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Vol. 13, Iss. 11 July 2012 The West’s Oldest Independent Bookseller

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What book inspired me to become a writer? by Chris Cleave

When you’re young and impressionable almost any book can change the direction of your life, so you’d better just hope it’s not Mr Brown Can Moo – Can You? I remember going through a time – after the year I read all of Stephen King’s superb horror stories, and before the year I became rather pleased with myself and took to ostentatiously reading Czech poets – when every book I read seemed to disassemble me into my constituent atoms and rebuild me in a new configuration. That was a magical time, when books read me. Heart of Darkness, David Copperfield, Les Miserables, The Red and the Black, Mrs Dalloway, One Hundred Years of Solitude, Germinal, The Waves, The Grapes of Wrath, Blood Meridian – if I had to tell you where I grew up, if I had to tell you where I’m from, well, I’m from the dramatic country created by those huge novels crashing together and forming great ridges and valleys. That was the landscape of my youth, and it’s hard to say at this distance which of those interlocking summits afforded me the clearest view of my future. What is the book that made me decide to be a writer? continued on Page 3

Robert Goolrick Colson Whitehead Emily Jeanne Miller Robert Services Chris Cleave Maria Duenas Nichole Bernier Maria Ross Daniel Duane Elizabeth Weil

Jesse Bering David Del Valle Maggie Shipstead Elizabeth Mercer Paula Priamos Dana Johnson Dinah Sanders Bill Wasik Monica Murphy

Lavinia Spalding Chris Colfer Lois Leveen Cara Black Laurie R. King Heather Haven Justin Hall Riya Sinha Jerry Mander

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July Hot Tickets

July 11 • 7:00PM • Books Inc. in Palo Alto DEBORAH HARKNESS, the best-selling author of The Discovery of Witches reads and signs the second incredibly anticipated book, Shadow of Night, Book Two of the magical All Souls Trilogy! • Ticketed Event - $25.00 per person includes a copy of Shadow of Night. • Advance tickets are available online at and at Books Inc. in Palo Alto. • Ticket guarantees entry to event! Seating will be first come, first served!

July 25 • 7:00PM • Books Inc. in Opera Plaza Meet the Emmy™ -winning star of Glee, CHRIS COLFER and celebrate the release of his debut novel, THE LAND OF STORIES! • This event is a signing only. • Ticketed Event - $18.00 per person includes one copy of Chris’s book • Tickets are on sale now, at and at Books Inc. in Opera Plaza. Stop by or call 415.776.1111.

Meet the best-selling author of the beloved Little Bee, CHRIS CLEAVE sharing his latest novel Gold, in which, with great humanity and glorious prose, he examines the values that lie at the heart of our most intimate relationships, and the choices we make when lives are at stake and everything is on the line. Wednesday, July 18th, 7:00 PM Books Inc. in Opera Plaza

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July 2012


Tigers in Red Weather

By Liza Klaussman Nick and her cousin, Helena, have grown up sharing sultry summer heat in a glorious old family estate known as Tiger House. At the end of the Second World War, the two women are on the cusp of their ‘real lives’. Soon the gilt begins to crack. On the brink of the 1960s, back at Tiger House, Daisy and Ed discover the victim of a brutal murder, the intrusion of violence causes everything to unravel. Available NOW

The Prisoner of Heaven

By Carlos Ruiz Zafon Daniel Sempere and his wife, Bea, are celebrating the birth of their son, and their friend, Fermín’s, approaching wedding. When a mysterious stranger arrives threatening to divulge a terrible secret that has been buried in the city’s dark past, Fermín and Daniel are thrust into danger, taking them back to the 1940s and the early days of Franco’s dictatorship. The search for truth will put into peril everything they love and ultimately transform their lives. Available July 10th

The Nightmare

By Lars Kepler Police recover the body of a young woman around the Stockholm archipelago. The forensics team is sure that she drowned; but there is no trace of water on her. The next day, a suicide victim is discovered hanging from a lamp hook, but with nothing below he could’ve climb on. Joona Linna begins to piece together the mysteries, but the logistics are a mere prelude to a dizzying and dangerous course of events. Available July 3rd


By Michael Frayn A comedy of mislaid identities, Skios follows guests of a science foundation awaiting the annual keynote address to be given by a Dr. Wilfred; who turns out to be a charmer, quite unlike his reputation. Nikki, the foundation’s organizer, falls under his spell. Meanwhile, at the other end of the island, Nikki’s friend finds herself trapped with a pompous individual, also called Dr. Wilfred, who has lost his whereabouts, and increasingly all sense of reality. Available NOW

The Collective

By Don Lee Eric Cho, an aspiring writer, arrives at Macalester College and befriends fledgling painter, Jessica Tsai, and another would-be novelist, Joshua Yoon. Brilliant, bawdy, generous, and manipulative, Joshua alters the course of their lives, rallying them together when they face an act of adolescent racism. As adults the three reunite, together negotiating the demands of art, love, commerce, and idealism until another racially tinged controversy occurs, this time with far greater consequences. Available NOW

The Orphanmaster

By Jean Zimmerman It’s 1663 in the tiny, hardscrabble Dutch colony of New Amsterdam, now present-day southern Manhattan. Orphan children are going missing, and suspects abound, including the governor’s wealthy nephew, a green-eyed aristocrat with decadent tastes; an Algonquin trapper who may be possessed by a demon that turns people into cannibals; and the colony’s own corrupt and conflicted orphanmaster. Meanwhile, war looms as the English king plans to wrest control of the colony. Available NOW

