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Welcome to Eleven’s 2019 catalogue, featuring our forthcoming and new titles. This year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Space Law: Basic Legal Documents, a comprehensive collection of important legal documents, ranging from multilateral treaties to national legislation covering space law. The collection is available in print and online. We started a new series, The Comparative Public Law Treatise (series editor: Giuseppe Ferrari) which will comprise more than 50 volumes on the most relevant topics in comparative public law authored by renowned scholars. We published the first three volumes in the series, entitled Administrative Action and Procedures in Comparative Law; Direct Democracy in Comparative Law; and The Spanish Constitutional System. This year will see the launch of a new journal Politics of the Low Countries under the editorship of Stefanie Beyens, Katja Biedenkopf, Nicolas Bouteca, Annelien de Dijn, Silvia Erzeel, Jonas Lefevere, Julien van Ostaaijen, Daphne van der Pas, Min Reuchamps, Peter Thijssen and Margo Trappenburg. The journal provides scholarly insights in Belgian and Dutch politics. Other noteworthy titles include Space Law in the European Context by Philippe Clerc, which provides a comprehensive study on space law and policy in the third space nation in the world, France; New Politics of Decisionism, edited by Violeta Beširevic, is the latest volume in our Democracy and the Rule of Law series, adding a new dimension to the literature of populism; Building Bridges – Prisoners, Crime Victims and Restorative Justice, edited by Iain Brennan and Gerry Johnstone, is the first volume in our new Studies in Restorative Justice, which analyses a new restorative justice programme for use in prisons across Europe. A listing of our full catalogue (backlist and forthcoming titles) can be found at our website Should you have any questions about our publishing programme or be interested in exploring publication possibilities, please do not hesitate to contact me at

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Space Law and Policy in the Post-Soviet States Nataliia R. Malysheva It will be informative and useful to experts in the field of space law and policy, as well as to all those who are planning or might already be involved in the implementation of space programs and projects together with post-Soviet States. A collection of the most important legal documents is provided as an annex for further study and orientation, demonstrating the policies and national regulations of space activities in the post-Soviet States as well as the most significant agreements concluded within the framework of the CIS and the Eurasian Economic Community. These texts are provided in two languages, namely in English (as an unofficial translation) and in their original version.

ISBN: 978-94-6236-847-7 eISBN: 978-94-6274-854-5 hardcover 674 pp. book / ebook: € 143.00 | $ 177.00 | £ 139.00

Air and Space Law

The intention of this book is to fill the gap of knowledge about law and policy in the field of exploration and use of outer space, which is being carried out by the new independent States that appeared on the world map after the dissolution of the USSR. The focus is on the survey of state management of space activities, international space cooperation of the relevant countries, their national space legislations, etc.

Vol. 19

Space Law in the European Context National Architecture, Legislation and Policy in France Philippe Clerc

ISBN: 978-94-6236-797-5 eISBN: 978-94-6274-876-7 hardcover 638 pp. book / ebook: € 159.00 | $ 197.00 | £ 154.50

making process among parliament, government, industry, experts and CNES. Uniquely, the annexes of this book contain the whole legislation in the French version and its English translation. Space Law in the European Context also provides unpublished working documents: a comparison list of usual space law definitions and a table of concordance on different technical provisions between different FSOA texts and several international standards on space.

Air and Space Law

This book provides a comprehensive study on space law and policy in France. Part I describes the role played by the law to build up the French Space Policy though the establishment of CNES, the French space agency. Part II details the legal background: the law-

Vol. 20


Air and Space Law

Proceedings of the International Institute of Space Law 2017

ISBN: 978-94-6236-878-1 eISBN: 978-94-6274-930-6 hardcover 834 pp. book / ebook: € 110.00 $ 136.00 £ 107.00

Air and Space Law

Subscription price per year: € 110.00 $ 136.00 £ 107.00 Please visit: iisl-online


P.J. Blount, Rafael Moro-Aguilar, Tanja Masson-Zwaan and Kai-Uwe Schrogl (Eds.) This volume contains the proceedings of the 60th Colloquium on the Law of Outer Space held in Adelaide, Australia in September 2017, as well as the papers presented at the IISL-ECSL Space Law Symposium held on the occasion of the 56th Session of the Legal Subcommittee of the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space in Vienna, Austria in March 2017, the report of the 1st Meeting of the Members and Followers of the International Institute of Space Law held in Moscow, Russia in December 2017, and the report of the 12th Eilene M. Galloway Symposium on Critical Issues in Space Law, held in Washington D.C., United States in December 2017. It also contains the report and best written memorials of the World Finals of the 26th Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition held in September 2017. Series: Proceedings of the International Institute of Space Law (vol. 60)

Also available:

IISL Proceedings Online The complete archive of all Proceedings since 1992

Space Law: Basic Legal Documents 2019: celebrating its 30th anniversary!! Marietta Benkö and Karl-Heinz Böckstiegel (Eds.) that an online version is available at The online version is updated on an ongoing basis and features full searchability, a linked table of contents as well as bookmarked sections to ensure that the desired section can be quickly found. Subscribers can choose between an online only subscription or a subscription to both the paper version and the online.

Air and Space Law

This six-volume loose-leaf, first published in 1989, presents a comprehensive collection of basic legal documents on space law. It is an essential reference and research tool for all those involved in the formulation, implementation and operation of space law and policy. Its loose-leaf format ensures that the material is kept fully up-to-date. Eleven International Publishing is proud to announce

loose-leaf and online: € 550.00 | $ 681.00 | £ 535.00 online: € 275.00 | $ 371.50 | £ 291.50 Please visit:


Competition Law and Public Interests Principles for resolving conflicts and an application to the banking sector

Business, Commercial and Financial Law

Mart Kneepkens Should self-regulation that serves public interests be shielded from the cartel prohibition? Or should public interests have a place in the balancing exercise of Article 101(3) TFEU? Is it legally possible to admit anti-competitive mergers when they are still in the best interest of society? Competition Law and Public Interests covers these fundamental and topical questions, and examines the relation between competition law and public interests in general. Based on a profound and structured analysis, this book proposes new frameworks for reconciling public interests and ISBN: 978-94-6236-840-8 eISBN: 978-94-6274-942-9 hardcover 340 pp. book / ebook: € 143.00 | $ 177.00 | £ 139.00

Business, Commercial and Financial Law

ISBN: 978-94-6236-819-4 eISBN: 978-94-6274-956-6 paperback 238 pp. book / ebook: € 42.00 $ 52.00 £ 41.00


competition law. The two new frameworks introduce several new applications of EU (and Dutch) competition law on cartels and mergers. In addition, this book also includes descriptions of the current law – i.e. explanations of case law and authorities’ practices. All in all, readers are provided with well-reasoned guidance on how conflicts between competition law and public interests can be resolved. Competition Law and Public Interests is relevant for lawyers and policy makers with an interest in the relation between competition law and public interests, such as practitioners and academics. For those who handle competition law matters in the banking sector, the book is especially suited, as it contains many references to and assessments of cases involving banks.

Tax and Trust Institutions, Interactions and Instruments Sjoerd Goslinga, Lisette van der Hel-van Dijk, Peter Mascini and Albert van Steenbergen (Eds.) Tax authorities face the challenge of influencing tax compliance by behaving in such a way that taxpayers perceive to be treated fairly and thus comply voluntarily with tax rules. In order to meet this challenge it is crucial that institutions such as tax authorities frequently interact with taxpayers and selectively apply instruments so that a sustainable basis of trust in taxation is created. At the same time, tax authorities need to have the capacity to adjust to a rapidly changing technological, political and economic environment. This volume presents the edited version of papers presented on the conference ‘Tax and Trust’ held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in October 2017, and some additions. The contributions offer reflections on the role played by institutions, interactions and instruments in the intricate relation between tax and trust. Tax and Trust is of interest to policy makers and scholars in the field of taxation and tax compliance. The broad focus makes the book also relevant to other policy makers and scholars interested in regulatory policy.

