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EDITOR’S LETTER Dear Readers, I am extremely delighted to unveil the April issue of Boomer Buzz Magazine. After the inaugural soft launch of the online publication last month, it has been a pleasure building relationships in the boomer/ senior centric market and it is my sincere wish that this issue meets with the same rave reviews. We held our Boogie Woogie Boomer Buzz Magazine Launch Party in March and it was a blast and I am happy to share some of the photos from the evening with you in this issue. The reaction of readers around the country is thrilling! Both readers and advertisers are commenting on what a great resource for the community, both locally in our home base of Dallas, but also on a national level, and I am grateful for the encouraging and positive responses: “WOW....I was thoroughly impressed! So many interesting articles, and I really liked the way they stayed true to their intended readers,” “The whole magazine is extremely informative, upscale and now,” and “What a necessary publication! Great job.” As spring rushes forth, the trees are greening, flowers are popping out and there is a crispness to the air, and I find myself wanting to include so much new information and exciting products in the April issue for all of you to enjoy. But as much as I want to jump into every new opportunity that comes along and share it with you, I remember that we have a limit on our mental capacity and have reigned myself in. However, you will find the magazine packed full of interesting features, new products to review and styles to excite us, as we ready ourselves and homes for spring. And also fun remembrances of our “boomer” youth. From toys we played with as children to favorite cars from the movies to fantastic music of our era. As we remember our past, our futures are bright for balance and harmony if we open ourselves to such. And I hope everyone will! The articles are packed with information and I hope you will sit back and enjoy reading the April issue of Boomer Buzz. Grab a cup of tea, slide onto a comfortable chair in the fresh air and read to your heart’s content. Happy Spring, Robin Roberson

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CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Holly Kuper, Jim Holcomb and Becca Menig

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by R.M.Oliver


t is amazing to think that so many staples of my childhood playtime have cornered the toy market 20, 40, even 50 years before I was born. And their success continues and broadens! At midnight on Black Friday, Walmart and a gaggle of other stores across the nation, put a massive amount of inventory on sale. At least an equal, if not a greater, mass of humanity, tore into these stores with visions of Christmas savings in their eyes. Or I can only assume savings is what would cause turkey and dressing stuffed Americans to stay up till the wee hours just for shopping. My family bought several 42� televisions, a blu-ray player and numerous discs. However in this age of gadgets and electronics, the vast majority of gifts they purchased were toys and games, with Princess Barbie the clear winner-they bought 10 to 15 of these be-gowned dolls. 10 to 15, wow! Barbie was first launched onto the toy market in 1959 by businesswoman Ruth Handler, one of the co-founders of Mattel. For a 52 year old toy, Barbie has grown into an exceptional industry: she is the figurehead of a brand of Mattel dolls and accessories, including other family members and collectible dolls and it is estimated that over a billion Barbie dolls have been sold worldwide in over 150 countries, with Mattel claiming that three Barbie dolls are sold every second. Barbie was one of the first toys to have a marketing strategy based

extensively on television advertising. And in 1998 she was inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame which is a high honor, the Rochester based organization reserves only for toys fostering creative play and enjoying iconic popularity. Since its inception, The Toy Hall of Fame has only added 46 to its ranks. Most Baby Boomers can likely name many of them by simply remembering their favorite toys. Can you venture a guess? Only two are electronicAtari, which was invented in 1952 and Gameboy in the late 80s. Two are games-Scrabble, 1948 and Monopoly which proceeded the baby boomer years and was marketed in 1935 but became a family/kid craze during the 50s. Two of them we have all played with, but might not readily be considered toys, and one has never been purchased-the blanket which many of us built tents or forts with and the stick that became a sword when one was a swashbucklers, or a bat or stickball for quick fun outside. One of them started life as a cleaner for wallpaper. That’s right. Play Doh was first made as a wallpaper cleaner and latter marketed to children and school teachers who complained that small children could not easily work with normal molding clay. Who would have thought it would clean wallpaper! Many are artistic in nature while others foster the ingenuity of our future architects and builders. And a large number of these great classic toys experienced a surge of popularity in that time, nearly mythic to my own Gen X mindset, in the years following World War II when it seems humanity was trying to make up for the loss of life in the first half of the twentieth century. The list goes on and on of time treasured toys that have given all of us wonderful hours of entertainment and will continue to do so for generations to come.


And of course it makes sense our nation would start to produce and market toys during those years we now refer to as the Baby Boom. Most likely the great majority of boomers enjoyed many pleasurable hours playing with their friends with a slinky, etch-a-sketch or the original Duncan Butterfly Yo-Yo. And there were Matchbox Cars, Lincoln Logs, Mr. Potato Head, Betsy Wetsy, Hula Hoop, Tinkertoys, Easy Bake Ovens, Krazy Ikes, Cooties, Thumbelina Doll, Daisy Air Rifles, Tiny Tears Doll, Betsy McCall Paper Dolls, Colorforms, GI Joe, and Comic Books, just to name a few and most of these are on store shelves today. Do you remember these great toys? While reminiscing about all of your “old” play toys, think for a moment that the Toy Hall of Fame is only a small part of a larger facility, called The Strong, dedicated to the largest collection and study of play. Consider how much a part of our personal development this seemingly frivolous activity really is. Play is as important as work and as long as the pattern exists-from baby to toddler, toddler to kid, and from kid to adult (forget about adolescence that’s a convention invented in the 1940’s to market to teenagers)-toys will be a part of our lives. And for toys, the term “old” seems to vanish because the best toys transcend the eras, launching them out of the realm of childhood play to icon status. Remember all these toys now and ask yourself, “Didn’t my kids play with the same toys I did and have fun doing so? Do my grandchildren play with the same toys now?” If not, maybe you should share with your younger generation these delightful items which represent a much simpler time and bring back pleasant memories of your childhood. The fun they will have might just surprise them and you. Life isn’t just about computers and video games!




y friend, Maria, got a new wedding ring on her 30th anniversary. It was the shape of a flower filled with beaming ¾ carat diamonds that artfully extended almost over her knuckle. I remember saying to her, “That is soooo beautiful!” Every woman lies. Ok, wait. That was a lie. What I meant to say was that many women lie. Perhaps you’re one of them. Women lie about the numbers on the scale, how much was really eaten for dessert, and whether or not we like our friend’s latest hairstyle. It may be a small lie, a white lie, but a lie nevertheless. But I’m ok with that. What I’m not ok with is the one lie that really punches you in the face. The lie that gives people “the right” to treat you like crap because you feel insecure about standing tall as you say it. Your age. Before we lie about weight, food, or our friend’s hideous hairstyle, we lie, like a trained soldier, about our age. It starts so young (many women begin lying about their age after the “big” 3-0) that by the time half a century has rolled around, you’re subtracting your birth year from the current year just to remember how old you actually are. I know what you’re thinking. Our culture loves the young. The younger, the better. The less wrinkles, the

better. The more hip and stylish, the better. I know, I get it. But I don’t agree with it. Wouldn’t life be better spent reveling in how much you’ve learned, grown, and experienced over the years. I mean think about it, would you really rather be 18 all over again? Sure, if you knew then what you know now, your life may have turned out differently. But even that is not a guarantee. You may have made a different choice, but, at the end of the day, you’d still be 18, surrounded by other 18 year olds, who make 18 year old decisions to prove how adult they are. After a certain age there’s a sense of relief that you no longer have “prove” you’re an adult. You just are. And that, my dear, is beautiful. When one lies about her age, she is denying the beauty of her life. There were many trials, triumphs, stumbling blocks, heartaches, victories, loves, and I-don’t-knowhow-the-heck-I-got-here moments that make the age you are so much richer than the number. The number is just that—a number. Sure, our culture may beg to differ with their age standards. They’ll keep raising the bar for what “looking hot” means. And as celebrities like Jennifer Aniston get closer and closer to 50, that standard will be raised again. Yes, it sucks. But, they only have as much power as you allow.



How To Age Gracefully!! Determine where your anxiety over aging By Shay Banks

I mean think about it. Remember being 12 and you couldn’t wait to be a 13 so you could finally be a teenager. Then you couldn’t wait to be 18 because then you could leave your parents home and create your own--albeit much cooler--rules. And then you looked forward to 21, because then, you could finally drink. Somewhere between 23 and 25, things go downhill. Age is feared and not revered. If you’re still single by 25 (God forbid if you were older), you wanted to hide your face from the world. What’s sad is that after 21, there are no more celebrated milestones for women. The only thing that’s left is “Girl, you better hurry up and get married. Remember your ovaries!!!!” What people should’ve said was “Enjoy the ride honey ‘cuz it goes fast!” I would like to challenge you today. If you’ve lied about your age in the past or kinda whisper it when amongst new people, I want you to try something different. Try standing tall, shoulders back, head up, and say it loud and proud. Maria looked at me as I admired her gorgeous ring. She took her hand back, and began pointing out every diamond on the ring as she said, “I earned Every. Single. One of those diamonds.” And so it is with your age. You’ve earned Every. Single. Year. Be proud of it. Stand tall. And teach us young girls how’s it’s done. Shay Banks is afreelance writer, author and relationship coach. Write her at

is coming from. Maybe you thought that by the time you were 50 you would have traveled the world or still be in good health. Now is the time to decide if these goals are still a priority for you. If so, take steps to make them happen. But if not, simply accept that your goals have changed through the years and identify what your new life goals are and take steps to make them happen.

Give yourself credit for all that you have

achieved. Whether it be career, family, volunteer work, overcoming a fear or addiction or anything else that you’ve achieved or learned from are experiences to feel proud of. If you don’t think you’ve done enough with your life then now is the time to focus on the future and tackle new challenges.

Talk to friends and family members who are older to see what they did to accept aging. Finding out what they’ve experienced with aging, both good and bad, can help ease your anxiety of the unknown.

Develop a healthy style of life to more

easily accept the aging process. Eat well, incorporate exercise into your daily life and develop and maintain healthy friendships and hobbies. Not being healthy can impede an active, fulfilling lifestyle.

Take risks and try new things. This is what

keeps life exciting and keeps you young at heart, ready to accept new adventures. Travel abroad, learn to play golf, write a book, or do anything to expand your experiences and challenge yourself with each passing year to celebrate life.




arch was National Nutrition Month. When you hear the term “good nutrition” what comes to mind? Eating healthy? No more junk food? Lots of vegetables?

Do you feel overwhelmed with trying to figure out what “good nutrition” really means? In our constantly changing world, it is sometimes hard to find the right information or just to take the time to look for it. Good nutrition means eating in a way that will promote proper and healthy functions of the body. There are some basic concepts of good nutrition that you can incorporate in your daily lifestyle to be at your best. Healthy food choices are important to good nutrition. Most of us have strayed away from healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, lean meats, poultry and fish, healthy grains, low fat milk and cheese, nuts, seed and legume. Eating foods that have the least amount of human intervention is best! For more information on basic food groups, see the website or contact me for more information. The topic I want to focus on this month is water. Water is one of the most simple but very important keys to good nutrition. Water is the most readily available resource there is. The surprising part is that most people do not drink enough water for sustaining health! Visualize what happens to your favorite house plant when you forget to water it. It starts to get droopy, the leaves turn brown, they start to fall off and the soil dries up. Not too good for the house plant! Like a miracle, once you water it, it perks right back up. Just think of what is going on inside of your body when you do not drink enough water… not so good either!

By Sonja Kabell

Water is truly the elixir of life. Water makes up more than 70% of your body. Every cell in your body, which the average person has 50 trillion or more, is made up of water! By keep yourself hydrated, your body can perform functions like regulating body temperature, remove waste and toxins, cushion joints, carry nutrients to the cells and protect organs. Don’t forget that water also a great way to control your appetite. The most popular recommendation for individuals is 8X8 rule, eight 8-ounces glasses of water each day. You can add lemon, oranges or lime wedges to make it tastier. You can also eat water enriched foods like watermelon and tomatoes to support your fluid intake. The key is not to wait until you are thirsty, drink throughout the day. You can survive without food but not without water. Sonja Kabell is a Freelance Writer, Weight Loss and Wellness Consultant, Creating Healthy Lifestyles.