Albert of Adelaide

By Howard Anderson Having escaped from Australia’s Adelaide Zoo, an orphaned platypus named Albert embarks on a journey through the outback in search of “Old Australia,” a rumored land of liberty, promise, and peace. Encountering a motley assortment of characters along the way-a pair of invariably drunk bandicoots, a militia of kangaroos, hordes of the mercurial dingoes, and a former prize-fighting Tasmanian devil-our unlikely hero will discover a strength and skill for survival he never suspected he possessed. Available NOW

Kings of Cool: A Prequel to Savages

By Don Winslow Spanning from 1960s Southern California to the recent past, the trio at the center of the book does battle with a cabal of drug dealers and crooked cops, and come to learn that their future is inextricably linked with their parents’ history. A series of twists puts two generations on a collision course, culminating in a stunning showdown that will force Ben, Chon, and O to choose between their real families and their loyalty to one another. Available NOW

The Age of Miracles

By Karen Thompson Walker On a seemingly ordinary Saturday in a California suburb, Julia and her family awake to discover that earth’s rotation has suddenly begun to slow. As the days and nights grow longer, the environment is thrown into disarray. Coming of age with the backdrop of an utterly altered world, Julia copes with the normal disasters of everyday life--the fissures in her parents’ marriage, the loss of old friends, and the hopeful anguish of first love. Available NOW

The Red Chamber

By Pauline Chen In eighteenth-century Beijing, orphaned Daiyu leaves her home in the provinces to take shelter with her two cousins in the Capital where she finds herself entangled in a web of intrigue and hidden passions, reaching from the petty gossip of the servants’ quarters all the way to the Imperial Palace. When a political coup overthrows the emperor and plunges the once-mighty family into grinding poverty, each woman must choose between love and duty, friendship and survival. Available July 10th


By James Treadwell 1537, the great magician Johann Faust, hurries through city streets clutching a box containing a mirror safeguarding a portion of his soul and a small ring containing all the magic in the world. In present day London, fifteen-year-old Gavin Stokes boards a train to live with his aunt after his parents can’t cope with the magic things he sees, things they tell him don’t really exist. Soon Gavin discovers that magic’s return is his inheritance. Available July 3rd

The Long Earth

By Terry Pratchett In1916 Private Percy Blakeney wakes up lying on fresh spring grass. Where have the mud, blood, and blasted landscape of no-man’s-land gone? In 2015 police officer Monica Jansson explores the burned-out home of a reclusive scientist who has vanished. Jansson discovers a curious gadget: a box containing some rudimentary wiring, a threeway switch, and . . . a potato. It is the prototype of an invention that will change the way humankind views the world forever. Available NOW

Google ebooks™ @ Alif the Unseen

By Willow G. Wilson Alif, a young Arab-Indian hacker shields his clients from surveillance. Alif’s love has jilted him for a prince chosen by her parents, who happens to be the head of State security. When his henchmen come after Alif he is driven underground. When Alif discovers The Thousand and One Days, the secret book of the jinn, the stakes are raised and Alif must struggle for life or death, aided by forces seen and unseen. Available NOW

The Last Minute

By Jeff Abbott An ex-CIA agent, Sam Capra now owns bars around the world as cover for his real mission, rescuing his kidnapped child. When the kidnappers offer a deadly deal, surrendering Sam’s child in exchange for Sam murdering the one man who can expose them, Sam finds himself in a dangerous race against time, and must unravel a deadly conspiracy if he’s to rescue the only person in the world that matters to him. Available NOW


By Carlos Fuentes More than a postmodern riff on the vampire craze, Vlad is also an anatomy of the Mexican bourgeoisie, as well as our culture’s ways of dealing with death. As in Dracula, Vlad has need of both a lawyer and a real-estate agent in order to establish his new kingdom, and Yves Navarro and his wife Asunción fit the bill nicely. Having recently lost a son, might they not welcome the chance to see their remaining child live forever? Available NOW

The Investigation

By Philippe Claudel The Investigator is assigned to conduct an investigation on a series of suicides that have taken place at the Enterprise, a huge, sprawling complex. His train is delayed, and when he finally arrives, there’s no one to pick him up at the station, beginning a series of increasingly frustrating attempts to fulfill his task. Regulations hamstring him, street layouts befuddle him, and all the while he senses someone watching him, recording his every movement. Available July 10th

Tallula Rising

By Glen Duncan Talulla, pregnant, grieving, and on the run, must face her werewolf future without Jake. But with her newborn son in her arms, she believes the worst is over; until a new nightmare begins. In a race against time to recover her lost child she comes across an unlikely human lover, blood-drinking religious fanatics, a pack of London werewolves, and (rumor has it) the oldest living vampire on earth... Available NOW

True Believers

By Kurt Andersen Karen Hollander is a celebrated attorney that is about to let the world in on a shocking secret held since 1968. With the publication of her memoir ahead she must track down answers to some crucial questions concerning her past. As Karen reconstructs the past and reconciles the girl she was then with the woman she is now, the power of memory and history and luck become clear. Available July 10th

A Hologram for the King

By Dave Eggers In a rising Saudi Arabian city, far from weary, recession-scarred America, a struggling businessman pursues a lastditch attempt to stave off foreclosure, pay his daughter’s college tuition, and finally do something great. In “A Hologram for the King,” DAVE EGGGERS takes us around the world to show how one man fights to hold himself and his splintering family together in the face of the global economy’s gale-force winds. Available NOW

