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New term – clean start..


Tennis Tots is the UK’s leading tennis play and coaching programme for boys and girls aged 2-6 years of age

To book a free trial in Leeds / Bradford / Harrogate call 07725 339257 York call 07807 949874

Book a single clean at discounted rates. Ask for a quote for regular work. Or let us clear that mountain of ironing. We collect and deliver

0113 281 8191 356 Broadway, Horsforth, LS18 4RE

Parent and toddler swimming courses. Gym – minis and Gymikins pre – school gymnastics. Family swimming Children’s parties.

Soft play / Pool / Bouncy castle / Kinnex Fitness Kinnex (8 to 12 years) Two hour session every Monday and Friday 16:00 – 18:00, includes fitness class, multi sport fun session, XBOX 360 Kinect team games and gym challenges in the Bodyline gym.

Armley Leisure Centre Carr Croft One free adult Armley and child session Leeds When booking a full course LS12 3HB with this coupon. Tel: 0113 3367880 Spring 2012

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Discounted Ch ildren’s Books Have a bookfair at your Toddler group & earn 30% commission in books

Activity, , e r u t ic P Board, tion. Facts, Fic PSHE range of books suitable for Childminders.

07712489801 DOT HARRISON Local Independent Bookseller

Nursery & Reception Open Morning : Wednesd ay 25th Apri l 9am-12n oon

hildren sh for C French and Spani

Fun classes for children aged 2-11

Inspiring children

With puppets, songs, craft, stories and snacks

to excel in all they do

Leeds, Horsforth, Roundhay, Otley and Harrogate We’re expanding: teachers required

Independent preparatory school providing a high standard of education for boys and girls aged 3-11 years old. • Small class sizes • Specialist teaching in a wide range of subjects

• Happy, confident and successful children • 7.45am-6pm care

Richmond House School Where children are happy to learn tel 0113 347 0350

• 10 acres of sports fields • Excellent facilities 170 Otley Road, Leeds LS16 5LG

To arrange a visit please call 0113 275 2670 Spring 2012

RHSAd_InspiringChildren_boomag_96x98.indd 1

30/11/2011 16:29

to you!

photo courtesy of robynejay

crime here at Boo magazine, Liz, she took her other business Ruby and GINGER onto the famous Dragons Den and managed to hook herself a dragon - read all about it on page 10 and win the Everything’s Covered Set which brought her success in the den.


hat a lovely start to spring we are having. The sun seems to give everything new perspective and I don’t know about you but it makes me want to clean things, declutter and reorganize. My home has never looked so neat and tidy - I even managed to spring clean my laptop then spent days looking for documents I’d filed away! If spring makes you want to get your house in order then take a look at our article on will planning. It’s so very important and often overlooked. A real investment in our family’s future. We also have a very personal, very honest account of one mother’s decision to put her child up for adoption. Her story is heart warming and will give you a whole different view on adoption.

Hope you enjoy reading our Spring issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Don’t forget to tell your friends about the magazine and visit our website for more information and articles.

Don’t forget June 17th is Fathers Day - in honour of the dads in our life we asked some daddy bloggers to tell us how they felt about becoming a father and why they blog. After you’ve read all about them take a look at their blogs - you may become addicted just like us!

Kirsty & Liz Boo magazine Ltd PO Box 236 Pudsey LS28 0DR T: (0113) 815 0033 E:

Spring is a perfect time to get our children out into the garden and plant some seeds, what kid doesn’t like getting their hands dirty? Growing the vegetables’ is the easy part though - getting our little darlings to eat their recommended daily allowance is a whole other story! Vegetarian mum Joules, shares some very tasty vegetarian recipes that will not only get your children asking for more but will also impress your friends.

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You Time

Nobody likes to talk about dying and it makes us feel terribly grown up to even think about planning a Will but we recently spoke to local firm Emsleys Solicitors and we realise just how important it is to do. Here’s what they had to say... As the parent of babies, toddlers or school age children, wills are probably the last thing on your mind right now (we know: every member of our wills and probate team has or has had a very young family). However a will can give you and your spouse/ partner complete peace of mind. Firstly you can appoint testamentary guardians. These are the people or person who would be responsible for your children’s welfare (and bring them up) if one or both of you were to pass away. Generally speaking, if you are in a relationship and one of you were to die, the other would normally bring up the children. If you are single or separated, or if you were both to die at the same time, then you need to have nominated a trusted friend or family member to take on this responsibility. It may be that you will want to appoint your mother, father, brother or sister or would like your partner’s family to be involved

photo courtesy of linda cronin

Will planning

or consulted. As well as testamentary guardians, you can also appoint trustees who would be responsible for finances until your children were of an age to take control of their own money. No one wants a 10 year old coming in to a large sum of cash. Trustees can be the same people as testamentary guardians or they can be different. We are experts at dealing with this issue and will provide you with no-nonsense practical advice.

A will can give you and your spouse/partner complete peace of mind

your spouse or partner could meet someone else and cohabit with them and/or remarry. If this did happen, there is a risk that your own children could be disinherited and receive no part of your estate whatsoever. At Emsleys we specialise in preparing trust wills to allow you to put your share of any property you own (together with any other assets) into a trust. This allows your spouse or partner to stay there for the rest of their lives and bring up the children but if they did remarry or permanently cohabit with a new partner your share of the property and any other assets would be safe for your children. We are committed to securing your children’s inheritance. At Emsleys our wills are tailormade to suit your specific requirements. For complete peace of mind contact Liz Stephen at Emsleys directly on 0113 201 4900, email liz. or visit our website www.

If you are reading this article, then you are probably aged between 25 and 50. If you were to die, the chances are that at some point in the future

Spring 2012

Coming Soon Shop on-line!!!

The Pre-Loved Boutique’s designer baby clothes are all pre-owned. Some have been pre-worn and some are brand new, still with tags! We stock boys and girls 0-3 years and we attend home parties, baby & toddler groups, shows & fairs. e-mail Emsleys Boo147x98 Generic Ad:Layout 1 27/03/2012 21:20 Page 1

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Independent Phoenix Trader 2192

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looking for expert legal advice? we can help.


There comes a time when everyone needs advice from an expert. It might be when you are buying or selling a property or perhaps you need a will to plan for the future and protect your assets.


“Very professional, capable and effective service. I would definitely use again and recommend to others.”

Whatever your situation, whether you have an employment-related legal matter, need help following the breakdown of a relationship, are in dispute with somone, or seeking compensation for an injury of some kind, we are here to help.

Speak to our legal experts on 0113 232 1030 or visit

Wills & Probate - Conveyancing - Dispute Resolution - Employment Law - Family Law - Personal Injury - Commercial Property

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One mothers personal story My story is not unique. I’m not the first person in the word to put their baby up for adoption and I won’t be the last. My story is not one of sorrow or regret. My story will hopefully make you think twice before you judge me or other parents like me who have made this tough decision to give their baby to someone else. I wasn’t young when I made my decision. I wasn’t a teenager. I wasn’t on drugs. I wasn’t dependant on any substances. I was 24 years old, I had a good job, I had a degree, my own home and a beautiful 2 year old boy. I was a single mum already. I’d been with my sons father since I was a teenager, we were engaged to be married when I fell pregnant and while I grew up overnight my childhood sweetheart spun out of control and when our relationship turned violent I made the decision to leave the and raise my baby alone. Being a parent in any circumstances is tough but I was young(er), I was still studying, I took a second job to make ends

meet and I raised my son by myself. I was there every night to put him to bed and every morning to take him to school. I sacrificed, I struggled and many nights I cried myself to sleep. But I loved my son and I would have moved mountains to make him happy. In those 2 and a bit years I didn’t even consider another relationship. I had only every had one boyfriend and the thought of dating again terrified me. Then one day as I was casually sitting in reception at work (having a chat with the girls) in walked a man who

changed my whole world. It’s cliché to say but it really was a case of our eyes met across the room (or reception) and we instantly fell in love with each other. It took 24 hours for us to organize our first date and a fairytale romance began and lasted a very heady, very intense 3 months.

