer Photo Special! 18” x 24” canvas photo wrap

519.787.1162 10 August 2012

for just




Why the Smart Money Remains Fully Invested


ome investors feel they have enough information to time the market, waiting for the perfect moments to enter and exit. Some people are addicted to the ups and downs of the market-and believe it or not, they can’t understand how their money can safely grow each and every day regardless of the economy, market or latest bad news on TV. If this sounds like you, there’s something you should know. While you’re sitting on the sidelines or jumping in and out of the market, some of the market’s best and worst singleday performances could slip right by you. A poorly conceived timing strategy means you might be forced to forfeit these gains or accumulate losses. Indeed, missing even a handful of good days could seriously reduce your portfolio’s long-term performance. If you have hypothetically invested $10,000 in the S&P/TSX Composite Index on December 31, 2000, over 10 years, your $10,000 would have grown to $19,612-an

TREVOR WRIGHT C.H.S. Investment Funds Advisor Life and Health Insurance Advisor

average annual total compound returns of 6.97%. But suppose that during that period there were times when you decided to get out of the market and, as a result, you missed the market’s 10 best single-day performances over this 10 year period (remember, this is just 10 out of a total of 2517 business days). In this case, your 6.97% return would

have fallen to 0.66%. If you had missed the market’s 20 best days (again, just 20 out of a total of 2517 business days) that 6.97% return would have dropped to -3.20%. The more you try to time the market, the greater your chances of missing the market’s biggest single-day gains. That’s why most experienced investors don’t play the timing game. They don’t let the market’s shortterm fluctuations sideline them or dictate their investment strategy. They are patient investors-focused on the long term. Of course, past performance cannot guarantee comparable future results, but one thing is clear: it’s time, not timing, that counts when it comes to potentially maximizing your investment return. To find out more about long-term investing, and for a free portfolio evaluation, call us at Wright & Associates, 519-265-5126 or e-mail me at Mutual funds products are offered through Investia Financial Services Inc.

I couldn’t have done it without you


he staff at The Fergus-Elora is explained so you understand,” Driving School take pride in she says. “In no time your driving what they do. Owner Paul improves an incredible amount from Coombe and his instructors help guide the help of their driving instructors.” their students along the path to safe, Kaitlin’s father Mike adds The courteous, and aware driving. This is Fergus Driving School ‘was very why The Fergus-Elora Driving School accommodating from sign-up to final has built such a solid reputation in driving test.’ Centre Wellington. Want to be The Fergus Elora Did you know that their students Driving School’s next success story? boast an over 95% road-test success Book now for one of their upcoming rate? Students like Kaitlin Wright who courses. There’s a classroom course recently attained her driver’s licence. on Tuesday and Thursday evenings Award-Winning Instructor She says she found the course to be in Fergus starting September 25th. In very helpful and that she became more Paul Coombe with Kaitlin Wright Drayton, there’s a course from August and her mom confident in her driving abilities once she 20th to the 23rd. hand-over-hand turns, to merging onto the started the course. For more information, call The 401, and I am 99% sure I would not have Kaitlin says Paul’s abilities as an instructor Fergus-Elora Driving School at 519-787passed my G2 test on the first try. I couldn’t are excellent... 9300. The office and classroom are in have done it without him!” “He takes the time to show and explain Fergus at 122B St. Andrew St. W., across That’s why Kaitlin recommends The different driving skills that will be used for the road from Ron Wilkin Jewellers. Fergus-Elora Driving School to anyone a lifetime. He keeps your confidence up by Or contact them in Drayton at 519-638who’s looking to gain more confidence, complimenting you on your turns, parallel 9990. knowledge, and understanding of the skills parking, etc., and he makes sure you have Their website is required to be a better driver. all the knowledge you need to be a great “You can work around your schedule driver. If it weren’t for Paul, I would never when booking your lessons and everything have learned how to do everything from The Grand River


Advertising Magazine

151 St. David St. N. Fergus, Ontario N1M 2J5 519-843-2346

Publisher Mark Waddell

Graphic Design

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Kelsey Rolfe

Hamilton Web

The Booster Magazine is an advertising magazine for business. The statements made by our advertisers are theirs and do not necessarily reflect those of the Booster or its staff. Readers are invited to comment on any article by sending a letter to this office at the above address.