Google ebooks™ @ The Emperor of Lies

By Steve Sem-Sandberg In February 1940, the Nazis established what would become the second-largest Jewish ghetto in Poland. Its chosen leader: Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski, a sixty-three-year-old Jewish businessman and orphanage director. Driven by a titanic ambition, he sought to transform the ghetto into a productive industrial complex and strove to make it --and himself -- indispensable to the Nazi regime. Was Rumkowski an accessory to the Nazi regime? Or was he a strategist who saved Jewish lives? Available July 3rd

The Last Letter from Your Lover

By Jojo Moyes In 1960, Jennifer Stirling wakes in the hospital and remembers nothing--not the car accident that put her there, not her wealthy husband, not even her own name. Searching for clues, she finds an impassioned letter, signed simply “B,” from a man for whom she seemed willing to risk everything. In 2003, journalist Ellie Haworth stumbles upon the letter and becomes obsessed with learning the unknown lovers’ fate-hoping it will inspire her own happy ending. Available NOW


e Paper Original Trad

By Santiago Gamboa An unnamed author attends the International Congress of Biography and Memory in Jerusalem. He becomes fascinated by Jose Maturana, an evangelical pastor, recovering drug addict, and ex-con, who has found redemption at the hands of a tattooed messiah from Miami. Hours after the presentation, Maturana is found dead. The narrator sets out to discover the truth about Marurana’s death, leading an investigation that turns the entire plot of this chimerical novel on its end. Available NOW

An Anatomy of Addiction

By Howard Markel When Freud and Halsted started their experiments with cocaine in the 1880s, neither they, nor their colleagues, had any idea of the drug’s potential to dominate and endanger their lives. Markel writes of the physical and emotional damage caused by the then-heralded wonder drug, and how each man ultimately changed the world in spite of it--or because of it. One became the father of psychoanalysis; the other, of modern surgery. Available July 5th

Up Jumps the Devil

e Paper Original Trad

By Michael Poore He’s the world’s first love story, and the first broken heart. Meet John Scratch, aka the Devil. Ever since his true love, a fellow fallen angel, decided that Earth was too terrifying, he’s been trying to lure her back from the forgiving grace of Heaven. John Scratch believes he’s found a new Eden: 1960s America. But there’s a great deal about humans he still needs to learn, even after spending so many millennia among them. Available July 3rd

The Bay of Foxes

e Paper Original Trad

By Sheila Kohler In 1978, Dawit, a young, beautiful, and educated Ethiopian refugee, roams the streets of Paris when he spots the famous French author M., who at sixty is at the height of her fame. Seduced by Dawit’s grace and his moving story, M. invites him to live with her in her villa beside the Bay of Foxes. Here Dawit finds love and temptation--and perfects the art of deception. Available NOW


By Erin Morgenstern Inside the circus tents are breathtaking amazements. Behind the scenes a fierce competition is underway: a duel between two young magicians, Celia and Marco, and this is a game in which only one can be left standing. Despite the high stakes, Celia and Marco soon tumble headfirst into love, setting off a domino effect of dangerous consequences, and leaving the lives of everyone, from the performers to the patrons, hanging in the balance. Available July 3rd

Stone Arabia

By Dana Spiotta For Denise and her brother, Nik, now in their forties, no relationship is more significant. Nik always used to have a band. Now he makes his art in private, never testing it in the world. Denise remains Nik’s most passionate and acute audience; she is also the crucial support for their aging mother whose dementia seems to threaten her own memory. When Denise’s daughter, Ada, decides to make a film about Nik, everyone’s vulnerabilities escalate. Available July 10th

The Rules of Civility

By Amor Towles On the last night of 1937, twenty-fiveyear-old Katey Kontent is in a secondrate Greenwich Village jazz bar when Tinker Grey, a handsome banker, happens to sit down at the neighboring table. This chance encounter and its startling consequences propel Katey on a year-long journey into the upper echelons of New York society--where she will have little to rely upon other than a bracing wit and her own brand of cool nerve. Available NOW

Life is Short and Desire Endless

e Paper Original Trad

By Patrick Lapeyre A classic love triangle: two men and one woman. She is English, they are French and American. The Frenchman is married, the American is not. None of this makes any difference. The woman- -elusive, unreliable, a classic femme fatale--flits back and forth between her two lovers, driving them both mad. LAPEVRE’s subtle, graceful, yet compulsively readable narrative shows us the folly of men who fall helplessly in love with women they don’t understand. Available Now


By Esmeralda Santiago As a young girl growing up in Spain, Ana Larragoity Cubillas is drawn to Puerto by the diaries of an ancestor who traveled there with Ponce de Leon. At eighteen, she finds her way there by marrying Ramon and moving to the sugar plantation he has inherited on the island. When Civil War breaks out Ana finds her livelihood, and perhaps her life, threatened by the very people her wealth has been built: the hacienda’s slaves. Available July 10th


e Paper Original Trad

By Nancy Huston After a troubled childhood and two failed marriages, Rena Greenblatt has achieved success as a photographer, specializing in infrared techniques that expose otherwise hidden landscapes. Stuck in Florence, Italy, with her infuriating stepmother and her aging, unwell father, Rena confronts not only the masterpieces of the Renaissance but the banal inconveniences of a family holiday. At the same time, she finds herself traveling into dark and passionate memories that will lead to disturbing revelations. Available NOW

