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James Gilarte Katherine Lambos

it’s been over a year since I first put this mask on...

Prowling the rooftops every night, trying to do what is right.

’d like to think that I have made people feel safer in the city. That I have made a difference.

that i am a symbol of justice and hope to people.

People feel safer walking the streets at night because they know that I am watching over them.

But the criminals and scum of this city...

They still haven’t got the message.

Someone help me –

Ahh, #$%@

Hey pretty lady. That sure is a nice jacket you got. Mind if we see what’s underneath?

Please – No...

I will not let another innocent person get hurt. I will not have a repeat of what happened to Kara again!

Who is that?

Oh my god that’s...

When will you idiots ever learn?

And no one gets hurt in my city!

This is my town and this is my city.

Except for Morons like you!

It’s not uncommon for me to take on six guys at a time.

I’m lucky that Miles gave me all that military training without knowing who I really was at the time.

These guys don’t stand a chance.

Good luck fixing those teeth!

Try getting a date with a broken nose!

you will hurt no one else!

there is something familiar about this gang...

because I’m about to bust a cap in his knee. I hear one trying to get away – so he thinks...

time to get some answers.


Who do you work for?!

Tell me or I’ll make sure you will never see another day!


Herod. I don’t believe it.

There is no way Herod is still alive after what I did to him.

I have killed him two times already....

At least i thought i killed him. he certainly seems to have luck on his side.

i need to be really careful especially after what happened last time with getting Kate involved. Well if he wants to play and come after me... I’ll play.

Until then I just have to wait for my next opponent and something tells me that will be real soon.

“Time is priceless” created, written and illustrated: James Gilarte Lettering: Katherine Lambos

Witness Vengador’s next great challenge...

Meet Asesino!

Early designs of Vengador

Concept art

Ronald Martin Kate Lillie Eric Martin

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