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BEAUTY “You play it cool in your skinny jeans and oversized shirt. You’re down to earth. Practical. Level-headed But your vintage French armoire knows better The secrets those outfits could remember should only be whispered in the strictest of confidence Introducing BEAUTY by Maryanne Scott

Timeless female portraiture

Treat yourself to a little good old fashioned glamour... And remember... just as your French armoire will never tell, neither will I

This secret’s on the house Who you share it with, I'll leave up to you Go ahead Peek inside.”

Timeless Female Portraiture Whether you’re a soon to be bride, yummy mummy or fabulous at 50, Beauty by Maryanne Scott is a way to TREAT yourself... with just a hint of seduction. Bridal photography Boudoir photography Couples boudoir Photography Fabulous 50’s Yummy Mummy’s Best of friends What’s inside our Armoire I love vintage pieces, soft peachy pants, and delicately laced Basques. A wisp of chiffon and a handful of silk, dangerously slung across bare shoulders. We want gently seductive, 1950’s glamour with just a hint of NAUGHTINESS. I want you to feel as beautiful as you look, so it’s time to do a little planning and go shopping for the right lingerie pieces. Make sure to bring as many clothing, lingerie, shoe, and accessory choices as possible. We won’t necessarily use them all but it’s good to have the choice.

Here are a few ideas...

Pieces You Might Want to Bring...         

Vintage lingerie pieces Slips Scarf or Sash for around your waist Cardigan or jumper – chunky knitted Matching bra + panty set Negligee/teddy/bodysuit Corset/bustier A robe Silk shorts

BRIDAL BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY Imagine his surprise on the morning of your wedding, when he opens the delicately wrapped parcel containing a deliciously seductive book which smells of your signature perfume and leather... Don’t forget to bring along additional bridal accessories like the jewelry you will be wearing on your wedding day, like your veil and your garter.

Accessories In addition to a variety of clothing and lingerie choices, you should also try to bring along a good selection of accessories and maybe even some props. Common choices are a garter belt and stockings, a variety of shoes (the higher the heels the better), and items that are meaningful to your significant other that could be used as props – does he play guitar or have another hobby you could incorporate?

Make-up artist I use Cat Eccles – A local Makeup Artist, to do your makeup and this is included within the price, however if you would prefer to do your own make up please feel free to do so (but let me know). You can find out more about Cat on her website

Hair styling For hair I always suggest big, bouncy and curly, unless hair is short and then we’ll work with accessories too. Having experience in creating “big” hair, I tend to do your hair myself (plus I know what looks good in the photos). However if you would prefer to use a hairdresser please let me know as soon as possible as this can be arranged for an additional fee (approximately £30).

After the shoot You’ll have a preview of 25-30 images on a completely private & password protected gallery. You can then choose from the following:

Prints starting at £15

Additional Preparation Make sure you get a manicure and pedicure before your beauty photo session (or simply paint your nails and your toes yourself). If you spray tan or dye your hair, make sure you get it touched up right before your shoot.

Photo books starting at £125 Canvases starting at £50 {All photo books also receive a disk of the images}

LOCATION OF SHOOT I do all beauty shoots at my home. This provides a safe and private environment for the photo session. If however you have a specific location you would like to use (a hotel etc) please let me know in plenty of time so that we can make arrangements.

PRICES Beauty shoots with hair & make- up - £80 (This is for hair and make-up for one person. For additional people (mothers, sisters, friends, husbands etc) add £30 per person.

Beauty by Maryanne Scott  

Beauty and boudoir photography by Maryanne Scott