In reality he was much older than me (10 years), he lived in a granny flat at his sisters house, he was a failed author editing a corporate magazine waiting for his ‘big break’. When the initial infatuation wore off we had absolutely nothing in common and very little to talk about. The romance faded out we went our separate ways never to cross paths again... Not long after that I began to feel like something was just not right. I had always been very athletic. I had a healthy diet, ran daily, plus gymed twice a week but suddenly I was gaining weight faster than a turkey at Christmas, I was vomiting daily and I lacked energy. Still being pregnant never crossed my mind - firstly Mr Dream Boat had told me he wasn’t able to have children and secondly I was on the pill. The problem was he WAS able to have children and I wasn’t the most regular at taking the pill, infact looking back I was lucky if I remembered to take it every other day. I was almost 20 weeks pregnant when I finally realised I was not

Spring 2012

just getting fat, I was, infact, pregnant. My world fell apart. I had just started a new job, I was earning decent money, my son was thriving, we had a great routine - things we’re good but this changed everything. My decision to look into adoption didn’t come easily. I had this vision of a grey bleak children’s home with rows of cots and neglected children - I didn’t want this for my child. I wasn’t going to leave this baby on a doorstep. I wanted the best for both my children and if I could give this baby a family - a mother and father then I wanted that for her. I also thought of my son - who, lets be honest, spent more time with nannies and nursery school teachers than he did with me. I couldn’t take more of me away from him - could I? The adoption really fell into place so easily. I only told one friend I was pregnant and that I was considering adoption, she prayed for me in a prayer circle she was part of, a lady in the prayer circle asked her to tell her more about my thoughts, she told her friend and her friend asked for my number. Two days later, out of the blue, I received a phone call from the most amazing lady. We became instant friends - first and foremost she was concerned

about me, she wanted to help me with my decision, secondly she wanted to adopt my baby. They were a lovely couple, they already had a little girl, and desperately wanted another but they never ever put any pressure on me. Everything felt very very natural. As my due date came closer and closer we started making plans, we found a social worker who had dealt with private adoption previously - they wanted me to have some professional support. We met up every other week, we went to doctor’s appointments together, I felt like part of their family, like their elder daughter. It made my decision easier. I was always a slim size 8, at nine months pregnant I was in size 12 clothes. No one knew I was pregnant so when the date of my planned c-section arrived I left my son with my parents for the weekend and went to the hospital. The whole experience was very calm and organized. The social worker and both the adoptive parents were in the theatre with me. I held my baby after she was born and visited her in neo natal (she was slightly small and had jaundice) we all left the hospital at the same time. I kissed my little girl and told her I had given her a better life. That’s twelve years ago now, I’m still in contact with her and

The free lifestyle magazine for you and yours

her parents. I was at her first birthday and many after that, we’ve all holidayed together, we talk often and swap photos. We have a close relationship and I have never for one day regretted my decision. I could never have given two children the attention or care small children needed. Instead I gave her a better life and in turn gave my son a better life. I often think if I hadn’t met this wonderful couple would things have been different? I don’t think I could have given her to an anonymous couple at the hospital and never seen her again. A big part of my decision was because I could be part of her growing up. Adoption is not easy, I wasn’t the easy choice for me - not at all. I was hard and tough and I cried many nights thinking of her. But it was the right decision for us. I think about her every single day - sometimes I’m sad, sometimes I’m proud. It took strength to do what I did - it didn’t mean I didn’t love her I do love her - I just wanted to give her something better than I could offer. If you want to know more about adoption in Leeds contact Leeds City Council Adoption - on 0113 247 4747 or email ss.fostering.and.


What’s News Diddi Dance Launch New Classes Diddi dance has been a massive hit with Boo magazine readers so we have added 3 new classes. Guiseley -Wednesday mornings at Tumble Town Adventure Play Ilkley - we start brand new class in Ilkley after Easter (opening 19th April)

Celebrate your birthday with Tennis Tots Tennis Tots offer fun and unique parties for children celebrating their 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th birthdays! What a Tennis Tots Party involves: Usually one hour of great fun and games with plenty of action

Farsley - Thursday afternoons

For girls and boys aged 3-6

We have also added an additional class in Horsforth due to popular demand - so we now have 2 (Tuesday am and Friday pm).

Warm, positive and fun-filled environment During term-time, parties are mostly restricted to weekends due to busy weekly schedules

Diddi dance parties are quickly becoming the talk of the tots as diddi dance bring the funky dancing fun to your child’s special day. It is an action packed fun party using all their unique dancing games and funky dances, followed by all their favourite props (ribbons, poms poms, hoops and more). Diddi dance really do make sure the diddi ones are entertained and have a party to remember.

Special gift for the Birthday Boy or Girl

To book your diddi one in for a free trial class, or discuss party options contact Cath on 07917 757566 or caroline.cath@

Make your child’s birthday extra special with a Tennis Tots party! To book your party get in touch with your local Tennis Tots Representative or visit the website for more details at ***READER OFFER*** Tennis Tots are offering Boo readers a 10% discount on parties booked before 1 May 2012 - quote Boo Magazine when booking.

Ruby and GINGER meet the Irish Dragons Local Mumpreneurs Liz Rhodes and Brenda Farnhill travelled to Ireland to seek the help of an Irish Dragon in expanding their über-chic baby range, Ruby & GINGER, in the UK and Ireland. After a tough pitch to the famous Dragons Brenda and Liz secured €50,000 investment from working mum Norah Casey for 35% of Ruby & GINGER. Ruby & GINGER, co-founded in 2009 by friends and new mums Liz and Brenda, has a contemporary and stylish product range of simple, affordable and innovative baby accessories from the ingenious Nappy Purse to the uniquely designed Cosy Car Seat Cover. The accessories are already available in over 90 retail outlets and online sites in the UK. Well done ladies! To view their products go to

Spring 2012

Help Kick! raise funds for young cancer patients Young football fans from Yorkshire are being encouraged to get active by taking part in CLIC Sargent’s Kick! fundraising campaign. CLIC Sargent is the UK’s leading cancer charity for children and young people and Kick! is one of the charity’s annual national events. Kick! is a fun football fundraising event for children and young people of all ages and abilities. It’s all about getting active and raising money to help CLIC Sargent support children and young people with cancer, and their families, across the UK. Registration is now open for this year’s campaign with schools, youth groups and youth football clubs encouraged to hold events between March and July 2012. Participants have the option of keeping 25% of the funds raised to develop their own activities or facilities.

Ragamuffins Boutique New Childrens Wear Boutique opens in Horsforth

Fabulous new local children’s wear boutique stocking a comprehensive range of quality clothing for babies through to 10 years. Brands include Fore!! Candy Bows, Toffe Moon, No Added Suger, Noa Noa and many more. Open Monday to Friday 9h30 16h30 and on a Saturday from 9h30 - 16h00. Why not pop along and view their stylish ranges. Ragamuffins Boutique is situated at 105B New Road Side, Horforth, LS18 4QD

It’s easy to register and get involved – just visit uk/kick or call 08451 20 22 32

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Kiddy Cook launches in Leeds

Local mum Katherine Reynolds is set to launch Kiddie Cook and Ciookie tots to Leeds. Kiddy Cook provides unique cooking sessions exclusively designed for children aged 4 – 11 years to encourage them to learn about ‘good’ food and to explore new flavours in an educational and fun way. CookieTots is a group activity for toddlers aged 2-4 years. Parents and carers help their children to create easy-to-make recipes and then join in with music, games and activities based around preparing and enjoying food. CookieTots classes start after the Easter break: St Margaret’s Hall, Horsforth Mondays 10 - 11am St Barnabas Church Hall, Alwoodley Tuesdays 1.30 - 2.30pm For details of FREE TRIALS and classes in your area contact Katherine on 07737 966786, email or visit * Special Easter Workshops* Kiddy Cook Workshop will be held at St Barnabus Church Hall on Sat 14th April, 2 - 4pm An eggcellant fun filled spring session involving lots of chocolate and some eggs! We will be cooking up some tasty Easter treats and performing some kitchen science eggsperiments.


Dad’s have their say

Daddy bloggers tell us their thoughts on fatherhood It’s fathers day on the 17th of June and in celebration of the fathers in our lives we spoke to some Daddy Bloggers about how they feel about fatherhood and what makes them blog.

First Time Daddy

First time father, Lewis has been blogging for almost a year now he started blogging when his wife was pregnant because he wanted a place where he could empty his brain of all the thoughts and fears going through his head during the pregnancy and beyond.

‘I absolutely love fatherhood. I had wanted to be a daddy for such a long time but the circumstances weren’t ideal until recently. When I first found out I was going to be a daddy, I just couldn’t believe it. Me? Responsible for a little boy

or girl’s life? Poor kid! Luckily I have a great wife who makes sure I don’t mess up too much. I have tried to be as involved as possible right from the beginning including the labour! (Which is an amazing experience, well it is for us blokes anyway!) I did lots of research before becoming a dad which has helped a lot. I started my blog and joined twitter and this has helped me learn so much from different organisations very similar to Boo Magazine which has taught me most of what I know. The majority of stuff available for new parents is aimed at new mums so to find other dads out there and learn from those experiences is really helpful. Nobody is a perfect dad but you do your best for your child. Our little man is already 8 months old and he is developing so fast. Sometimes it is hard leaving for work every day knowing I could miss his first steps or even his first words, but I countdown till 5:30pm so I can go home and see his smiling face and help put him to bed so he can start his busy day of playing and learning all over again the next morning.

A little about me. I am a 30 year old daddy to one little boy called Benjamin. Follow Lewis on twitter @_firsttimedaddy or catch up with his blog at www.

One Step Father Father of one, Curtis has been blogging for almost a year. Curtis says, ‘I always have a new story about something my son has said, and someone at work suggested, “You should totally write a book about this.” so I decided to do a blog. I called my blog OneStep Father because I have no idea what I’m doing. I just take everything one step at a time.’ ‘From the night my wife woke me with a tiny football outfit,

Spring 2012

to today with an energetic fouryear-old, I have had visions of sports stardom and “Xbox Night” dancing in my head. Raising my son is like molding my own best friend, until “Daddy” has to be a father. Plans for Star Wars marathons go out the door when he’s crying because he’s sick or getting in trouble for being bad at school. It’s no fun to be The Bad Guy, but it’s not my job to be a best friend; it’s my job to help my son become a man. In my eyes he is the promise of all that I wish I was and absence of the things I wish I wasn’t. I find myself to be the guy that is expected to have everything under control. That’s not a problem when Thomas the Tank Engine needs new batteries, but when shots hurt or pets die, I can’t always make it better. I was always sure that my father had all the answers. Protection, provision, and guidance were in his hands, and knowing that my son expects the same from me can be daunting. But my son is smart, kind, and funny. Days are full of moments to laugh and enjoy. Tantrums and timeouts are rare and pale in comparison to laughing at cartoons, playing with cars, and splitting a cookie. Fatherhood is the most humbling and rewarding endeavor of my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.’ Read more from Curtis on his blog

Kip Hakes Kip has been blogging sparodically for the last 8 years. He has a daughter who is alomst 9 and a baby on the way. Although he didn’t set out to be a daddy blogger (his site touches on all sorts of subjects, from parenting to consumer issues) he is now the only daddy blogger on Emma’s Diary.