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o matter what your age or your circumstances in order to thrive and not just survive in your life, you must have a compelling reason to move forward each and every day. Setting goals and charting a path to achieving those goals helps all of us to feel more fulfillment in our lives. You are never too young or too old to create a compelling future. About a year ago a client who has been a successful business owner for over twenty years was struggling with daily activities and finding the motivation to even want to get out of bed every day. His honesty about the situation was the first step to turning his feelings around. We determined he had always set business goals and reached or exceeded those goals. However, in a life of over fifty years he had never set personal goals. He committed to go through a one-week process of setting goals for himself and during the holiday season shared that the year had been one of the best in his life as he accomplished goals that improved his personal as well as professional life. Is your goal to be fit enough to dance at your daughter or granddaughter’s wedding this summer? Maybe you want to find a way to volunteer and give back to the community for a cause that is close to your heart. Have things gotten stressful and you are looking for ways to lower the impact of that stress on your life? Some people are quite anxious because they are approaching retirement age without the

funds necessary to sustain the lifestyle they prefer. Do you want to learn a new skill or a new language? Goal setting is fun and designed to give you a compelling reason to take steps to reach your goal on a daily basis. Set aside about an hour of uninterrupted time in a peaceful, supportive environment and take the following steps to design an ideal goal for you. Follow these simple steps to set a goal that will get you excited about life this year. 1. Take a few minutes to consider what you would like to be different in your life this time next year. Write down all the thoughts that come through your brain. Do you have any major events you are planning for and need to make changes for those events to be experienced at the highest level? Add them to the list. 2. Now go through your list and circle the two or three items that are most important to you in the coming year. Be courageous. Yes, it may seem out of reach at the moment. That is alright. You are going to create a plan. Also good to be excited about the event or goal. Do you believe you can make these two experiences happen? It should feel like a stretch or a bit challenging. Just make sure it is not overwhelming to you. 3. It is vital to consider who you must become to achieve the one or two goals you have chosen.


Most of the time it is not really about the physical manifestation of the goal as much as the process of getting to the goal that compels you forward. 4. The best formula for setting a goal is to state the goal in the present tense as if you have already achieved the goal so when you read it you are helping create the outcome. One way to state your goal is to fill in the blanks in the following statement. On or before (a specific date), I am (what you want to achieve) because (why you want to achieve it). I will become a person who (characteristic to develop) because of steps I take toward my goal. For example, if you desire to be healthy and strong enough to walk your daughter down the aisle at her wedding and right now you live a completely sedentary life, your goal might sound like the following: On or before September 10th, I am fit and agile because walking my daughter down the aisle is a once in a lifetime experience to share with her and our entire family. I will become a person who values their health at a higher level and can be active throughout my life. 5. Now that you have your goal, an action plan is necessary. What can you do today that moves you toward your goal? Small steps toward your goal at the beginning keep you from giving up. Don’t try to do it all at once. Use the compound effect to your advantage. Do a bit every day and the stacking effect


of consistent effort will bring outstanding results. For example, if you need to save more money for your retirement, evaluate your life and make small choices at first. Do you drink gourmet coffee every day as a habit and pay several dollars for that coffee? What if you only had the coffee once a week and made coffee at home the rest of the time. Even if you save yourself $10 a week that compounds to over $500 a year which gives you funds to add to your retirement account. Be smart. The steps can be simple. Remember that consistent, persistent effort is the key to success. 6. Write your goal on index cards and have them by your bed and in your car or on the refrigerator. You can also cut out pictures that represent your goal and paste them on a page to visually remind yourself of the goal that is compelling you forward to a happier year. Be sure to share your goal with others so there is encouragement as well as accountability. Get excited about the coming year and your extraordinary life! Share the idea of creating a compelling goal with your family and friends. Having a group working towards thrilling goals together can create a whole new attitude and lifestyle in your surroundings. Alice Hinckley is a free lance writer, business strategist, author, and speaker. Creating Light bulb Moments for Business Success!



Top 10 Poker Tips to Make You a Better Player & Improve Your Poker Game Want to become a better player, fast? Follow these 10 tips to boost your poker performance & profits. While geared to beginner players, there’s poker tips that even seasoned pros should remind themselves of once in a while. 1. Don’t Play Every Hand / Do Fold More Probably the number one mistake beginning poker players make is that they play far too many hands. When you’re just starting out playing poker, you want to play poker, and that means staying in hands that aren’t very good just to be part of the action. But playing more doesn’t mean winning more, it usually means losing more. 2. Don’t Play Drunk -- Getting plastered is silly and you usually end up throwing away your entire stack of chips. If you’re just playing with friends for low stakes and it’s more about the fun than the poker - fine but if you’re in a casino, watch the alcohol. The truth is, while you may be more relaxed after 2 drinks, it may lead to you playing looser and less sharply, even if one’s not ‘drunk.’ 3. Don’t Bluff Just For Bluffing’s Sake -- A lot of beginner’s understand that bluffing is a part of poker, but not exactly how. There’s is NO rule that one must bluff a certain amount or at all during a poker game, and it’s better never to bluff than to bluff “just to bluff.” 4. Don’t Stay in a Hand Just Because You’re Already In It -- Another common mistake beginners make is to think that “Well, I’ve already put that much in the pot, I have to stay in now.” Nope. You can’t win a pot just by throwing money at it. 5. Don’t Call at the End of a Hand to “Keep Someone Honest” -- This one follows the last tip. A lot of players look at another player’s final bet, look at the hand, & say “I know you’ve got me, but I have to keep you honest,” as they throw in a final call. If you really feel a player has the hand he’s representing & you’re beat, why give him another pile of your money? 6. Don’t Play When Mad, Sad, or in a Generally Bad Mood -- When you play poker, you shouldn’t do it to escape from being depressed or having a really bad day. You start out on tilt -- playing emotionally, not rationally -- and you won’t play your best 7. Do Pay Attention to the Cards on the Table -- When you first start playing, it’s enough just to remember how to play and pay attention to your own hand. But once you’ve got that down, it’s incredibly important to look at what’s going on at the table. In Texas Hold ‘Em, figure out what the best possible hand would be to fit the flop. 8. Do Pay Attention to the Other Players -- As you play, one of the single best things you can do is observe your opponents, even when you’re not in a hand. 9. Don’t Play at too High Limits -- There are many reasons people move up to a higher limit game than they usually play. Good reasons like they’ve been winning consistently at a lower lever & are ready to move up, & bad reasons like the line is shorter for higher limits or you want to impress someone. 10. Do Pick the Right Game for Your Skill Level & Bankroll One of the reasons you shouldn’t jump into a $5/10 game after winning a huge bunch of money at $2/4 is because as the stakes rise, so does the average skill level of the players sitting there. You want to be one of the best at the table, not the fish who sits down with sharks.

by Randy R LaCroix

How many times have you sat down at a poker table and watched a nothing hand turn into the winning hand? For example, you’re dealt a 3 and a 6. Instead of folding you decide to take a chance and stick it out. The dealer turns up (4, 5, 7) among the next four cards for a Straight! Or, you’re dealt a pair of Jacks and another Jack face up in the community cards for Three-Of-A-Kind. Winning hand, eh? But someone else is dealt a Full House of three 4s and two 9s. Luck sometimes has as much to do with the above scenarios as skill. And sometimes just sticking around long enough to “gamble” that your cards will pay off is the adrenalin that some players are looking for. You find you’re asking yourself more often than not: Do I want to take the chance? Anyone who has played poker or sat and observed a game of Texas Hold ‘Em can certainly attest to the random luck of the cards that are dealt. The start of the first few cards can signal a promising hand only to result in the proverbial “fold”. A player can always take a chance and count on a certain amount of luck over a short period of time. It’s the realistic or skillful player who recognizes that there are times when it’s best to quit when that string of luck or cards appears to be elusive. Some skillful card players will spend as much time observing their opponents as they do playing their own cards. They watch how other players may telegraph what they have in their hands. Watching the way players bid, their verbal comments, or their body language can



For anyone who has played or watched a game of Texas Hold ‘Em being played there are terms that a dealer may use while distributing the playing cards around the table. For those who are not familiar with this particular poker game I’ll explain briefly how this interesting and fun game evolves. Texas Hold ‘Em is a variation of poker with the exception that it is played with seven cards instead of the usual five, and there is no draw. Each player is dealt two cards face down on the poker table.

“tell” a lot about the possible outcome of the hand: Fidgeting, smiling, frowning, counting their chips, blinking, constantly looking back at their hand, shifting around in their chair, etc. So, what is the answer? Is successful poker playing a result of luck or skill? I believe there’s a combination of BOTH involved here: Luck and skill share a tag-team hand in playing poker. You have to have the skill to know what you’re looking for in that hand to win. But you also know that, by taking a chance on checking or bidding, you need the luck that the next card is the one you are looking for! Are you a skillful player or a player who relies on taking the chance with Lady Luck? Only you can answer that question. Good Luck! ENJOY!

An additional five cards are dealt face up in the center. These five cards are called community cards which are shared by all players at the table. The object is to use your two cards that are face down with a combination of three community cards to build the best or winning hand. Once the first two cards are dealt to all players the blinds are placed in the pot by the players to the left of the dealer. Blinds are automatic forced bets. The player to the left of the dealer, called the small blind, places the initial agreed upon bet with chips. The next player to the left of the small blind places the big blind bet (usually double that of the small blind). The remaining players can then choose to call (match the big blind), raise, or fold. The next three cards called the FLOP are dealt face up in the center of the table for the remaining players. The players beginning to the left of the dealer can check, raise/call, or fold. The fourth card, called the TURN, is then dealt face up and, once again beginning with the player to the left of the dealer, the players can check, raise/call, or fold. The final card called the RIVER is dealt face up. Remaining players can then choose to check, raise/call, or fold. The winner with the best five-card hand, as determined by poker rules, collects the chips in the pot. Normally, the small blind and big blind would then be passed to the next player(s) on the left and the deal would begin again. As with any poker game, the objective (if a time limit or bet limit has not been set) is to be the last player remaining after all chips have been collected. Another variation of Texas Hold ‘Em is called H.O.R.S.E. This is played with various rounds of: • Texas Hold ‘Em • Omaha eight or better • Razz • Seven Card Stud • Seven Card Stud Eight or better Okay, whose turn is it to deal?



The Miniature Ecosystem… by DeeDee Lowder Today, unstable economy, overpopulation and cramped living spaces are the keywords, motivating people to learn innovative methods to improve their living conditions. For example, instead of investing time, money, and effort in a full garden at the front or backyard, people are into terrariums, an alternative gardening option that appeals to most. A variant of indoor gardening, a terrarium is an inventive interior accessory or decoration that adds a sense of freshness in your apartment, condominium, or boarding house. Terrariums serve as miniature ecosystems, and can either be closed or open. A closed terrarium has its own continuous rain cycle that facilitates plant growth. When moisture evaporates from the soil and plant leaves, it condenses on the container’s roof and walls and then drops down to moisten the soil. Plants for enclosed terrariums prefer low to medium light, moist soil, and a humid environment. Experts suggest small ferns, crotons, and creeping figs for enclosed terrariums. Open terrariums on the other hand are low-maintenance mini gardens since the plants are less vulnerable to diseases. These may require more frequent watering because the moisture escapes, but it appeals to beginners because it’s easy to make and tend to. Plants like philodendrons, begonias, and cacti are highly recommended for open terrariums.

If you’re interested in making your own terrarium, you only need a few things to get you started. Decide whether you want a closed or open terrarium, and prepare a glass container, gravel, and some soil. You also need activated charcoal, beach stones, or sea glass, depending on your plants and design. You can ask for some gardening advice from a gardening shop about specific plants that will suit your preference. The good thing about having a terrarium is that you can design it freely. You can combine plants with coordinating colors and textures and come up with an interesting mix. You can also choose between neutral greens, accenting colors, and wide varieties of plants and flowers. Experts in gardening help beginners in basic terrarium elements and designs to get them started. In terms of maintenance, terrariums generally require minimal effort. Terrariums don’t need fertilizers since the plants are very small and need not grow fast. As long as there is condensation on the glass and the amount of water is regulated, you can put your terrarium in a prominent place and enjoy its beauty.