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August 2012


Fergus Custom Upholstery & Design Featuring Fergus Fine Furniture • 45 Years of Experience • Your Complete Interior Decorating Shop • 17th Century, Hand-Carved, Solid Mahogany Furniture Reproductions • Complete Window Treatments (Draperies, Blinds, Sheers) • Carpet Accessories & Upholstery Fabric Hand Crafted Custom Made Furniture & Re-Upholstery

Showroom Open 7 Days Mon. to Sat. 9am-5:30pm Sun. 12 Noon-5:30pm


160 St. Andrew St. W. Fergus Next to Roxanne's Reflections Bookstore




Are you new to Centre Wellington? Is there a new baby at your house? Call (519)843-5570 for your free package of gifts and civic information.



Proudly serving Centre Wellington since 1969

Be sure to check out:

: h t n o m s i h t w Legge Fitness Stores Ne 12 August 2012

Computer Training, Career Change or Unemployed?


re you unemployed, want a career change or need computer training? The Wellington Centre for Continuing Education can help you with all your needs. Whether it is upgrading the skills needed to earn your high school diploma, wanting to change your career or needing extensive computer training our

correspondence courses. Students can choose to attend classes twice a week at Centre Wellington District High School to get individual help. The Centre also offers a wide range of general interest classes from babysitting, CPR, cooking, sewing and a Children’s After

School Program. The Wellington Centre for Education is located at 1428 Gordon St., Guelph and can be reached by calling 519 836-7280. View our course guide online at and follow the Continuing Education link to see what we offer in the Guelph and Fergus areas.

Your style. Your way. Every day. Lisa Condon qualified, dedicated instructors can help you achieve your goals. Our extensive 20 week computer program covers Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Internet and e-mail. By the end of the course, adult students are competent computer users. A five-week optional co-op work placement is offered to students so they can have an opportunity to get some practical experience in an office environment. The co-op component also covers resume writing, job search skills, and interview tips. This program is open to anyone. Many of the participants are people wanting to re-enter the workforce, adults needing to change their career, or employees who have been laid off from previous employment. Basic typing skills are the only requirement. High school credits can also be earned by working at a student’s own pace completing The Grand River


886 Tower St. S. 519-787-0776



$ F010

OFF Regular Price:

Adult $13.43 kidscutTM $10.43



$ F010

No double discounts. Valid at participating salons through September 30, 2012.

OFF Regular Price:

Adult $13.43 kidscutTM $10.43

No double discounts. Valid at participating salons through September 30, 2012.

Advertising Magazine

Distributed Free To Homes And Businesses In Wellington County

CALL 843-2346



$ F010

OFF Regular Price:

Adult $13.43 kidscutTM $10.43

No double discounts. Valid at participating salons through September 30, 2012.



$ F010

OFF Regular Price:

Adult $13.43 kidscutTM $10.43

No double discounts. Valid at participating salons through September 30, 2012.

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August 2012



Everything you need for the Fergus Scottish Festival

he Highland Games start this weekend! Visit The Fergus Corner Scottish Shop in downtown Fergus. It’s stocked with goodies direct from Scotland including crisps, drinks, Empire Biscuits, puddings, Scottish chocolates, oldfashioned bulk candy, Thorton’s Toffees, and delicious shortbread. Their fully-

stocked freezer is loaded with Scotch pies, square sausage, haggis and steak pies (meat is delivered every Friday). Some of their more popular items include their Celtic jewellery, their Jacobyte Shirts and their Fergus and Elora postcards. Fergus Corner Scottish Shop has everything for the bag pipers including


all of the accessories for their pipes, piper socks and there will be more to come! They have a colourful assortment of HEATHER custom kilts available for ELSLEY your next special event. Do it once and do it right, direct from Scotland, you can order your custom kilt from Renfrewshire in Paisley. They also offer full Highland Regalia for ladies too! The Fergus Corner Scottish Shop is open every day at 10 am and noon on Sundays. They’re located at 181 St. Andrew St. W. or call 226-383-7268.