‘The exact moment I realised I was a Daddy. The birth of G was a surprise. After a routine midwife appointment we were asked to go for a scan to check on her. The scan revealed very little fluid around G and a ‘normal’ birth would be dangerous as the umbilical cord could wrap around her neck. We were told the safest option was a cesarean section - that day! Everything was a blur. Later that afternoon I found myself in scrubs and hearing a baby

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crying. I was confused, why there was another birth in the operating theatre? I twigged, this was MY baby! My beautiful baby girl! I was handed G and given a little bottle to feed her. I had no idea what to do or how to feed a baby; I’d never done it before and I felt so stupid - I thought I’d just click into ‘Daddy Mode’. G went back to her mum for the journey to the ward and that was it, we were parents. I didn’t *feel* like a parent, I just felt like an idiot with a baby. G had a Vitamin K injection, as most newborns do, and I had to take her to the nurse for her to administer it. The nurse put the needle in and G woke up and let out a horrific scream and started crying. The nurse had hurt *MY* daughter! I could feel the adrenaline racing through my veins. I wanted to punch the (lovely) nurse and take my baby away! I’d never punch anyone, let alone a nurse, but my paternal instinct had kicked in. I wanted to protect her. The nurse handed her back and I thanked her and walked off, still shaking with adrenaline. That was the moment I realised I really was a daddy.’ Catch up with Kip on his own website or through Emmas Diary www.


Tickety Boo Health & Fitness

Unwell? Choose Well. Unwell? Know where to go. Choose well. When your child is feeling unwell, it can be worrying when you’re not sure what to do for the best. The ‘Choose well’ campaign will help you choose the right place to go in Leeds for treatment. Choose well uses a colour coded thermometer to highlight the range of services on your doorstep and choosing the right one will ensure you receive the best possible treatment. There are a number of convenient, local services which can provide fast, free help for minor injuries and illness. These are places such as their GP, walk-in centre, minor injuries unit, pharmacist or even by themselves with basic self care. For urgent advice and treatment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, call one local number 0345 605 99 99* from anywhere in West Yorkshire to get the right NHS service. **(Calls are charged at local rates from landlines)**

Minor Injury Units and Walk in Centre Minor Injury Units (MIU) can quickly treat less serious illnesses and injuries such as sprains, cuts and grazes including the ability to perform x-rays. Wharfedale Hospital MIU, Otley Newall Carr Road, Otley, West Yorkshire LS21 2LY. Tel: 0113 392 1647. Open 8am-11pm everyday including bank holidays, closed Christmas Day.

St George’s Centre MIU, Middleton St George’s Road, Middleton, Leeds LS10 4UZ. Tel: 0113 392 9801 Open 8am-10.30pm everyday including bank holidays, closed Christmas Day. Shakespeare Medical Centre Cromwell Mount, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS9 7TA. Tel: 0113 295 1132. Open 8am8pm every day, including all bank holidays The Shakespeare Medical Centre can see and treat conditions such as coughs, colds and flulike symptoms; ear, nose and throat problems; eye infections and diarrhoea and vomiting.

Spring 2012

Café Village Cupcake Bir thday Par ties Looking for something a little bit different for your children’s birthday party? Then why not book one of our fabulous Cupcake parties - Cupcake decorating, sweet & fabric jeweller y making. Homemade party food, milkshakes, and take home party bags full of your wonderful makings of the day! “Thank you so much for the cupcake party, you went to so much effort and your attention to detail was out of this world. It goes without saying that the kids had a perfect afternoon”. Sept 11

£7.95 per child up to 10 children, 11 children & over £6.95 per child.

Café Village, 6 Victoria Street, Calverley, LS28 5PQ tel: 0113 2558520

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Water Babies are the UK’s leading baby swimming school offering multiaward winning classes in your area.

classes held across Yorkshire including Leeds & surrounding areas

Our fun, innovative classes teach life-saving water confidence skills from birth to four years. To find out more and Join in the fun call...

01943 872 556 Spring 2012

Dad zone

Stay-at-home dad

by Tim Atkinson from Being a dad. There’s nothing like it. Nothing quite prepares you for it. And nothing anyone ever says or anything you can read will really make you any better at it. The learning curve is even steeper when you give up ‘work’ (if only!) to become a stay-at-home dad spending all day, everyday with the kids. Four years ago I was a successful teacher with a responsible job at a large and well-respected school. I’d risen through the ranks to become Assistant Head but spent most of my time in an office instead of a classroom. For years I’d done a job I enjoyed. Now I started to wonder what I was doing - the paperwork, the meetings, endless government initiatives and Ofsted directives. This wasn’t why I’d gone into teaching. So I began thinking about downshifting. Then my son was born. And the rest, as they say, is history. Charlie’s four now and the last few years have flown by. Every day is enormous fun. Being a stay-at-home dad is like nothing I’ve ever done before but I’m loving every minute. I blog about it as a way of keeping the brain cells active and I’m involved in a few things that get me out of

This issue stay at home dad Tim Atkinson talks about how what it’s like to be the only man at the mums and tots group. If you would like to contribute to the Dad Zone, please email:

the house, so I don’t lack adult conversation. The work is hard – since Charlie’s sister Eloise arrived just over a year ago I’ve had two under fives to look after – so I’m not under any illusions about it. But, quite frankly, I still feel it’s a privilege. Every day is different, for a start. And they’re all great fun. If the weather’s fine, we go to the park. If not, we stay in and make things or play increasingly elaborate games with whatever’s to hand. Ok, so the pay is rubbish but quite honestly I’m richer now than I’ve ever been. And I’m having the time of my life. Of course, it’s not always easy. Although the number of stayat-home dads is on the increase, I’m still something of a curiosity at the ‘mother’ and toddler groups (as they’re still often called). And fellow dads often start by claiming they could never do what I do before, by the end of the conversation, telling me they really wish they could spend more time with their children. A new dad recently asked me what my best piece of parenting advice would be. In spite of having just written one myself I told him to throw away the book. (I’ll never make a salesman!) Do whatever works, I said: whatever works, whatever works, whatever works -

The free lifestyle magazine for you and yours

that’s my parenting mantra. Clearly there are limits capital punishment might work, but would be somewhat self-defeating! But for parents everywhere the most fundamental rule has got to be – do whatever works. Because doing what works means knowing your children individually, not treating them like all the others. Some need wrapping in cotton wool; others bounce. I seem to have got one of each. But once you’ve accepted that believe me, you’ve got the ‘dad’ game sorted. And a game is what it is. So have fun playing!


Around and about Family-friendly days out Twighlight Night

National Media Museum www.nationalmediamuseum. 18 May Join us for a special Twilight Night on Friday 18 May. Kick start your evening with an afterhours animation workshop, learn how to animate and edit your very own film and then sit back relax and enjoy popcorn and a private film in our mini cinema. The fun doesn’t stop there, after the film take a torchlight tour of the Museum at night! £10 per person, spaces are limited and booking is essential. Groups must have a minimum of 1 adult per 5 children. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Suitable for ages 7 – 12.

Olympic torch relay evening celebration

Temple Newsam Park 24 June Leeds has been announced as one of four very special evening celebrations Coca-Cola are hosting along the route of the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay. Leeds’ iconic Temple Newsam Park has been chosen as one of the special 50,000 person capacity FREE live events which will be headlined by one of the UK’s foremost

music acts. Full event details including the line up will be announced later this spring. The relay will be visiting more than 70 places across the UK ahead of the start of the 2012 Games in London on 27 July. It will initially roll into Leeds on June 19, passing through areas such as Wetherby and Harewood before moving away from the city for a few days. Then on June 24 it will stop off in Headingley, Potternewton, Harehills and Richmond Hill as well as the Temple Newsam celebrations. June 25 will see the torch starting in the city centre and calling at Hunslet, Beeston and Morley plus other West Yorkshire communities like Wakefield and Dewsbury.