Feng Shui For a Good Night’s Sleep


by Carla McMahon

good night sleep is vital for health and alertness especially when you need to focus and be mentally active the next day at work. However, you may want to look at your bedroom and its surrounding features to make sure that it is conducive for a peaceful slumber. It is important for you to know Feng Shui is an ancient spiritual discipline which makes use of a process that affects your internal landscape just as much as it affects your physical environment be your home, office or your bed room. Before you start practicing or using Feng Shui enhancements to your living environment it is important for you to know that it is for nourishing and healing your soul. But what is pleasurable may not necessarily be good for you in Feng Shui speak. For example, a water bed may be a novelty for those who seek the finer things in life but it is not what Feng Shui would recommend. This is because water is Yang. The concept of Yin and Yang form the bedrock of Feng Shui and all Chinese metaphysics. Yang is opposite of Yin. It is like day and night, hot and cold, active and passive, loud and quiet, bright and dark, movement and stillness, etc. You can’t have one without the other. They co-exist and complement one another. The key is achieving an optimal balance between the two. In Feng Shui one is enriching the soul by directing the energies of universe and natural elements such as wind, water, earth, and metals to it. It is so important to stay positive and constantly filled with good, flowing energy. If you do so, your life and all the things you are surrounded by will represent such wonderful qualities as health, happiness, prosperity. Your bedroom is a place where you spend 1/3 of your time, so having proper balance of yin and yang is very essential; some yang energy because it helps you stay motivated but too much yang on the other hand can drive you nuts! It can make you feel chaotic, frenzied and over-stimulated. It can make you feel too passionate, so that you can never just sit back and relax in your bedroom.

And it should be more Yin than Yang. It is a place that should be quiet and inactive. Feng Shui equates Yin with health/relationship aspects and Yang with wealth/career aspects. Water is Yang and for a water bed, it makes the bed too Yang. Imagine sleeping on a pool of water that is constantly moving. It is not a good Feng Shui feature. Your sleep is not going to be a restful one. Feng Shui does not recommend having a TV in a bedroom as it is also too Yang. Other negative features that are too Yang for a bedroom: ▪ Too many windows or large windows ▪ Too much sunlight streaming in during the day ▪ A lamppost or electrical pole outside ▪ A bedroom door that is aligned directly to the bed The best Feng Shui bedroom tip is to have your bed in ‘command position’ which means that you face the door from the diagonal far side of the room but are not directly in front of the door. It is in this position, you are able to benefit from the Chi, Chinese life energy, flow that enters and moves through the space, while being far enough removed from the doorway that you are not exposed to Chi that is too strong and which can contribute to stress, irritability and health problems, but keeping your bed in commanding position prevents you from negative influences and puts you in control of your space and of your life. You should make sure to drape the windows with thick curtains to block out excessive sunlight. If there is a lamppost immediately outside the bedroom, you should keep the window closed at most times. The bed should be realigned away from the bedroom door and its headboard should rest against a solid flat wall for stability. A hill or mountain is a Yin feature. If it can be seen from the bedroom window, it is even better as it provides stability. Feng Shui favors a bedroom that is more Yin - calm, peaceful and stable. You should feel recharged and rejuvenated after a good night sleep.



Safely Enjoy Being Outdoors

With the Original LED Light Vest, you can enjoy the outdoors while being safe and visible from miles away. The Original LED Light Vest provides users the ability to work or play in little to no light. The Original LED Light Vest contains 12 white super-bright LEDs that put off a puddle of light allowing you to see in front of you, while 12 red super-bright LEDs on the back of the vest keep you visible to others. Available for Man’s Best Friend, too.


The common dessert dilemma: Your taste buds scream for ice cream; your waistline says, “Choose fruit.” The innovative answer: Yonanas. It transforms frozen bananas into a creamy soft-serve treat without added cream or sugar. It’s a great solution for the health-conscious, lactose-intolerant, and kosher alike.

Retro Tortoise Inspired

The special edition Burnet Special Sauce sunglass by Kaenon is now available. A completely original color design inspired by G.Love’s individual style and his respect for classic blues music, the Burnet Special Sauce sunglass combines rich tortoise with a modern matte black for a truly timeless sunglass.

Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformations

Replacing a worn laminate countertop with granite or another stone surface is pricey but Rust-Oleum’s Countertop Transformations provides an attractive, durable stone-like surface do-it-yourself option with just a weekend of work. Five faux-granite colors.



LiLash Purified Eyelash Stimulator

The advances in eyelash growth products mean that the latest offerings make eyelashes longer and thicker than ever before and In most cases the benefits can be seen within just 2 weeks. These products can be used to nourish the hairs and stimulate growth. This is achieved by applying a serum which contains nutrients formulated to make eyelashes healthier.

XPS-1 by FootJoy

Extreme Platform Technology is the most advanced performance, stable golf shoe on the market with new technology for precision fit and all condition comfort. Extreme outsole, lightweight fiberglass support bridge and cyclone cleats by Softspikes.

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Deckorators’ new VersaCaps provide adaptability, beauty for deck and fence posts. Also coming in Spring 2012, Deckorators will release yet another industry-first with their faux copper addition to their line of Classic Balusters. Emulating the appearance of real copper, the copper Classic Baluster is a natural complement to many railing types.

Swatch for Spring

The totally new series of New Gent Lacquered, based on the principle of structuralism, it adopts movement units of complicated piercing style in its ten-colored watch faces, which makes people can appreciate every movement clearly. Besides, the rich colors, adding with different interior structures, which presents rich levels in the design, attracting people`s eyes.



Argentinian Wines on the Rise By Dafydd Morris


xpect to hear a lot more about Argentina in the next few years, hopefully not so much on the political side but much more about their wines.

Argentina has a long history of producing wines. For over four hundred years they have been making wine, typically with a “spicy blend” of Italian and Spanish heritage. Whilst most of their production was, in the past, of relatively low quality and drunk by the local market, the last decade has seen somewhat of a revolution in the wine trade and now, with plenty of local knowledge and foreign investment, the future looks very bright indeed. It is a very exciting time for everyone connected with the Argentinian wine trade as they are discovering that this vast country has all the ingredients needed to produce world class wines. Things are happening very quickly and thanks to big investments from Europe and America it is almost as if new discoveries are being made on a weekly basis. Experimentation is being carried out on soil types, vine production rates, the influence of altitude, fermentation and ageing processes and grape varieties to name a few. It’s as if they always knew they were sat on a pot of gold but only now are they learning how to make the most of it! There are three main wine producing regions in Argentina. The newest and possibly the most exciting is the region of Salta, way up North. Here, altitude is the biggest factor with vineyards ranging from 2000m up to the highest on Earth at Colomé - a sickness inducing 3111m above sea level. The White wines, especially Torrontes, from this region are exceptional and I am convinced that we will be seeing a lot more of them in the UK market soon enough.

The second largest region, possibly a bit better known in Wales due to its historical connections, is Patagonia, and whilst the wine producing region of Patagonia is not quite as far south as the penguins it is the southernmost region of Argentina. Down there the terroir of fine stony soils, intense sunlight, quality melt water from the Andes and a substantial temperature difference between warm days and cool nights combine to produce wines of elegance, bristling with amazing acidity. The Pinot Noirs from Patagonia are proving to be very classy! The third and largest region is Mendoza which is the most important province as it accounts for more than 80% of Argentina’s wine production. This region has a unique desert climate with low rainfall and a balmy average of 300 days of sunshine each year (heaven). Again the Andes are crucial as they provide the melt water - natural irrigation and the altitude 800m-1300m without which the likes Malbec and other grape varieties just would not flourish. Malbec from Mendoza has without doubt been responsible for the recent success of Argentina around the World and even though Argentinian wines only account for less than 2% of wines in the UK we have seen somewhat of a “boom” in the last twelve months or so. The countries flagship grape is proving to be very popular and the variety can provide everything from a soft, easy drinking, fruity wine to a big, full bodied mouthful of dark cherry and blackcurrant fruit, together with chocolate, spice and sweet velvety tannins! Due to the versatility of the Malbec grape, winemakers in Mendoza are more than happy to supply the ever increasing demand however they are having increasing success with other grape varieties too.


Argentinian Wines on the Rise

Argentina’s Argentinian Wines on Wine the Regions Rise ▪

Whilst I was there I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Cabernet Sauvignon’s I tasted, which proved to be both powerful and elegant, it is worth keeping an eye out for other varietals such as Bonarda, Syrah, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc.


Argentina is a truly amazing country. Personally I think their wines offer real value for money and as long as nothing too radical happens I am sure we will continue to see their popularity grow.



Ageless Design

Dallas Fashion Designer Turns Back Time For as long as she can remember, Terri Ives has lived her life immersed in fashion. “My mother taught me to sew, and I loved to dress up,” says the designer and owner of Terri Ives Couture. “My father always told me I was going to be a fashion designer. I have never wanted to do anything else.” A graduate of Kansas State University, Ives majored in fashion design and minored in art. What followed was a career that began in Dallas and spanned 30 years. “I worked on the fashion board at Sanger Harris,” Ives remembers fondly. “I worked for a couture house, and I later I worked for a major ready-to-wear manufacturer. I did 80 piece collections two times a year,” says Ives. “I did a dress line and sportswear line.” So distinctive were Ives’ designs that they caught the eye of former first lady Betty Ford who selected from one of her collections. Yet designing apparel for the broad market was not where Ives’ heart lay. In the 1980’s she started her own business with the goal of helping women to create a positive self image through fashion. “The thing I love the most is helping women look great and feel great,” says Ives. In fact, Ives took a short sabbatical from designing to become an image consultant, offering full-day seminars on personal presentation. “We would work with women from head to toe,” says Ives. Seminars included a

by Nancy Baldwin

fashion show and recommendations for hair style and cosmetic application. Ives’ interaction with the seminar attendees only served to solidify her mission to help women see themselves as the vibrant people they can become. Today she offers two original apparel collections designed to enhance the style of women over 40. The Trend Collection offers off-the-rack original designs priced from $250. Included are dresses, casual wear, suits and accessories. The upscale Couture Collection offers special occasion gowns, cocktail dresses, suits and casual apparel. Each item is cut to fit a customer’s specific body type and proportion and is custom made in Ives studio. Prices start at $700-$1,000. “I have a spring/summer collection and a fall/winter collection. I have 250 designs,” says Ives. Ives believes strongly that with the right approach to dressing, boomer women can remain attractive into their later years. The first key is a positive outlook. “They have to have the right attitude and mind-set. It can’t be, ‘I’m getting old,’” she emphasizes. “You have to be willing to make changes to how you look, to do things to help you look more vibrant.



“I think a lot of baby boomers give up. I don’t think they realize how that affects them mentally. They don’t see how they can transform themselves.” Ives further emphasizes the need for boomer women to know themselves physically and spiritually. “They need to have an understanding of their body shape, body proportion, personality and lifestyle. All of those things make a difference.”

weight, she should not wear fitted pieces - wear straight or semi-fitted, but not too full.”

Ives understands well the apparel needs of boomer women and takes particular pride in offering designs to enhance their appearance.

“God created each of us uniquely. Each of us has the ability to present ourselves as wonderfully and uniquely made.”

“I always take into consideration the changes in their bodies – arms, knees, legs. Your body weight shifts. I try to do things that are more slenderizing.”

Ives’ collection for spring/summer 2012 illustrates this philosophy and capitalizes on today’s trends in color and pattern.

Jackets in her collection may illustrate angled hemlines, shorter in front yet longer in back. “I think they’re more slimming,” she notes.

“Dresses have been popular for several years. I have dresses in stripes and geometric prints.” Ives’ dresses and casual wear also reflect animal prints and color blocking.

For women whose bodies have an “A” shape, narrower at the shoulders than at the hips, Ives incorporates shoulder pads into tops and jackets to add balance.

“Bright colors are in. All primary colors are good right now,” says Ives. Other vivid colors in her collections are turquoise, hot pink, lime green and tangerine.

Distinctive collars are a hallmark of Ives’s designs, and she utilizes them to draw attention to a woman’s face and away from less attractive features. “I always like collars. They frame the face and pull the eye up.”

Trend-right pieces in her collections include loose, angled hem jackets, sling jackets, sleeveless and three-quarter sleeve dresses, and tops with raglan sleeves. Also available are jewelry, belts and handbags.

Jewelry is also a valuable fashion asset. “Even jewelry can help add balance,” Ives says. “That’s a way to get attention up to the face.”

Ives readily admits that not all trends are appropriate for all women, and what is most important is style.

Ives works with lighter, soft drapey fabrics to masque difficult body areas. “The challenge is to cover arms. That’s where lighter fabrics are important and maybe three-quarter sleeves.” Extra weight also can be minimized through effective use of fabric and design. “If a woman is carrying extra

Petite women, Ives explains, should wear shorter jackets to create balance and the illusion of being taller. “It’s all about proportion and line. There are ways to look taller and ways to look thinner,” Ives says. “When I design my collection, I try to keep every body shape in mind.