See our Queen's Diamond Jubilee Collection

August 10-12, 2012

For more details, visit our website and click the contest button! Enter promo code booster662156

Scan here for tickets, schedule and contact information.

Military Tattoo August 10, 8:00pm

International Heavy Events Competition August 11 Visit our website or call 1-866-871-9442 for more information

14 August 2012

181 St. Andrew St. W., Fergus, 226-383-SCOT


Introducing Synergy from Manulife Give us a call at Ecclestone Financial for a quote and you will see how 3 products, one contract, less payment = more peace of mind! Call (519) 843-5110, email or visit or our office at 245 St. David St. N., Fergus.

oo many people don’t think about insurance until it’s too late. Being in the insurance and investment business, we think about the insurance products daily and how they can help our clients by providing them with the best insurance at the lowest price. There is a new product available from Manulife Financial called SYNERGY. This has 3 important insurance products incorporated into one convient package Life Insurance, Disability Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance. Before now, if you wanted all 3 you would need 3 separate contracts and the cost would be more expensive. With SYNERGY, you get all 3 wrapped up in one! For example a 40 year old male, non-smoker could buy $250,000 of Life Insurance, have $62,500 of Critical Illness Insurance and $1,250 of


Disability Insurance all for only $79.16 per month. Likewise, a female could receive this coverage for only $117.08 per month. There are a few features that need more explanation, however, for years I have been trying to place mortgage insurance for clients and make it so if anything ever happened - whether they were unable to work, get critically ill or worse case die - they or their family would have a better chance of continuing their lives.

Water Softening Explained The Easy Way

ities that get their water from a river source generally contain a high content of Calcium and magnesium (tiny rock particles). This is HARD WATER. Hard water produces these problems: • Water spots and filming on dishes, stainless steel sinks and appliances • Clogged faucets, valves and pipes • Bath tub and toilet rings • Build up on shower curtains and walls • The need to use up to 4-times more detergents and soaps • Soap scums build up • Itchy dry skin • Dull limp hair • Less efficiency, shortened life, and higher costs for your water heater Maytag, Kitchen Aid, and GE recommend using a water softener to get better washing results and extend the life of your appliances. A water softener removes the minerals,

here’s how: Y o u r incoming water is d i r e c t e d through the softener, as the hard water flows through the resin beads in the round tank, the hard SIMON DAVIES water particles stick to the resin beads. The water that comes out of the tank is soft or mineral free. When the resin beads are saturated with calcium and magnesium, the resin beads must be cleaned (regenerated). This is where the salt comes in: Water mixes with the salt in the outer tank and forms Brine. The brine flows through the beads cleaning and recharging

them. The water is then flushed away. The regeneration takes about 30 minutes. It is preset to happen at 2 am. Aquamaster water softeners are “Demand initiated” which means they monitor your water usage and will produce soft water according to that pattern. No wasted water or salt! A 60% saving over timer softeners. We also have refurbished Aquamaster softeners that are completely rebuilt and have the same 10 year warranty. Looking for a licensed plumber or gas fitter, Simon has been in the trade for over 25 years so if you toilet needs to be unplugged or you are doing a bathroom or kitchen renovation we can help. Can’t get out of the house to get water or salt, Aquarius Water will deliver it for you. We are located at 195 Geddes Street in Elora. For more information give us a call 519-846-9090.

Call Mark For Advertising Rates at 519-843-2346

August 2012



The best way to get in shape

efore she went to Definition Fitness, Amy Noble had several fitness goals but no plan in place to achieve them. “My biggest goals were always to get fit, have more energy, and incorporate exercise into my daily routine,” she said. At Definition Fitness, Amy started working with Patryk Zbroja, a personal trainer, who has been helping her to achieve the results she wants. “Patryk is patient and really took the time to get to know what my goals were,” Amy said. “He truly wants me to succeed and I couldn’t ask for anyone better.” Amy has found that since she’s starting training with Patryk, she feels stronger and her energy level has increased “tremendously.” Train with someone you trust Nothing compares to the focused attention and tailored exercise regimen that you get from working one-on-one with a trained fitness professional. Personal trainers at Definition Fitness create a custom exercise program based on your needs, and provide motivation, guidance, and education. Amy really appreciates training with


