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In 2022/2023, the BOOST team faced many challenges in overcoming the cost of living crisis, which greatly affected the circumstances of many residents in Barnet. Despite this, the team managed to achieve impressive results by helping 365 local residents find employment and another 405 through the JETS project, resulting in a grand total of 770 residents helped. This achievement was made possible through the hard work and collaboration of all the different teams in BOOST.

However, the challenges faced by the team this year make these outcomes even more exceptional. In addition to assisting residents in finding employment, the team also provided support in various other ways to help them survive the current cost of living crisis as you will see in more detail information in other parts of this year ' s report. The wide range of knowledge and expertise across the team played a crucial role in making these efforts successful. The team continued to work with Citizens Advice Barnet and we continue to try new ideas and pilot programmes to address the demand coming through our doors.

Externally secured funding allowed the team to support Ukrainian refugees from World Jewish Relief by employing an Employment Advisor who has been instrumental in achieving great outcomes, with 42 clients signed up and 20 helped into employment

Yolanda and the JETS team also completed the extension given to them and achieved amazing results, which can be found in more detail under the JETS page in the report Tara, who managed the ESF funded project, did an outstanding job, and Michael A, managed by Michelle, contributed greatly to the outcomes achieved at the Make It Happen hub on Grahame Park, in partnership with Notting Hill Genesis and Colindale Communities Trust

Milena, our Financial Inclusion Manager and her team, made a significant difference by helping an unbelievable amount of residents alongside the Financial Inclusion Team The report details the great work done by each team Lastly, I wanted to say that this last year all amazing outcomes are because we have such an amazing team; thank you Team BOOST.

1828joboutcomes since2015 770peopleinto work2022/2023 *includingJETSoutcomes * 8outof10people arestillinwork after3months


Clients can find out about BOOST in many different ways including from the Barnet Council website, Barnet First newsletter, atHome magazine, local events, and more. When someone registers with us, it's the start of their journey...

Clientorreferrercompletes websiteform,drops-inorcalls

Employmentandskills assessment.DraftCVand explorecareeroptionsandskills gaps.Referfortraining

Checkfinancialposition–anyimmediatehelpneeded withcostoflivingorrent?

Inworksupportincluding benefitandrentchecks

Attendjobsfairs,meetthe employer,workexperience, andtasterdays

Understandmotivationand confidencetowork BookontoBOOST coreskillsprogramme.Accesstohelp getonline



Triagechecktodealwithimmediate crisis

Helpsearchingfor sustainable employment

Helptoapplyandinterviewskills training


BOOSTsupportsnotonlyjob-readyBarnetresidentsbutallthosewhoare unemployedorwantachangeofcareer.Thisincludesroughsleepers,graduates, peoplewithdisabilities,thosefurthestfromthejobmarketandthosewholack confidenceormotivation.Everyoneweworkwithisdifferentsoweuseatailored, person-centredapproachthathelpsclientstoovercometheirownbarriersandget readyforemployment.



KylecametoseemeatourChildsHillofficeand,hespottedaThameswatervan parkedoutside.Havingpreviouslyworkedontrains,hewascuriousandstruckupa conversationwiththepersoninsidethevan.Theinteractionlefthimfeelingquite positive,andheevensecuredacontactnumber.Together,wecalledthenumberin theofficeandspokewiththeboss.Thiseventuallyledtoaface-to-facemeeting thenextdayand,withinaweek,Kylewasemployed Thisprovesthepointifyou don’taskyoudon’tget KyleisnowworkingasaLeakTechnicianandisveryhappy inhisrole

IntoWork SignUps 2021/2022 2022/2023 1,250 1,000 750 500 250 0
50%ofnewsignupswent intowork 733newsignups 365intowork


21%ofBOOSTclientswhowentintoworkwere BarnetHomestenants. GrahamePark:

78peopleinto employment



73peopleinto employment

Roughsleepingisacomplexand persistentissueinmanyboroughsinthe UK.Theyarethemostvulnerableand disadvantagedmembersofsociety. Someoftheirbiggestchallengesare unemployment,mentalhealthissues, understandingEnglish substance abuse,andsocialexclusion.

Addressingtheissueofroughsleeping requiresacompassionateapproach thatBOOSTcertainlyprovides.Despite thesechallenges,wehavebeenableto help1roughsleeperintoworkandhelp themtakethestepstoamorestable andfulfillinglife.

RoughSleepers: BarnetHomes
Translation CouncilTax Household
Other Housing
Oyster Applications


68 into education

Inthelast12months,wehaveachievedgreatsuccesshelping16-24yearoldsin securingemployment,training,andadvancingtheireducation.Ourclientshave venturedintodiversesectors,includingChildcare,Retail,Hospitality, Business/Administration,andevenLifeguarding.Inadditiontoouractive participationincareerandjobfairsthroughouttheborough,weareseekingto strengthenourrelationshipswithpartnersandcollaborateinwaysthatmutually benefitallparties,mostsignificantlyourclients. SignedupwithBOOST 188 into employment

12 into training



"Thank you so much for helping me, it really meant a lot."

"Thanks for your time on MS Teams, the excellent CV and your kind advice"

"Thanks for the kind wishes and help, I’ve said this quite a lot but you’ve done a lot for me and I honestly appreciate it so much!"

Signedup Intoemployment 2021/2022 2022/2023 300 200 100 0


In2021-2022,BOOSTrecruitedtenindividualsforthesecondcohortofTheBarnet Group'sapprenticeships.Theseindividualswereassignedtovariousdepartments withinTheBarnetGroup,includingtheGasTeam,theFire&SafetyTeam,theBOOST Team,CommunityEngagement,Learning&Development,theNeighbourhood Team,theRentalIncomeTeam,CustomerContactTeam,andHousingOptions CustomerReadyTeam.

Afterarigoroustrainingprogram,sevenoutofthetenapprenticeswereableto passthefullCIHLevel2qualification,ninepassedapartofthequalification.Outof thetenapprentices,sixwereabletoprogresswithinTheBarnetGroupandsecure jobs,whileonesecuredajobexternally.Thiswasindeedaremarkable achievementforthesecondcohort,anditwasatestamenttothequalityof trainingandapprenticeshipprovidedbyBOOST.

Laterintheyear,BOOSTrecruitedtennewapprenticesforthethirdcohortinvarious departmentswithinTheBarnetGroup.Thenewapprenticesstartedtheirtraining program,andcurrently,nineofthemhavefinishedthefirstfourmodulesandare workingontheirreflectiveworkandoffthejobhours.Theywillsoonstartworkingon theircasestudies,andIamoptimisticthattheywillalsoachievegreatsuccess.

Thisyearhasbeenanewchallengebutweareexcitedaboutthefutureandam lookingforwardtoworkingwithournewcohort


"IamimmenselygratefulfortheopportunitiesBOOSThaspresentedmeandtheir tirelesssupport"

"Inmystayasanapprentice,Ilearnedanddevelopedsomanyskillsandgained knowledgethatIcanapplyimmediatelytomyjob"

"BOOSThavehelpedmebewhereIamtoday andbecauseoftheconfidenceand supporttheyhavegivenmeIhavesinceprogressedintoa‘TenancySustainment Trainee’role."

6outof10apprenticesfoundjobswithin TheBarnetGroup


JobEntryTargetedSupport(JETS)wasagovernmentinitiativetohelppeoplemade unemployedduringCOVID.In2020BOOSTsubcontractedwithShawTrusttodeliver employabilitysupportinterventionstoeligibleBarnetresidentsasoneofthe networkdeliverypartnersintheJETSprogramforthesevenboroughsofWest LondonAlliance.Theprogramwasoriginallycommissionedfor18monthsbutdue toitssuccess,itwasextendedforanextra12months.

3,760 EventRegistrations

1,937 EventsAttended

405 Intoemployment

Asateam,weleveragedourdiverserangeofskillsandexperiencetocreateover 30presentationsonemployability,well-being,anddigitalskills Throughoutour extensionyear,weconsistentlyexceededourscheduledhoursandprioritised meetingparticipants'needs,resultinginanincreaseinourattendancefrom70%to 84%,somethingwhichwearereallyproudof Ourattentiontodetailandstrong relationshipswithparticipantsledustobeawardedthe“Participant'sChoice Award”,recognisingourhighclientfeedback,andthe“BestReferralinto EmploymentRate”outofalltheboroughs.


Excellent VeryGood Good








"Your help is much appreciated. Thank you for helping me create a CV and applying to jobs online"

"Thank you very much for being so patient and helping me figure everything out."

"Thank you so so much for all your help and support, you have been so amazing and have helped me so much and I appreciate you sooooo much."

0 10 20 30 40 50


West London Boroughs’ Employment Support Services (WLBESS) launched in January 2022, and is a £2.7 million project match funded by European Social Fund (ESF) that was designed to support over 3000 West London residents gain well paid employment. The programme provides specialist support for the long-term unemployed, inactive and short-term unemployed with additional barriers to employment. Barnet Council is one of the six boroughs participating in this initiative to provide specialised employment support and training for Barnet residents.


100peopleinto employment

Since April last year, we have signed up 230 participants and helped 100 Barnet residents find employment. In order to support our clients, we tried to take a holistic approach, understanding their barriers to work, and supporting them in overcoming those barriers and gaining confidence. In addition, we assisted them in exploring their motivations for the workplace or education environment and setting development goals. Barnet proved to be the top-performing project for an entire year, yielding remarkable sign-up and job outcomes. Barnet holds the title for the best-performing borough when it comes to job results.


"My journey with the BOOST ESF Project started in February 2022 I had been experiencing difficulties with my mental health but was hoping to get back to work The problem was being in my 40s and having spent the last few years raising my kids, it all felt overwhelming, and I did not know where to start. An ESF Advisor contacted me and right from the off I knew this was the right decision.

He was knowledgeable, caring, professional and more importantly the greatest motivator! He listened to me, helped me through some tough times and truly made me realise my potential. He also helped me remember to take self-care, build my CV, apply for jobs but more importantly he highlighted all the qualities I forgot I had.

Now I am working full-time within the NHS. BOOST ESF people have really helped me turn my life around. I am forever grateful." - ESF Client


World Jewish Relief's Specialist Training Employment Programme (STEP) in Barnet is an initiative that started in September 2023 and is having a significant impact on the lives of Ukrainian refugees in the UK. The programme offers tailored support to unlock each individual's full potential and ensure successful integration into society and the workforce.

Employment Advisors spend more time with each client, enabling them to develop personalised adaptation strategies and job search plans. The programme also offers advanced neuro-linguistic analysis and artificial intelligence to improve clients' CVs and cover letters, ensuring their skills and experience are effectively showcased. Collaboration with EU ENIC also confirms Ukrainian education and qualifications.


20peopleinto employment

The STEP programme recognises the importance of English language proficiency and offers alternative evening ESOL courses for full-time working clients. Additionally, the program provides laptops to clients in need, ensuring they have the necessary resources to pursue their education and career goals. The initiative also supports creative and artistic talents among Ukrainian refugees, encouraging them to establish small businesses or organise events for the local community with financial support for equipment and collaboration with The Rebel Business School.


31-year-oldUkrainianrefugeeMarkoovercameemploymenthurdlestosecurea graphicdesignerroleatdigitalmarketingfirmSlerp,inBarnet Hisstory underscoresrefugeeresilienceandtheneedtoacknowledgetheirqualificationsto integrateandcontributetosociety

AleksandraaUkrainianlinguistandanalyst,soughtrefugeinLondonwithher daughterundertheUkraineSponsorshipScheme.DespiteherexpertiseandEnglish proficiency,shefacedjobrejections.However,volunteeringwiththeAfghanistan andCentralAsianAssociationledtohersecuringajobasaUkrainianOutreach Officer,helpingotherrefugees.

ValentynaaUkrainianpsychologyprofessor,arrivedinLondonasarefugeeunder theUkrainianFamilyScheme.Despitelanguagebarriers,shebeganvolunteeringas achildpsychologistandsoughtassistanceinnavigatingprofessional development.WithvalidatedPhDqualifications,shewasawardedatwo-year researchgrantasaResearcheratRiskwithMiddlesexUniversity.


Supported50+individualemployerswith theirrecruitmentofStaff,Apprenticesand Volunteers

50+ 250+ 16 39

Hostedourfirsteverjobfairwithover30 differentemployersandover250peoplein attendance

Had16organisationsapproachusthrough thewebsite,enquiringintohowwecanhelp themtorecruitnewstaff

Ran39careersessionsbothvirtuallyand face-to-face.TheseincludedMeetThe Employersessions,application walkthroughsandinformationsessions


"TheBOOSTteamhaveproventobeagreatpartnertoQuinnLondon.Overthepast 2years,wehaveworkedcloselywiththeBOOSTteamtoplacelocalpeoplewithin availablerolesinourbusiness.WorkingcloselywithBOOSTtohighlightthekey strengthsandrequirementsforvacancieshasallowedtheteamtorecommend candidatessuitedtotheseroles.Wehaveseengreatsuccesswiththisstyleof partnershiprecruiting7localpeopleintopermanentfull-timeemploymentat QuinnLondonwithgreatdevelopmentandpromotionstodatewithourBOOST recruits!3ofthe7‘BOOSTers’havebeenpromotedinthepast6monthsandareall progressingwellintheircareers.ThankyouBOOST,welookforwardtocontinuing ourrecruitmentwithyou!"-LynneOperationsControllerforQuinnLondon


The Financial Inclusion Team (FIT) has been focusing on improving the financial well-being of Barnet Residents, in response to the cost of living crisis. They have done this through assessing eligibility for benefits and discretionary funds in order to maximise client’s income and provide longterm financial security and stability.

Demand for BOOST cost of living support is increasing. During the last financial year, our Welfare Benefit Advisors delivered 2,645 appointments which was an increase from 2,410 the previous year. In 2022-2023 we received a total amount of 2843 enquiries around Discretionary Housing Payment followed by 1835 enquiries about Council Tax.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Milena on the Household Support Fund for a year and a half now and I must say that her contributions have been invaluable in ensuring that residents who are eligible not only receive the funds they need but also ensure that they are signposted for further information and advice to avoid spiralling into further difficulties " - Jo,


Calls EmailsFaceToFaceAppointments

SinceMay2022wehavereceivedtwoHouseholdSupportFundallocationsof £350.000fromtheDepartmentforWorkandPensions.Theobjectiveofthefundwas toprovidesupporttovulnerablehouseholdswithsignificantlyrisinglivingcosts.The HouseholdSupportFundwasprimarilyusedtosupportapplicantswithenergybills, food,essentialslinkedtoenergyandwater,housingcostsetc.


1394householdssupported £350,000awarded

5,000 4,000 3,000 2,000 1,000 0
4067 1726 1120 2648


Digital inclusion is crucial for Barnet to create an equitable and accessible community. BOOST, Barnet Council, and local organisations are working to provide support for individuals and communities to access digital services and develop necessary skills. All residents must have equal access to digital tools and resources to participate fully in today's digital world.

247attended drop-ins


306attended workshops

In March 2023, the Barnet community came together once again to celebrate Barnet Get Online Week. The week involved showcasing digital inclusion activity taking place across Barnet. Cllr Chakraborty, Barnet’s Digital Champion visited 2econd Chance to support the launch of the new Refurbished Laptop Scheme and during his visit to 2econd Chance commented "I’m proud to be supporting Barnet Get Online Week and to talk about the importance of bridging the digital divide, digital inclusion and tackling environmental waste."


During Barnet Get Online Week, we recruited nine more Digital Champions who are passionate about digital literacy. As part of our commitment to their growth and development, we are providing them with CPD-accredited Digital Skills Training to enhance their skills and knowledge.


BOOST have partnered with digital inclusion charity, Good Things Foundation, to give free data to Barnet community members through the National Databank. The National Databank, created in collaboration with Virgin Media and O2, provides free mobile data vouchers to people who are struggling to afford their internet connection. BOOST is one of the organisations part of Good Things Foundation’s National Digital Inclusion Network helping to ensure the free data lands in the hands of people who need it.

April2022June2022August2022October2022December2022March2023 1,250 1,000 750 500 250 0 FollowerGrowth: BoostMainPage 49108 ContactUs 9757 Employment 6344 HouseholdSupportFund 6315 Financial 4708 WebsiteandSocialMedia Instagram Twitter Facebook Eventbrite LinkedIn TikTok Total 3,474 Website Users 20,594 @boostbarnet TopPages: 89%from21/22 15%from21/22 2054referralsrecievedthroughwebsiteforms


Meetourtalentedanddedicatedteamwhomadethisyearasuccess!Withdiverse backgrounds,skillsets,andperspectives,weshareacommongoalandwork collaborativelytowardsasharedvision.Whilesomemembershavemovedonto newopportunitiesthisyear,weareproudtosaythattheyhaveleftalastingimpact onourorganisation

Genevieve BOOSTSupportCoach(Employment)
WewouldliketosaygoodbyeandgoodlucktoSchiffer, Shakoor,Maria,Rosalind,Yalini,Karen,Louise,La'Charn,Carol,andDeepa.
DavidT HeadofPartnerships Lawrence BOOSTManager
ESFProjectLead Rebecca ESFEmploymentAdvisor Mia ESFEmploymentAdvisor Michelle BOOSTBurntOakTeamLead MichaelA BOOSTSupportCoach(Employment) Andrew BOOSTProgressionLead MichaelG BOOSTSupportCoach(18-30) Yolanda BOOSTOutreachTeamLead Natasha BOOSTOutreachTeam Elvira BOOSTSupportCoach(RoughSleepers) Jaime BOOSTSupportCoach(RoughSleepers) Olesia STEPAdvisor Lynne BOOSTOutreachTeam
WelfareBenefitsAdvisor Florinda SeniorWelfareBenefitsAdvisor Fay DigitalInclusionCoordinator Anna MarketingandCommunicationTeamLead
MarketingandCommunicationOfficer Vicky BOOSTTrainingCoordinator Cheney CostofLivingApprentice DavidA BOOSTApprentice
Cricklewood BOOST@184 184CricklewoodLane NW22DX BurntOak BurntOakLibrary 99WatlingAvenue HA80UB GrahamePark TheOldLibrary 15QuakersCourse NW95XA ContactUs 02083592442 @boostbarnet
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