Business, Commercial and Financial Law

ISBN: 978-94-6236-831-6 eISBN: 978-94-6274-832-3 paperback 192 pp. book / ebook: € 62.50 $ 77.50 £ 61.00

Business, Commercial and Financial Law

ISBN: 978-94-6236-850-7 eISBN: 978-94-6274-877-4 hardcover 414 pp. book / ebook: € 90.00 $ 111.50 £ 87.50

Corporate Governance in the Netherlands A practical guide to the new Corporate Governance Code Reinier Kleipool, Martin van Olffen and Bernard Roelvink (Eds.) Corporate governance in the Netherlands is beginning to develop its own history. On 8 December 2016, the third Dutch Corporate Governance Code was published. The 2016 Code introduces many new ideas and responds to current developments in corporate governance issues. The Code is not static – it follows the dynamics of our society. The most important new themes in the 2016 Code are long-term value creation and culture. This book covers those themes in detail, particularly where they resonate in other areas, such as risk management. In addition, this book addresses other updated items of the Code. This book also comments on the principles and best practice provisions of the Code and clarifies its structure and background.

Depositaries in European Investment Law Towards Harmonization in Europe S.N. Hooghiemstra In practice, the same banks and investment firms are acting as a custodian under MiFID II and CRD IV, a depositary under the AIFMD/UCITSD V and a depositary/ custodian under IORPD II. Although the safekeeping activities performed by both are similar, European investment law is inconsistent in allowing depositaries and custodians to provide cross-border financial services throughout Europe. This book provides an in-depth analysis of the concept of the crossborder provision of financial services under European investment law and the regulation applying to depositaries and custodians under MiFID II, CRD IV, the CSDR, AIFMD, UCITSD V and IORPD II. In his analysis, the author considers whether and to what extent depositaries and custodians are similarly regulated under European investment law and under what conditions a cross-sectoral European depositary passport could be introduced.


Business, Commercial and Financial Law

ISBN: 978-94-6236-866-8 eISBN: 978-94-6274-911-5 paperback 102 pp. book / ebook: € 37.50 $ 46.50 £ 36.50

Directors’ liability in the twilight zone Reports 2017 Netherlands Association for Comparative and International Insolvency Law (NACIIL) In November 2016, the European Commission presented its proposal for a Directive on Preventive Restructuring Frameworks, Second Chance and measures to increase the efficiency of restructuring, insolvency and discharge procedures. The draft Directive provides for the possibility to reorganize prior to and outside of court supervised insolvency procedures. It envisions that such preventive restructurings should enable enterprises to restructure at an early stage and to avoid the opening of formal insolvency procedures. In general, the entire draft Directive provides a very facilitating approach to all parties involved and one could have expected a similar approach to the directors. It could have taken away many of the possible concerns as to liability in granting securities to obtain interim finance or concerns when simply continuing trading. However, any such comfort for the directors is lacking in the draft Directive, leaving the discussion regarding director liability wide open. Series: Reports NACIIL

Business, Commercial and Financial Law

ISBN: 978-94-6236-863-7 eISBN: 978-94-6274-907-8 paperback 356 pp. book / ebook: € 48.00 $ 59.50 £ 46.50


EU Public Procurement Law & Self-organisation A Nexus of Tensions & Reconciliations Willem A. Janssen This book offers in-depth studies on how EU public procurement law interacts with the most noteworthy aspects of self-organisation on the national level. The allocation of responsibilities and competences, self-supply, institutionalised cooperation, non-institutionalised cooperation, cooperation based on exclusive rights and the make-or-buy decision are scrutinised. Based on qualitative and comparative research, it provides a detailed discussion of these exclusions and exemptions from EU public procurement law in light of the 2014 Directives on public procurement, the case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Union and the Dutch Courts, and other relevant sources. Timely and engaging, this book will appeal to academic scholars, legislators and practitioners interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the scope of EU public procurement law. Exploring the discretionary power for public authorities to organize themselves, it will also inform these authorities when they aim to provide services with their own resources or in cooperation with other authorities. Similarly, it informs third parties that want to uphold the obligations of the law before the courts.

Business, Commercial and Financial Law

ISBN: 978-94-6236-832-3 eISBN: 978-94-6274-831-6 paperback 48 pp. book / ebook: € 21.50 $ 26.50 £ 21.00

Futureproof Competition Law Anna Gerbrandy The need to change towards a sustainable economy has propelled companies to collaborate in sustainability initiatives. Such initiatives, however, might be held against European competition law. This poses the question: can competition law be rebalanced so as to provide room for sustainability initiatives? In her inaugural lecture, the author argues that European competition law cannot remain isolated from broader societal considerations. To retain its legitimacy, competition law needs to respond to the changed societal situation. It needs to be ready for the future, so to continue to be acceptable to the European citizens. Futureproof Competition Law is essential reading for policy makers, legal professionals, responsible business conduct-managers, and civil society organizations. The lecture will also appeal to a broader audience, including students, interested in developments regarding how to shape institutions for a sustainable and open society.

Business, Commercial and Financial Law

ISBN: 978-94-6236-846-0 eISBN: 978-94-6274-852-1 hardcover 260 pp. book / ebook: € 85.00 $ 105.00 £ 82.50

Rethinking Choice of Law in Cross-Border Sales Gustavo Moser The governing contract law dictates and regulates the life of a contract. Despite its importance, little is known about the choice of law decision-making process. Is there (ir)rationality involved? How can we ascertain this? How can we improve these judgements? Rethinking Choice of Law in Cross-Border Sales is an innovative, multi-disciplinary, and practice-oriented initiative to examine what factors determine the way contracting parties choose the law to govern their agreements. It presents evidence on how negotiators approach this topic, including the main drives and triggers of their decisions. The book also invites readers to explore and understand the idiosyncratic world of contracting parties’ minds; a complex device of imperfections, cognitive limitations, and emotions. The book proposes alternatives and mechanisms to tackle, control or minimise the effects of cognitive errors within judgements. The author aims to offer both laymen and legal practitioners appropriate tools to facilitate more efficient outcomes. Series: International Commerce and Arbitration (vol. 27)


Business, Commercial and Financial Law

ISBN: 978-94-6236-830-9 eISBN: 978-94-6274-828-6 hardcover 304 pp. book / ebook: € 94.50 $ 117.00 £ 92.00

The Seller’s Right to Cure under Article 48 CISG Miquel dels Sants Mirambell Fargas In principle, contracts are enforceable mutually beneficial agreements. In the event of a breach of contract most national and international legal systems, including European harmonization projects on private law, resort to cure regimes for the furtherance of contractually generated welfare. A Nachfrist-mechanism, a hierarchy of remedies, and debtor’s rights to cure are all normative devices intended to preserve contracts and to sequence the remedies for breach by employing those that are purportedly more cost-effective. The utility of these legal institutions lies at the core of the discussion about modern contract law and practice. In this book, one cure-oriented legal instrument is thoroughly analysed: the seller’s right to cure after the date for performance under Article 48 CISG. Series: International Commerce and Arbitration (vol. 26)

Public Administration

ISBN: 978-94-6236-902-3 eISBN: 978-94-6274-992-4 paperback 196 pp. book / ebook: € 40.00 $ 49.50 £ 39.00


The Austerity Paradox How Municipalities (Can) Innovatively Cope with Fiscal Stress Tom Overmans This book studies how municipalities (can) deal with fiscal stress. It applies an institutional perspective, arguing that municipalities can move beyond a fiscal focus and performance optimization, towards building institutional capacities to innovatively deal with fiscal crises. The book shows that many municipalities mainly opt for safe financial measures with quick results. It also shows, however, that some municipalities do invest in seeking new measures, and that they deal differently with the current crisis and create leeway to deal differently with future crises. They bend and stretch constraining rules, norms, and beliefs. More innovative responses are established when municipalities move beyond dominant doctrines (deviate), when they identify and translate potential innovations into concise decisions (decipher), and when they perform dynamic acts of implementation that fit the context of austerity (deliver). The book concludes with an emphasis on the ‘austerity paradox’: opting for financially driven austerity actions does not enable municipalities to deal with fiscal crises. Municipalities can bounce forward by opting for alternative solutions that pay attention to the non-financial aspects of dealing with financial crises, most specifically knowledge, routines, cultures and mentalities.

