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Boomerang Village Resort Phuket... A very pleasant and relaxing place for the holiday of your dreams‌ Immersed in a typical tropical garden setting on Phuket Island, a genuine oasis of Relaxation and Well-Being!

Boomerang Village Resort Phuket is in the southernmost part of Phuket Island (Thailand), about 950 meters from “Kata Beach”, well known for its beauty, its crystal waters and its islet, not far from the shore, where you can go snorkeling. The Resort is situated on the hill dominating the small town of Kata, about 80 metres above M.S.L. You will see views of the spectacular landscape and enjoy the peaceful romantic sunsets of Phuket, about 400-500 metres from the centre and main shopping and entertainment areas of Kata. To get to the beach, Boomerang Village Resort Phuket supplies a free shuttle service for its guests, or you may feel like taking a pleasant walk.

Boomerang Village Resort Phuket is a one of a kind hospitality structure!

Furthermore, Boomerang Village Resort Phuket offers you the great comfort of its rooms, decorated in a Thai style with special attention to detail and with all the services of a luxury hotel. Every room has a private balcony where you can enjoy in great tranquility, views of the landscape and sunsets of Phuket, or you can connect to our 24 hour free Wi-Fi Internet network. The evocative “Cafe Del Sol - Restaurant” awaits you with a romantic external panoramic balcony, decorated with a mix of traditional and modern Thai, where you’ll get the chance to taste some delicious Thai and Italian dishes cooked for you by our chef.

Close your eyes and imagine you are inside the green oasis of a tropical garden with all of nature’s smells and sounds; birds singing, all kinds of flowers and plants, orchids, palm trees, neat flower beds with rocks and pebbles, fountains and water shows, butterflies and many kinds of birds, statues and typical Thai items. You will find something to catch your attention or to photograph at every corner, all surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere of relaxation and well-being to make your holiday unforgettable.

The staff at Boomerang Village Resort Phuket will welcome you in a kind and warm way with the gentle Thai attitude towards guests of the “smile island”; they will provide you with the best care and service possible with the precise goal of making your stay a unique and thrilling experience, and at the same time friendly enough to make it feel just like home. Boomerang Village Resort Phuket... A very pleasant and relaxing place for the holiday of your dreams…

We’re in Southern Thailand in one of the most evocative islands of the “Land of Smiles”, the island of Phuket to be precise... a green jewel set in clear turquoise blue water, with white sandy beaches and palm trees. South of Phuket Island there’s a beach called Kata Beach (one of the 20 plus beaches on the island) famous for being one of the most beautiful, and it’s not a coincidence that some of the biggest 5 star hotels are here. Furthermore, Kata Beach and its small town of “Kata” are well known as ideal places for families and couples, for people who love to relax whilst at the same time want a holiday with all the comforts. Boomerang Village Resort Phuket is situated on Kata’s hill, about 80 metres above M.S.L; from where you will be able to enjoy a breathtaking view of the landscape and the romantic tropical sunsets of Phuket. Boomerang Village Resort Phuket is immersed in the natural beauty of a 6000 mq. - 64585 Ft. tropical garden.

Boomerang Village Resort Phuket is a one of a kind hospitality structure, different from anything else. It has been built with natural materials such as: rocks, stones, pebbles, wood, etc, and mixed with the nature of its 6000 m? - 64585 Ft? garden, without compromising the environmental and visual aspects, creating something unique and original, a genuine oasis. Boomerang Village Resort Phuket is not a single structure with many floors, it has lots of different structures of 1-2 floors, separated and scattered around the resort’s garden. With all of that space available, “BVR” at the time of the original project, could have easily designed and built a classic multi-floor hotel, with 2 or 3 times more guest rooms. However, after careful directional analysis, always with the aim of supplying guests with the best service and making them feel at home, this solution was agreed, providing wide open spaces with respect for nature, greenery, relaxation and well-being. Boomerang Village Resort Phuket is devoted to preserving the natural environment, and internally undertaking projects such as waste separation and low energy lighting. EcoFiber’s office paper is made from recycled paper, recyclable plastic bottles, and other things you will notice during your stay. Boomerang Village Resort Phuket Concept: Reception and Assistance are two words not to be taken lightly, offering to every guest a warm welcome and a thorough service with the precise goal of making their stay an experience rich in emotion, with the unforgettable magic of countless natural shows.

Cafe Del Sol - Italian and Thai Restaurant in Phuket Quality - Tradition – Kindness Just a few steps from the pool at Boomerang Village Resort you will find the Cafe Del Sol Restaurant, originality based on genuine Italian and Thai cooking, in a comfortable and romantic setting, with the possibility of using the external balcony for romantic candlelight dinners with a panoramic view of Kata. Cafe Del Sol Restaurant is furnished with a mix of modern and Thai, with a relaxing and romantic atmosphere, nice background music, for relaxing and chatting with friends or partners whilst watching the sunset, an ideal place for your Phuket dinners. The menu at Cafe Del Sol offers a vast choice of Italian and Thai dishes: pasta, meat, fish, pizza, salads, sandwiches, ice cream, etc. The Italian management devotes utmost attention to product selection, especially with imported produce. Our suppliers are long established businesses and are well known in Thailand. Quality and satisfaction are two things not to be taken lightly at Cafe del Sol, which is why we exclusively use original “DOC” Italian products, Grana cheese, olive oil, ham, pasta and many more - even the coffee is prepared using only Italian blends. Management is very careful about food quality, dealing only with professional companies for local products: for instance, the vegetables used are obtained exclusively through certified hydroponic cultures. Ice cream is purchased from an Italian company situated in Phuket that uses high quality products and systems; you will notice right away the product’s uniqueness and taste. Furthermore, Cafe Del Sol offers a good selection of wines from various countries, especially Italy. But we don’t forget Thai cooking; let our Chefs create your favourite and most delicious traditional Thai dishes: Tom Yum Kang (hot prawn soup), Pad Thai (Thai style fried noodles), Som Tum (hot green papaya salad), Khao Pad (fried rice) and many more, our team will take care of your every wish and request. After dining at Cafe Del Sol you’ll get the chance to relax in a gracious living room and enjoy one of our amazing cocktails while listening to relaxing background lounge music or watching our 52” TV. You will be able to read books, magazines, and newspapers. Don’t forget you can also connect to our 24 hour Free Wi-Fi Internet Network, available in every area of the Resort. Services Hours: 7.30 - 11.30 AM - (Breakfast), a rich buffet breakfast 2.30 – 11.30 PM – (Restaurant), lunch or dinner * If you wish to have a private and intimate dinner, we also offer room service, you will find menu and reservation info in your room.

Cafe Del Sol website

Boomerang Village Resort - Rooms

Boomerang Village Resort Phuket is organised in rooms: Superior | Deluxe | Suite Garden | Suite

Our rooms have been tastefully decorated with stylish and comfortable Thai furniture, in order to give you relaxing and functional surroundings, where you can rest and spend your spare time in the best possible way. Each room has a private balcony and Free Wi-Fi Internet connectivity.

Address Patak rd. Soi 10 , Kata - 83100 Phuket - Thailand Tel.: +66 (0) 76 284480 +66 (0) 76 333102 Fax.: +66 (0) 76 284569 Websites: General E-mail: Reservations: Tel.: +66 (0) 76 284480 +66 (0) 76 333102 Fax.: +66 (0) 76 284569 E-mail : E-mail :

BVR - PHUKET Boomerang Village Resort Phuket Boomerang Village Resort Phuket, is immersed in the natural beauty tropical garden of a 6000 m2, offering a very c...

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