American Gypsy: A Memoir

July 2012 • 3 e Paper Original Trad

By Oksana Marafioti Fifteen-year-old Oksana Marafioti is a Gypsy. This means touring with the family band from the Mongolian deserts to the Siberian tundra, and enduring sneering racism from Soviet society. Her father is determined that his girls lead a better, freer life. In America! Soon they are living on the sketchier side of Hollywood. Marafioti cracks open the secretive world of the Roma and brings the absurdities, miscommunications, and unpredictable victories of the immigrant experience to life. Available July 3d

The Devil All the Time

By Donald Ray Pollock From a man trying to save his wife from agonizing death by pouring blood on his “prayer log,” to a husband-and-wife team of serial killers, to an orphaned son, who grows up to be a good but also violent man in his own right, DONALD RAY POLLOCK follows characters from the end of World War II to the 1960s in rural southern Ohio and West Virginia, and paints a dark and riveting vision of America. Available NOW

The Last Policeman

e Paper Original Trad

By Ben Winters Hank Palace is investigating a death by hanging in a city that sees a dozen suicides every week--except this one feels suspicious, and Palace is the only cop who cares. Ever since asteroid 2011GV1 hovered into view the economy has spiraled downward, crops have rotted, and Churches and synagogues have been packed. As Palace’s investigation plays out under the shadow of 2011GV1, he’s confronted with questions way beyond “whodunit.” Available July 10th Chris Cleave, continued from Front Page

I no longer know, but it must have moved me forever because here I am descended from that mountain country of my youth to these sandy plains where I struggle to make my own mountains but achieve mostly sandcastles, or, at best, the foothills of some great new range that I sense is coming - although whether it will be raised by me or by some other hand I do not know. A writer is a reader like any other, just blinder and more vainglorious. A writer finds themselves isolated on the flatlands, reading a book that hasn’t been written yet. They miss the mountains of youth and squint with hope and dread into the unwritten, inchoate mountains of the future and imagine that they see a line there. And meanwhile the sun blazes hotter every day and each night the chill bites more cruelly. What is the book that first made me decide to be a writer, all those years back? I don’t know, I can’t say, I haven’t written it yet.



7:00 PM • Alameda Island Poets and Writers hosted by Nanette Bradley Deetz and featuring poets MARY LOUGHRAN and BILL ROWAN.

Books Inc. in Alameda

7:00 PM • RON TANNER shares From Animal House to Our House:

A Love Story. Ten years ago, Ron and his then-girlfriend of 6 months, Jill, did the impossible. They bought condemned property -- a big Baltimore Victorian brownstone that was a notorious frat house - and vowed to bring it back to its original glory.

Books Inc. in Berkeley

9 MONday

7:00 PM • Satirical cartoonist TIM KREIDER discusses We Learn Nothing: Essays and Cartoons. Combining the insight of David Foster Wallace with the humor of David Sedaris, Kreider asks big questions about human-sized problems in comically illustrated essays.

Books Inc. in Berkeley


7:00 PM • LIAN GOUW presents Only a Girl, a novel in which three

generations of Chinese women struggle for identity against a political backdrop of the World Depression, World War II, and the Indonesian Revolution.

Books Inc. in Burlingame

7:00 PM • DEBORAH HARKNESS in Palo Alto!! Deb Harkness

shares Shadow of the Night the eagerly awaited follow-up to A Discovery of Witches, a gripping journey through a world of alchemy, time travel, and magical discoveries, delivering one of the most hotly anticipated novels of the season.

Books Inc. in Palo Alto

7:00 PM • The World Affairs Council presents BLAINE HARDEN,

author of Escape from Camp 14.

World Affairs Council, 312 Sutter Street, SF

12 THURSday

7:00 PM • K. M. RUIZ shares Terminal Point; Blade Runner meets

X-Men in this follow-up to Mind Storm where humanity faces extinction and it’s up to a group of rogue psions to save society

Books Inc. in Opera Plaza

7:30 PM • STEVEN SAYLOR returns us to the ancient world with

Seven Wonders, which sees Gordianus the Finder on an epic journey to visit all seven wonders of the world.

Books Inc in The Castro

13 FRIday

6:00 PM • Celebrate the Gallery Opening of MIKKA TOKUDA-

HALL! Mikka Tokuda-Hall is a talented travel photographer whose exhibition is the culmination of 5 years spent living abroad. Featuring shots from Vietnam, Cambodia, Peru, Scotland and more, prints are available for sale upon request.


23 MONday

The Early Years of the Russian Revolution, the dramatic story of the power struggle between the Bolsheviks and the West as the Russian Revolution erupted--and the characters from both sides who sought to affect the outcome.

her elegant and remarkably insightful coming-of-age debut, in which a young woman learns the limits of her power to save the people she loves with an underground Shakespeare Society at Wellesley at the heart of the novel.

7:00 PM • ROBERT SERVICES discusses Spies and Commissars:

7:00 PM • ELIZABETH MERCER discusses An Uncommon Education,

Books Inc in Berkeley

Books Inc. in Palo Alto

7:00 PM • EMILY JEANNE MILLER discusses Brand New Human

7:00 PM • PAULA PRIAMOS, author of The Shyster’s Daughter,

Being, a story of a father who, with the help of his widowed mother in law, must accept new responsibilities or risk losing his already estranged family completely.