Civil Justice System Competition in the European Union The Great Race of Courts Erlis Themeli competition affects, among other things, governments’ policies, court organisation, and cross-border litigation strategies. Building on an interdisciplinary methodology, this book offers an in-depth theoretical and empirical research analysing the competition currently taking place between civil justice systems. It focuses in particular on the motivations and attitudes of governments and litigants, and presents the findings of a survey conducted with lawyers from the largest law firms in Europe.

Civil Law

For some years now, certain EU Member States have been promoting their national courts as the best places to litigate cross-border commercial disputes. This has led to a competition between jurisdictions, which recently has been re-energised by the upcoming withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU. This civil justice

ISBN: 978-94-6236-837-8 eISBN: 978-94-6274-838-5 hardcover 368 pp. book / ebook: € 84.00 | $ 104.00 | £ 80.00

Civil Law

ISBN: 978-94-6236-883-5 eISBN: 978-94-6274-944-3 paperback 126 pp. book / ebook: € 40.00 $ 49.50 £ 39.00

Code of Civil Procedure Selected Sections and the NCC Rules Alex Burrough, Stephen Machon, Duco Oranje, Lincoln Frakes and Willem Visser (Eds.) The Netherlands Commercial Court (NCC) legislation will be taken up by the Senate Justice and Security Committee in September 2018. The NCC will be an impartial and independent English-language chamber of the ordinary Amsterdam courts, specialised in complex, international business cases. NCC proceedings will be in English, using Dutch procedure. As a result, the legal community in this jurisdiction needs an English translation of Dutch civil procedure rules. This book presents the first published English translation of selected parts of the Dutch Code of Civil Procedure. Practitioners may find invaluable guidance in this book as they advise clients on procedural matters and draft statements and briefs in civil cases. These pages present not only the new general Code rules governing electronic communications in civil practice in this jurisdiction, but also the entire NCC Rules. This book may serve as a practical guide for work in civil cases throughout the Dutch court system.


Civil Law

ISBN: 978-94-6236-877-4 eISBN: 978-94-6274-929-0 paperback 244 pp. book / ebook: € 79.50 $ 98.50 £ 77.50

Rethinking Expropriation Law III Fair Compensation B. Hoops, E.J. Marais, L. van Schalkwyk and N.K. Tagliarino (Eds.) This book is the third of a series in which experts engage critically with the context, criteria and consequences of expropriation. It addresses the issue of fair compensation for expropriations of tenure rights in land from a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective. Not all forms of tenure entail that the land user will receive compensation for losing access to the land. The authors shed light on who qualifies for compensation. Where a holder of tenure rights is entitled to compensation, the contributions deal with the question of whether other costs, such as income losses, costs of moving, and the loss of one’s community, are compensated. The authors then address the issue of who determines the value of the incurred losses. Finally, this book deals with pressing political issues, specifically the South African debate on expropriation without compensation. Series: NILG – Property, Environment & Law (vol. 9)

Civil Law

ISBN: 978-94-6236-859-0 eISBN: 978-94-6274-891-0 paperback 126 pp. book / ebook: € 45.50 $ 56.50 £ 44.00

Valorisation of Household Labour in Family Property Law A Comparative Perspective Charlotte Declerck and Leon Verstappen (Eds.) This book provides a comparative overview of the valorisation and compensation of household labour in property relations between spouses and cohabitants. Academic experts from Belgium (Prof. Charlotte Declerck and Prof. Ingrid Boone), Germany (Prof. Katharina Lugani), England & Wales (Prof. Anne Barlow), France (Prof. Véronique Bouchard-Barabé), The Netherlands (Prof. Leon Verstappen and Prof. Wilbert Kolkman), Norway (Prof. Tone Sverdrup) and Spain & Catalonia (Prof. Josep Ferrer-Riba) examine the topic from the perspective of their particular legal systems. The book concludes with a comparative analysis from Prof. Leon Verstappen and Prof. Charlotte Declerck. Series: NILG – Family & Law (vol. 20)




The Comparative Public Law Treatise is a comprehensive body of publications comprising more than 50 volumes that address the most relevant topics within comparative public law (history and method of legal comparison, forms of state from a historical perspective, public law doctrine and its history, forms of state and forms of government: theory and comparison, national legal systems, law and state in the 20th century, sources of law, rights in comparative law, public administration, the judiciary and constitutional justice). The treatise aims to identify and present comparative knowledge in the area of public law in an original fashion, whilst also developing new interpretative guidelines. Each volume, written by reputable scholars, offers a specialized analysis that will be useful to legal scholars, students and also general readers. Moreover, the publication of each volume in three languages (English, Italian and Spanish) is not only the most innovative aspect of the work but also ensures widespread circulation amongst the international academic community.

Administrative Action and Procedures in Comparative Law Vincenzo De Falco

The Spanish Constitutional System

Eloy García, Elisabetta Palici di Suni and Martin Rogoff

Silvio Gambino, Jorge Lozano Miralles, Fernando Puzzo and Juan José Ruiz Ruiz

ISBN: 978-94-6236-842-2 eISBN: 978-94-6274-847-7 hardcover 280 pp.

ISBN: 978-94-6236-844-6 eISBN: 978-94-6274-849-1 hardcover 252 pp.

ISBN: 978-94-6236-843-9 eISBN: 978-94-6274-848-4 hardcover 338 pp.

book / ebook: € 106.00 $ 131.00 £ 103.00

book / ebook: € 90.50 $ 112.00 £ 88.00

book / ebook: € 111.50 $ 138.00 £ 108.50

Constitutional Law and Human Rights

Direct Democracy in Comparative Law


The Right to a Fair Trial in International Criminal Proceedings

Constitutional Law and Human Rights

Collins Mbuayang This book examines the right to a fair trial in international criminal proceedings from a human rights perspective, drawing mainly from General Comments, Individual Communications to the Human Rights Committee and the jurisprudence of international criminal tribunals and courts. The author shows the extent to which international and hybrid criminal courts, specifically ICTY ISBN: 978-94-6236-857-6 eISBN: 978-94-6274-887-3 hardcover 400 pp. book / ebook: € 143.00 | $ 177.00 | £ 139.00

Constitutional Law and Human Rights

ISBN: 978-94-6236-861-3 eISBN: 978-94-6274-894-1 hardcover 260 pp. book / ebook: € 90.50 $ 112.00 £ 88.00


and ICTR, uphold human rights standards as laid down in the ICCPR. Even though these ad hoc tribunals have been criticized for lengthy trials, they have generously granted accused individuals enormous privileges, such as the right to self-representation, which is not possible in the ECtHR. To reconcile this situation, the author proposes that the ad hoc tribunals could adopt the approach of the ECtHR with regards to length of proceedings, while the ECtHR can learn from the ad hoc tribunals with regards to self-representation.