Peppa Pigs Treasure Hunt

West Yorkshire Playhouse Playhouse Square, LS2 7UP 7-10 June Ahoy there me Hearties! Peppa Pig and her friends are going on a treasure hunt and need your help! Peppa, George and Danny Dog are up to fun and games on a day out on Grandad Dog’s boat. Help them, with Pedro Pony, Polly Parrot and Zoe Zebra to follow the clues and find their treasure as they all enjoy a day of adventure. Following the incredible success of Peppa Pig’s Party, Peppa is back with a brand new show featuring true to life puppets, perfect singalong songs and a

new story that will charm and delight all her fans. Full sail! Ahoy! Arrrrr

Breeze International Youth Festival 2012

Leeds 30 May - 10 June The festival is taking shape with lots of exciting activities, events and exhibitions for young people aged 13-19. Breeze Live! on Briggate will be on Saturday 2nd June and be an opportunity for showcasing the best performances in dance and music

Eureka! Fairy Tale Kingdom

Eureka! Museum 30 May-10 June This June Eureka! will become a Fairy Tale Kingdom. They will be celebrating the Queen’s Golden Jubilee by meeting some Kings and Queens from history, and exploring wellknown fairy tales with dragons, princesses, a few prince charmings and possibly an ugly sister or two.

Spring 2012

Leeds Loves Food Millennium Square, plus various locations around Leeds City Centre. 25th - 27th May Free entry

Leeds city centre plays host to the seventh Leeds Loves Food festival between 25th and 27th May. The Yorkshire Food and Drink Show returns, turning Millennium Square into a food haven, with local

and regional food producers, suppliers and restaurants showcasing their products across the weekend. This year promises to be a spectacular event with a Kitchen Theatre offering visitors the chance to watch 20 local Leeds chefs in full cookery. Celebrity chef and Yorkshireman, Brian Turner, will also try his hand at making great school dinners along with The Catering Agency whilst our very own Olympic athletes will be on stage too. Venues away from the square, including Leeds’ Kirkgate Markets, The Source within Kirkgate Market, The Merrion Centre, The Corn Exchange,

The Light and the Victoria Quarter will boast foodie offerings throughout the food festival with tasting opportunities, book signings, live demonstrations and eatery offers. There’s further exotic fun on Briggate too as a Moroccan Market of Handicraft will be in town from 23- 27 May. A new attraction for the festival this year, traders will be selling their goods from traditional Berber tents. For more information about this free festival check out

25th -27th MAY LEEDS FOOD FESTIVAL Search for Leeds Loves Food on:

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For more information about classes in your area visit our website www.

Children's clothes shop that's got the wow factor Quality baby & children’s clothing From Newborn to 10 yrs

No Added Sugar, Noa Noa Frugi, Sugar Pink,Toffee Moon Hadleigh, Fore!! Axel & Hudson Candy Bows & many more

You’ll find us at: 105B New Road Side, Horsforth Leeds,LS18 4QD Tel: 0113 259 0548

Sure Start Children's Centres

offer children under five and their families the services they need, including information and access to childcare integrated with early education, health services, advice for parents and help to access training and work. For more information on what is on offer at Alwoodley Children's Centre please contact us on 0113 2170134 or come along and visit us to view the facilities.

Spring 2012

Weekly planner Baby & toddler activities

MONDAY Roundabout Playgroup Newlaithes School, Victoria Cr, Horsforth, LS18 T: 07960 855265 09.15-12.15 (age 2½ years plus) Calverley Toddler Group Methodist Church Hall, Carr Rd, Calverley, LS28 09.30-11.30 Tots Galore St Margaret’s Church Hall, Lower Hall, Hall Lane, Horsforth, LS18 T: (0113) 258 6467 (Sue Lewis) 09.30-11.30 Umbrella Group Jubilee Hall, Layton Ave, Rawdon, LS19 T: (0113) 229 4080 (Sandra) 09.45-11.30 Diddi Dance (B) Boston Spa Village Hall, 119 High Street,LS23 T: 07917 757566 or E: 09.45-10.30 10.45-11.30 All Saints Church, Elland Road, Churwell, LS27 7QR 10.00-10.45 ArtyBobs (B) Adel and Ireland Wood Community Centre New Adel Lane LS16 6AZ T: 07543 484198 (Susan) E: 10.00-11.00 T: 07543484198 Les Petits Francais French speaking playgroup for bilingual children (0-4 years) accompanied by carer Meanwood Community Centre, Stainbeck Ave, LS7 T: (0113) 256 2042 (Olivia) 10.00-12.00 Little Hiccups Monday Club For visually or hearing impaired children Shire View Centre, 72 Headingley Lane, LS6 T: 07826 938928 (Linsay) 10.00-12.00 (alternate weeks) Pyjama Drama (B) Alwoodley Community Association, The Avenue, Alwoodley, LS17 7QN T: 0844 504 0964 (Sara Hall) 10.15 – 10.50 – Raindrops (18 mths – 2 1/2 yrs) 11.00 – 11.40 – Rainbows (2 1/2 – 5 years)

Mums and Tots Group South Parade Baptist Church, Kirkstall Lane, Headingley, LS6 T: (0113) 275 4989 10.00-11.30 (0-2 years) Music Bugs (B) T: 0844 578 1043 (Nicola Lawlor) Clifton Village Hall, Newall Road, Otley, LS21 10.00-10.40 (mixed 6 months-4 years) Alwoodley Children’s Centre, Allerton C of E School, Lingfield Approach, LS17 11.00-11.40 (mixed 6 months-4 years) Roundhay NCT Bumps, Babies and Beyond Meet at members’ houses E: 10.00-12.00 Beechtree Steiner Parent & Child group Old Tetley Hall, Leeds, LS6 T: (0113) 269 0262 10.00-12.00 Burley NCT Bumps, Babies and Beyond group Meet at members’ houses T: 07968 828367 (Amber) 10.00-12.00 Pudsey NCT Bumps, Babies and Beyond Pudsey Children’s Centre, Southroyd Primary School, Pudsey, LS28 E: (Emily) 10.30-12.00 Bumps & Babies Lower Wortley Methodist Church T: 07725 161756 10.30-12.00 £1 per family Baby Massage Horsforth Children’s Centre, North Broadgate Lane, Horsforth, LS18 T: (0113) 258 3847 10.00-11.00 Tiny Signers Horsforth Children’s Centre, North Broadgate Lane, Horsforth, LS18 T: 07742 296160 11.00-12.00 Tennis Tots (B) Alwoodley Community Hall, The Avenue, LS17 T: 07725 339257 (Matt) 12.30-13.15 (2-3½ years) 13.15-14.00 (2-3½ years) 14.00-14.45 (3½-school age) Pyjama Drama (B) Seven Artspace, 31(a) Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton, LS7 3PD T: 0844 504 0964 (Sara Hall) 14.00 – 14.40– Rainbows (2 1/2–5 years)

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Leeds Dance Academy St. Stephen’s Church, Cranmer Road, Off King Lane, Leeds, LS17 5DR T: (0113) 273 8563 13.30-14.15 Ready Teddy Go! Toddlers 14.15-15.00 Ready Teddy Go! Pre-School Ballet 16.15-17.00 Primary Ballet 17.00-17.45 Grade 1 Ballet 17.45- 18.30 Senior Ballet Come Dine With Me Learn how to cook healthy food to take home to eat. £1 per session. Ryecroft Primary School, Stonebridge Grove, Leeds LS12 5AW T: (0113) 263 6138 13.00-15.00 French and Spanish for Fidgets (B) T: 01904 706565 (Lucy) St Paul’s Church, Victoria Ave, Harrogate HG1 13.45-14.30 Otley Methodist Church, Walkergate, Otley, LS21 14.00-14.45 Otley Library Story and Rhymetime Nelson Street, Otley, LS21 T: 01943 466572 14.00-14.30 Headingley Library Story and Rhymetime North Lane, Headingley, LS6 T: (0113) 214 4525 14.15-14.45 Oakwood Library Story and Rhymetime 1 Oakwood Lane, Leeds, LS8 T: (0113) 214 4192 14.15-14.45

TUESDAY Rodley Young Ones The Church in Rodley, Wesley Street, Rodley, LS13 09.00-11.00 Farsley Playgroup and Toddler Group Methodist Church, Back Lane, Farsley, LS28 T: (0113) 229 9464 09.00-11.30 Farsley Parents and Toddlers St John’s Church Hall, New Street, Farsley, LS28 T: (0113) 255 5211 (Jo Reilly) 09.15-11.15 Roundabout Playgroup Newlaithes School, Victoria Cr, Horsforth, LS18 T: 07960 855265 09.15-12.15 (age 2½ years plus)


Weekly planner Baby & toddler activities

Numbers Can be Fun – Shapes, colours & numbers through play. Cobden Annex, LS12 5LA. £1 per family. T: (0113) 263 6138 for date. From 10th January 09.30 - 10.30 Diddi Dance – Horsforth(B) St Margarets Parish Hall, Church Lane, Horsforth, LS18 5LA T: 07917 757566 or E: 10.00-10.45 Trinity Toddlers Trinity Church, New Road Side, Rawdon, LS19 T: (0113) 250 5200 (Christine Moffat) 09.30-11.30

Music Bugs (B) Horsforth Children’s Centre, North Broadgate Lane, Horsforth, LS18 T: 0844 578 1043 (Nicola Lawlor) 09.30-10.20 (6months-4 years) 10.30-11.20 (6months-4 years) Baby Sign Horsforth Children’s Centre, North Broadgate Lane, Horsforth, LS18 T: (0113) 259 1786 Mums and Tots Group South Parade Baptist Church, Kirkstall Lane, Headingley, LS6 T: (0113) 275 4989 10.00-11.30 (2-5 years)

Tuesday Tots Cookridge Village Hall, Moseley Wood Lane, LS16 T: (0113) 226 8525 (Karen) 09.30-11.30