Books Inc in Laurel Village

7:00 PM • CHRIS CLEAVE shares Gold, in which, with great

humanity and glorious prose, he examines the values that lie at the heart of our most intimate relationships, and the choices we make when lives are at stake and everything is on the line.

Books Inc in Opera Plaza

and DANA JOHNSON, author of Elsewhere, CA, will be discussing their latest books, both of which are set in sunny Southern California.

Books Inc. in Opera Plaza

24 TUESday

7:00 PM • Space is limited. Let DINAH SANDERS explain how to make the most of yours with Discardia.

Books Inc in Opera Plaza

7:00 PM • BILL WASIK and MONICA MURPHY share Rabid, which


brings to light the history, science, and cultural impact of the rabies virus over the course of centuries leading up Louis Pasteur’s vaccine.

7:00 PM • MARIA DUENAS presents The Time in Between in which

Books Inc in Berkeley

Books Inc in Mountain View

7:00 PM • Editor LAVINIA SPALDING and a panel of contributors present The Best Women’s Travel Writing Volume 8 featuring more tales of people, places, and discovery.

a haute couture seamstress who becomes an undercover spy for the British Secret Service during World War II in an unforgettable tale of adventure, tragedy, love, and war.

7:00 PM • NICHOLE BERNIER shares The Unfinished Work of

Elizabeth D. Set in the anxious summer after the September 11th attacks, this story of two women--their friendship, their marriages, private ambitions and fears--considers the aspects of ourselves we show and those we conceal, and the repercussions of our choices.

Books Inc in Laurel Village

7:00 PM • MARIA ROSS shares Rebooting My Brain, the true

story of what happens when you get yanked out of your life by a crisis. The relentless pace of Ross’s life came to a screeching halt when an undetected brain aneurysm ruptured and nearly killed her. Her resulting cognitive and emotional challenges forced her—sometimes kicking and screaming—to reframe her life, her work and her identity.

Books Inc in Opera Plaza

7:00 PM • Join husband and wife DANIEL DUANE, author of How

to Cook Like a Man: A Memoir of Cookbook Obsession, and ELIZABETH WEIL, author of No Cheating, No Dying: I Had a Good Marriage, Then I Tried to Make It Better for a special dual reading!

Books Inc in The Marina

7:30 PM • Research psychologist JESSE BERING discusses Why

Is the Penis Shaped Like That?: And Other Reflections on Being Human with VIOLET BLUE, sex columnist and sex educator, and founding editor of Good Vibrations magazine.

Books Inc in The Castro

Books Inc in The Marina

25 WEDNESday

7:00 PM • Glee’s CHRIS COLFER at Opera Plaza!!! Chris Colfer presents his wildly imaginative children’s novel, The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell, which tells the tale of twins Alex and Conner who leave their world behind and find themselves in a foreign land full of wonder and magic where they come face-to-face with the fairy tale characters they grew up reading about. This is a ticketed event.

Books Inc. in Opera Plaza

26 THURSday

7:00 PM • LOIS LEVEEN shares The Secrets of Mary Bowser, based on the true story of a freed slave who returns to Virginia to spy on the Confederates and must sacrifice her freedom to truly achieve it.

Books Inc in Berkeley

7:00 PM • CARA BLACK, author of the Aimée Leduc mysteries,

LAURIE R. KING, author of the Mary Russell novels, and HEATHER HAVEN, author of the Alvarez Family Murder Mysteries will ALL be on hand to discuss their work!

Books Inc in Palo Alto

7:30 PM • JUSTIN HALL presents No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics, covering decades of American comics history.

Books Inc. in The Castro

20 FRIday

7:00 PM • Discover more of DAVID DEL VALLE’s Hollywood

27 FRIday

Books Inc. in Opera Plaza

Join us for our bookswap social featuring snacks, drinks, prizes, fun and games and FREE FUN!

6:00 PM • It’s summer time, which means time for more reading!

Books Inc. in Berkeley

misadventures as he discusses Six Reels Under.

7:00 PM • NYMBC presents TAKE THAT, NEW YORK!, an

22 SUNday

Books Inc. in Opera Plaza

Arrangements, a humorous and moving family portrait featuring some truly unforgettable characters.

11:00 AM • Join us for a special storytime! Ten-year-old RIYA SINHA will be on hand discussing her book The Runaway Twins.

unmissable evening soiree featuring a who’s-who of the Bay Area young adult scene! This event is free and open to the public, so embrace your Bay Area love and come rub elbows with over 20 young adult authors!

Books Inc. in Opera Plaza


3:00 PM • MAGGIE SHIPSTEAD shares her exciting debut Seating

Belmont Library, 1110 Alameda de Las Pulgas, Belmont

7:00 PM • JERRY MANDER discusses The Capitalism Papers: Fatal Flaws of an Obsolete System in which Mander argues that capitalism is no longer viable in today’s world of global shortages and climate change.

Books Inc. in Opera Plaza

Books Inc. Berkeley

7:00 PM • Books Inc and the Burlingame Public Library present

Books Inc. Burlingame

7:00 PM • COLSON WHITEHEAD presents Zone One. In this wry

take on the post-apocalyptic horror novel which brilliantly subverts the genre’s conventions and deconstructs the zombie myth for the twentyfirst century, a pandemic has devastated the planet.