“Fashion changes. Fashion can be bought,” says Ives. “Style is unique. Style is that indefinable quality that separates one woman from another.” Nancy Baldwin is a Freelance Writer/Editor and Communications Consultant.



Oh No!!!

Wrinkles a

ou sleep well, exercise, eat healthy, and before you know it, it sneaks up on you. The most hated word of our generation, “WRINKLES”! We see these wrinkles, and lines around our eyes, and in our sagging skin. We look in the mirror over our sink, leaning in as close as we can. We rotate our head, and try to see our face in different lighting, and angles. Are they really there, or a figment of our imagination!!! They are really there. Well, should we embrace them as a sign of our life experiences, or get rid of them fast?

contain hydration and anti-oxidants. They will absorb into your skin and the most beneficial time to put them on for absolute skin absorption is at 9 p.m.

As we stare in the mirror, we wonder where they came from. Sun damage over the years, smoking and the natural pull of gravity are our wrinkle culprits. But there is hope, and this month we are going to explore products that can help slow down, and possibly reverse, these annoying telltale signs of our life’s journey. The one thing to be exuberant about is that we have come this far, and want to enjoy many more birthdays, but let’s do it with glowing, youthful skin.

Dr. Oz. Suggests Argireline Creams as Botox Alternative; Fine Line Reduction


Have you ever wondered why the fashion designer, and singer Victoria Beckman, never smiles? She is quoted as saying that she does not want smile lines on her face… That is a sad comment…We need to smile, laugh and enjoy our lives. Laughter brings more oxygen to our brain and keeps us bright and joyful. However, the evil culprit called wrinkles does exist but here are some hints to help you avoid and slow them down: 1. Do not sleep on either side of your face. This could be a little difficult but at least start off sleeping with the pillow under your head. 2. Smoking is not allowed as it keeps oxygen and blood flow from your face, and thus you get wrinkles. 3. You have wrinkles, so what!!!! We are so lucky to live in this day and age. There are a lot of anti aging creams and serums to help reverse fine lines and wrinkles, and keep more from showing their face on our face…(a little humor here)! 4. Always use a good cosmetic remover at night…. NEVER go to bed with your makeup still on. Also, make sure you use good anti aging creams at night that

5. In the morning cleanse off the creams that you used the night before, then put on a good day eye and face cream. And, before applying makeup use a silicone based primer. 6. Finally, you not only need to hydrate your skin on the outside but from the inside as well. Drink as much water as you can, during the day.

Argireline is used in the best skin creams and serums and “works just like Botox,” but is needle free. Dr. Oz suggests it should be a featured ingredient in the skin creams, extolling its virtues in a recommended concentration is 5-10%. A company well known for pioneering the use of Argireline and other laboratorytested ingredients is Skin Pro. Makers of the market-leading Elite Serum, Skin Pro have been educating consumers about Argireline and its anti wrinkle effects since 2009. “We’ve used Argireline in several of our anti wrinkle products and are a major importer of cosmeceutical products,” stated Skin Pro CTO Richard Banks. “Our laboratory has been at the forefront of blending peptides together to make the best skin rejuvenation creams and daily maintenance products for healthier skin. We owe a lot of our success to the makers of Argireline as it’s been a lynchpin in many of our formulas that help our customers look younger,” added Banks. I have purchased Elite eye serum, and love the effects it had on my eye lines, and other wrinkles on my face. The ingredients in Elite Eye Serum should



at My Age!

by Joy Freda

do the work. It contains, among others, anti-oxidants, Eyeliss, Argireline, Hyaluronic Acid, and Haloxyl. The anti-oxidants, acai berry, and resveratrol, work to combat the damage done by free radicals. The Eyeliss works to reduce puffiness around the eyes. The Argireline helps relax muscles around the eyes which, in turn, reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The hyaluronic acid is a well-documented moisturizing agent that draws moisture into the skin for a more youthful appearance. Haloxyl works to increase blood flow while reducing water retention which helps keep the puffiness down while reducing the appearance of dark circles as well. The one negative to this product is the price. One 15 ml bottle is $99. But a little goes a long way! According, to how I am using it, it will last me two months. I already see a difference in my wrinkles after 3 days of use. But remember, not all creams work the same on each of us. Lifecell, an all in one anti aging cream, is also very popular today. The manufacturers of Lifecell claim that it uses an ingredient that magically tricks the eyes to make wrinkles disappear. Actually it contains silicon dioxide in the form of billions of microscopic three dimensional crystals. When you see a wrinkle, actually what you are seeing is a shadow the wrinkle makes. This product refracts light and there will be no shadows to see. It seems to work like a prism. I have also used this product and in my case my wrinkles were harder to see, and it made my skin so soft. This product is also pricey at $189.00 a tube, but again a little bit goes a long way. I like the idea if using just one cream for my whole face. You will not need to add other creams if you are using Lifecell, it takes care of all your anti aging concerns in one tube…However, as much as I do like this, all skin products may or may not work well on all of us. Both Elite Eye Serum and Lifecell have a return policy which is a very positive note. Now let us explore less expensive creams that you can get from your local Walgreens, CVS, Wal Mart, or your charming Avon Lady:

Genics Treatment Cream The technology behind ANEW Genics Treatment Cream is called YouthGen™ Technology and promises to help your skin cells act younger! Ten years in the making it was developed by Avon scientists who research the secrets of human longevity. Research based out of Italy shows that people who live longer have highly active Youth Genes which we all have and Avon has discovered they keep the body healthy and play a significant role in skin health. Genics Night Cream stimulates your Youth Gene activity, thus helping your skin cells act younger. Avon states that the active Youth Genes help restore up to ten years of your visible youth by making visible improvements to your fine wrinkles, discolorations, and age spots. Anew Genics Treatment Cream is suitable for all ages and skin types and can be used with any anti-aging skincare regimen. The product retails for about $36. Avon has also come out with a new Genics eye cream which they claim will diminish the appearance of fine wrinkles and fine crow’s feet around the eye area, saying it will re-energize and restore the look of youthful brilliance, smoothness and give your eye area definition and elasticity. It may be used in the AM and PM. This also retails for about $36. There is one more cream from your local drugstores that also has excellent results: Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum which claims to instantly smooth your skin, and deliver visible results in just one week! It does have a unique combination of Retinol SA, Glucose Complex, and Hyaluronic Acid. The cream is lightweight and is a silky serum that will moisturize and help renew the look of your skin.



It is said to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and attack those nuisance age spots. Another advantage they claim is that it will reduce the look of dark circles. I have seen this sold online for $20.99 but check in your area for certainty.

Cosmetic Word Definition This list of Definitions of words related to Cosmetics, Skincare and Skincare Ingredients is by no means exhaustive, But is a great starting point if you are interested in understanding such terminology. Age Spot: A light brown patch on the skin that usually occurs with age or overexposure to the sun in light skin people; Also known as a liver spot (why I don’t know). Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s): Used in chemical peels to erase fine lines and give the skin a smoother appearance; Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid are the 2 most common. Antiseptic: Capable of preventing infection by inhibiting the growth of microorganisms. Benzoyl peroxide: Topical antibacterial agent used to treat acne. Found in more over the counter and prescription Botanical: Related to a plant like nature. Botox: A trademark for a preparation of botulinum, a toxin used to treat strabismus and smooth facial wrinkles. Chemical Peel: A procedure used to reduce/remove skin blemishes or wrinkles by applying a gentle acid that produces a mild superficial burn. Collagen: A protein found in bone, cartilage, skin, and other connective tissue. Helps to strengthen skin and improve skin. Cosmeceutical: A cosmetic product that has medicinal properties such as an Anti wrinkle Cream. Emollient: An agent that softens or soothes the skin.

I have enjoyed finding products this month that claim to attack those nasty “Wrinkles”and showing you the options for products which are affordable and really preform well. With a unique approach using the finest ingredients in the market, and packaging them well. I hope to help you cut through the advertising double talk, and half-truths so prevalent in the world of wrinkle creams. With literally hundreds of wrinkle products on the market, picking the right one is not an easy task. However, in my search this month, I believe that the products I chose, and did use, will help you in your search for the right anti -aging cream yourself. And, please stay away from any creams that state: 53 YEAR OLD MOM LOOKS 33!!!!!! Next Month: I WILL TAKE MY MAGNIFYING GLASS AND EXPLORE THE WORLD OF FACIAL FILLERS!!! OOPS WHERE IS MY SHERLOCK HOLMES HAT???????

Exfoliate: To remove a layer of skin (It’s important to exfoliate with a skin care product that refines the skin at least once a week to remove dead skin cells). Glycolic Peel: Used to help peel or exfoliate the skin, making it appear more youthful. Keratin: A non-water soluble protein located in the upper layer of the skin, hair, and nails. Hyaluronic Acid: An acid that occurs naturally in the skin and helps to retain moisture; A lubricating and protecting agent Lactic Acid: A chemical compound found in sour milk, fruit and produced in the muscles during exercise. Phytochemical: A plant derived chemical that is not necessarily nutrient essential but may have certain health benefits Pigment: Any substance that produces color and is present in plant or animal tissues. Salicylic acid: A white crystalline substance used to treat skin conditions and as a preservative to make aspirin, dyes or perfumes.





Guatemala Land o I

magine stepping onto a tee box in the morning, when mist is clinging to the trees and the foliage surrounding the fairway glistens with silver highlights. You take aim at the live volcano looming in the distance. Just then, a primal scream sounds from the nearby tropical forest. It could be a howler monkey, or a colorful toucan—yet, you can see the city skyline just a few miles away. This is Guatemala. The Guatemalan climate calls out to golfers year round, ranging from an average of 60 to 90 degrees, which is why it’s often called the “Land of Eternal Spring.” Even during the summer rainy season, you can tee off in the morning and finish before the rains arrive in the afternoon. Playing the five magical courses in Guatemala is an experience that fills your senses with color and adventure. The courses are all within a short drive of Guatemala City, and all are USGA Certified with handicaps and indexing. Guatemala is a montage of European traditions and ancient civilizations. Guatemala City, the largest urban area in Central America, sprawls across mountain ranges and valleys, encompassing a quixotic mix of high-rise office buildings and old world markets. In addition to the golf, you’ll also find stunning Mayan ruins at Tikal, the well-preserved colonial city of Antigua, a vibrant indigenous culture, active volcanoes, highland lakes and abundant wildlife. All are part of the mystique of Guatemala, where nature has choreographed a landscape that dances with exotic shapes and colors.

Step back in time at Guatemala Country Club Guatemalans have been playing golf since 1928, when the Guatemala Country Club became the first course to be built in the city. You’ll feel as if you’ve gone back in time as you wander the halls of the clubhouse. The course is very traditional, similar to courses in the northeastern U.S. It is member-oriented, but opens play to visiting golfers in the mornings Monday through Friday. Most Guatemalan golfers play in the afternoon, so getting early tee times is rarely a problem. Walking the course with a caddy is the only way to go, since the carts all belong to the members. The 16th hole is extremely long for a par 3, at 207 yards from the forward tees. From the back tees, golfers must carry a ravine, but the forward tees play from the other side of the hazard. The number 18 finishing hole requires good course management; stay in the fairway or be prepared to play a tricky shot out of the trees. The course is a veritable parkland, well-marked with many wonderful trees that line the narrow fairways.

Bring the kids to Hacienda Nueva

The Hacienda Nueva Country Club also has a gracious clubhouse with a traditional atmosphere that dates back 36 years in time. The club was originally a farm, and a magnificent, 200 year old tree guards the entrance. Just 30 minutes from the main area of Guatemala City, Hacienda Nueva caters to families, and has two restaurants serving a variety of wonderful food. There are also two tennis courts, squash courts, an outdoor pool, fitness center and massage area.



of Eternal Spring by Micki Sander

Children can play golf at any age here, the club has a golf pro on staff who helps get them started. Of the club’s 800 active members, only 25 are women, they come out to play one day a week. The pro shop is definitely geared to men, with no options for women’s attire. The 19th Hole is reserved for golfers only, and features an awards area and sports bar. From the red tees, the course measures 5,949 yards and is quite a challenge. The second hole is the number one handicap hole, and plays 519 yards from the forward tees. Number 12 is the signature hole—a river crosses the fairway twice, and the wind blows both north and south. It is a very deceiving course that lures you into a false sense of security, but beware of the air currents and the trees. The Los Americas Cup, a tournament comparable to our Nationwide tour, has been held at Hacienda Nueva for many years. Players are mostly from Latin America, although some are from other areas and at least one is from Alabama. Many of the Los Americas Cup top players will be invited to join the European Tour the following year.