Beechtree Steiner Parent & Child group Stainbeck Community Hall, Leeds, LS7 T: (0113) 269 0262 E: 10.00-12.00

Baby Sign Horsforth Children’s Centre, North Broadgate Lane, Horsforth, LS18 T: 07742 296160

Jelly Tots Parent & Toddler Group New Farnley Community Centre, Farnley, LS12 T: (0113) 263 6895 (Cheryl) 10:15 - 11:30

Tennis Tots (B) T:07725 339257 (Matt) Roundhay Parochial Hall, Fitzroy Drive, LS8 09.30-10.15 (2-31/2 years) 10.15-11.00 (3.1/2-school age)

Guiseley Library Story and Rhymetime Otley Road, Guiseley, LS20 T: 01943 872675 10.30-11.00

Ben Rhydding Methodist Church Hall, Wheatley Lane, Ben Rhydding, Ilkley LS29 13.30-14.15 (2-31/2 years) 14.15-15.00 (3.1/2-school age) Childminders Drop In Group Horsforth Children’s Centre, North Broadgate Lane, Horsforth, LS18 T: (0113) 259 1786 09.30-11.30 Chapel Allerton NCT Bumps, Babies and Beyond Chapel Allerton Children’s Centre, Blake Grove, LS7 E: (Sarah, Joanna) 10.00-12.00 French and Spanish for Fidgets (B) T: 01904 706565 Christ Church, The Stray, Harrogate, HG1 10.45-11.30

Leeds Dance Academy St. Stephen’s Church, Cranmer Road, Off King Lane, Leeds, LS17 5DR T: (0113) 273 8563 16.00-16.15 Pre-Primary Ballet 16.15-16.45 Grade 2 Ballet 17.30-18.30 Grade 3 Ballet 18.30-19.30 Grade 4 Ballet 19.30-20.30 Grade 5 Ballet Baby Cafe Horsforth Children’s Centre, North Broadgate Lane, Horsforth, LS18 T: (0113) 259 1786 14.00-16.00 Fun Time Tots £1 per session. Stay n play. St. Michaels Hall, Chapel Lane/Lawns Lane, LS12 5ES 13.15 – 14.15

Roundhay Quakers Meeting House, 136 Street Lane, Roundhay, LS8 13.45-14.30

Holt Park Community Library Story and Rhymetime Ralph Thoresby High School, Holtdale Approach, LS16 T: (0113) 336 8188 14.15-14.45

Alwoodley NCT Bumps, Babies and Beyond Meeting at members’ houses E: (Helen) 13.00-14.30 (alternate Tuesdays)

Bramhope Parents and Toddlers Breary Lane, Bramhope, LS16 T: (0113) 395 0311 14.30-15.30

Tennis Tykes (B) T: 07843 342662 (Caroline) Fairfax Community Centre, Fairfax Ave, Harrogate, HG2 10.45-11.30 Ilkley Lawn Tennis & Squash Club, Stourton Rd, Ilkley, LS29 13.00-13.45 13.45-14.30

WEDNESDAY Farsley Baby and Toddler Group Farsley/Calverley Children’s Centre, Farfield Primary School, Cote Lane, Farsley, LS28 T: (0113) 336 8528 09.00-10.50 Roundabout Playgroup Newlaithes School, Victoria Cr, Horsforth, LS18 T: 07960 855265 09.15-12.15 (2½ years plus) St Giles Baby & Toddler Group St Giles Church, Church Hill, Bramhope, LS16 T: (0113) 230 0522 (Victoria) 09.30-11.30 Tennis Tots (B) T: 07725 339257 (Matt) Roundhay Parochial Hall, Fitzroy Drive, LS8 09.30-10.15 (2-31/2 years) 10.15-11.00 (3.1/2-school age) Ben Rhydding Methodist Church Hall, Wheatley Lane, Ben Rhydding, LS29 13.30-14.15 (2-31/2 years) 14.15-15.00(3.1/2-school age) Horsforth NCT Bumps, Babies & Beyond Meet at members’ houses T: 07824 510315 (Emily) E: or 09.30-11.15 (mums-to-be and 0-4 years) St Matthias Toddler Group St Matthias Church Centre, St Matthias Street (off Burley Rd), LS4 T: (0113) 278 4859 (Claire) 09.30-11.30 Baby Feeding Group Breast, Bottle & Tube, all babies need food Support & info on feeding & weaning. Ryecroft Primary School, Stonebridge Grove, LS12 5AW 09.30-11.30 Beechtree Steiner Parent & Child group Old Tetley Hall, Leeds. LS6 T: (0113) 269 0262 10.00-12.00

Spring 2012

ArtyBobs (B) St Andrews Methodist Church, Robin lane, Pudsey, LS28 7BR T: 07570 822597 (Clare) E: 10.00-11.00 Tennis Tykes (B) T: 07843 342662 (Caroline) Ilkley Lawn Tennis & Squash Club, Stourton Rd, Ilkley, LS29 13.00-13.45 13.45-14.30 Oakwood Toddler Group Roundhay Parochial Hall, Fitzroy Drive, LS8 E: 10.00-11.30 Music Bugs (B) T: 0844 578 1043 (Nicola Lawlor) Tranmere Park Primary School, Ridge Close, Guiseley, LS20 09.30-10.10 (mixed 6 months-4 years) Roundhay Children’s Centre, c/o Gledhow Primary School, Lidgett Lane, LS8 13.30-14.10 (mixed 6 months-4 years) Calverley Childrens Centre, Parkside Primary School Victoria Street, Calverley, LS28 5PQ 13.30-14.10 (mixed 6 months-4 years) Alwoodley Parents and Toddlers Alwoodley Park Methodist Church, The Lane, Alwoodley Park, Leeds, LS17 T: (0113) 268 2928 10.00-11.45

Moor Allerton Library Story and Rhymetime Moor Allerton Centre, King Lane, LS17 T: (0113) 214 5624 11.15-11.45 Leeds Dance Academy St. Stephen’s Church, Cranmer Road, Off King Lane, Leeds, LS17 5DR T: (0113) 273 8563 13.30-14.15 Ready Teddy Go! Toddlers 14.15-15.00 Ready Teddy Go - Pre-school Ballet 15.45-16.00 Fun Dance - Modern, Jazz and Tap (4years+) 16.30-17.15 Junior Modern Jazz and Tap (6years+) 17.15 Provate Tuition Rhymetime - Singing, puppets, stories Hillside Community Centre, Cross Lane, LS12 5ES. £1 per family. 13.15 - 14.15 Immaculate Heart Parents and Toddlers The Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church, 294 Harrogate Road, Leeds, LS17 T: (0113) 395 0311 13.30-15.00 Horsforth Library Story and Rhymetime Town Street, Horsforth, LS18 T: (0113) 214 4801 14.15-14.45 Crossgates and East Leeds NCT Bumps, Babies & Beyond Meet at members’ houses E:

Farnley Children’s Centre Group Rhyme Time Hillside Community Centre, Cross Lane, LS12 Rhymes/Stories/Music/Puppets/Singing T:(0113) 263 6138 13.45-14.45

THURSDAY Socatots Now enrolling for Lawnswood/Cookridge Morning sessions Sessions must be pre-booked T: 07952 579 580 E: Lidgett Park Toddler Group Lidgett Park Methodist Church, Lidgett Place, Leeds, LS8 09.00-11.30 Farsley Playgroup and Toddler Group Methodist Church, Back Lane, Farsley, LS28 T: (0113) 229 9464 09.00-11.30 Rodley Young Ones The Church in Rodley, Wesley Street, Rodley, LS13 09.00-11.00 Roundabout Playgroup Newlaithes School, Victoria Cr, Horsforth, LS18 T: 07960 855265 09.15-12.15 (2½ years plus) Messytime - Painting, Playdough, Glue & glitter & much more. £1 per family. Wortley Methodist Church, LS12 5N 09.30 - 10.30

French and Spanish for Fidgets (B) T: 01904 706565 (Lucy) Roundhay Methodist Church, Springwood Rd, Roundhay, LS8 10.00-10.45 Christ Church, The Stray, Harrogate, HG1 13.45-14.30 Horsforth Parenting Courses Horsforth Children’s Centre, North Broadgate Lane, Horsforth, LS18 T: (0113) 259 1786 Young Parents Group Horsforth Children’s Centre, North Broadgate Lane, Horsforth, LS18 T: (0113) 259 1786 10.30-12.00 Burley Library Story and Rhymetime Cardigan Road, Leeds, LS6 T: (0113) 214 4528 11.00-11.30

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Weekly planner Baby & toddler activities