Summer Classes for Young Writers We’re very pleased to announce that we will be offering TWO creative writing workshops this summer! Come share, discover, create, and enhance your love of words, passion for books, and extraordinary ways of turning a story! Each workshop will include a visit from a working author. Sign up is open June-July, and is handled by the store offering the workshop. Class size is limited.

Every Monday July 30 through August 27 Ages 10-14 Books Inc. in Mountain View 301 Castro Street – Mountain View Monday from 4:30-6:30 Register by Calling 650-428-1234

Books Inc. in Opera Plaza


7:00 PM • Books Inc. and the Palo Alto Library present EMILY

JEANNE MILLER author of Brand New Human Being. Logan Pyle, a lapsed grad student and stay-at-home dad, is barely holding it together but loses it when he sees his wife kissing another man. A deftly plotted exploration of marriage, family, and the ties that bind in a winning debut that overflows with heart, humanity, and humor.

Enrollment fee is a flat $225 for all six sessions & signed book by the visiting author. Non-refundable after July 1st

Ages 14+ Books Inc. in the Marina 2251 Chestnut Street – San Francisco Monday from 3:30-6:30 Register by Calling 415-931-3633

City of Palo Alto Library, 270 Forest Avenue

8:00 PM • City Arts & Lectures presents DAVID CHANG, Chef/ Owner of Momofuko and editor and creator of Lucky Peach in conversation with ADAM SAVAGE.

Herbst Theater, 401 Van Ness, SF

Store Locations

Books Inc. in Palo Alto

31 TUESday

7:00 PM • CARISSA PHELPS shares Runaway Girl: Escaping Life on the Streets, One Helping Hand at a Time, the tale of a girl who lost herself and survived, against all odds, through the generosity of strangers. It is an inspiring true story about finding the courage to run toward healing and summoning the strength to light the way for others.

ROBERT GOOLRICK sharing Heading Out to Wonderful, an exciting, erotically charged, and altogether unforgettable story of love gone terribly wrong.


Enrollment fee is a flat $300 for all six sessions & signed book by the visiting author. Non-refundable after July 1st

Both workshops will meet every Monday, July 30 through August 27 with a reading for parents and friends on August 27th!


Alameda 1344 Park Street, Alameda, CA 94501 • (510) 522-2226 Berkeley 1760 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710 • (510) 525-7777 Burlingame 1375 Burlingame Avenue, Burlingame, CA 94010 • (650) 685-4911 Mountain View 301 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA 94041 • (650) 428-1234 Palo Alto Town & Country, 855 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94301 • (650) 321-0600 Laurel Village 3515 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94118 • (415) 221-3666

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• July 2012 Little America

By Rajiv Chandrasekaran During the Cold War, American engineers established a residential community known as Little America in Southern Afghanistan in an attempt to woo the country from Soviet influence. But in the late 1970s--after growing Afghan resistance and a Communist coup--the Americans abandoned the region. Chandrasekaran follows American efforts to reclaim this territory from the Taliban, and details how Obama’s hope of a good war, and the Pentagon’s desire for a resounding victory, shriveled on the plains of Afghanistan. Available NOW

The Betrayal of the American Dream

By Donald Bartlett A series of actions by Washington and Wall Street over decades have systematically dismantled the economic foundation of America’s middle class. Documenting a fundamental betrayal of the American promise, through peerless reportorial investigation and through the perspectives of workers and businessmen across the country, Barlett and Steele show why Americans are rightfully fearful about the future, and warn that greater economic pain lies ahead unless we make fundamental changes now. Available NOW


By Andrew Zolli What causes one system to break down and another to rebound? Are we merely subject to the whim of forces beyond our control? The answers to these vital questions are shaping a new field of inquiry, and a new agenda, focused on resilience. By encouraging adaptation, agility, and cooperation, this new approach can not only help us weather disruptions, but also bring us to a different way of being in and engaging with the world. Available July 10th

Mrs. Robinson’s Disgrace

By Kate Summerscale Isabella Walker’s 1840s marriage to Henry Robinson was far from ideal. He traveled often, and when he was home he was cold and remote. Frustrated, Isabella began recording her innermost thoughts in a diary, including her infatuation with a married man. Five years later, Henry discovered the diary and assumed infidelity. He petitioned for divorce on the grounds of adultery, leading to one of the first, and most scandalous civil divorce proceedings in Great Britain. Available NOW

Yes, Chef

By Marcus Samuelsson Born in Ethiopia, Marcus Samuelsson was three when his mother lost her battle with tuberculosis. A year later, he and his sister were welcomed into a loving middle-class white family in Goteborg, Sweden. Here, Marcus’s new grandmother, Helga, sparked in him a lifelong passion for cooking, leading him to some of the most demanding and cutthroat restaurants in Switzerland and France, and finally to his own beloved restaurant, the Red Rooster, in Harlem. Available NOW

Barack Obama: The Story

By David Maraniss A deeply reported generational biography teeming with fresh insights, narrative drawn from hundreds of interviews, and a trove of letters, journals, diaries, and other documents. It is a roots story on a global scale. Disparate family threads converge in the climactic chapters as Obama reaches adulthood and travels from Honolulu to Los Angeles to New York to Chicago, trying to make sense of his past, establish his own identity, and prepare for his political future. Available NOW

