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A Frozen Journey WED, NOV 25 | 3PM


Bring the whole family to this one-hour performance, featuring musical selections from The Polar Express and Frozen, plus much more. Be sure to arrive early to meet our Snow Princesses and visit our popular Instrument Zoo! Dress as your favorite Frozen character or wear your jammies!

Tickets just $23!


Let’s Get Organized! Six Tools to Get Rid of Paper Clutter in Your Home Forever! by Barbara Hemphill, Certified Productive Environment Specialist Trainer

Holiday Pops

FRI, NOV 27 | 7:30PM SAT, NOV 28 | 3PM


Join us for all your holiday favorites and our popular sing-a-long, plus, new this year, enjoy selections from Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Polar Express and Frozen! Be sure to visit Santa in

the lobby before the performance!


ave computers made the paper problem in your home even more overwhelming? Do you waste time looking for information you or other family members need? Are you hiding papers at the last minute when you are expecting guests? Is lack of organization putting a strain on an important relationship? Do you feel overwhelmed deciding what paper you really should keep? If you answered “Yes” to even one of the above questions, one solution is what I call a Home Office for the Business of Life—a “command central” for your home, your family, and your life! It does NOT require a separate room, or even a large space—just the right tools to suit your unique situation, and your personal style. This addition to your home will make a decided difference in your ability to create and sustain a productive environment in your home so everyone in it can accomplish their work and enjoy their lives! While many people do have one or more desks, or even more than one office in their home, many people still have the paper problem. Why? There are three possibilities. • As the saying goes, “Opposites attract.” Often family members with very different styles struggle to share the same workspaces. • Most architects and designers focus on aesthetics rather than function, so while a workspace may look attractive, it simply may not work. • Who taught you to manage paper? If you are like many people, the answer is “No one!” Here are some tips to help you begin. • Before you even start, think of a reward for yourself when you are successful! • Choose a place you like to be for the activities you do in that space—e.g., pay bills, research Internet, write thank you notes, manage your schedule, etc. • Make sure you are physically comfortable—comfortable chair, proper lighting, etc. (One client discovered that playing music at her workspace was magic!) • “Today’s mail is tomorrow’s pile.” Clear your workspace of everything and start over with a new system. Then you

can incorporate the old stuff as you need it—or eventually it will be old enough you can throw it away! Make sure you have all the tools you need. Start with what we call “The Magic 6. • Desktop Containers (Labeled!)—“In” for papers you haven’t looked at yet; “Out” for papers that need to go elsewhere; “File” for papers you need to file outside the reach of where you sit. • Wastebasket/Recycle Bin/Shredder—One of the best ways to keep paper at a minimum is to make it easy to get rid of. Continually ask yourself, “What’s the worst thing that would happen if I didn’t keep this?” • Calendar/Time Planner—Now is the time of year to choose a system that totally suits your style. Don’t assume that going digital is the solution, but don’t rule it out either! Talk to others about what they like and why. • Contact Management Program—A central place to keep all your names, address, and phone numbers. (If it’s electronic, make sure to have a back-up!) • Action Files—These are physical files containing papers/projects that require your action or supervision. They can be organized by date, by type of action (e.g. “Order,” “Waiting on Response”) or by name of project.( e.g. “Insurance Claims” or “Family Reunion.” • Reference Files—These are physical files for papers you want to keep for everything from consumer information to your passport. If your office space is small, they may be located in another room. “A place for everything and everything in its place” is half right. The truth is life is messy, and few of us always have everything in its place, but do set aside one time each week to clear your desk totally and get everything back into your system. B! Barbara Hemphill, author of Less Clutter More Life, helps individuals and businesses eliminate physical, digital and emotional clutter through consulting, training, and speaking. She is the founder of Productive Environment Institute which offers training to become a Certified Productive Environment Specialist. She can be reached at barbara@ProductiveEnvironment.com.

A Baroque Christmas FRI, DEC 4 | NOON & 8PM SAT, DEC 5 | 8PM


Noon Concert Sponsor: The Cardinal at North Hills


Concert Sponsor: The Forest at Duke North Carolina Master Chorale Celebrate the holiday season with works from Bach and Handel, including choral selections from Handel’s glorious Messiah.

Cirque Musica Holiday Spectacular FRI, DEC 18 | 8PM SAT, DEC 19 | 3PM & 8PM


Weekend Sponsor: Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina This new show features your favorite holiday music with spell-binding grace and gravity-defying feats from today’s greatest circus performers.

New Year’s Eve in Vienna

THUR, DEC 31 | 8PM


Ring in 2016 with all your favorite Viennese waltzes, plus much more!

Don’t get left out the cold, buy now! ncsymphony.org | 919.733.2750 See participating sponsors at ncsymphony.org/contribute

Boom! magazine | November 2015 13

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BOOM! Magazine, November 2015  

We interview Raleigh's own world-class guitarist Ed Stephenson for our November column of Triangle Profiles. Learn how to decorate for the H...

BOOM! Magazine, November 2015  

We interview Raleigh's own world-class guitarist Ed Stephenson for our November column of Triangle Profiles. Learn how to decorate for the H...

Profile for boommagnc