Women are welcome at Alta Vista

Entering the Alta Vista Golf & Tennis Club is like entering a botanical garden – the club is surrounded by iron gates and flowers bloom everywhere. The mountains will definitely come into play on this course, you can see their imposing terrain from the club’s entrance. The clubhouse looks like it was built in England, with a very staid, colonial demeanor, yet the staff and the atmosphere is extremely friendly. Alta Vista has a substantial women’s membership and the

locker notices show how active their women members are in the club. The pro shop includes a variety of women’s attire and equipment. The lobby area could be a private home, with sitting areas featuring incredible vistas of the nearby mountains. Guests can choose from five impressive restaurants, while the St. Andrews bar is reminiscent of European clubs, with television and a pool table. Imbibing is encouraged with a buy two, get one free special. Take time for a massage or sauna, or if the weather is inclement, work out at the club’s fully equipped fitness center or take a turn on the squash courts which is right next to another bar area. Children under 16 are welcome at the club. There is a special pool reserved for children, and juniors can play the course during certain hours supervised by a golf pro that is available to them during their tee times. The Alta Vista Course is a par 71 measuring 5,216 yards from the forward tees. Both carts and caddies are available, and it’s a good idea to take both. The course starts off with the number one handicap hole--a 173 yard par 3 with an immense green. The rest of the course features rolling, tree-lined fairways, so bring your A game and be prepared to play target golf. Antigua’s colonial charm Take a break from golf and spend 45 minutes driving to the ancient city of La Antigua, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the Casa Santo Domingo Hotel, a former convent that has integrated modern comforts into one of the most important colonial archaeological monuments in Latin America. The hotel sits at the foot of the Agua volcano in the midst of the Panchoy Valley,


BOOM VOYAGE GUATEMALA practice their craft. You can watch candles being made, purchase weavings from individual artists, and peruse works of art by native sculptors and painters. Stay at least one night at either the Santo Domingo Hotel or the Porta Hotel, a host to visitors of La Antigua for over 50 years. The facility includes all the services of a modern hotel and is surrounded by living history, tradition and romance. The indoor/outdoor restaurant is a jewel, with gardens and birds chirping everywhere. The food is delicious, and its variety will please even the most demanding gourmand. Take time to stroll the cobbled streets, lined with restaurants, craft shops and art galleries, and visit the ruined palaces and peaceful squares.

locker notices show how active their women members are in the club. The pro shop includes a variety of women’s attire and equipment. The lobby area could be a private home, with sitting areas featuring incredible vistas of the nearby mountains. Guests can choose from five impressive restaurants, while the St. Andrews bar is reminiscent of European clubs, with television and a pool table. Imbibing is encouraged with a buy two, get one free special. Take time for a massage or sauna, or if the weather is inclement, work out at the club’s fully equipped fitness center or take a turn on the squash courts which is right next to another bar area. Children under 16 are welcome at the club. There is a special pool reserved for children, and juniors can play the course during certain hours supervised by a golf pro that is available to them during their tee times. The Alta Vista Course is a par 71 measuring 5,216 yards from the forward tees. Both carts and caddies are available, and it’s a good idea to take both. The course starts off with the number one handicap hole--a 173 yard par 3 with an immense green. The rest of the course features rolling, tree-lined fairways, so bring your A game and be prepared to play target golf. Antigua’s colonial charm Take a break from golf and spend 45 minutes driving to the ancient city of La Antigua, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the Casa Santo Domingo Hotel, a former convent that has integrated modern comforts into one of the most important colonial archaeological monuments in Latin America. The hotel sits at the foot of the Agua volcano in the midst of the Panchoy Valley, covered by stone with a shopping area where artisans

On your trip back to Guatemala City, stop and visit one of the many coffee plantations, where the aromas will tempt you to become a coffee drinker even if you have never touched a drop. All coffee production is done under the shade of trees imported from Australia. The trees help to control the production of coffee beans by capturing the carbon dioxide and providing oxygen to the plants. The beans are picked by hand and most of the plantations have been in their owners’ families for many years.

Stay and play at the Mayan Golf Club

The Mayan Golf Club is 30 minutes outside of Guatemala City, and is the only golf course in Guatemala that has a lodge on the property. The club was founded 60 years ago in a different location, and was rebuilt at the present location 45 years ago. There are only 12 rooms available, and the modern facility is very different in feel from the clubhouses in other areas of the city. This is a country club, however, visitors are welcome to play and stay for a wonderful lunch. Both caddies and carts are available at the course. Outside the clubhouse are large palapas for snacking and drinks. There are also two tennis courts, a main pool and a children’s pool, where the water is changed every day. The championship golf course has also played host to the Los Americas Cup. The course is 5,888 yards for women and 7029 for men, and nearly every hole provides stunning views of the lake and of the active volcano. The first hole is a par 4 dogleg to the right, and the number 3 handicap hole for women. The fairways and greens are both in exceptional shape. The view from the number 10 hole is high over the lake, and you can see the activity of the volcano.

Club Campestre San Isidro

Club Campestre San Isidro is another private club which opens its doors to visitors with open arms. The 9 year old course has matured extremely well, and the course is very well marked for first time visitors. PGA classes are held at the course in March of every year that focus on promoting golf throughout the region. The club boasts an underground parking facility, three swimming pools, including a lap pool, tennis courts and several wonderful restaurants.

Bring your sense of adventure to Guatemala Located in Central America, just below Mexico, The Republic of Guatemala is easily reached from Texas by plane and serviced by all the major airlines, as well as Guatemala’s national airline, Grupo Taca. The country shares borders with El Salvador and Honduras to the east, and Mexico to the north and west. Belize is to the northeast, and the Pacific Ocean is to the south. The country’s beauty lies in its people and cultural traditions that have been passed down through the centuries. Here you can wander through thousand-year old Mayan in Tikal; or shop the streets of colonial cities like Antigua. For the more adventurous, there is water rafting in rivers like Caabon River, or volcano climbing in volcanoes such as Pacaya (usually active) or Agua. The dry season, from November through May, is the most pleasant time, weather-wise, to be in Guatemala. Along with summer holidays, however, this is also the busiest time. Although the rain may restrict some activities during the wet season, it’s still worthwhile planning your trip for this time of year, particularly as you’ll be more likely to pick up accommodation bargains. Whenever you visit, be sure to book your trip with a knowledgeable tour guide, and avoid renting a car. There are many warnings about the volatile nature of Guatemala, but the only lawlessness we encountered was behind the wheel.

Micki Sander, Author is co-owner of, an online travel company specializing in golf vacations. For more information on Guatemala and other golf destinations, visit



The Blissful Spa by Jillian Jacks


magine yourself luxuriating in the sensual pleasures of a spa vacation which could soothe your mind, pamper your body and elevate your spirit.

The bliss of an herbal massage to achieve physical and inner harmony, the salutary effects of enriching treatments with mineral-rich waters, volcanic muds and indigenous herbs, the spiritual energy derived from stunning natural surroundings coupled with unsurpassed accommodations and service enhance the spa experience beyond mere relaxation and beautification. The focus is on creating an atmosphere where you can rebuild your strength, recapture your energy, and reflect on what’s truly important in your life. Taking time for you is crucial, otherwise your wellbeing, family, work and spirit will suffer. Destination spa getaways can be an essential part of your plans to be healthy. Far too many of us neglect what our body and mind need most: rejuvenation, revitalization and a break from the intensity of modern daily life. A Cornell University survey of destination spa goers found positive benefits to spa vacations as compared to general ones. The results pointed to improved fitness and energy levels, increased business acumen and advanced interpersonal skills. It states that spa visitors are more fit, happy, healthy, and alert with more agility, cardiovascular health and better understanding of themselves than regular vacationers. By addressing the whole being, destination spas offer healthy changes for your busy, stressful lifestyle that can do wonders for you. Benefits are real and the experience is tailored specifically for you in some of the world’s most beautiful locations. While researching theses great luxury spa escapes it quickly became evident that to

extol the myriad of amazing features and benefits they serve up would be impossible and never-ending. You can choose among outstanding local city spas to world famous international ones, each offering extraordinary services and amenities for decadent revitalization and total relaxation that you should enjoy once in your life. They are worth a visit for just a view of the magnificent décor, amazing guest rooms and outstanding cuisine. Add the vast array of body softening, skin glowing, spirit inspiring treatments and you will think you have been transported to heavenly bliss. And you thought a health spa was full of uncomfortable treatments and massages, rabbit food and exercise classes! Someone once told me that between structure and planning we find healthy inspiration. Whether you dream about an adventure vacation getaway, spiritual rejuvenation, healthy weight loss, or total mind and body enhancement, there’s a destination spa vacation where it can all come together for you. The best destination spas offer the opportunity to relax. renew and reconnect with all you want for a better life. Most are all-inclusive, with outstanding accommodations, exceptional menus and meals, classes and services and even lectures if you are interested. Prices generally begin at $250 per person, per night and can reach the $8000 for a week at one of the higher end locations. Discover for yourself, the life-enriching, soul soothing enduring effects of the spa experience. You deserve it!



World Class Destination Spas Around the Country… Just to Name a Few! Mii amo, a destination spa at Enchantment Resort in Sedona, Arizona, honors guests on a journey of transformation and exploration which is repeated ranked among the world’s best destination spas. Nestled amidst the red rocks in Boynton Canyon, Mii amo presents a luxurious spa experience where guests can find balance and harmony in a nurturing and authentic environment.

The Spa at The Ballantyne Hotel in Charlotte, N.C. offers spa-goers a true destination spa experience to help achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle. Wellness and beauty are actualized through natural organic treatments and the spa includes a relaxing salon and array of fitness classes including water aerobics, yoga and boot camp.

Lake Austin Spa Resort is a world-class luxury spa with the warmth of a best friend’s secluded lake house in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, Austin, Texas and reputed as one of the best in the country. The exceptional facilities, spa treatments, programs, cuisine and accommodations were each designed with relaxation, enjoyment and rejuvenation of the guest in mind.

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental in Miami, Florida is a one-of-kind ultimate experience with a spectacular waterfront view of Biscayne Bay. Resorative and innovative treatments in sensual settings with exotic textures of bamboo, rice paper, glass, water and natural linens combine to feature total ambience and harmony for guests. The grandeur is unsurpassed!

Semi-precious rock crystals, water features and an abundance of leather, warm colors and tiles compliment the natural lush beauty of Oregon Wine Country’s Willamette Valley where The Allison Inn & Spa resides. Dedicated to health, wellness, pampering and a touch of indulgence, The Allison’s spa services are designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and relaxation for men and women amidst fragrantly elegant gardens and pathways connecting to the vineyards. Lovely!





Meet Micah B. Phillips… Candidate for Dallas County Commissioner Micah B. Phillips, running against 27-year incumbent Dallas County District 3 Commissioner John Wiley Price, says “it’s time for a change and he believes it’s time we make Dallas County one of unity, diversity and total inclusion.” He feels we need to seal the cracks so we no longer allow our youth, senior citizens or the less fortunate to fall through them. Micah also states, “we need to foster an environment that will be conducive to creating jobs, developers and business investors.” The former Kimball High School, USC, NY Giants and Montreal Alouettes defensive back thanked God and his family for providing him with the diverse experiences in life that have prepared him to run for this position. Graduating with dual degrees in Sociology and Public Communications from USC Micah continued his education at C.A. Criswell College where he studied Philosophical Theology, the University of Texas Southwest for a Paramedic license, and Southern Methodist University for an IT certification. He believes a good education is extremely important to having a successful career and continues to emphasize this with the youth he works with. A strong work ethic which proved of great value throughout his years as an athlete in college, and while playing professional football taught Micah the importance of setting goals and following through to completion. He will continue to utilize this work ethic as the Dallas County Commissioner for District 3, and will ensure that he works diligently to complete his tasks at hand for the benefit to the citizens throughout the community. He is a long-standing resident of Southern Dallas County, and as a third generation pastor, he has an excellent understanding of the needs of the citizens in this area and he has dedicated his life to continue to serve as pastor of Holy Communion Baptist Church and believes that faith in God is critical to his work and to the success of the people surrounding him.