NONFICTION The Violinist’s Thumb

By Sam Kean There are genes to explain why some people have no fingerprints, why some people survive nuclear bombs, and they can even allow some people, because of the exceptional flexibility of their thumbs and fingers, to become truly singular violinists. Full of incredible stories of science, history, language, and music, as told by our own DNA, Kean’s vibrant storytelling explains human history while showing how DNA will influence our species’ future. Available NOW

The Great Divide

By Peter Watson Comparing and contrasting the development of humankind between the “Old World” and the “New”-between 15,000 B.C. and 1,500 A.D-Watson’s remarkable book offers a fascinating, all-encompassing, highly readable overview of how human civilization has grown and expanded. Combining the most up-to-date findings in archaeology, anthropology, geology, meteorology, cosmology and mythology, this unprecedented, masterful study offers uniquely revealing insights into what it means to be human. Available NOW

Rome: An Empire’s Story

By Greg Woolf Nobody ever planned to create a state that would last more than a millennium and a half, yet Rome was able, in the end, to survive barbarian migrations, economic collapse and even the conflicts between a series of world religions that had grown up within its borders. In this sweeping account, Woolf carefully considers the conditions that made Rome’s success possible and so durable, covering topics as diverse as ecology, slavery, and religion. Available NOW

Attention All Passengers

By William J. McGee Airlines are cutting costs by delegating flights to second-tier regional airlines, outsourcing critical aircraft maintenance to unlicensed “mechanics,” and charging for checked baggage. McGee explains how both political parties and all branches of the U.S. government have conspired to place corporate interests above the interests of consumers, workers, and the nation’s economy. An essential expose that reveals the real state of the “friendly skies.” Available NOW

Significant Objects

By Joshua Glenn The Significant Objects project set out to see if a great story can transform a worthless trinket into a significant object. Recruiting a highly impressive crew of creative writers to invent stories about an unimpressive menagerie of items rescued from thrift stores and yard sales. The stories created were astonishing, a cavalcade of surprising responses to the challenge of manufacturing significance. Who would have believed that random junk could inspire so much imagination? Available NOW

All We Know

By Lisa Cohen Esther Murphy was a brilliant New York intellectual, Mercedes de Acosta had intimate friendships with the legendary actresses and dancers of the twentieth century, and Madge Garland held bracing views on dress as fashion editor of British “Vogue,”. At once a series of intimate portraits and a startling investigation into style, celebrity, and sexuality, All We Know explores a hidden history of modernism and pays tribute to three compelling lives almost completely forgotten. Available July 17th


Google ebooks™ @ American Tapestry

By Rachel L. Swarns Michelle Obama’s family saga is a remarkable, quintessentially American story--a journey from slavery to the White House in five generations. “American Tapestry” traces the complex and fascinating tale of Michelle Obama’s ancestors, a history that the First Lady did not even know herself, bringing into focus the First Lady’s black, white, and multiracial forebears. Available NOW

How Much Is Enough?

By Robert and Edward Skidelsky In 1930, economist John Keynes predicted that within a century, per capita income would steadily rise, people’s basic needs would be met, and no one would have to work more than fifteen hours a week. Explaining why Keynes was mistaken, the Skidelskys trace the history of “the good life,” showing how our lives have strayed from that ideal and issue a call to think anew about what in life really matters and how to attain it. Available NOW

The Odyssey of KP2

By Terrie M. Williams When a two day-old Hawaiian monk seal pup was attacked on a Kauai beach, scientist Terri Williams’ received the newborn in Santa Cruz, saving his life and gathering crucial data to help save his endangered species. The Odyssey of KP2 offers an inside look at the role that Williams’ research plays in the development of conservation efforts, and gives a heartwarming portrait of an adorable seal’s unforgettable personality. Available July 5th

Fooling Houdini

By Alex Stone Stone recounts his quest to join the ranks of master magicians, pulling back the curtain on a community shrouded in secrecy, fueled by obsession and brilliance, and organized around a single overriding need: to prove one’s worth by deceiving others. In trying to understand how expert magicians manipulate our minds to create their astonishing illusions, a wealth of insight into human nature and the nature of perception are revealed. Available NOW

Eat the City

By Robin Shulman New York is a money and real estate city, with less naked earth and industry than high-rise glass and concrete. Yet, its residents have always found ways to grow their own food. Eat the City shows the perils and benefits that occur when city people involve themselves in making what they eat with a witty and insightful look at the ways they’ve used collective hunger to build their own kind of city. Available July 10th

Why Does the World Exist?

By Jim Holt An engrossing narrative that traces our latest efforts to grasp the origins of the universe. As he takes on the role of cosmological detective, the brilliant yet slyly humorous Holt contends that we might have been too narrow in limiting our suspects to God vs. the Big Bang; pursuing unexplored and often bizarre angles to this cosmic puzzle. The result is a brilliant synthesis of cosmology, mathematics, and physics. Available July 16th

The Long Walk

By Brian Castner After serving two tours of duty in Iraq as the commander of an Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit, Brian Castner struggled with what he has termed The Crazy. Haunting memories, unshakable fear, confusion, and survivor’s guilt left him struggling with the question: can there ever again be such a thing as “normal”? Available July 10th


July 2012 • 7

The Art of Fielding

By Chad Harbach At a small college on the shore of Lake Michigan, baseball star Henry Skrimshander seems destined for big league stardom. But when a routine throw goes disastrously off course, the fates of five people are upended and Henry’s fight against self-doubt threatens to ruin his future. New bonds are forged as Henry and those around him are forced to confront their deepest hopes, anxieties, and secrets. Written with boundless intelligence and filled with the tenderness of youth, “The Art of Fielding “is a novel about ambition and its limits, about family and friendship and love, and about commitment--to oneself and to others.