An Uneven Balance? A Legal Analysis of Power Asymmetries between National Parliaments in the EU Hoai-Thu Nguyen Almost a decade after the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon, An Uneven Balance? A Legal Analysis of Power Asymmetries between National Parliaments in the EU takes the financial and monetary crisis in the EU as a cause to re-evaluate the position of national parliaments in a post-Lisbon EU. The Treaty of Lisbon – also labelled as the ‘Treaty of Parliaments’ – significantly strengthened the role of national parliaments and the position of the European Parliament in the EU. This book assesses the role that national parliaments play for representative democracy in the European Union and provides a comprehensive legal analysis of power asymmetries that exist between national parliaments in the EU. It analyses how such asymmetries were exacerbated by the Euro crisis and illustrates different ways in which the negative implications for EU representative democracy resulting from such power asymmetries can be mitigated. An Uneven Balance? is of value to both academics and policymakers at European and national level. It contributes to the on-going discussions on the EU’s democratic credentials and on the role of parliaments therein.

Constitutional Law and Human Rights

ISBN: 978-94-6236-913-9 paperback 66 pp. book: € 21.50 $ 26.50 £ 21.00

Corporate Religious Freedom and the Rights of Others Calibrating Human Rights in Times of Pluralist Dilemmas Jeroen Temperman In pluralist societies, corporate religious freedom might conflict with other fundamental rights. Corporate piety might collide with LGBT rights, notably when a company’s management does not accept, either as employees or clients, individuals whom it believes to have ‘sinful’ sexual orientations. Secular companies may want to keep religion out of the workplace altogether, thus affecting individual religious freedom of employees. In this contribution, Jeroen Temperman engages with such expressions of corporate religion, addressing among other questions whether companies may indeed be deemed ‘religious’ under international human rights standards – hence whether companies can claim religious freedom – and if so, what the scope of such a freedom is, particularly when the rights of others are affected by such corporate manifestations of religion.

Constitutional Law and Human Rights

ISBN: 978-94-6236-897-2 eISBN: 978-94-6274-984-9 hardcover 218 pp. book / ebook: € 69.00 $ 85.50 £ 67.00

New Politics of Decisionism Violeta Beširević (Ed.) The volume New Politics of Decisionism aims to add a new dimension to the literature of populism. It deals with what Carl Schmitt famously coined as ‘decisionism’ – a form of politics based on the rule of a personal will, which is opposed to the rule of impersonal norms of constitutional law. The new politics of decisionism has gained a new form of populism, and it is equally noticeable in old and new constitutional democracies. The contributions follow the Schmittian idea of legally unbounded politics, usually justified with reference to exceptional circumstances – be that global financial crisis, transnational terrorist threats or massive immigration inflows – which require exceptional measures, and address the following issues: what is populism; how do the new politics of decisionism affect democratic processes and institutions; are constitutional democracies equipped to deal with these sort of challenges; can these politics be curtailed by the involvement of other political actors? Series: Democracy and the Rule of Law (vol. 8)


Constitutional Law and Human Rights

ISBN: 978-94-6236-858-3 eISBN: 978-94-6274-888-0 hardcover 384 pp. book / ebook: € 106.00 $ 131.00 £ 103.00

Rule of Law at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century Martin Belov (Ed.) This book is a collaborative effort of 22 authors, striving to provide a multi-discursive analysis of the structural challenges to rule of law at the beginning of the twentyfirst century. It proposes critical assessment of the adjustment of rule of law to the shifts and changes in the socio-legal context and in the institutional design on all levels of socio-legal relations – national, international and supranational – as well as in many spheres of the social life. Rule of Law at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century puts forward a discussion on the capability of rule of law to cope with globalization, information revolution, financial capitalism, migration, social and political (dis)integration, terrorism, transnational corporate criminality, multilevel and supranational governance and constitutional pluralism.

Constitutional Law and Human Rights

ISBN: 978-94-6236-869-9 eISBN: 978-94-6274-915-3 paperback 268 pp. book / ebook: € 79.50 $ 98.50 £ 77.50

The EU Bill of Rights’ Diagonal Application to Member States Comparative Perspectives of Europe’s Human Rights Deficit Csongor István Nagy (Ed.) It is out of the question that nowadays the European competence to defend rule of law and human rights against Member States is one of the core issues of the ‘European project’. In the last decade, the EU institutions have made several, benevolent but feeble, attempts to enforce rule of law and human rights requirements. Though EU law’s approach, at least at first glance, might appear to be idiosyncratic, it is far from unprecedented and, as far as multilevel constitutionalism is concerned, EU law may draw on the experiences of various regimes where centralized human rights protection and national (state) constitutional identities coexist. Comparative federalism provides an array of experiences, solutions and techniques, which help the European integration to grasp and address the diagonal enforcement of human rights and to take stock of its solutions. This volume addresses the EU’s human rights problem from a comparative perspective and explores the constitutional and jurisprudential patterns addressing the question of inquiry in a multilevel constitutional architecture.


Collaboration with Justice in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Canada A Comparative Study on the Provision of Undertakings to Offenders Who Are Willing to Give Evidence in the Prosecution of Others J.H. Crijns, M.J. Dubelaar and K.M. Pitcher it a comparison is made between the law and practice of the Netherlands and that of several other jurisdictions – Germany, Italy and Canada – in which provision is made for the instrument. Drawing on legal and empirical research, this book offers a unique insight into the instrument by comparing the legal frameworks in place in each country, as well as the application in practice and challenges encountered in this context.

Criminal Law and Criminology

This book provides an indepth examination of the instrument of collaboration with justice, one of the more far-reaching investigative tools in criminal cases by which promises are made to otherwise unwilling ‘offender witnesses’ in order to persuade them to testify in the prosecution of others. In

ISBN: 978-94-6236-867-5 eISBN: 978-94-6274-912-2 paperback 450 pp. book / ebook: € 84.00 | $ 104.00 | £ 80.00

Criminal Law and Criminology

ISBN: 978-94-6236-839-2 eISBN: 978-94-6274-839-2 hardcover 404 pp. book / ebook: € 84.00 $ 104.00 £ 81.50

The Migration Crisis? Criminalization, Security and Survival Dina Siegel and Veronika Nagy (Eds.) Was there a refugee crisis in 2015-2017? What can be considered as a crisis, and what are the lessons learned from the last years? Who are engaged with the local, national and supranational decisions on migration management and what are limitations thereof? How are we to cope with women and children vulnerability in the current refugee context? To be able to answer these questions,The migration crisis? provides an extended overview of several legal, social, political and economic aspects considered as a migration crisis. By reflecting on the root causes of current mobilities, the limitations of legal frameworks, the role of humanitarian agencies and law enforcement practices, this editorial volume provides an in-depth understanding and the necessary insights into the role of different actors in this field and the unintended consequences of EU and local policies in and outside the EU borders. This book is a must to read for those who are deeply concerned about the issues of mobility and exclusion triggered by the EU and the national arrangements between border countries.


Criminal Law and Criminology

ISBN: 978-94-6236-853-8 eISBN: 978-94-6274-882-8 paperback 176 pp. book / ebook: € 56.00 $ 69.50 £ 54.50

Acting Together in Crime A Comparative Analysis of Joint Perpetration and Assistance to Criminal Offences under French, German, Austrian and Italian Criminal Law in Light of Five Dutch Supreme Court Cases Laura Peters (Ed.) How are the same criminal cases judged under different European criminal law systems? Five challenging Dutch criminal cases and accompanying Supreme Court judgments form the starting point of this book. They are used as the primary steppingstone of a description as well as a comparative analysis of the law on criminal participation in five prominent European countries. These cases concern disputable aspects of criminal regulations applicable to situations in which persons Act Together in Crime. All cases focus on joint perpetration, criminal aiding, or both, and their outcomes have provoked (strong) debates among legal scholars and practitioners in the Netherlands. This study seeks to give legal scholars, practitioners and lawmakers a valuable insight in the differences and similarities in how five distinct European criminal law systems deal with one of the most challenging criminal law topics.