Micah has worked as a Firefighter/Paramedic since 1999 and understands what it takes to serve the citizens of the community in this capacity. It was in dealing with the people who needed the most help that inspired him to open Diamonds of Dallas as a Community Development organization to help these citizens resolve their social and economic difficulties. As a County Commissioner, he will continue with an aggressive approach to be proactive in helping the citizens bring back the hope and economic progress to make Dallas County a shining star in North Texas. He has assisted in over 100 young people find appropriate tutoring to improve their scholastic skills, and through the Multi-Family Feeding Program, he has ensured that over 200 senior citizens are able to receive desperately needed food. As County Commissioner for District 3, he will continue to work hard in these arenas to help those, in need, gain a much needed footing in the community and begin to see a way out of the worry and helpless feelings. Micah B. Phillips now has the desire to serve the Dallas community on a larger scale by being the newest Dallas County Commissioner for District 3. With a heart dedicated to serving God and the community, coupled with his leadership skills, Micah brings about a fresh new outlook to the Democratic Party with his desire to offer his abilities and talent to the community as a whole. He pledges to work with the other County Commissioners to restore integrity, a unified spirit, and bring about a sense of teamwork that benefits the citizens of the whole county. He believes the citizens are the voice of the county and pledges to listen to their needs and work hard to understand their requests to improve the quality of life in the entire Southern Dallas County. He will work hard to be the voice of the people and everyone will know it’s a new day in Dallas, and it’s long overdue.



What Is Your Dream Deferred? By Jet Parker

Sooner or later my business clients open up a conversation about retirement-especially the clients who fall into the “baby boomer” group. Of America’s 76 million baby boomers, ages 39 to 58, seven per minute are turning fifty-and that will keep up ‘til 2014! Most of them are not attracted to the concept of retirement; not surprising when you look at what Random House Webster’s College Dictionary has to say about that word “retire”. Here are five definitions Webster’s offers: to withdraw or go away to a place of privacy, shelter, or seclusion; to go to bed; to give up or withdraw from an office or career, usually because of age; to fall back or retreat, as from battle; to withdraw from view. We need another word for this phase of our lives. In the twentieth century, we gained an additional thirty years of life. Robert Butler, M.D., President of the International Longevity Center says “It took the preceding fifty centuries to do that. That’s extraordinary.” I guess so! It means most of us are going to spend two or three decades in retirement. We want to move to something rather than from, so we’ll have to define it as the third age or chapter, or something else a little livelier than “retirement”. Nothing very juicy and appealing about “withdrawing and giving up”. The clients who dread retirement have two major questions. “What will I ever do?” “Will I have enough money to last?” Mind you, these are business leaders who have a high regard for planning within their organizations. Many however, haven’t even begun to

plan for a new life or the rest of their lives after they leave their offices. I think it’s just a scary topic for lots of people, and more so for men who are likely to define themselves by their careers. They look to “retirement” as a move into diminished relevance and power. More than one executive made statements like this to me: “I’m going to work ‘til I drop” or “They’ll carry me out of this place horizontally”. There is no question that the “boomers” are redefining retirement into something more appealing than sitting on the porch for thirty years admiring the gold watch from the farewell party. More than half the people between ages 50 and 70 surveyed by the AARP said their retirement will include some form of work. “Work” might mean a new career. Many of my clients are transitioning into entirely new fields-or making realities of old dreams. Some are scaling back on an existing career. Scaling back works as long as they enjoy the work. Obviously, it is easier for the self-employed. Others move into volunteering-where opportunities are so plentiful you can pretty much do whatever you want, as many hours per week as you want. A Cornell University study found that retirees who volunteer improve psychologically and physically. They reap all kinds of benefits, including staying socially connected and feeling that they’re making a difference. They are! If you invest your time and resources in some solid planning for this chapter in your life, you can create a retirement lifestyle that is realistic and welcoming, if not downright exciting. What is your dream deferred?



Things That Men Waste Money On By Robin L. Wood

Let’s admit it; times are hard financially for everyone. Yet, people continue to spend their money on the things that they feel they want/need. This can be good if you have the money, but sometimes people are taking out personal loans to pay back their debt or to even purchase things that they don’t have the money to purchase right now. Either of these situations can be financially harmful for you. This article will take a look at some of the things that men spend most of their money on. Maybe by holding off on some of these expenses, you can get your finances back on track.

Electronics. Why is it that men always need to have the latest and greatest when it comes to electronics? Every year the latest and greatest gadgets come out and they are an absolute must have for your electronic loving counterpart. No, he cannot wait till it goes on sale. He has to have it right then and there because the boys are coming over and he wants to show off his new toy. Though it may be hard, try and get him to save him money until he can pay for it out right, or even during the holidays when you can see major markdowns. The Great Outdoors. This can be a very broad statement for a lot of different activities that men tend to enjoy doing outside. This can be anything from camping to fishing to hunting. Sure, they seem like harmless activities, but soon you will see your money flying off to buy guns, rods, kayaks, tents, thermal gear, and anything else that can help them improve their game. For example, if you man is into hunting, then he is spending a lot of your money every year. Unless you own land, he is paying for a lease, guns, ammunition, camo, and gear. Also, if he does shoot one then they could spend hundreds getting the meat processed and then another few hundred if he wants to get his killing mounted. Now that will make a great home display.

Sports. Whether he is playing or just a spectator, plan on a lot of your money going towards sporting events. From throwing parties to tailgating and attending games, there is a lot of money that can be spent on going to these events. Overpriced food, tickets, and parking are just the obvious expenses. Cars. Just like electronics, some guys have to have the best cars. No, a 2009 will not work anymore; the 2013 models will soon be arriving. Of course, things have changes and the 2009 model is just too outdated for him now. If some of these items sound familiar to you then you probably see your money spent faster than you can make it. Talk to the guy in your life and make sure he understands how his financial decisions affect the both of you. If you still need a personal loan for whatever reason, then do your research. Know whose credit is best so that you can be guaranteed the best rates on loans and be closer to your goals.



Best Smart Ph

By Robin L. Wood

While everything today seem also be on the go with you. Th and keep track of your financ find money saving deals, and secure.

The first app is ‘Mint’ which takes a look at your spending habits and helps you create different budgets for certain financial categories such as food, clothes, and gas. You can track how much you make and how much you spend monthly and even weekly on different things. Creating a budget is also easy with this app, especially since you can update your account information online and through your app. It will also send you alerts when you are under a certain amount of money in your bank account or if you have gone over any budgets. Mint is available for iPhones, Androids, and Blackberrys for free.

Pageonce will help you pay any and all of your bills safely and securely straight from your phone. You can set up any bills that you have to pay in to their easy to use application so that all of your bills are in one place so you can stay on top of your bills. Scheduling payments isn’t the only thing that is great about Pageonce, they also work extremely hard to keep all of your information as safe and secure as it would be through a bank, and they even help monitor any suspicious activity in your accounts to help prevent fraud and identity theft. Like Mint, Pageonce is available for Apple Products, Android, Blackberry as well as Windows Phones.



hone Apps for Personal Finances

ms to be on the go, you want to make sure that your personal finances can here are a lot of apps out there for smart phones to help you get control ces. These applications will help you learn how exactly you spend money, d help you keep you and your family’s financial information organized and

When it comes to money, gas prices are pretty important. GasBuddy will let you find and compare different gas prices in your area. This app lets you get up-to-date information about gas prices in that area from other users and it tells you when the last update was. You get different filter options so that you can find different types of gas such as unleaded, premium, and diesel, and you can filter out the options based on price and distance. GasBuddy is a free application that is available for Android and Windows Phones as well as Blackberry and Apple.

Getting the lowest price possible is always helpful. Google’s Google Shopper app will help you get the best deal you can. You scan the barcode of the item you want to buy and Google Shopper will help find the same product but at a lower price so that you know you are getting the best deal. After recent updates, the application will also let you find offers that are nearby, and even get offers of the day. Google Shopper is available for Android and iPhone users.

For those of you who like to get the best deal by clipping coupons, “Yowza!!” is perfect for you. With Yowza, you can find coupons based on your city or zip code so you get the best local savings. You can even sign up to get alerts for when you favorite store adds new coupons. These coupons don’t require you to print anything out, so you don’t have to be fishing for the coupon when you get up to the cashier, they simply scan the barcode right from your phone and you get instant savings. Not only does it save you money in the store, but it doesn’t cost anything to download it for your iPhone. Other smart phone users can check out the “Where” app who is partnered with “Yowza!!”.



Relationship Buzz with Beverly Scam Artists and Date-icate

Dear Beverly, I was called to Paris unexpectedly and will not be able to see you when you are in Atlanta. Unfortunately, while out to dinner I had my wallet stolen. It had all my money and credit cards. I have reported it to the police however I need some help. Would you loan me $3000 until I get back to the States. I hate to ask but I have no one else to contact. Send it via Western Union to . . . I received an email similar to this from a gentleman that I really believed. We had talked several times and he was going to assist me with marketing by introducing me to some very prominent people. When I told him I was coming to his city for a few days he had to complete his scam before he was ready. This month’s column is about dating scams and date-icate. Someone is always looking for ways to make easy money and the dating industry is no different. My question addresses some of the signs that a new online lover is a scam artist waiting to take your money. Hopefully this will assist you in not getting scammed out of thousands of dollars. The idea is to be careful anytime someone asks for money. Secondly, many of you are dating for the first time in years. It was hard to date when we were teenagers or in our early twenties. It seems harder now. I’m going to address a few areas you should be aware of when you are going on that first date. Beverly, I have heard I need to look out for scammers on the dating sites. What should I do to protect myself? Margaret, Waco. Well Margaret, in everything we do we need to exercise caution, especially when on a dating site. I have heard a number of times that people can become whomever they want online. Who will

ever know? A person could describe themselves as tall, slender with wonderful blue eyes when in reality they could be short, with brown eyes. Only by meeting them would you know the difference. The same goes for dating online. I have had the privilege of having several rather young handsome men contact me. I was very cautious because they were outside of my age range (red flag) and/or they gave me a number to call that was out of the country (red flag #2). They said they were from a city in the USA but were working in the oil business or security business and the job had them overseas (red flag #3). They always wanted my yahoo address so that we could converse by email or by instant messenger (red flag #4). The initial email without any basis was always long and almost the same as one I had received from other gentlemen (red flag #5). The successful scams take time. The gentleman I talked about above is named Al who claimed to be a minister, was so good I did not catch on until he asked me to wire him that $3000 ASAP. Had I been desperate to have a man in my life or I had fallen deeply in love with him, I would have been devastated. Instead I was truly disappointed because I was looking forward to meeting him. I never answered his email and I never heard from him again. What helped a lot was I had seen this request several times before. None of the relationships had lasted through multiple long conversations as I had with Al. My personal advice is if the person is falling in love with you rather quickly, tread lightly because this could be a scam artist weaving his entangling web. The artist is working to get you emotionally involved because you will do anything for a person you care about even if you have never met them. According to the Federal Trade Commission, imposter scams are one of the fastest growing types of fraud.

BOOMER BUZZ BUZZ WITH BEVERLY Another form of fraud is if you get a call or an email from a friend or relative in need of monetary assistance, make sure you contact other friends or family to verify the story, and never give out financial information over the phone or send money to an unknown source Be careful and NEVER send money. Even if it is just a few dollars. You will never see your money or your love again. Margaret, I hope this helps you and all of my readers protect themselves when dating online.