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GROUP will discuss Happily Even After by CAROLE BRODY FLEET.

ThurSDAY 26 7:00 PM • The DESERT ISLAND BOOK CLUB will discuss Ghosting by KIRBY GANN.


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SunDAY 15 5:00 PM • NIGHT OF THE LIVING BOOK CLUB will discuss Feed by MIRA GRANT.

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BOOK CLUB will discuss Abyssinian Chronicles by MOSES ISEGAWA.

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TUESDAY 10 6:00 PM • The BOOK BUSTERS MIDDLE READER BOOK CLUB (ages 9-12) will discuss The Scorpio Races by MAGGIE STEIFVATER.


BOOK CLUB will discuss Rules of Civility by AMOR TOWLES.

CLUB will discuss What Would Google Do? by JEFF JARVIS.

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New books for kids


By Rachel Hartman If there was a Books Inc. Kids’ Specialist favorite right now, it’d likely be this one! Debut author Rachel Hartman blew our faces off with gorgeous writing, strong and believable characters, and the COOLEST DRAGONS EVER. So read this book. Read it if you love fantasy, read it if you think you HATE fantasy, or read it because it’s summer, and there’s plenty of time. Just read it. For ages 12+. AVAILABLE JULY 10TH

Rat & Roach Friends to the End

By David Covell Here is a story of best friends to the end! Sounds amazing right? Not so much, Rat and Roach find it hard to get along at times. Roach is way too neat, and Rat hugs too tight! Will they ever be able to get pass their differences to live in peace? Find out in this tale of friendship with original illustrations that will keep you turning the page to see more. For ages 3-6. AVAILABLE NOW

Time Out For Monsters

By Jean Reidy and Robert Neubecker In Time Out For Monsters, Reidy invites readers to join in with their imaginations as a little boy transforms the boring into a fantastical landscape. With brilliant, expressive illustrations from Neubecker, this one should not be missed! For ages 3-6. AVAILABLE NOW

Capture the Flag

Tiger Lily

By Jody Lynn Anderson The focus is on the fierce female in this retelling of JM Barrie’s Peter Pan. We all know the story of Peter and Wendy—but author Jody Lynn Anderson gives us the breathless and romantic tale of Peter and Tiger Lily, set in Neverland as you’ve never seen it before. This book is aptly dedicated to all girls with “Messy hair, and thirsty hearts.” For ages 13+. AVAILABLE JULY 3RD By Tim Rummel “This book is amazingly surprising! Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, it changes in unbelievable ways. This book is so good! I recommend it to be people who enjoy graphic novels, and love surprises.” –Trever Rubino, age 9. AVAILABLE NOW

What to Do If an Elephant Stands on Your Foot

By Michelle Robinson Debut author Michelle Robinson brings children a safari guide with information every young adventurer needs to know. But nothing can ever be that simple! What to Do If an Elephant Stands on Your Foot will take you from one insane mishap to another with tons of laughs along the way. Don’t fret too much though. If you call for help perhaps some monkeys will come along to save you! For ages 3-6. AVAILABLE NOW By Lisa Stasse A grim look is taken into our future, in this rollicking start to a new, dystopian trilogy. Set in the U.N.A. (a new super country that combines Mexico, Canada and the U.S.A.) this novel follows sixteen year old Alenna, who authorities have determined to have a “high capacity for brutal violence.” Imprisoned, and disenfranchised, Alenna embarks on an amazing, seemingly impossible voyage. For ages 13+. AVAILABLE JULY 10TH

July KIDS EVENTS July 13 • 7:00 PM

NYMBC presents TAKE THAT, NEW YORK!, an unmissable evening soiree featuring a who’s-who of the Bay Area young adult scene! This event is free and open to the public, so embrace your Bay Area love and come rub elbows with over 20 young adult authors!

Books Inc. in Opera Plaza

July 25 • 7:00 PM

Glee’s CHRIS COLFER at Opera Plaza!!! Chris Colfer presents his wildly imaginative children’s novel, The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell. This is a ticketed event!

Books Inc. in Opera Plaza

July 29 • 11:00 AM

Join us for a special storytime! Ten-year-old RIYA SINHA will be on hand discussing her book The Runaway Twins.

Books Inc. in Palo Alto




By Kate Messner From the author of the Marty Maguire series, comes a new tale of thievery and adventure! When the original Star Spangled Banner is stolen from the Smithsonian, it is down to three plucky kids to recover it during a snowstorm in the Washington DC airport. Fast and fun, this should appeal to anyone looking for a way to kick the summer doldrums. For Ages 8-12. AVAILABLE NOW

♥ Love ♥

Julia Donaldson Dear Julia, An author superb, recognized by the queen Always funny and touching, you’re the best we’ve seen! You write books kids love, and grown-ups do too— So we wanted a chance to say, “Thanks!” to you! Miss Julia, please, do consider this offer: It’s the best us humble booksellers can proffer. Please join us for tea, invite the Gruffalo, too! And Charlie, and Zog and the rest of your crew! We’ll sit so quietly, you won’t know we’re there You can read all your books, so we all can share The lovely rhymes, lessons and tales you’ve written! Because your books, lady? They leave us smitten. Love, Books Inc. Kids!

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