St Paul’s Parents and Toddlers St Paul the Apostle Church, Buckstone Crescent, Alwoodley, LS17 T: (0113) 395 0311 09.30-11.00 School Street Toddlers United Reformed Church, School Street, Pudsey, LS28 T: (0113) 236 1400 (Christine) 09.30-11.00 Tiny Tots Parent/Carer and Tots group Hillside Hall, Old Farnley Community Centre, Farnley, LS12 T: (0113) 263 7234 (Sheila) 09.30-11.00 Tennis Tots (B) T: 07725 339257 (Matt) St Margaret’s Church Hall, 5 Park Gate Close, Horsforth,LS18 09.30-10.15 (2-31/2 years) 10.15-11.00 (2-31/2 years) 11.00-11.45 (2-31/2 years) Roundhay Parochial Hall, Fitzroy Drive, LS8 13.30-14.15 (2-31/2 years) 14.15-11500 (3.1/2-school age) Heaton Tennis & Squash Club, Crofton Road, Bradford BD9 14.15-15.00 (2-31/2 yrs) Music Bugs (B) Farsley/Caverley Childrens Centre,Farfield Primary School, Farsley, LS28 T: 0844 578 1043 (Nicola Lawlor) 10.00-10.40 (mixed 6 months-4 years) Diddi dance – Roundhay(B) Roundhay Parochial Hall, 5 Fitzroy Drive, Leeds LS8 4AB T: 07917 757566 10.00-10.45 11.00-11.45 Oakwood NCT postnatal group Meet at members’ houses E: (Andrea) 10.00-12.00 Alwoodley NCT Bumps, Babies and Beyond Meeting at members’ houses E: (Helen) 10.00-12.00

Tennis Tykes (B) T: 07843 342662 (Caroline) E: St Andrews Church Hall, High St, Starbeck, Harrogate, HG2 10.00-10.45 Ilkley Lawn Tennis & Squash Club, Stourton Rd, Ilkley, LS29 10.45-11.30 11.30-12.15 French and Spanish for Fidgets (B) T: 01904 706565 (Lucy) Christ Church, The Stray, Harrogate, HG1 10.45-11.30 Roundhay Quakers Meeting House, 136 Street Lane, Roundhay, LS8 13.45-14.30 Diddi dance – Pudsey(B) Farsley Community Church, Back Lane, Pudsey, LS28 5EU T: 07917 757566 or E: 13.45-14.30 Alwoodley Children’s Centre Bumps and Babes for mums-to-be and babies under 1 year Alwoodley Children’s Centre, c/o Allerton CE Primary School, Lingfield Approach, Ls17 T: (0113) 217 0134 (Sadie) 13.00-14.30 Calverley Library Story and Rhymetime Thornhill Street, Calverley, LS28 T: (0113) 214 6043 14.45-15.15 Moortown Baby Cafe (Breastfeeding Support Group) Moortown Children’s Centre, c/ Moor Allerton Primary School, Lidgett Lane, Gledhow, LS17 13.00-14.30 Little Hiccups Thursday Club For children/families with a disability Headingley Children’s Centre, c/o Shire Oak Primary School,Wood Lane, Headingley, LS6 T: 07826 938928 (Linsay) 13.00-14.30

Beechtree Steiner Parent & Child group Old Tetley Hall, Leeds, LS6 T: (0113) 269 0262 10.00-12.00

Funky Thursday Young Parent/Carers and teenage pregnant mums (25 years and under) By referral only contact Farnley Childrens Centre for more information T: (0113) 263 6138 13.00-14.30

Chapel Allerton Library Story and Rhymetime 106 Harrogate Road, Leeds, LS7 T: (0113) 214 5812 10.30-11.00

Cupcake Decorating at Cafe Village Victoria St, Calverley , LS28 14.00- 16.00 £2.99 per child including drink and cupcakes

Leeds Dance Academy St. Stephen’s Church, Cranmer Road, Off King Lane, Leeds, LS17 5DR T: (0113) 273 8563 16.30 Inter Modern Jazz and Tap 17.30 Senior Modern Jazz and Tap

FRIDAY Baby Massage 5/6 week course. £1 per session Contact Farnley children’s centre to book your place on the course. T: (0113) 263 6138 Wobblers and Toddlers Playgroup Lowtown Pudsey Primary School, Kent Rd, Pudsey, LS28 T: (0113) 256 7303 09.15-11.00 Roundabout Playgroup Newlaithes School, Victoria Cr, Horsforth, LS18 T: 07960 855265 09.15-12.15 (2½ years plus) Alwoodley Children’s Centre Play and Stay Alwoodley Children’s Centre, c/o Allerton CE Primary School, Lingfield Approach, Ls17 T: (0113) 217 0134 (Sadie) 09.30-11.30 Toddler Time Lower Wortley Methodist Church, Branch Road, Wortley, LS12 T: (0113) 263 4972 (Maria)/ (0113) 263 1661 (Ann) 09.30-11.15 ArtyBobs (B) St Paul’s Church, Raynel Drive, LS16 6BS T: 07543 484198 (Susan) E: 10.00-11.00 Socatots (B) Pudsey, St James the Great Church, Galloway Lane, Pudsey, LS28 8JR Sessions must be pre-booked T: 07952 579 580 E: 10:00 – 10:40 (confident walkers - 2 ½ years) 11:00 – 11:45 (2 ½ years - school age) Music Bugs (B) Kids Club House, 75A New Road Side, Horsforth, LS18 4QD T: 0844 578 1043 (Nicola Lawlor) 10.00-10.40 (mixed 6 months-4 years) Trinity Toddlers Trinity Church, New Road Side, Rawdon, LS19 T: (01274) 612858 (Rachel Harrison) 09.30-11.30

Spring 2012

Pupils and staff at Allerton Church of England Primary School have been celebrating after February 2012 Ofsted Inspection judged them to be a GOOD school in all areas. Headteacher Helen Stott described the judgement as ‘an excellent result’ which reflected the school’s happy and safe atmosphere and its’ high standards of teaching and learning. Inspectors poured particular praise on the ‘safe and happy’ atmosphere fostered in the school, its’ ‘exceptional’ cultural life, including ‘fantastic’ provision in art, dance, drama and ICT and the way in which all children are known individually. The school received further endorsement as an OUTSTANDING school, in all areas, when inspected under the Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools (SIAS) framework. “The distinctiveness and effectiveness of Allerton as a Church of England school are outstanding. Christian values underpin and drive the life and work of this school and each child is seen as unique and special. The warm, caring and compassionate ethos promotes positive relationships and allows each child to flourish. The headteacher and governors, supported by a committed and highly motivated staff team, have a clear vision for the school which is rooted in core Christian values.” Ofsted inspectors said teaching was consistently good, with many examples of outstanding teaching. Children make good and sustained progress from Nursery and Reception right through Key Stage 1 and 2, and the curriculum is impressive, particularly with the distinctive creative and arts-based activities. Pupils behave well and told inspectors they always feel safe, and the school was described as a friendly and inclusive community where rich cultural diversity is celebrated and bullying not tolerated in any form. The inspectors also recognized Mrs Stott’s “ambitious vision for the school” and the way the whole staff focus on teaching and learning. Standards are vigorously monitored, and the curriculum and lessons are tailored to suit the children’s different needs; with teaching across the board hailed as consistently good, with many examples of outstanding teaching. “The curriculum is good and makes a strong contribution to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. The very creative and arts based approach is a distinct feature of the school’s ethos.” Mrs Stott said: “The school had been open for just over a year, at the Ofsted visit in April 2009. Inspectors said at the time we had good capacity to improve and we have. “ This is particularly pleasing in a climate where the Government has recently raised the bar on all its’ Inspection judgements. “The school has seen incredible, planned and sustained change since the last inspection. We are now two-form entry, with a new nursery class creating a really strong resource at the Early Years Foundation Stage. Ofsted judged this to be OUTSTANDING provision and commented that they could have stayed in there all day! “More than anything, this is a really great result for all the pupils, staff, governors, parents and our surrounding community because it is just reward for all the hard work everyone puts in day in, day out. When any visitors come to school, including the Inspectors; they comment that this has the feel of a good school just from walking around – everyone is known as an individual, everyone feels safe and looks out for everyone else, and very importantly, we are a happy school.” The free lifestyle magazine for you and yours


Football & multi skills ABCs coaching clubs for ages walking - 6 years


Head start programme. New pre-sessions in Moortown, Horsforth, Saltaire, Eccleshill, Baildon & more Professional coaches Parental education included Proven coaching programme & methods Non profit community interest company for the benefit of children and their families Sign up now for our new sessions Weekdays at 10am








For further information ring 0113-2738563 or 01423-360871 Email  



Classes held at: St. Stephen’s Church, Cranmer Road, Off King Lane, Leeds 17.