PATRYK Zbroja FROM DEFINITION FITNESS Patryk because she says she trusts him as a trainer. “He encourages me but never pushes,” she said. “He is extremely knowledgeable.” Get started with a personal trainer today If you’re a beginner who’s a little intimidated by weight equipment and unsure of the correct techniques, or you’re training hard but not getting the results you’re looking for, a personal trainer is for you. The regular sessions force you to

commit to your fitness program, and help you achieve your fitness goals. Work with an experienced fitness professional in Definition Fitness’s state of the art facilities. Their 10,000-square foot location features a main gym floor, complete with a functional training area, as well as three group fitness rooms, washrooms with showers and day lockers, and a childcare room. They also have freemotion equipment, kettlebells, jump platforms and giant tires — things you’d see on The Biggest Loser, at a Crossfit gym, or on the Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp. To get started on your fitness goals, stop by Definition Fitness at 294 Mill Street East in Elora, or give them a call at 519 846 8733.

Let Food be your First Medicine

verywhere we look we see information telling us to eat well, exercise, do everything we can to stay healthy! It all goes back to the idea that preventing disease is much easier than curing disease. We know that sound nutrition can reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. What we eat directly influences our risk of obesity, osteoporosis and arthritis. Go to a public place and listen to people talk – somebody, somewhere is talking about blueberries being fantastic antioxidants, or the superiority of brown rice pasta over wheat. We all have fantastic success stories of people we know who have done great things for their health, just by changing what they eat. I would like to share one such story with you. Tyson came in for his annual physical examination. He has a very active lifestyle – lots of running around and playing, with opportunities to nap under trees and on his (own) couch in the house. Tyson had a great coat, sleek and shiny. His heart sounded fantastic and he had great teeth. His body condition was ideal also. Tyson had a history of injuring his cruciate ligament back in 2005. This type of injury alters the knee joint – we often see

16 August 2012


the knees thicken as the body works to stabilize the injury. There is an increased risk of arthritis in later years, secondary to the insult to cartilage caused by inflammation and irritation. The arthritis that develops can be quite debilitating, impacting a dog’s quality of life. Sure, Tyson showed some mild changes in gait as he walked into the exam room, but he could sit down and return to a standing position without hesitation. But his knees didn’t crack and crunch, nor did he have swelling in the joint capsules. It was decided that Tyson was doing well, and should have his annual vaccinations.

Overall, doesn’t seem too exciting, huh? What we found exciting is the fact that Tyson is a twelve year old Boxer who essentially acted like a puppy! And why is Tyson in such good shape at this age? Well, he comes in for annual physical examinations, his vaccinations are all up to date, and he is brought in for a check if ever he appears to be unwell (which is rarely, by the way). He has a stimulating environment, living with 2 other Boxers, both of which are younger than he. What else could possibly be contributing to his apparent hale and hearty state? If you ask his owner, she will tell you “It is the food!” When Tyson first injured himself, we recommended a diet that is joint friendly, one that would reduce inflammation by providing excellent and appropriate levels of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. This diet was designed to help maintain healthy cartilage, and to reduce the damage to cartilage that could occur with injury. In Tyson’s case, food has indeed been his first medicine! We are continuing to accept new clients (in all species). To book an appointment, please contact the Arthur Veterinary Clinic at 519-848-2536.


Afraid of how you’ll look with a hearing aid?

here are several factors to consider before you decide on a hearing aid. Brian Ward, from Ward Hearing Centre in Fergus, offers his clients complimentary consultations to help determine what hearing aid is right for them. During your visit, Brian will... • Measure your degree of hearing loss (mild, moderate, moderately-severe, severe, profound). • Examine the type of hearing loss. • Ask you about your lifestyle and time spent in particular environments. After a thorough hearing assessment and middle-ear testing procedure, Brian will take the time to discuss your best options based on your hearing-test results as well as your occupational and recreational hearing needs. If your hearing loss requires it, a hearing aid must possess enough power to amplify effectively. Understandably, the desire for discreet, cosmeticallyappealing hearing aids are often a concern among Brian’s clients. Fortunately, great advancements in hearing aid technology have made it possible to couple a hearing aid’s effectiveness with discreet styling. “An unaided hearing loss is far more noticeable than a hearing aid,” says Brian. Some of Brian’s clients have said “my friend has a certain pair of hearing aids, I should be able to wear the same thing”. While this is sometimes true, it’s always best to wear a style of hearing aid that is best suited to a person’s degree and type

New to the area?