Criminal Law and Criminology

ISBN: 978-94-6236-835-4 paperback 291 pp. book: € 48.00 $ 59.50 £ 46.50


Analysis Techniques for non-Experimental Data: An Introduction C.C.J.H. Bijleveld, S.G.A. van de Weijer, S. Ruiter and V.R. van der Geest Analysis Techniques for non-Experimental Data: An Introduction discusses five different quasi-experimental study designs: propensity score matching, instrumental variables, the regression discontinuity design, fixed effects models, and trajectory analysis. The book starts with a short refresher of regression analysis. Next, the five analysis techniques are discussed relatively briefly and conceptually, with a minimum of formulas. Each technique is also illustrated with a worked example on a fictitious dataset. For all analyses, the complete syntax for both SPSS and Stata is given in order that readers can replicate the examples and use the syntax as a starting point for their own analyses. Although most of the book’s examples are criminological, the techniques can be applied in many other disciplines such as sociology, psychology, demography, and political science.

Criminal Law and Criminology

ISBN: 978-94-6236-882-8 eISBN: 978-94-6274-935-1 paperback 164 pp.

Building Bridges

book / ebook: € 45.00 $ 55.50 £ 44.00

Iain Brennan and Gerry Johnstone

Criminal Law and Criminology

ISBN: 978-94-6236-884-2 eISBN: 978-94-6274-947-4 paperback 274 pp. book / ebook: € 62.50 $ 77.50 £ 61.00

Prisoners, Crime Victims and Restorative Justice

This is the first volume in our new Studies in Restorative Justice book series. The book is based upon on an action research project supported by the Criminal Justice Programme of the European Union. The project developed a new restorative justice programme, called Building Bridges, for use in prisons across Europe. The programme was piloted in seven diverse European countries: the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. This book looks at the successes and failures of the pilot programmes and the lessons that can be learned concerning the future of restorative justice, victim support and penal reform. One innovative and distinctive feature of the book is its use of a social-ecological approach to evaluation, which allowed the authors to pose and answer questions about what is required to create sustainable restorative justice (and similar) programmes. Series: Studies in Restorative Justice (vol. 1)

Decriminalization of Sex Work: The New Zealand Model An Analysis of the Integrative Sex Industry Policy in New Zealand (Aotearoa) Joep Rottier In many countries worldwide, sex workers have no other choice than to carry out their profession in illegal environments. Repressive policies force them to work in difficult or dangerous underground settings. They need to struggle against incomprehension, moral disapproval, prejudices, and increasing public stigmatization. Contrary to prevailing tendency in Europe and America to criminalize clients of sex workers, New Zealand decriminalized the entire commercial voluntary sex industry in 2003 by enacting the Prostitution Reform Act (PRA) – as the only state in the world, so far. The implementation of this integrative sex industry policy marks a turning point in the lives and working conditions of New Zealand sex workers. Sex work became recognized as legitimate service work. Nowadays, the sex service sector in this country operates under the same legal rights as any other service sector. In Decriminalization of Sex Work: The New Zealand Model, Joep Rottier contextualizes the historical-cultural and sociopolitical backgrounds of this integrative sex industry policy. By means of 119 interviews with involved key actors in the New Zealand sex industry, this book gives a unique view on de facto experiences with this policy from different perspectives. Series: Willem Pompe Institute (vol. 94)


Criminal Law and Criminology

ISBN: 978-94-6236-836-1 eISBN: 978-94-6274-837-8 paperback 238 pp. book / ebook: € 28.00 $ 34.50 £ 27.00

Criminal Law and Criminology

ISBN: 978-94-6236-851-4 eISBN: 978-94-6274-878-1 paperback 244 pp. book / ebook: € 62.50 $ 77.50 £ 61.00


Focus on Honour An exploration of cases of honourrelated violence for police officers and other professionals Janine Janssen Unfortunately, violence in the name of honour regularly occurs in our society. Each year, in approximately three thousand cases, the Dutch National Police Force takes into consideration that an affront to honour can be a motive for violence or the threat of violence. It is not always easy to recognise honour-related cases, given that the violation and restoration of honour comes in many manifestations, ranging from verbal threats to murder. What is more, this kind of violence can affect people during different stages of their lives. In the process, men and women turn up not only as victims but also as suspects. This book is intended as an introduction to the complex world of honour and violence, and it is intended for police officers and other professionals who have to deal with these matters during the course of their work. It gives professionals insight into the following issues: Why is honour so important? How can the warning signs that a conflict is threatening to escalate into violence be recognised? What can professionals do about it?

International Standards on Legal Protection of Prisoners’ Labour and Social Security Rights UN, ILO and Council of Europe Xixue Shang National systems striving to protect prisoners’ labour and social security rights have been introduced in the legislation of many countries around the world. Nowadays, national law concerning the protection of these rights is becoming more consequential and in line with international standards. Worldwide, penal systems experiencing a period from barbarism to civilization, from non-social-oriented to socialized, from closed to open, national penal reform on prisoners’ labour and social security rights are gaining importance. This book provides national legislators with insights and recommendations resulting from academic research which can be used to improve the protection of prisoners’ labour and social security rights in national legal arrangements. Above all, this book provides references for national legislation, the research findings serving as a guide for any country willing to protect prison labour according to worldwide recognized legal standards. Series: The green grass

Criminal Law and Criminology

ISBN: 978-94-6236-894-1 paperback 342 pp. book: € 40.00 $ 49.50 £ 39.00

Law Enforcement in Digital Society Wouter Stol and Litska Strikwerda Worldwide child pornography networks that are dismantled by the police, hacks that disrupt entire businesses, and people who are victims of dating scams: this is just a sample of the news reports that appear in the media about computer crime. Law Enforcement in Digital Society is about the social context of this new type of crime and most of all about legislation connected to it. The authors discuss the subject from various angles, using classic legal, sociological-legal, criminological and legalphilosophical perspectives. These subjects are discussed from a Dutch perspective, placed in an international context.

Criminal Law and Criminology

ISBN: 978-94-6236-871-2 eISBN: 978-94-6274-919-1 paperback 348 pp. book / ebook: € 47.50 $ 59.00 £ 46.00

The Janus-faces of cross-border crime in Europe Petrus C. van Duyne, Tomáš Strémy, Jackie H. Harvey, Georgios A. Antonopoulos and Klaus von Lampe Europe is changing rapidly, which may also have a bearing on its criminal landscape. This does not mean that all sorts of new crime are emerging: a large part of the crimes remains profit-oriented and is committed by known modus operandi. That is the old face of crime. Amidst the traditional landscape new faces of crime can be identified. The internet is such a new face which emerges among others in the sex industry. The Janus-faces of cross-border crime in Europe examines current examples of this two-faced Janus head of crime. This volume of the 18th Cross-border Crime Colloquium, held in Bratislava in the spring of 2017, contains the peer-reviewed contributions of 22 European experts and up-and-coming researchers. Their chapters cover a broad field of crime in which the double faced Janus head can be discerned: illegal migrants, criminal markets, corruption, money laundering and organised crime, highlighting many new aspects. Series: The Cross-Border Crime Colloquium series


Criminal Law and Criminology

ISBN: 978-94-6236-876-7 eISBN: 978-94-6274-928-3 paperback 50 pp. book / ebook: € 21.50 $ 26.50 £ 21.00

Criminal Law and Criminology

ISBN: 978-94-6236-845-3 eISBN: 978-94-6274-850-7 paperback 378 pp. book / ebook: € 48.00 $ 59.50 £ 46.50


The Netherlands and Synthetic Drugs An Inconvenient Truth Pieter Tops, Judith van Valkenhoef, Edward van der Torre and Luuk van Spijk The Netherlands is a large producer and trader of synthetic drugs (notably XTC and amphetamines). In fact, Dutch criminals are global leaders in the synthetic drugs industry, with distribution networks and commercial activities across the world. It is a multi-billion business forming a shadow economy that is immensely attractive to many people. This book describes why the Netherlands has become and – barring drastic action by the Dutch government – will remain such a big player in synthetic drugs. This is an abridged account of a Dutch publication entitled A small country punching above its weight. The Netherlands and synthetic drugs in the past 50 years. The aim of the authors is to make a contribution to the national and international debate about drugs, drugs crime and the anti-drugs efforts.