JOIN Call 07969 870731



READY TEDDY GO! Specialist Classes for Toddlers & Pre-school TM

We make stylish accessories for you and your baby. PRINCIPALS Sharon Aitchison Jones, BA HONS, LISTD, ARAD & Diane M. Sugden, BA HONS, FISTD &   Examiner

Creative Arts and Crafts for 1-4yrs Painting Playdough Sticking & Gluing Sand and Water Play

Mondays and Fridays LS16 10-11am

Contact Susan for further details: 07543484198/

Wednesdays LS28 and Fridays LS13 10-11am

Contact Clare for further details: 07570822597/

For our full range visit

Spring 2012

Weekly planner Baby & toddler activities

Move It (B) Parochial Hall, Memorial Drive , Meanwood, LS6 T: 07976 077145 (Vanessa) 10.00-11.00 13.30-14.30 Tennis Tykes (B) T: 07843 342662 (Caroline) E: Ilkley Lawn Tennis & Squash Club, Stourton Rd, Ilkley, LS29 10.45-11.30 11.30-12.15 Adel & Ireland Wood Community Centre, New Adel Lane, Adel. LS16 12.45-13.30 St Andrews Church Hall, High St, Starbeck, Harrogate, HG2 13.30-14.15 14.15-15.00 Stanhope Tots Horsforth Children’s Centre, North Broadgate Lane, Horsforth, LS18 T: (0113) 259 0801 (Clare) 09.30-11.30 Tennis Tots (B) T:07725 339257 (Matt) Alwoodley Community Hall, The Avenue, LS17 09.30-10.15am (2-3½ yrs) 10.15-11am (2-3½ yrs) 11-11.45am (3½-school age) Ben Rhydding Methodist Church Hall, Wheatley Lane, Ben Rhydding, Ilkley LS29 09.00-09.45 (2-3½ years) 09.45-10.30 (2-3½ years) Heaton Tennis & Squash Club, Crofton Road, Bradford BD9 14.00-14.45 (2-3½years) 14.45-15.30 (2-3½ years) French and Spanish for Fidgets (B) T: 01904 706565 (Lucy) St Wilfrid’s, Duchy Rd, Harrogate, HG1 09.45-10.30 10.45-11.30 St Margarets, Horsforth, LS18 10.00-10.45 Regen Centre, Landing Lane, Ricall, YO19 10.00-10.45 Christchurch, The Grove, Ilkley, LS29 14.00-14.45 Umbrella Group Jubilee Hall, Layton Ave, Rawdon, LS19 T: (0113) 229 4080 (Sandra) 09.45-11.30

MusicBugs (B) Kids Clubhouse, 75a New Rd Side, Horsforth T: 0844 578 1043 (Nicola Lawlor) 10.00-10.40 (mixed ages) Adel and Ireland Wood Toddler Group Adel and Ireland Wood Community Centre, New Adel Lane, LS16 T: 07932 711414 (Emma)/ 07908 259451 (Sharon) 09.45-11.30 Umbrella Group Jubilee Hall, Layton Ave, Rawdon, LS19 T: (0113) 229 4080 (Sandra) 09.45-11.30

T: 07838 753166(Francesca D’Arcy) 13.30-15.00 Farsley Library Story and Rhymetime Old Road, Farsley, LS28 T: (0113) 214 6038 14.00-14.30 Leeds Dance Academy St. Stephen’s Church, Cranmer Road, Off King Lane, Leeds, LS17 5DR T: (0113) 273 8563 16.15 Pre-primary Ballet 17.00 Primary Ballet 17.45 Private Tuition


Little Jim’s St James Woodside Parish Church, Low Lane, Horsforth, LS18 10.00-12.00

NCT Dads’ Group Third Saturday of the month at various locations across Leeds E: (David)

Far Headingley and Weetwood NCT Bumps, Babies and Beyond Headingley Children’s Centre, Wood Lane, LS6 E: (Louise) 10.00-12.00

Diddi dance – Birstall (B) Wackydayz, Unit 19,Carr Mills, Birstall T: 07917 757566 09.15-10.00

Beechtree Steiner Parent & Child Group Old Tetley Hall, Leeds, LS6 T: (0113) 269 0262 10.00-12.00

Socatots (B) St Margaret’s Hall, Lower hall, Church Road, Horsforth, LS18 5LQ Sessions must be pre-booked T: 07952 579 580 E: 09:00 – 09:45 (2 ½ years - school age) 09:55 – 10:30 (6 months - confident walkers) 10:40 – 11:20(confident walkers - 2 ½ years) 11:30 – 12:15 (2 ½ years - school age)

Springwood Friday Toddlers Roundhay Methodist Church, Springwood Rd, Roundhay, LS8 T: (0113) 266 4756 10.15-11.45 Rawdon Library Story and Rhymetime Micklefield Park, Rawdon, LS19 T: (0113) 247 7621 10.15-10.45 Garforth Library Story and Rhymetime Lidgett Lane, Garforth, LS25 T: (0113) 224 3291 10.30-11.00 Halton Library Story and Rhymetime 273 Selby Road, Leeds, LS15 T: (0113) 214 1320 10.30-11.30 Pudsey Library Story and Rhymetime Church Lane, Pudsey, LS28 T: (0113) 214 6035 11.00-11.30 Cookridge Toddler Group Cookridge Village Hall, Green Lane, Cookridge, LS16. 0-5 years. T: (0113) 267 2434(Becky) 13.15-15.15 Parent and Toddler Group St Mary’s school, Broadgate Lane, Horsforth, LS18

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French and Spanish for Fidgets (B) Roundhay Quaker Meeting House, 136 Street Lane, Roundhay, LS8 T: 01904 706565 (Lucy) 10.00-10.45

SUNDAY Socatots (B) St Margaret’s Hall, Lower hall, Church Road, Horsforth, LS18 5LQ Sessions must be pre-booked T: 07952 579 580 E: 09:00 – 09:40 (confident walkers - 2 ½ years) 10:00 – 10:40 (confident walkers - 2 ½ years) 11:00 – 11:45 (2 ½ years - school age) (B): pre-book classes. Please note: most groups/ classes take place during term times only. Whilst every effort is taken to ensure that all information is accurate, the publisher is not liable for any errors or omissions. Please contact the organisers directly for more information and availability of places. If you would like to be included in the baby and toddler weekly planner, please email: liz.


What’s it all about? In our regular feature we will be reviewing a few of the local classes so that you get more insight into what goes on before you head along. If you are interested in reviewing a class for Boo please send an email to

Baby Swimmers Come Swimming, Be Safe, Have Fun! Swimming is an essential part of every child’s education and whether they learn to swim with you, at school or a private swimming school, being able to swim increases confidence, gives you peace of mind and can also be a very enjoyable hobby. It is estimated that 200,000 children in the UK leave primary school without basic water survival skills. Toddlers and children love to play in or around water but don’t fully understand the dangers, it is therefore important to develop water safety skills and confidence as young as possible, a good way of doing this is by joining a local swimming class. This is also a fantastic way to spend time with your baby, from the moment you take them into water at about 8 weeks old and form a bond with them through eye contact as well as singing and playing. This follows on to them splashing around having fun and reaching for toys and soon leads on to them holding on and turning to swim to you and jumping into the water all by themselves.  Every tiny step builds the foundations to be water confident and love their classes

to learning stroke techniques as they develop, so a regular weekly swim is beneficial in so many ways. Babies do not have the physical strength to support their own body weight until they are about 3 years old, which is when they are able to start swimming on the surface. Getting to this level can be attained through steady progression, which starts with short dips and goes through to

longer consecutive underwater swims. You are never too young to enrol, some baby classes such as Baby Swimmers start from as little as 8 weeks old, whilst others will require baby’s to be at least 3 months old and to have had their immunisations. However this is generally a personal preference and dependant on your individual doctor’s or health visitors views. Why not bring your baby swimming! At Baby swimmers we make the classes fun with lots of singing and skill related activities. Physically your baby will gain greater muscle control and have better handeye co-ordination, as well as strengthening their heart and lungs. Alertness is also improved through word association and responding to a cue such as reach, reach, reach, whilst they are looking at and reaching for toys which also helps to stimulate the natural movement of their arms and legs.

Baby Swimmers comes to East Leeds..

At Baby Swimmers we use simple actions accompanied by nursery rhymes, such as Humpty Dumpty Sat on the wall, where

Spring 2012

your baby will sit on the wall then lean forward to splash into the water, turn around and hold on. By repetitively using the command hold on when doing this activity, your baby will learn to do just that and before you know it your little one will be holding on to the side all by themselves, its delightful! Holding your baby in water is a fantastic bonding experience and rewarding too, as you bond with your baby through interaction and developing trust, letting them float on their backs whilst singing twinkle twinkle little star and looking into their eyes is beautiful. We teach parents to take their baby under water from the very beginning and it fabulous when you get the chance to sit on the bottom of the pool and see your baby swim to you! Socially your baby will interact with other babies and join in the fun and games and as they get older sing along to the songs. For parents it is also the ideal opportunity to meet other parents and carers and form lasting friendships as your babies grow. Baby Swimmers runs classes for babies and toddlers from 8 weeks old up to 5 years, with new classes in Batley and Ossett. Classes are also available in York, Pocklington, Harrogate, Leeds and Bradford. We follow

Starfish, the official water safety programme for babies through the STA. There are 6 awards throughout the series with the aim of concentrating on 1 Starfish award per 10 week term and then moving on to a more advanced Stanley award programme. You also have the opportunity to have your baby photographed underwater and what a delightful keepsake. So why not, come swimming, be safe, have fun! Teach your baby

water safety skills and the enjoyment of water. New Temple Moor classes on Thursday afternoons from 3pm and Saturdays from 11.45, plius classes throughout Leeds including the Forum, Quarry Hill on Monday and Thursday mornings. For further information please contact Baby Swimmers 01757 229880


Teach your baby the enjoyment of water Skill related activities and underwater swims, to build water confidence. LEEDS • BRADFORD • YORK • HARROGATE • POCKLINGTON

Tel: 01757 229880.

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Competitions Win Copies of Horrid Henry The Purple Hand Gang Rules OK! This brand new DVD release features over one hour’s worth of episodes from series 3 of Horrid Henry. All Henry wants is a scooter, and it seems like everyone else has got one but him. Well, a boy can dream, can’t he?! When Henry finally gets his scooter he thinks it is the best thing ever, but he soon finds out that not everything is as it seems! Episodes: Horrid Henry The Purple Hand Gang Rules OK!

