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60 MINUTES You have a design challenge within your organisation... but where do you start? How to get your team aligned? How to know what is technically possible? How to make the right choices? The free 60 Minutes session from Booreiland could be your starting point. It’s a highly energetic brainstorm compressed into a 1 hour timeframe, aimed at getting customer insights, generating creative guidelines and making the right technology fit.



Align your team

Customer Journey

New Product Development is often carried out by many persons in an organisation, each of them having different thoughts and ideas about it. Collecting all these ideas and aligning the whole team into the same direction is a tough task. 60 Minutes helps you get your team in place.

In order to get customer insights, you will use the Customer Journey technique. This technique maps all the touchpoints your customer currently has with your product and/or service, and aims to spot out interesting new touchpoint opportunities.

Creative Guidelines

Make the right choices fast

Before a design team can create solutions for the new touchpoint opportunities, 60 Minutes guides you to set up proper Creative Guidelines that will serve as input for the design team.

Decision making in large corporations often takes a lot of time, because many facets play a role, and much is at stake. However, the market is demanding fast action, as competition is fierce and technologies are evolving rapidly. 60 Minutes forces your team to make the right choices fast.

Technology Fit 60 Minutes updates you on the latest trends in technology, after which you will be able to make the right Technology Fit for the Creative Guidelines you stated. This will form the technical constraints for the design team.

Get updated on trends in technology We live in a time where technology is changing continuously. For most people it’s hard to keep up. However, if you want to stay ahead of competition, staying up-todate is highly important in order to come up with valuable products and services. 60 Minutes gives you the necessary updates on the latest trends in technology.

Create a briefing for further development New Product Development has to start with a solid design brief, so all your suppliers, whether these are internal or external, are accurately informed. 60 Minutes summarizes the content generated during the session into a proper briefing for further development.


SESSION SPECIFICATIONS Format 60 Minutes takes place... • in a 1 hour timeframe • together with your colleagues • with experts in design, business & technology • in an inspiring and creative environment

Results • Customer insights through a Customer Journey • Creative Guidelines for your design challenge • Technology Fit for the Creative Guidelines ...summarized in a briefing for further development


Booreiland is a Dutch design and strategy studio that loves to discover meaningful ways to communicate your brand. Booreiland works for clients such as Philips, Wacom, ABN AMRO, KLM, TU Delft, ING, Eurosonic/Noorderslag, Stibbe and BIS Publishers. Have a look at the studio’s work on All content Š 2013 Booreiland

60 Minutes  

A highly energetic brainstorm session from Booreiland aimed at getting customer insights, generating creative guidelines and making the righ...