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Custom Titanium Rings Boone Titanium Rings is the industry leader in Meteorite Rings, Carbon fiber inlay, and Hardwood inlay rings. We pioneered the use of these materials in titanium rings. We are also leaders in titanium tension sets, making the tough asymmetric designs that others can't do. We have a complete line of Black Zirconium rings, including tension set engagement rings. We are the source for Mokume Gane and Damascus Steel inlays, exclusive Mokumanium速 and other precious metal inlays including Meteorite Rings.

Meteorite Rings ď‚— Meteorite Rings combine space

age technology with metal from outer space. These Boone rings are custom titanium with genuine Gibeon Meteorite inlays. We are the market leader for rings made with meteorite. This particular meteorite that fell in western Africa in prehistory and has properties similar to stainless steel.

Stone Setting Rings ď‚— The Stone Settings collection

includes dramatic tension sets. Tension sets utilize the inherent strength and springy nature of titanium to hold the stones. They are very secure settings. This is a breath taking ring! It utilizes either your diamond or an optional Cubic Zirconium or other gemstone. Because of titanium's unique springy properties, the band clamps the diamond between small grooves cut into the side walls.

Precious Metal Inlays ď‚— The Precious Metals series

titanium rings have inlays of gold, platinum, white gold, white gold, silver, or palladium available. Most rings, even in other shapes, can be inlayed in this manner. The wider inlay works well on wider rings. The 2mm inlay of sterling silver is a nice accent to the 8mm wide ring.

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Custom titanium rings