The police, the public, and the pursuit of trust A cross-national, dynamic study of trust in the police and police trust-building strategies Dorian Schaap This book assesses differences and developments in trust in the police across Europe over the past decades. Guided by three theoretical perspectives – instrumentalism, proximity policing and procedural justice –, it also examines what factors on the national and individual level can explain trust in the police. These findings are contrasted with the invention and development of police trust-building strategies in England & Wales, Denmark and the Netherlands. The book inquires how and when trust in the police was first defined as a policy problem, what solutions or strategies have since been formulated to address it, and how we can understand differences between these three countries. Public trust in the police is a matter of great importance for police organizations and governments all over Europe. The police, the public, and the pursuit of trust offers a unique perspective on both citizens’ trust in the police and police trust-building strategies from internationally comparative and dynamic angles. It applies rigorous statistical analyses and in-depth case study research.

Collected Cases on EU Labour Law Anja Eleveld and Beryl ter Haar (Eds.) to be of particular interest for most of the EU Member States’ jurisdictions, or that have determined the discussion to a large extent on the respective topic of labour law. This collection of cases is unique because it is the only one that focuses solely on EU labour law and because each of the topical sections is provided with an introductory text in which the case-law is put in broader EU context. Consequently, for every legal practitioner this book offers easy access to CJEU case-law in order to assess whether and to what extent a particular judgment can be of importance for a case at hand.

European and International Law

European labour law has an unmistakable influence on national law. This applies even more to the case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), as it has implications for the application of European law in the Member States and with it the interpretation of national law. This book contains a collection of standard judgments that every labour lawyer should know. In addition, each section contains a number of judgments that have proved

ISBN: 978-94-6290-490-3 paperback 1068 pp. book: € 42.50 | $ 52.50 | £ 41.50

European and International Law

ISBN: 978-94-6236-855-2 paperback 116 pp. book: € 19.00 $ 23.50 £ 18.50

Children and the law in the Netherlands A comparative introduction (2nd edition) Ido Weijers This book gives a very brief introduction to the extensive field of Dutch juvenile law. It offers a concise account of some of the most relevant and most typical points in various legal fields, including aspects of child protection and juvenile justice, as well as features of family law such as parenthood, minority and parental authority, youth care and migration law. Various Dutch laws and regulations that are relevant to children are compared to corresponding laws and regulations in other countries. New in this edition are a chapter on education law and a chapter that deals with health law.


European and International Law

ISBN: 978-94-6236-870-5 paperback 362 pp. book: € 48.00 $ 59.50 £ 46.50

The Law of International Organizations Documents and Cases (3rd edition) Snežana Trifunovska This book includes basic documents and cases of the Law of International Organizations and is prepared primarily as a tool to assist students and other interested in their study and work. The documents provide information and enable study and discussion on some of the major aspects such as membership, powers, dispute settlement, decision-making and international responsibility. The book consists of two main parts. Part One contains constituent documents of a number of international governmental organizations selected either because of their representativeness or uniqueness of their institutional features. It also includes some more specific documents, such as the statutes of international tribunals. Part Two encloses a selection of judicial cases considered by international, regional and national courts.

European and International Law

ISBN: 978-94-6236-886-6 eISBN: 978-94-6274-953-5 paperback 56 pp. book / ebook: € 34.50 $ 42.50 £ 33.50


The Roundabouts of European Law and Economics Roger Van den Bergh In his valedictory lecture, The Roundabouts of European Law and Economics, Prof. Dr Roger Van den Bergh critically reflects upon three decades of research in European Law and Economics. He discusses the difficult reception of economic analysis of law in the 1980s-1990s, the spectacular growth of Law and Economics in both academia and policy circles at the turn of the millennium and the recent impact of behavioural economics on policy-making. Examples from different areas of law illustrate major insights of Law and Economics: the economic approach to competition law, the adverse effects of consumer protection and the current institutional crisis of the European Union (euro crisis, Brexit). Series: Erasmus Law Lectures (vol. 47)


Law (general)

Property Law Perspectives VI Caroline Rupp, Rafael Ibarra Garza and Bram Akkermans (Eds.) Founded by the Young Property Lawyers Forum (, a global network of young property law scholars, this volume presents the carefully curated highlights of two consecutive conferences held in Hamburg (Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law, Germany) and in Monterrey (Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico). Property law is often perceived as a static area of study in which there are no developments of significance. This volume proves the contrary. Its contributions address a variety of current issues in property law scholarship, ranging from a critical scrutiny of traditional principles via new developments in selected jurisdictions to the cutting-edge questions of European integration and the digitalisation of property law. It is especially young scholars who are in the best position to bring these new perspectives and topics to the field. This book merits the attention of every student and academic interested in new developments in property scholarship, as well as of legal practitioners looking to place societal developments into a legal context.

ISBN: 978-94-6236-904-7 eISBN: 978-94-6274-994-8 paperback 254 pp. book / ebook: € 61.50 | $ 76.00 | £ 60.00

Vol. 7

Other volumes in the series:


Law (general)

ISBN: 978-94-6236-895-8 eISBN: 978-94-6274-977-1 hardcover 364 pp. book / ebook: € 79.00 $ 98.00 £ 77.00

Law (general)

ISBN: 978-94-6236-865-1 eISBN: 978-94-6274-910-8 paperback 130 pp. book / ebook: € 48.00 $ 59.50 £ 46.50

Entrepreneurial Mass Litigation Balancing the building blocks Ilja Tillema Mass litigation is a relatively new phenomenon in Europe, yet it is gradually developing into an important area of the law. This is incited by the impact on society that mass harm might have, such as the Volkswagen emissions scandal. The past decades have demonstrated an increasing expansion of litigation mechanisms to address various types of mass harm. Meanwhile, commerce-driven parties are mushrooming, incentivised by the potential large earnings that mass litigation provides. Law firms, claim organizations and third-party funders increasingly engage in the already existing mechanisms and explore hidden or new pathways. This innovation in civil law is two-faced. Entrepreneurial mass litigation might stimulate and improve access to justice and private enforcement, but it can also fuel a compensation culture and encourage abusive behaviour. This book explores the conditions for assessing the contribution of entrepreneurship to mass litigation, by way of a theoretical and comparative legal study. It aims to contribute to the academic, political and judicial process of weighing and balancing the benefits and drawbacks of entrepreneurial mass litigation.

