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2008 - 2009

I believe that I am an asset to the staff but not in the usual ways

someone would be. To say that I am an asset through my journalistic abilities would be like saying five aces in BS.

Instead I believe I am an asset for moral in room 224. I help keep

everyone in high spirits. Without a good morale any team would fall apart. I believe that I help keep the mood light in yearbook with my singing and all around goofy nature. Studies have shown that with a good morale groups are more efficient and over all produce better work.

Overall I believe that I am an asset to the staff by boosting morale

Reflection 1

Reflection 2 2a.

I think that my most significant piece of work this year for me was my intelligence games page. This page was significant to me because I helped make it. It wasn’t like the other pages this year where I was handed a page where every thing was intact, with the intelligence games I got to help with what kind of logic puzzles went on to the page. This was also my favorite page to work on this year because it was one of the few fun pages. It looked and felt different from other pages that I had done this year. It wasn’t the usual run of the mill yearbook page. Most of all I had fun with it.


In this years portfolio I believe that I went with a more complex design.

With my last years portfolio I went with something that I Hoped would be confusing to the eye but easy to read. With this years portfolio I tried to make it so that it was easier to read. With last years my backgrounds were repetitive and over all not appealing. With this years I tried to go for something that looked like a simplistic blue print design. This ended up being difficult because of the complexities of such a large ship. From my last years portfolio I can see that I have grown in the class over the past year,

I think that the page that I did that shows the most growth would be my “kids who help others� page. With this page I felt that I had to learn to make my time work for me in the most efficient fashion.

With that page I had six stories and five pictures. Along with that I started a week behind everyone else. While working on this page I also learned to communicate with my editor better. This was also a key to my success because she helped me with the interviews.

At first the page looked very basic with six empty columns and five blank picture frames above them. But by the end of the deadline the pictures where interesting and I had wrote one of my favorite stories that I had done.

My favorite story that I

wrote this year was the story on operation smile think that the lead in that I used was my favorite. I think this story showed my growth the most.

Reflection 3

Reflection # 4

I didn’t face many hardships this year my main problem was not

meeting deadlines.

On the home front it was tough though the loss of my grandparents

hit my mom hard through out the year. This also affected me because I had to take on more responsibilities at home to help alleviate the burden on my mom during her challenging time. In addition to that I didn’t see my father much during the year because of the demand that had been put on him at his job.

At school I had bigger challenges to face along with yearbook my

most challenging coarse this year had been algebra 2. Yearbook got better for me by the end of the year because I believe that I learned how to space my time and become more efficient in my journalistic manner. I also believe that the extra half of a period during my lunch has also helped because I don’t have the chaos of lunch going on around me.

During my midterm I said that would learn to manage my time more

efficiently, Make the rest of my deadlines, and come in at 8:30 to work on my pages. I was only able to accomplish two of my three goals which were to meet the rest of my deadlines and to learn how to manage my time more efficiently.

The first goal I was able to accomplish was to improve my efficacy.

I was able to do this by planning out my day before I went on. I use to wing it and see what I got done but by the first semester it was painfully clear that this was an ineffective tactic that would end up having to evolve into what it is. This plan in turn helped me accomplished my

Reflection 5

second goal

That goal was to meet the rest of my deadlines for the year. My

Other two goals where oriented so that they would assist in reaching this goal so I was fairly confident that I would be able to meet this goal.

Over all I was very pleased with both my performance in the

second half of the year and how I was able to accomplish my goals . I am confident that I will continue to meet deadlines next year.

Personal Essay I have learned many things this year. From how to effectively use the creative suit to how many wires it takes to wire the room to how to effectively and efficiently use my time that I have in class. I learned to use CS3 more efficiently by just playing around with it over the summer and during the year while I was a my dad’s house. This familiarity with it allowed me to use it better in class.

Another thing in class was how to use my time more efficiently in

class. I was able to develop this skill mainly in the second half of the year. I learned to plan my day out before starting the day instead of just winging it during the day.

The last thing that I learned this year was the amount that the

room depends on technology. When I helped wire the room I realized the amount of wire, cords and plugs it takes to put together the lab that we use.

Throughout he year I have learned many things. The things that I

learned will benefit me both in future and in the years to come.


Thomas Boyd

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To be productive and to ake deadline.


pre--k thru second at St. James third thru eigth at Blankner School two years completed at Boone High School


2007-2008 Yearbook Staff 2008-2009 Yearbook Staff 2006 and 2007 Official Heart Walk Photographer

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Journalism I Yearbook for two years

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Eagle Scout with one palm in Boy Scouts of America Varsity Quiz Bowl for two years Three Presidential awards for volunteering Pacemaker finalist for 2007-2008 yearbook

“The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it,” Norman Schwarzkopf “If you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always got”


“All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing,� Edmund burke


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