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Thank you for your interest and welcome to Booni z Creative Design. This e-book presents a brief compilation of some of the best and most successful work we’ve done since the beginning of the year (2013) . We’ve also included a brief description of the background, requirements for each job and our design approach to it. Enjoy.




Krufftwear Apparel

Krufftwear Apparel wanted a symbol to represent an urban African clothing line offering high quality and freedom of expression to its customers. We thought of a symbol to represent the freedom, diversity and colour of the African people and we eventually landed on a simple multi-coloured logo as if to say I am simple, free, african and reaching for the stars. Since we understood their vision and objectives we also got the opportunity to design their first t-shirt design themed ‘This Is Africa’ and its packaging part of which was an introductory publication (20x10cm) called the KrufftEd.


Waxwing Errands

Waxwing Ltd. contacted us when they started up their errand services unit. They planned to be the fastest, most reliable personal and corporate errand company. They started with delivery services to break into the market. The logo integrates a bird silhouette (a waxwing) in f light and on its back the name waxwing with letters out of alignment to represent a radical/youth feel. We chose the colour green’s smbolism to mean ‘proceed’(GO), plus the fact that it creates trust with an expectation of a unique service, which is exactly what the company has to offer and wanted to communicate.


Tahj Photography

Tahj Photography approached us with a big vision, to transform the Kenyan photography landscape not only with professionalism but with a creative edge. They needed a logo to repesent boldness, creativity and professionalism. We came up with a logo, in which the upper half is the name ‘tahj’ in a customized lowercase font while the lower half gives it stability. The colours present a classy african with an urban tech feel. this has helped them break in significantly into the wedding photography market which they chose as their entry point.


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