Liability for Damage Caused by Autonomous Vehicles E.F.D. Engelhard and R.W. de Bruin Increasingly, new automation technology is built into motor vehicles, taking over part or even all of the drivers’ tasks. Who bears the risk when this new technology causes damage to individuals? Is it the owner or user of the autonomous vehicle itself or other traffic members? Liability for Damage Caused by Autonomous Vehicles contains an assessment of how the current rules for product liability, traffic liability and fault liability could be applied to autonomous vehicles within six EU member states (viz. Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK). Furthermore, this book contains a meta-legal analysis of the possible legal solutions. It identifies three solution models, which are analyzed and evaluated as to each model’s pros and cons, incorporating the different arguments and perspectives in the current debate and actual initiatives and developments in the member states. Series: Utrecht Centre for Accountability and Liability Law (UCALL) (vol. 14)


Models for Mediation Lenka Hora Adema, Linda Reijerkerk and Jacques de Waart Most mediators are working with models – consciously or unconsciously – such as Glasl’s model on Escalation, the ZOPA and the Drama Triangle, to name the best known. This book brings together almost 60 models which can be used in mediation. It includes an overview on how to apply these in practice and what its use is in a mediation. The aim of the book is to assist mediators in doing their job more effectively and thus raise the level of mediation. Models for Mediation is a welcome contribution to the development of the field. The authors are experienced mediators and provide training workshops in mediation, conflict management and courses in Harvard negotiations.


ISBN: 978-94-6236-788-3 paperback 156 pp. book / ebook: € 49.00 | $ 61.00 | £ 48.00


Journals Different rates apply for multi-user or institutional subscriptions. Special rates for organisational members are negotiable. For more information or to request a quote, please contact


Politics of the Low Countries (PLC) Stefanie Beyens, Katja Biedenkopf, Nicolas Bouteca, Annelien de Dijn, Silvia Erzeel, Jonas Lefevere, Julien van Ostaaijen, Daphne van der Pas, Min Reuchamps, Peter Thijssen and Margo Trappenburg

Politics of the Low Countries (PLC) provides scientific insights in Belgian and Dutch politics. It is the official journal of the Flemish (VPW) and Francophone (ABSP) political science associations in cooperation with the Dutch Political Science Association (NKWP). The journal publishes blind peer reviewed research articles from a wide variety of methodological perspectives and on a broad range of topics such

as political behaviour, political parties, political communication, parliamentary studies, public administration, political philosophy and even EU- and international politics. PLC’s comprehensive scope, embracing all the major political developments in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, makes it essential reading for both political practitioners and academics.

ISSN: 2589-9929 print and online: € 84.00 online: € 60.00


ISSN: 2352-068X print and online: € 106.00 online:€ 80.00

African Journal of International Criminal Justice (AJICJ) Prof. Charles C. Jalloh (Founding editor), Margaret DeGuzman, Lansana Gberie, Lucy Hovil, Laurence Juma, Simon Meisenberg, Godfrey Musila, Lydia A. Nkansah, Sarah Nouwen, Chidi Odinkalu, Benson Olugbuo, Harry Rhea, Shakiratu Sanusi, Alpha Sesay and Yitiha Simbeye Africa has been the site of some of the world’s worst atrocities. Africa is also home to some of the most innovative mechanisms, ranging from truth commissions to national and international criminal trials, to address accountability to the perpetrators of violence. Yet, African voices are often marginalized in global conversations about peace, justice and reconciliation. The AJICJ is a refereed and interdisciplinary scholarly periodical that aims to fill this gap. It is a forum for international criminal law and transitional justice issues in Africa and the developing world as analysed by authors drawn from throughout the continent and the world. The journal is intended for anyone interested in issues of international criminal law and questions of transitional justice. These include academics, government and international tribunal officials, practitioners such as judges, attorneys, legal assistants, students, and activists as well as any individuals and NGOs concerned with how best to understand the place of law and other transitional measures in war and mass violence.

ISSN: 2542-4602 print and online: € 95.00 online: € 72.00

Corporate Mediation Journal (CMJ) Martin Brink PhD and Claire Mulder, PhD candidate The Corporate Mediation Journal (CMJ) is a journal about mediation within and between organisations. It wants to be the voice of mediation as a management tool. It offers experienced professionals a medium to share their best practices using mediation skills as a means to add value to their workplace and their organisation. CMJ will offer important insights for CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s, HR Officers, Legal Counsels and all others working in leadership positions within organisations. Consultants, attorneys and other advisors will also find much of value in this publication.


ISSN: 2589-7764 print and online: € 80.00 online: € 60.00

East European Yearbook on Human Rights (EEYHR) Mart Susi (editor-in-chief), Vesna Crnić-Grotić, Michał Balcerzak and Tiina Pajuste (assistant-editor) The East European Yearbook on Human Rights is a new peer-reviewed legal journal, focusing on the human rights discourse in Eastern Europe, and positioning this in the broader context of worldwide problems and developments in the area of human rights. Eastern European states have all undergone a transition from state socialism to liberal democracy. While the problems of transition vary from country to country, there are also joint concerns. The journal provides a platform to share both common and disparate experiences in relation to human rights. The journal is a valuable source of insight for scholars conducting research into other transitional situations. Though some aspects of the Eastern European transition are unique to the region, other aspects of transitions are universal.

ISSN: 2210-2671 open access journal Please visit:

Erasmus Law Review (ELR) Kristin Henrard (Editor-in-Chief), Jennifer Riter (Managing-Editor), Xandra Kramer, Peter Mascini, Harriet Schelhaas, Frank Weerman and Michiel van der Wolf The Erasmus Law Review seeks to foster independent critical scholarship as relevant to the discipline of law. The Erasmus Law Review commissions articles around specific themes, although calls for papers on specific topics might be issued occasionally and will be published on this website. All prospective articles are submitted to double-blind peer review (two reviews per article), and final publication is dependent on the outcome of these reviews.


ISSN: 1877-9107 print and online: € 144.00 online: € 106.00

European Employment Law Cases (EELC) James Davies, Zef Even (General Editor), Ruben Houweling (General Editor Academic Board), Deborah Ishihara, Effie Mitsopoulou, Luca Ratti, Paul Schreiner, Andreea Suciu, Jan-Pieter Vos and Amber Zwanenburg European Employment Law Cases (EELC) publishes mainly “case reports” and summaries of recent relevant judgments by the Court of Justice EU. The case reports are English language summaries of recent judgments by courts all over Europe on issues that can be relevant to practitioners of employment law, with commentaries both by the author and by lawyers from other countries. Some examples of the topics covered: transfer of undertakings, discrimination (gender, age, disability, religion, etc.), working hours, maternity protection, fixed-term contracts, collective redundancies, privacy, paid leave, information and consultation, temporary agency work, free movement. It can help your clients, reputation and court cases if you know what the courts in other countries are doing.

ISSN: 1387-2370 print and online: € 336.00 online: € 240.00

European Journal of Law Reform (EJLR) Prof. Dr. Katharina Boele-Woelki, Prof. Dr. Frank Emmert, Dr. Christiana Fountoulakis, Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Schwenzer, Dr. Constantin Stefanou and Prof. Helen Xanthaki The key purpose of the European Journal of Law Reform is to respond to the growing demand among scholars, legislators and practitioners of law in the private and public sectors for a forum for authoritative views on law reform in Europe and the World. A related purpose is to provide a systematic review of major initiatives for reform of laws and legal practice. The European Journal of Law Reform is jointly edited at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in London, the University of Basel Law Faculty and Europainstitut, as well as at Indiana University School of Law, Indianapolis. By applying a very selective editorial policy and a system of independent and anonymous review of submissions, the European Journal of Law Reform ensures the highest academic standards, and is a leading journal on law reform in the world.