To receive your complimentary package of civic and community information and printed invitation cards to be redeemed for welcome gifts from local business contact us ...


of hearing loss.

Features and advantages are important to consider when inquiring about new hearing aids... 1) Use of an effective telephone program. 2) Remote Control - if you like having more control in adjusting your hearing aids, but dexterity is an issue, consider hearing aids that are Remote Control compatible. Nowadays, hearing aids have the technology to be fully automatic with the additional option of manual control - usually at no extra cost. 3) Do you need a link to other electronic devices such as a Bluetooth connection to a cellphone (use your hearing aids to communicate seamlessly with your cellphone). This is a great option for hard of hearing people who are on the road and need hands-free communication. Occupations such as sales representatives will benefit as communication is important at all

times. If you’re having trouble with your hearing, but have been putting off getting it checked, contact Brian Ward from Ward Hearing Centre to have a no-cost complete hearing assessment that will determine if there is a need for hearing aids, and if so, which style of hearing instrument is best suited to your lifestyle and needs. Whatever your assessment results, you can rest assured that the caring, professional people at Ward Hearing Centre will treat you first-rate with only your best interests in mind.

Ward Hearing Centre is located in Unit #2, 135 St. David Street S. (inside the Old Livery Building) in downtown Fergus. Free parking is available directly behind the Old Livery Building across from the Brew House. Please call (519) 843-4327.

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August 2012






Your Home Town Broker The Price Team Tracy & Ron Price Award Winning Mortgage Experts


519-843-5854 655 Tower St. S. Fergus

• Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bikes, Rowers • Strength Machines and Weights • Whole Body Vibration Platforms • Inversion/Oscillation Tables • Hydrotherapy Spas/Hot Tubs • Far Infrared Saunas Listowel and Fergus Locations 1-800-695-7338 Fergus Store Location: 195 St. David Street South Retail Hours: Saturday and Sunday 10:00 to 5:00

Forest City Funding License # 10671






MAJOR APPLIANCE SALES & SERVICE Service to all Makes and Models - serving the Fergus/Elora area for over 25 years -

397 Woodlawn Rd.

519-400-1953 Guelph 824-4925

EXCAVATING FREE ESTIMATES Trenching, Ditching, Rock Setting, Grading, Drainage, Small Ponds

469 Wellington Rd. 7, Salem Ph: 519-846-0867 Cell: 519-239-5792



199 ST. PATRICK ST. W. 519.843.4172

KENILWORTH RR#4 519.848.3324







Wellington-Halton Hills

Toll Free to Riding Office:


Grounds Maintenance Landscaping (design & build) Retaining Walls Decks Patios Snow Plowing


200 St. Patrick St. W., Suite 5 Fergus, ON N1M 1M4

18 Mountainview Rd. S., Suite 205, Georgetown ON L7G 4K1


Complete Home Exteriors • Siding • Soffit

• Fascia • Eavestrough

Also available: Oak Wine Barrel Planters




Celebrating 35 years

TED ARNOTT, MPP Wellington-Halton Hills


Clera Windows & Doors is offering 25% off all window & door products Take 35 months to pay with zero interest o.a.c. Manufactured by

Call 519-787-0257 or 1-800-280-6743 visit



WOODWORKING Expertly crafted custom cabinetwork

Roger Hicks,

• Built-in wall units • Mantels • Bathroom vanities • Kitchen cabinets


Mortgage/Leasing Agent, 519-546-3772

Repair, Refinishing and reproduction of antique pieces

Licence # M08002436

Swiss Woodcraft



Michel Mouret

CAD Drafting Service





August 2012 Booster  

The August 2012 edition of the Booster Magazine.

August 2012 Booster  

The August 2012 edition of the Booster Magazine.