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Fast Food in Beijing

Pictures By: G. Pollak

The place to go!

Try Star Fish fried in shark oil

Baby Sharks, Deep Fried Star Fish & Sea Urchins.

Turkey Vulture Schnitzels

Sea Snakes

Silk Worms

Snake about to be grilled

Dog Liver with Vegetables

Goat Lungs with Red Peppers

Corn with Ginger sauce

Mixed Cow & Horse Stew

Dung Beetles

Silk Worms

Black Scorpions


Scorpion Brochettes

Lizard Legs

Dog Brain Soup

Oysters, Squids and Iguana Tails

Assorted Scorpions & Beetles

Scorpions, Crickets and Beetles


Grilled Snake and Silk Worms

Bon Appetite!

Enjoy the Olympics!

Beijing Fast Food