Dear Beverly, It has been many years since I have been on a date. I know things have changed so what protocol should I follow? John - North Dallas That is a great question John because there are certain things you should do and ways you conduct yourself that will help you have a pleasing experience. First you want to put your best foot forward because it is hard to change a first impression. In dating a bad first impression may result in rejection. I don’t think that is why you wanted to go on the date in the first place. You want the person to get to know you. You don’t want to pretend to be someone you are not, however please dress appropriately. I have always been impressed by a gentleman in a suit. Of course if you are going bike riding you will be in shorts or jeans or biking pants. The essence here is that you should look and dress nicely. This will show the other person you care about your appearance but you also care about what they think about you. Ladies should dress in a manner that portrays the type of person she is and how she wants to be


treated. Overly sexy attire may bring a conversation or treatment that is unwelcome. If you don’t care about what the other person thinks then you probably shouldn’t be going out on a date. I met a gentleman for a first meeting at a restaurant and he appeared to be getting ready to work in his yard. He had plenty of time to change into a more appropriate dress. His lack of caring about his first impression led me to a conclusion that he either thought he was God’s gift to women (he wasn’t) or he just didn’t care. His attitude and his inappropriate questions made for an unpleasant evening. I ended that date quickly. Dating etiquette includes not making the other person feel as if they are on an interview. It is common for people on a date to ask many questions because they want to get to know the other person. Some people ask questions in a way that you feel that you are part of an inquisition. As a Boomer I enjoy having a gentleman take me out. Men should remember to open the car doors and all other doors for your date. If the woman you are going out with objects to your opening doors then let her open the doors and do things for herself or it will bother her. Please be on time. Don’t make your date wait. This is another area where you can’t redo the first impression. If you did the asking out be prepared to pay for the entire date. Don’t take your date somewhere you cannot afford and never ask your date for money to cover the bill. Choose somewhere that you are comfortable with or give your date 2 or 3 choices of places to go. She does not know your budget. Don’t make her guess. Be sure to create a comfortable and open atmosphere which allows for open communication. You want to get to know each other enough to decide if your date is 2nd date material. John, when dating use common sense and follow the golden rule. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Margaret and John will receive a copy of my book “From Prude to Siren, 3 Stages to Fantastic Sex and a Rewarding Relationship” available from, Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Send your questions to




Must you narrate your life in public for all to hear? Do I really need to get an alert on my phone that you are “checking in on aisle 7 at the market”? And while at the market do I really need to hear the intimate details of your date, or both sides of a conversation you had with your BFF yesterday, or the physical threats you are making to your children upon your return home? Seriously, at 90 decibels? Doesn’t anyone understand the microphone on cell phones will pick up a gnat fart from across the room? If you are going to involve me in your sordid dramatization, be ready for me to get involved!! First understand that menopause is not just a phase, it’s now a musical! And has just inspired an app. It will not be pretty. And it will probably get on your shoe. It is critical that we baby boomers create an app just for us. This app will use wifi, GPS or whatever techno means necessary to send our intended message. It will zoom in on the handheld device of the unsuspecting store clerk whose head is down and both thumbs firing away while you are waiting to give this twit your money. It will set off an alarm and the voice of Darth Vader will boom, “Put down your phone. You will have 30 seconds before your phone will self-destruct and you will be tazed until your 21st birthday”. It will be called TheZAP app. And it will be good. We must take back our train of thought, our lost hours in traffic and our right to shop in peace. We created the technology which is in the hands of this generation and we can take it back! TheZAP app will get it done.

Evolution is not going to be kind to the next few generations if we don’t step in to help. Our grandchildren’s children will be born with their heads down with only webbing from their chins for a neck. Their thumbs are going to slowly work their way to the top of the hand for easier access to gadget play. Future generations may not be able to hold a toothbrush. TheZAP app is critical to the future. We have failed our children. We were the beginning of the techno revolution but our children are the generation born with a gadget in their hand. Now at 6 months a baby can teach you how to work the 42-button cable remote. By 8 they are carrying a phone in one hand, a laptop in their “book bag” and posting your most embarrassing moments on YouTube! TheZAP app will be your friend. Inspired in a hot flash, designed with a bad shoulder in mind and big enough to see, TheZAP app will give you hours of pleasure and satisfaction. Fan attachment sold separately. Not recommended as a marital aid. Operators are standing by and just might stop playing Angry Birds long enough to answer your call. You must act now.



The Most Memorable Movie Cars of All Time By Gregory Greene

Film and television series over the years have featured a huge variety of vehicles; some have been iconic to the productions and will forever be linked together. The silver screen can certainly bring out a cars or vans performance, with many of the vehicles about to be mentioned being driven in unbelievable circumstances at top speeds. One thing for sure, as soon as we see a particular car model, we can immediately think back to the film it was used in, certainly a great homage to the many movie vehicles since moving pictures began. One of the most memorable vehicles in cinema history has to be the time machine from ‘Back to the future’. The time machine was build out of a Delorean DMC-12, firstly powered by Plutoium, then adapted for electricity, and then later fuelled by a fusion generator. Who could forget the Pontiac Firebird from the film Smokey & the Bandit that was driven by Burt Reynolds? Released in 1977, the film saw the Firebird instantly become synonymous with high speed chases across America; the Pontiac division of General motors even released a limited run of Trans Am’s complete with black and gold finish. Whilst on the subject of Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, who can remember K.I.T.T.? This wonderful car was the property of Knight Industries and driven by Michael Knight (portrayed by David Hasslehoff). The Trans Am had plenty of power under the bonnet plus many great extra’s such as ejector seats, blast proof bodywork and a turbo boost!

The Aston Martin is a wonderful example of British auto workmanship, and once again just the mention of the name brings up images of secret agent 007, from the James Bond Movies. The Aston martin DB5 was one of the most featured vehicles in the series of films, several other models can be seen throughout the collection, but the DB5 was by far the most iconic. Minis have been an iconic vehicle for many years, but it wasn’t until 1969 that the film ‘The Italian Job’ increased the Mini Cooper’s popularity. The film itself features a huge selection of vehicles ranging from Lamborghini’s, Aston Martins, but it’s the daring city driving scenes with the three minis’ that really is the movies highlight. A remake was released in 2003 and featured the newly designed MINI model, once again launching the vehicle into the limelight. These are just a small selection of my most memorable vehicles in movies, there are plenty more and it really is just a matter of opinion, so get thinking!



As a child of 60’s and 70’s, I am convinced that music of that era mattered. I’m not talking about The Archies or Monkees, but about Dylan, Clapton, The Beatles, and Miles Davis; Joni Mitchell, The Grateful Dead, CSNY and Led Zeppelin. Timothy Leary encouraged us as we “turned on, tuned in, and dropped out” with great music as the soundtrack to our rebellion. I still believe music matters, and as a Boomer with a newly reinvented life, I decided that I would take every opportunity possible to experience some of those amazing acts as they roll through the Metroplex. But as a thinking person fascinated with the effects of art on culture, I wanted to stay abreast of contemporary music. So, for the last two years I have seen performances across the spectrum of styles and genres. My tastes are diverse as Tori Amos and Dweezil Zappa. (Both were amazing). Some of the contemporary acts have taken my breath away, and I’ve been encouraged to know that music still matters to artists like Colin Melloy of The Decemberists, Jim James of My Morning Jacket, and Adam Lambert. And for Graham Nash and David Crosby, music and politics will always be relevant. By the way, if you want to hear new local acts and Boomer favorites, a great place to start is 91.7 KXT, the music-only station from our friends at KERA. As a new tour year starts though, I’ve decided for at least this year to be more discerning regarding the acts I go see, especially those acts from our past that I have deemed “Dinosaur Rock.”

I was ecstatic to finally be seeing the Moody Blues at Verizon. It’s my favorite large venue, with great amenities and acoustics. And the Moody Blues catalog of music includes some of the best of progressive rock. But their performance constituted a huge let-down for me. Hayward and Lodge can still sing, the songs like I remembered them, but the performance workman like, uninspired. I love these guys, but they “mailed it in” as they say. And they haven’t recorded any albums of original music since “Strange Times” in 1999. Contrast that with the performance by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at Superpages Center May of 2010. Petty and the band were touring in support of “Mojo”, which received a Grammy nomination for “Best Rock Album.” That album was performed, along with the well known catalog of Petty music from the 70’s forward. The performances were inspired and enthusiastic.

One final performance bears mentioning.

In September of last year, an artist some of you may remember appeared as a solo act at Poor David’s Pub. Shawn Phillips was a brilliant lyricist and guitarist whose star shone brightest in the early and mid-70’s. Three of his albums charted in Billboard’s Top 100, as did two of his singles. Rock impresario Bill Graham said he was “the best kept secret in the music business.” Three friends and I had the pleasure of seeing him at this fabulous little venue in downtown Dallas, and we were translated into 1973. The performance brought tears to my eyes. Fabulous, bare-bones, no budget, and utterly inspired. Music matters.

BOOMER BUZZ DINOSAUR ROCK The Arts matter. Do you hear me, Congress? All of these acts, and everyone else I’ve seen, have contributed to the soundtracks of our lives, and those that have followed us. But art that has lost its relevancy and edge often deteriorates into caricature. Truly great art, whether from the brush of Picasso, or the genius of Stevie Wonder or Lady Gaga, makes us think, and often challenges us. I still think that “Isn’t Life Strange” released by the Moody Blues in 1972 is one of the most beautifully philosophic love songs ever written. And “American Girl” from 1977 is an iconic rock song. ”We” by Shawn Phillips will always elicit tears. But when I


think about tours that will be rolling through the US this year like The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, and Madonna, I’ll be asking myself if I should ask one of my 20-something daughters to join me. Or if I’m better off listening to the original recordings, and sending the money for tickets to KXT instead. And if I want to see dinosaurs, I think I’ll go to the Smithsonian. Edgar Collie is a freelance writer and well known expert (among his friends) in things political, pop culture, and arts and entertainment. He also has a broad knowledge of those things that are hip and trendy, and his tastes are broadly eclectic.



it’s really oyster soup When the craving hits, you’ve just gotta have some. I’m talking Oyster Stew... My mom and I shared a love for it and although she stuck with the ease and familiarity of the red-striped Campbell’s can her entire life, I ventured away, experimenting, making pots more to my liking with fresh Gulf oysters. Mom and I agreed on some basics though; you have to have pats of butter and lots of salt and pepper. Crackers too; cute little floating pillows or saltine squares which you break and drop in the bowl bite-by-bite so they don’t get too soggy. There were very few times either of us had Oyster Stew when we didn’t call the other, just to say that the craving had struck and we’d devoured at least two bowls.

Pour 5 cups of milk into the pot along with the oysters and a bit of the strained liquor. Raise the heat until the soup is hot but do not boil. Reduce and cook the heck out of the oysters.* Serve with butter, salt, black pepper, extra dashes of cayenne pepper, and crisp crackers. Despite our love of this soup, neither of us ever ate the oysters! If you choose to, discard those which flavored the soup* and add fresh ones just before serving, cooking only until their edges curl.

I wanted so badly to be able to call her today. Oyster Soup 2 tablespoons unsalted butter 1 finely chopped shallot 1 stalk of celery, trimmed and chopped fine 1 cup chopped button or crimini mushrooms salt and black pepper dash of cayenne pepper 5 cups milk 10 ounces fresh oysters, the liquor strained and reserved Melt 2 tablespoons of butter in a stockpot. Add the shallot and the celery, cooking until they soften. Add the chopped mushrooms, season with salt, black pepper, and a dash of cayenne pepper. Cook over low heat for five or ten minutes.

POSTED BY BECCA I live in Dallas but I left my heart In Florence, Italy. I’d like to thank you for reading.



Top Ten Ways to Scare Your Boomerang Kid Out of the House Greet him at the door naked with a bottle of Viagra and a can of whipped cream and shout “Honey, I guess we can’t use the kitchen, our baby’s home.” Set his computer so all his porn and poker sites go to Invite your friends over to have a party in his room, trash it and smoke all of his dope. Buy him a chauffeur’s hat and start calling him “Jeeves”. Hack into his Facebook page and change his profile picture to a slug. Say “I’m glad to have you home but I’m afraid dad might miss using your bed for ‘our quickies’ “. Throw a bridal shower for his high school girlfriend on Super Bowl Sunday. Decorate his old room as a nursery and say “Won’t it be great to share your room with your new baby sister?” Secretly sprinkle all the leftovers with Metamucil. Ask him to stay home one evening and say “Dad’s been awfully frisky lately and I’m worried about his heart. You don’t mind listening in on the old baby monitor, do you?” David & Veronica,



The Right to Give Life:

An Insider’s Perspective on Bestowing a Most Precious Gift (Organ Donation)

We’d like to believe we’re equipped to handle even life’s toughest challenges. We like to think that if we’re prepared enough, schooled enough, experienced enough, that we’ve got what it takes to enter any situation and handle come what may. And it’s true enough. Preparation, schooling, and experience all weigh in on whether we are able to meet and overcome adversities. But there are some situations, those life and death matters, where no amount of pre-anything can fully ready a person to deal with the intensity and aftereffects of such highly charged moments. Case in point. Procurement coordinator of Lifeline of Ohio, Jeffrey Blitz, encountered just such an intersection. After only four months in his position at Lifeline, Jeff (then only thirty years old) had to meet with the parents of a seven-monthold infant girl who had died from complications originating from a respiratory illness. Two days before Thanksgiving, this young couple was traveling over the holidays when their daughter contracted an illness that took her life only five days later. Within the confines of his responsibilities, Jeff had to meet, counsel, and discuss the possibility of organ donation with this suddenly grief-stricken family. Prepared as he could be, Jeff hit an internal snag en route to the hospital to ask for permission from this suddenly much smaller family. Like anyone in his position, Jeff felt torn. How exactly do you ask a parent to donate a precious integral part of life such as an