ISSN: 2352-5002 print and online: € 111.00 online: € 84.00

International Journal of Online Dispute Resolution (IJODR) Daniel Rainey, Ethan Katsh and Mohamed Abdel Wahab (Editors-in-Chief) Being a highly selective and peer-reviewed periodical, the Journal encourages comparative, interdisciplinary, international, empirical and theoretical approaches and analysis in contributions. The Journal will bring together Internet industry leaders, government officials, members of the judiciary, banks and payment systems, consumer groups, the legal profession, arbitration experts, ODR proponents, and the academic and technical communities. It will provide a forum on how to efficiently implement online dispute resolution systems that will harmoniously coexist with current legal and alternative processes to increase access to justice. The goal of the Journal is to contribute to establishing an institutional framework of future cross-border ODR systems.



print and online: € 81.00 online: € 61.00

The International Journal of Restorative Justice (IJRJ) Ivo Aertsen (Editor-in-Chief), Estelle Zinsstag (Managing Editor), Fernanda Fonseca Rosenblatt (Book-Review Editor), Stephan Parmentier and Lode Walgrave IJRJ is an academic peer-reviewed journal about restorative justice. Articles are written by experts featuring original and current research on theoretical, practice and policy developments, debates about practices, models or recent innovations, book reviews and ‘Conversations’ with prominent figures known globally for their contributions to the field. The journal’s aim is to contribute to the development of restorative justice by discussing its diverse, challenging and innovative facets, as well as to encourage fruitful discussions and debates. IJRJ will appeal to academics and researchers, to practitioners and policy-makers, and to those who want to keep up to date with the rapid changes in the field of restorative justice.


Forthcoming publications

2019 Q1 Matters of Principle

Codes on the independence and impartiality of the judiciary Tamara Trotman Category: Constitutional Law ISBN: 978-94-6290-532-0 230 pp. | book: € 22.00

Ministers of Justice in Comparative Perspective

Piotr Mikuli, Nathalie Fox and Radosław Puchta Category: Constitutional Law ISBN: 978-94-6236-921-4 | eISBN: 978-94-6274-190-4 245 pp. | book / ebook: € 69.00

On the European Court of Human Rights

An Insider’s Retrospective (1998–2016) Boštjan M. Zupančič Category: Human Rights ISBN: 978-94-6236-903-0 | eISBN: 978-94-6274-993-1 360 pp. | book / ebook: € 95.00

Mass Atrocities in Africa and Transitional Justice Babafemi Akinrinade Category: Human Rights ISBN: 978-94-6236-923-8

2019 Q3 Hybrid Governance

Joop Koppenjan Category: Public Administration ISBN: 978-94-6236-893-4 | eISBN: 978-94-6274-972-6

Contemporary International Community: between Hegemony and Constitutionalism Andraz Zidar Category: Constitutional Law ISBN: 978-94-6236-924-5

English Legal Terminology

2019 Q2

Legal Concepts in Language Helen Gubby Category: Law (general) ISBN: 978-94-6236-926-9

Family Law and Family Realities

Law of the European Union

Masha Antokolskaia Category: Civil Law ISBN: 978-94-6236-927-6 600 pp. | book: € 125.00

The Transnational Illegal Adoption Market

A Criminological Study of the German and Dutch Intercountry Adoption Systems Elvira Loibl Category: Criminology ISBN: 978-94-6236-916-0 | eISBN: 978-94-6274-050-1 514 pp.

The Constitutional Systems of East Asia

Ignazio Castellucci, Giorgio Fabio Colombo, Manuel Delmestro, Andrea Ortolani, Laura Sempi, Andrea Serafino and Mauro Mazza Category: Constitutional Law Series: Comparative Public Law Treatise ISBN: 978-94-6236-898-9 | eISBN: 978-94-6274-985-6 390 pp. | book / ebook: € 99.00

New perspectives in post-transitional policing studies Veronika Nagy and Klára Kerezsi Category: Criminology ISBN: 978-94-6236-887-3 | eISBN: 978-94-6274-957-3

Marital Captivity

Pauline Kruiniger-Van Maanen Category: Civil Law Series: Maastricht Law Series ISBN: 978-94-6236-925-2

Fabian Amtenbrink and Hans Vedder Category: European Law ISBN: 978-94-6236-928-3

Comparative Constitutional Law Documents Aalt Willem Heringa and Sascha Hardt Category: Constitutional Law ISBN: 978-94-6236-930-6 150 pp. | book: € 29.00

Justice that brings out the Good

John Blad, Shadd Maruna and Marc Schuilenburg Category: Criminology ISBN: 978-94-6236-672-5 | eISBN: 978-94-6274-533-9

The Role of Courts in Contemporary Legal Orders Martin Belov Category: Constitutional Law ISBN: 978-94-6236-920-7

2019 Q4 Conflicts and International Crimes

An Introduction to Research Methods Catrien Bijleveld Category: Criminology ISBN: 978-94-6236-749-4 | eISBN: 978-94-6274-777-7 book / ebook: € 53.00


Index Access to personal data in public land registers 25 Acting Together in Crime 18 Administrative Action and Procedures in Comparative Law 13 African Journal of International Criminal Justice (AJICJ) 30 Analysis Techniques for non-Experimental Data: An Introduction 18 An Uneven Balance? 14 Building Bridges 19 Children and the law in the Netherlands 23 Civil Justice System Competition in the European Union 11 Code of Civil Procedure 11 Collaboration with Justice in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Canada 17 Collected Cases on EU Labour Law 23 Competition Law and Public Interests 6 Corporate Governance in the Netherlands 7 Corporate Mediation Journal (CMJ) 30 Corporate Religious Freedom and the Rights of Others 15 Decriminalization of Sex Work: The New Zealand Model 19 Depositaries in European Investment Law 7 Direct Democracy in Comparative Law 13 Directors’ liability in the twilight zone 8 Does the Law of Succession Reflect Cultural Differences? 25 East European Yearbook on Human Rights (EEYHR) 31 Entrepreneurial Mass Litigation 26 Erasmus Law Review (ELR) 31 EU Public Procurement Law & Self-organisation 8 European Employment Law Cases (EELC) 32 European Journal of Law Reform (EJLR) 32 Focus on Honour 20 Foundations and Building Blocks of Law 25 Futureproof Competition Law 9 IISL Proceedings Online 4 International Journal of Online Dispute Resolution (IJODR) 33 International Standards on Legal Protection of Prisoners’ Labour and Social Security Rights 20


Law Enforcement in Digital Society 21 Liability for Damage Caused by Autonomous Vehicles 26 Models for Mediation 27 New Politics of Decisionism 15 Politics of the Low Countries (PLC) 29 Proceedings of the International Institute of Space Law 2017 4 Property Law Perspectives VI 25 Re- De- Co-dification? 25 Rethinking Choice of Law in Cross-Border Sales 9 Rethinking Expropriation Law III 12 Rule of Law at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century 16 Space Law and Policy in the Post-Soviet States 3 Space Law: Basic Legal Documents 5 Space Law in the European Context 3 Tax and Trust 6 The Austerity Paradox 10 The End of Justice(s)? 25 The EU Bill of Rights’ Diagonal Application to Member States 16 The International Journal of Restorative Justice (IJRJ) 33 The Janus-faces of cross-border crime in Europe 21 The Law of International Organizations 24 The Migration Crisis? 17 The Netherlands and Synthetic Drugs 22 The police, the public, and the pursuit of trust 22 The Position of Dutch Works Councils in Multinational Corporations 25 The Right to a Fair Trial in International Criminal Proceedings 14 The Roundabouts of European Law and Economics 24 The Seller’s Right to Cure under Article 48 CISG 10 The Spanish Constitutional System 13 Valorisation of Household Labour in Family Property Law 12

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