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Welcome to BENG! BENG! is the experiential marketing agency where brands get fans. Dedicated to boosting your bottom line by activating your brand’s relationships through exciting brand experiences. BENG! originates from Amsterdam the Netherlands, where we have developed a prizewinning track record since 1989. Most recently, euBEA awarded us the European Best Event Award for best ROI, out of 100 entries from 18 European countries. Our expertise covers all corners of today’s media landscape: radio and television, print, direct marketing, sales promotion, social media, mobile, theater and events. Our New York and Amsterdam offices house creative experience designers by profession and ROI warriors by conviction. Their passion is to deliver brand preference of your prospects, satisfaction and loyalty of your clients and resellers, and brand awareness and dedication of your employees, through distinctive strategies and original multi-media concepts that are authentic, clever, and amazingly effective. We invite you to try us So how can we win your heart? For starters, to make it easy to test drive us. We firmly believe in sharing knowledge and expertise. That’s why we offer free strategic brainstorming sessions and free access to our Expert Panel. Visit our site for more information. We believe that working with BENG! should be a great and innovative experience. And a transparent one. In a BENG! relationship, you will always know exactly where you stand. Our fully transparent quotes outline all individual cost components, including our earnings.

Where BENG! is valuable. CORPORATE • Shareholder Value, Sustainability & Social Responsibility • Acquisitions, Mergers & Restructuring • Corporate Identity Introductions • PR HR • Internal Branding & Motivation • Labor Communication Marketing • Client Experience • Product Launches & Promotions • Customer Satisfaction & Retention • Sales Chain Preference & performance Sales • Kick Offs • Sales Performance • Incentives & Rewards Milestones • Corporate, Brand & Product Anniversaries • Awards • Openings

“Some call us relationship marketers, others experiential specialists. We have also been called event creators, video producers, sales promoters or “The Pop Up People”. The CEO of a renowned German car brand calls us his “peacemakers” because we helped him mend important relationships with his dealers. We have captured our essence in our name: BENG! Reflecting the sound of the remarkable impact we have on brands, business relationships and the return on your investment. BENG!’s materialize in any size, shape or medium.” Nicole Cohen-Nelson Managing Director BENG!NY

“We perfectly understand captain Kirk’s mission: “to boldly go where no one has gone before”. We like to push the envelope. To explore all opportunities, evident, new and off the beaten track. And when we find one that proves to be perfectly effective, we ask our client: “why not?” Rob Captijn Strategy Director BENG!NY

How a BENG! is made. Listen. First, we listen. Obviously, the more we know about your brand and its values, your relationship with your target groups and their perception of your objectives, the more effectively we can help you to plot a winning course. We bring over twenty years of experience with comparable challenges and successful cases. Think. The backbone of our approach is a solid strategy. What is the shortest route to your target groups heads and hearts? How do we turn their “no” into “yes”, with relevant arguments and experiences? We approach your challenge like a supermarket. By stimulating their five senses, we gently push your target group through the aisles and check out, topping up their carts a little higher than intended. That is where our Brand Relationship Toolbox comes in, which has been published in two best-selling books and studied by students at major universities in The Netherlands. