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booreiland annual —the 2011 issue—

Hi there! We are Booreiland, a Dutch design studio that loves to discover meaningful ways to communicate your brand.

What can we do for you?

design & strategy for web, print and meta ▶▶

web experiences


visual identities and print work


meta products: web enabled product service systems

booreiland FOUNDERS — Wimer Hazenberg and Menno Huisman.

We create links between you and your audience. Between a great idea and your business. Between the latest digital technologies and a wonderful experience.

We it ha for

make appen r you. 

Vormator — Vormator is the ultimate

disciplines: concept, graphic design, editorial design

design challenge that requires artists all

client: (self-initiated)

over the world to create dazzling visuals

industry: publishing

by using only eight shapes within a set of

items: book, website

given rules. This project was kicked off by ourselves, together with the amazing Zeptonn. From over 500 contestants we made a selection of nearly 80 to appear in a book, called Vormator, the elements of design. We are proud to announce that the book is now published by BIS Publishers!

Fronteer strategy — Fronteer

disciplines: visual identity, graphic design

Strategy is a consultancy agency that’s

client: fronteer strategy

into innovation, co-creation and brand

client industry: consultancy

development. They asked us to create their

items: logo, stationery, various print works

corporate identity and stationery. People are easily tempted to make creations more complex than they need to be. We try to stick to what matters, therefore keeping it simple. In this way the message is as clear as it can be.

Unga toys — Unga toys is an Amsterdam

disciplines: web design, web development, illustration, motion graphics

based toy development studio. They

client: unga toys

develop toys for big brands such as

client industry: consumer products

Chupa Chups, Tomy and lately for Dutch

items: website

supermarket Albert Heijn as well. Unga asked us to transform their company ethos into an adventure that could be directly transformed into a blasting online experience. By means of storytelling we created an adventure in which the online visitor travels towards the so-called Unga Islands and experiences the magnificent world of Unga while guided by many creatures.

Okimok — Okimok is a fun community

disciplines: concept, web/app design, web/app development, visual identity

where you can instantly share your photos

client: (self-initiated)

with your friends. With the Okimok iPhone

industry: internet

app you can easily upload photos to your

items: web platform, iphone app

photo stream on Your friends can follow you and keep up to date with your adventures. This is a service from our own hand, one that combines a consumer product (iPhone) with the web, making it a meta service. Okimok was released in april 2009 and eversince it has been a growing community.

Dutch Creative — Dutch Creative is the

disciplines: web/app design, visual identity, illustration, editorial design

ultimate index of creative agencies from

client: bis publishers

Holland, covering practically all creative

client industry: publishing

disciplines. The whole project consists of a

items: web platform, books, mobile web app

series of eight books, an iPhone app and a complete web platform. We were asked to team up with BIS Publishers and create all visual touchpoints. Besides that, we built a smart integration between the books and the web index. We chose to integrate QRcodes in the books that smartphones can interprete as web links using their built-in cameras. They link to the online portfolios of the creative agencies. This is a nice way to quickly get an update of the newest works of these agencies.


Our dedicated crew Booreiland is currently staffed by Sara C贸rdoba Rubino, Wimer Hazenberg and Menno Huisman. Wimer and Menno are both managing partner and creative director.

product, web and graphic design. Sara is project manager and researcher. Like Menno, she also comes from Industrial Design, but specialized herself in Strategic Product Design.

Wimer has a background in Artificial Intelligence, and has extensive experience in programming, web and graphic design. Menno has a background in Industrial Design, and has extensive experience in

The rest of the creative team consists of web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, programmers, animators, project managers and researchers.

Our processes We are crazy about learning, so we also develop in-house projects and work constantly with universities and a large network of creative professionals to get inspired by fresh methods and techniques that enrich our quality mark. We put together science, art and years of knowledge in everything we do.

—NETWORK FOCUSED DESIGN— In the search of the best tools and techniques to design for meaningful experiences, we developed our own method. We named it Network Focused Design. We don’t want to bore you with the details, but to give you an idea, these are the main phases of our design process:

Level 4

Development Finally we translate the design in something that works smoothly. We’re on top of the latests technologies and have outstanding partners in our network that can assist us in any type of project. We make it happen.

Level 3

Design After that, we create the brand experience by designing the interactions. We use usability principles, system mapping, brand communication techniques, and our aesthetic expertise.

Level 2

Strategy Setting the design goals by spotting out key design elements is what we do next. We use various creative facilitation techniques, scenario making, sketches and storyboards.

Level 1

Exploration We discover new horizons by exploring people’s needs and behavior in relation with your company’s goals and context. We use various design research and empathy techniques.



South Africa Tourism


Wacom Europe








BIS Publishers


BiD Network






Flex/The Innovationlab


Fronteer Strategy




Unga Toys


Favela Fabric


BST Health & Wellness


Zilver Innovation


...and many others.



The Booreiland collective is born. Various internal creative projects are launched.


From collective to part-time company. Booreiland HQ is established in Delft. The company starts working on client assignments next to its own projects.


The company narrows its focus to Web and Print design.

2005 – 2006

Expansion of client portfolio.


The Booreiland crew goes full-time. Booreiland HQ moves to Amsterdam.


Establishment of a third discipline: Meta Products. Project Vormator is launched.


Creation of the Meta Products blog. Project Okimok is launched.


Creation of a design approach for Meta Products. The company takes up its first international clients.


Booreiland publishes the book “Meta Products — meaningful design for the internet of things”.

Looking at the future

The web has become the standard for communication, advertising, socializing, financing and much more. A platform consisting of bits and bytes that has a life on its own and grows as it empowers people to fulfill their aspirations. In the next few years the web will keep on growing and will extend across new aspects of our lives. Products, services, places, knowledge and people will be web-enabled, creating new connections and new interactions; hence new networks. Business success will rely on harmonious and valuable networks. We call them Meta Products. Designing

meaningful Meta Products will be the key for innovation and brand differentiation. Along with our web and print fields, we continuously research the Meta Products field and update our clients and anyone who is interested in this. By giving workshops and tailor-cut consultancy, we can help you get your future web strategy on the right track! Read more on:

—meta products— Meta Products are web enabled systems that help people, products and services connect with each other in totally new ways.



The Cloud

—active participants and content creators

—sensors, actuators and devices

—user and machine generated web data

Do you want to discover new exciting ways to communicate your brand? please contact us at:

Five reasons to contact us 1. Before doing any design work, we can think along with you about your web or print strategy and afterwards translate that into meaningful design actions. 2. We do both web and print projects, which means we can deliver the total package and make sure your brand stays consistent throughout all visual media. 3. We are creative minds with coding muscles. This means we know how to push design, yet keeping it feasible to develop. 4. Because we work as a network agency, we are able to select the best possible team for your design challenge. 5. Since we also do our own in-house projects, we always have an eye on new markets and business opportunities. We can also use this knowledge to help you.

Booreiland Wilgenweg 22e 1031 HV Amsterdam +31 20 789 28 57 All content Š 2011 Booreiland

Booreiland 2011 Annual  
Booreiland 2011 Annual  

This is the 2011 issue of the Booreiland magazine, showing portfolio cases and background information of this Dutch design and strategy stud...