Horrid Henry Grown Up Horrid Henry and the Scary Scooter Horrid Henry Christening Crisis



Horrid Henry Goes to the Park

We have 5 copies to give away to enter simply email your answer and contact details to please write Henry in the subject line.

Q. How many hours worth of episodes are on the new Horid Henry DVD? a) one hour

To Order Now:

b) two hours

Tel: 01296 395151

c) three hours

Fax: 01296 395551 Email: ordersaylesbury@

Horrid Henry’s Skipping Lesson

Abbey Home Media Group Ltd. All rights reserved. TM & © Novel Entertainment Limited 2012. Based on the books by Francesca Simon. Illustrated by Tony Ross and published by Orion Children’s Books.

Competition terms and conditions If you do not wish to be informed of offers and events by participating companies, please indicate when entering. The winning entry will be the first correct answer(s) drawn after 30 December 2011. Winners’ details will be published in the next edition of Boo, unless

instructed otherwise. Entrants must be 16 years or over. Please include your name, address and telephone number when entering. Tickets cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. No correspondence can be entered into. No cash alternative can be

offered. See for full terms and conditions. All postal entries to be sent to Boo magazine Ltd, PO Box 236, Pudsey, LS28 0DR

Spring 2012

Competitions Win an Everything’s Covered Set as seen on Dragons’ Den courtesy of Ruby and GINGER The ‘Everything’s Covered’ set is a tick list of essentials for a trip out. The matching Cosy Car Seat Cover, Nappy Purse, Travel Change Mat and Toy Tie are perfect for parents on the go and also make a thoughtful and

practical new baby gift. To view more of the stylish Ruby and GINGER products take a look at their website www. You can win an Everything’s Covered set worth £42 in the fabric of your choice by emailing the answer to the question bellow to competiton@boomag. - don’t forget to write Ruby and GINGER in the subject line.

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Q. Which of these is not a Ruby and GINGER signature fabric a) Green Wallpaper b) Orange Orangutan c) Pink Berries



Recipe Swap The Veggie Option

Super Dooper Veggie Frittata

Does your kid turn their nose up at veg? Yeah mine does too! So, hide tons of veggies in these scrummy frittatas and watch the kids (and grow ups!) wolf them down and ask for more! Make extra, and put them in the lunch box for school or work the next day. Great eaten hot or cold!


Add together potatoes, carrot, courgette, sweetcorn, onion, flour, salt, parsley and Ener-G or egg in a bowl. Stir to combine. Heat a large pan over medium heat. Add a little oil. Use a large desert spoon to measure out each frittata. Cook for 5 minutes and turn over until browned. Repeat as needed.

photo courtesy of yurilong

With spring on the way and all the lovely veggies in the markets we asked Jules from Jules Yoga Massage vegetarian mum for some ideas on how to get our kids eating more veg.

Maybe serve with..... Some gluten free burger buns, salad and egg free mayo. They’re also great with Quinoa and baked Aubergine. I sometimes use them as a meat substitute for a Sunday dinner.


2 potatoes, peeled, grated 1 carrot, grated 2 cougettes, grated 125g can sweetcorn, drained 1 onion, finely chopped or grated 75g self-raising flour (can be gluten free) 1/2 tsp salt Handful of chopped parsley 3 free range eggs 2 tbsp olive oil (For hardcore Vegans – I recommend using Ener-G Egg replacer. It’s about £7.20 and equal to about 100 eggs. So you can use it for anything and everything! )

Vegan Chickpea Burger

Wheat free, dairy free, nut free, meat free. It’s the vegan’s paradise at BBQ time.. Ingredients

1 baking potato, cut into chunks 1 carrot, chopped ½ red pepper, diced into small pieces 1 can chickpeas, drained and rinsed 1 small onion, diced 1 tsp garlic puree 1 tsp garam masala

Spring 2012


Heat the oven to 170°C Put the potato and carrot into a pan, cover with boiling water and a little salt, bring to the boil and cook. Drain, put into a big bowl and mash. Boil the chickpeas in water according to instructions on the tin. Drain and mash, and add to the potato mixture. Sauté the onions in a tbsp of oil for a few minutes until they start to soften. Add the chilli then curry powder and cook for one or two minutes, then add the peppers, 2 tbsp of water and cook for a few more minutes until water has nearly evaporated. Add to the potato and chick pea mash. Then add the tahini, coriander, garlic and lemon juice to the cooked chickpeas and mix well. Season to taste. Tip the oatmeal into a dish. Divide the burger mixture into 6, take one portion, mould into

burger shape and coat in the oatmeal. Then either pan fry quickly on each side until golden and put onto lightly greased baking tray in oven for 10 minutes, or simply put onto the baking tray in oven for 15-20 minutes. Maybe serve with... Great in wheat free burger buns with lettuce, tomato and dairy free mayo. Also you could try a big old dollop of houmous on there too.

Rice and Lentil Salad

Great as a side dish for a BBQ, a lunch salad or as part of a main meal. Easy to make and super filling! Serves 12 Ingredients

500g brown rice 300g puy lentils 3 spring onions 1 small red onion 5 tbsp soy sauce 7 tbsp olive oil 3 tbsp lemon juice Salt and pepper to taste


Bring 1.5litres water to the boil,

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photo courtesy of

Juice of ½ or whole lemon (add to taste) 3 tbsp oatmeal 1 dessert spoon tahini Tsp vegetable bouillon 2 tbsp water ½ - whole red chilli (depending on taste) Salt and pepper Heaped tbsp of fresh coriander Dessert spoon of oil

cook rice until done. Bring 900ml water to the boil in a different pan, add lentils and cook until done but not mushed up, around 30 mins. Drain both well and rinse with cold water. You can cook them both in the same pan if you want with 2.5 litres of water. Finely chop onions. Whisk the dressing ingredients together and combine everything in a large bowl. Yes, it’s that easy! Jules Staveley Jules is a Power Yoga teacher, Holistic Massage Therapist, Children’s Yoga teacher and Meditation teacher. Jules lives and teaches in Leeds, West Yorkshire with her partner and son and loves vegan food, country walks and her garden. Check out her website to see what she’s up to!



Jubilee puzzle Jubilee word search Try and find these 10 Julilee related words in the word search:

Queen Jubilee Crown Throne Prince Palace Sixty King Diamond London



Kumon’s maths and English study programmes work to unlock your child’s potential, building their confidence and independent study skills. Take advantage of our Free Assessment and see how Kumon can benefit your child. To unlock your child’s potential, contact your local Instructor for a Free Assessment:

Horsforth Study Centre Carmen Ellis 0113 257 1700









Town themed play centre for under 8’s. Separate baby area. Delicious fresh food, coffee and cakes served daily. Plenty of parking. Various party options available. See website for details

Tel: 01943 870189 Unit 2, South View Business Park, Guiseley, LS20 9PP

(Go straight on past Argos, we’re 3rd on the left)

Spring 2012

Shop till you drop Great discount offers for

Free swimming lesson


Free Class

Free trial session

Call 0113 347 0350 to book your place

Contact Matt on 07725 339257

Offer valid until 31/07/2012. This voucher has no monetary value. One voucher only per customer. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Offer valid to 31/07/12. This voucher has no monetary value. One voucher only per customer. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Offer valid until 31/07/2012. This voucher has no monetary value. One voucher only per customer. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Free trial session

buy 1 get 1 half price

Free session

When you enrol on a parent and child swimming course at Armley Leisure Centre. Tel: 0113 3367880 for more information

Contact Diane on 0113-2738563 or 01423-360871 Email Offer valid until 31/07/2012. This voucher has no monetary value. One voucher only per customer. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

on Cup Cake decorating sessions, Thursdays 14.00-16.00 on presentation of this voucher. Offer valid until 31/07/2012. This voucher has no monetary value. One voucher only per customer. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

at Fun Time Tots Tuesdays 13.15 – 14.16 at St Michaels Hall, LS12

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Free trial session

Free Class

10% off

Contact Nicola on 0844 578 1043

get 5 weeks for the price of 4.

children’s birthday parties

Contact Caroline on 07917 757566 or email Offer valid until 31/07/2012. This voucher has no monetary value. One voucher only per customer. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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when you say you saw us in Boo

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It doesn’t have to be A&E. Unexpected sickness. Severe pain. Worsening health conditions.

Ring West Yorkshire Urgent Care Services on 0345 605 9999.

Hangover. Grazed knee. Sore throat. Cough.

Take care of yourself. Keep a well stocked medicine cabinet.

Unwell. Unsure. Confused. Need help.

Call NHS Direct on 0845 4647 or visit

Diarrhoea. Runny nose. Painful cough. Headache.

Go to your nearest pharmacy (chemist).

Being sick. Ear pain. Stomach bugs. Backache.

Call your GP.

Cuts. Strains. Rashes. Sprains.

Go to the nearest Walk-in Centre or Minor Injuries Unit.

Choking. Chest pain. Severe bleeding. Blacking out.

Go to A&E or ring 999. Children’s A&E is based at Leeds General Infirmary. There are no accident and emergency services for children under 16 at St James’s University Hospital. Spring 2012

Boo - Spring 2012 Issue 11  

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