By Michele Howe

organ from one they loved so dearly? Ask Jeff; it is never easy. And yet, multiple times, week after week, this is what a procurement coordinator must do in order to pass on the gift of life. Jeff and his colleagues continue to work within the confines of such highly emotional settings with grieving dads, moms, sons, daughters, friends, colleagues, and neighbors because they know the difference it makes, the life and death difference. For every individual whose life ends there are countless others who are similarly struggling to survive and perhaps grieving their own loss of minimally good health and the ability to live a functional life. Looking at it this way, we understand why Jeff does what he does, but what exactly does the process of organ donation look like step by step? Jeff explains. Organs become “available” for donation only after a person has been officially declared “brain dead.” This legal form of death as defined in the (Uniform Determination of Death Act of 1981), cites that when, “An individual who has sustained either (1) irreversible cessation of circulatory and respiratory functions, or (2) irreversible cessation of all functions of the entire brain, including the brain stem, is dead.” Depending upon the situation and the circumstances surrounding the illness/accident of the patient, it sometimes takes between two and three days before the attending physician will do brain death testing. While most people are familiar with the term, “heart death,” “brain death” is also a legal form of death in every state. Brain death can occur when a person suffers from a stroke or hits her head and considerable swelling takes place. Think of it as a “brain in a box.” Our brains are encased in a bony structure and when the swelling can’t be controlled, the brain has nowhere to go but into the spinal column. This is called herniation. The brain and brain stem move all the way down and cut off all the arteries so there’s no room for any blood flow back to the brain. After this happens, doctors will do testing to confirm brain death. Once brain death has been declared, the families will be approached



What to Know About Organ Donation (& Some Facts You Probably Don’t) ▪ One organ donor can save up to eight people ▪ One tissue donor can help up to fifty people ▪ Approximately 104,000 people are on a waiting list with only 10,000 available donors a year ▪ Heart/lungs need to be transplanted within four hours ▪ Liver/pancreas need to be transplanted within twelve hours ▪ Kidneys need to be transplanted within twenty-four hours ▪ Eye donations may indicate only the cornea, or at other time, the whole eye ▪ Being an organ donor does not prohibit an open casket funeral ▪ Many of the donated skin grafts go to the Texas burn hospitals for wounded soldiers ▪ Most major religions are in favor of organ donation or leave it up to individual practitioners to decide ▪ Register to be an organ donor through your Secretary of State or DMV website for their consent and permission to begin the testing process for organ transplantation. After consent is given, the procurement coordinators will initiate the process of evaluating the patient for possible organ donation. This process will include chart reviews, comprehensive types of testing for organs determining heart/lung/liver/kidney function and eventually a thirty-page patient medical/behavioral history questionnaire must be filled out before an organ is entered into the system for possible matching with an individual awaiting an organ. The now prospective donor will have her blood pressure and heart rate monitored closely to ensure the organs stay at peak condition while awaiting a match with a recipient. Fluids and various drugs are now administered to make certain each organ is oxygenated and the organs are kept in optimal health during the transition. Jeff confers with the appropriate transplant surgeons during the entire process as well. After all the necessary testing is completed, Jeff enters the information into the database that opens up to a 500-mile bubble radius surrounding area if no match is found in his city. He “offers” the organs to three doctors within the database one at a time and in 1,2, 3 order (usually within an hour) each surgeon will say yes or no. Jeff continues to work down his list until he has a taker. Immediately upon receiving a positive response, Jeff must then work on getting the organ to the transplant surgeon. Depending on the organ and the location of the recipient, these precious gifts are sometimes transported by air.

The organs are packaged carefully and given over to the transplant team where they take each donation and prepare it for the transplant surgery. Once the actual handover of the organ has taken place, Jeff files paperwork and subsequent follow-ups with the donating family are scheduled. Counselors are also working with both the family of the deceased patient and the recipient of the organ to answer questions, receive support, and acting as liaison between the families and the medical staff. Generally, the donating family will receive an update approximately six weeks after the transplant takes place. In some cases, when both families are interested in meeting, facilitators will arrange a private conference perhaps a year later. As Jeff notes, organ recipients are above all very grateful for this gift of life, but they also carry tremendous guilt knowing they lived because another person died. It takes time and lots of emotional and mental work to prepare to meet the loved ones who might still be grieving the loss of their family member, and not all recipients choose to meet, it is strictly voluntary. While everyone longs for a happy ending, Jeff recalls this story of the seven-month old girl who died as particularly bittersweet. Because of her parents’ caring act, her kidneys gave life to a two year old and her liver was given to another infant. This little girl who passed away also had a twin brother to whom Jeff asked the parents to pass along the message in years to come, “Your sister was a hero!” Life does indeed beget life.



Help Chris Padde Others By Consid Organ Donation B. Christopher Padden is a 38 year old Texas resident born with a condition called Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis (LCA). It is an inherited retinal degenerative disease characterized by severe loss of vision at birth. Leber’s affects around 1 in 80,000 of the population. Leber’s is a retinal disorder that affects the rods and cones that are in the back of a person’s eye and affects his or her ability to see light and color. In the case of Chris, it left him totally blind since birth. And he now needs a kidney transplant. Yet, this disability has NEVER slowed Chris down. . . he graduated from of Berkner High School in Richardson and attended Stephen F. Austin and the University of North Texas. Chris has had a successful career working in several call centers. He used his knowledge of computers to make it possible for them to use his software. Chris modified the call center’s application to make it possible for other blind employees to become functional call center agents. Unfortunately, on October 31, 2009, Chris was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. This happened when he was on the verge of starting the process of getting his second Dog Guide. In addition Chris was scheduled to take one more tests to become certified to train the blind in Windows Vista, Microsoft Office 2007 and various adaptive

technologies. The certification enables Chris to train blind and visually impaired people to use the computer, which includes blind students, employees and even servicemen who have lost their vision in Iraq and Afghanistan. Chris and his parents recently learned that there may be a connection between Chris’ blindness and his kidney disease. His kidney doctor’s research indicated that people born with Leber’s can contract a rare kidney disease that starts when a person is in there twenties. As a result of Chris’ kidney failure, he is required to go to dialysis three times a week for 4 hours per session. As you can imagine, this initially limited Chris’s ability to be gainfully employed and impacts his quality of life while making a very independent person very dependent on others. However, he was hired in Customer Service at Apple in their call center and is now back in Austin in his own apartment. And on the bright side, he learned last year that he had been approved by the University of Texas Southwest Transplant Committee to be added to the kidney transplant waiting list for deceased donors. There are 85,000 people on the list so it could be three to five years before a match is found for him. More recently, he was added to the list at Baylor Dallas and Baylor Fort Worth. Also St. David’s in Austin. There are three organ procurement regions in the state and each of these hospitals are in a separate region. They all have the same requirements and since Chris is O+, he


en and Many dering can only accept a type O kidney, either positive or negative. If Chris can find a match from a living donor, a transplant would take place sooner and scheduled at the donor’s convenience. With a living donor a new kidney would begin functioning immediately. This is not always the case when the kidney is from a deceased donor. All expenses are paid for the living donor and the surgery is minimally invasive. The donor would be out of the hospital within 48 hours of the surgery, and he or she would be back to work in two to four weeks, depending of the physical demands of the job. And according to statistics, people with one kidney live longer than those with two so being tested and offering to be a donor not only helps someone else but can give the donor a new lease of life! A living donor would be the best and quickest way to get Chris back to a healthy lifestyle and on a career path of success . . . . training other blind people on PCs so they too can be employed and have a higher quality of life. Chris is the son of Marilyn and Brian Padden of Murphy, Texas and their family is not new to organ donation. Chris lost his oldest brother, Kevin, to a freak head injury accident less than five years ago and his liver, bone marrow, skin tissue and cornea’s were given to help others live and see. Organ donations save lives! Won’t you consider being tested?




Thinning Hair

by by Ron Ron Maddox Maddox

Common in Both Male and Female Boomers


ith 32 years in the beauty industry, I’m a baby boomer. As I have aged, so have my clients. I’m noticing more and more that many male and female clients are experiencing thinning hair problems. Although some hair loss is genetic, don’t be too quick to blame genetics. In my observation, there are many non genetic variables that play into thinning hair and some of these are variables that one has some influence over. Here are just a few: • Stress • Diet • Hormone Imbalance • Scalp Condition Now, I won’t claim to be a scalp expert, nor would I claim to be a nutrition or hormone expert. I do have resources for each of these areas.

Stress is a common factor that most of us are confronted with on an ongoing basis. In my experience, there are two main ways to deal with stress. First, one can minimize the things that tend to create stress. Many of us have a tendency to over-commit in various areas of our lives. With the present economy, we are working harder and faster than maybe ever before. Finding ways to eliminate things that cause you

stress can be very effective. Second, and often an area most overlooked is the way one responds to stressful situations. Most folks don’t really fully understand that we walk through life living from one reaction to the next...the proverbial “knee jerk” reaction. With practice, one can learn to step back for a brief moment and determine how one wants to respond...not react to any given situation. I, personally, have practiced responding over reacting for some years now. I believe it has made quite a positive difference in the way stress effects my life, health and wellbeing.

Diet plays a larger role than one might think. Three

major Mexico, Taiwan and Turkey...reached the same conclusion that a ground breaking 2000 Finnish study did: that men with insulin resistance, a condition that leads to diabetes and obesity and is linked to heart disease, were much more likely to be bald. The most common cause of insulin resistance? A diet laden with sugar and refined carbohydrates. David Kingsley, a Ph.D. and world renowned hair-loss expert says “the consensus is that diet influences hair loss”.†

Hormone Imbalances are likely

much more common in men that most realize. We hear a lot about women with hormone issues, but men remain more in the background. Prolonged low testosterone in men has very significant health risks such as heart disease, diabetes, depression,



sexual dysfunction just to name a few. The list of symptoms and side effects from low T is quite long. Either very low or very high testosterone can cause baldness. Testosterone replacement therapy is fairly simple and becoming more common. ††

is to you to maintain your hair. All of the above options are viable.

The most common Scalp Condition is Alopecia also known as Male Pattern Baldness. This condition can also effect some women. There are known treatments for Alopecia such as Rogaine and Propecia. Rogaine can be used by men and women safely and is sold over the counter. While there are several varieties of Alopecia, only a couple of them respond to Rogaine. To my knowledge, Propecia is only prescribed for men. Often times, a male can get good results from using both Rogaine and Propecia. In a small percentage of men, side effects to Propecia can include sexual dysfunction. I have a resource in Arlington by the name of Linda Amerson. She is a Board Certified Trichologist that specializes in scalp conditions and thinning hair. I have referred several clients to her and have great confidence in her expertise. Her contact info: 817-265-8854 If you contact Linda, please tell her I referred you.

Ron Maddox is a freelance writer and successful hair professional with over 32 years of experience in the beauty and fashion industry.

There is also a percentage of hair-loss patients that get favorable results from laser light therapy. The drawback is that it is a lengthy and expensive process that usually includes 3 thirty minute sessions per week for anywhere from 6 months to 1 year and there is no guarantee that the patient will get the desired results. Tip: Each time you shampoo your hair, focus on your scalp and make it a point to really deeply massage your entire scalp from hairline to nape of the neck. Good circulation plays a role in the health of the scalp and hair. I find most clients don’t know how important it is to massage the scalp thoroughly. Just know that you may have some influence over thinning hair. It’s just about deciding how important it

†Source: Details Magazine, March 2012 Issue ††Source:



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• Conduct care planning assessments to identify problems, eligibility for assistance and need for services • Screen, arrange, and monitor in home help or other services • Review financial, legal or medical issues and offer referrals to geriatric specialists to avoid future problems and conserve assets • Provide crisis intervention • Act as a liaison to families at a distance, making sure things are going well and alerting families to problems • Assist with moving an older person to or from a retirement complex, care home, or nursing home • Provide consumer education and advocacy • Offer counseling and support to elder and family members

Geriatric care managers have extensive knowledge about the costs, quality and availability of services in their community. One call to a geriatric care manager will connect you with the services an older person may need.

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2012 April / Boomer Buzz Magazine  

Boomer Buzz Magazine ( is designed to be the leading source of information for today's baby boomers, the generation o...

2012 April / Boomer Buzz Magazine  

Boomer Buzz Magazine ( is designed to be the leading source of information for today's baby boomers, the generation o...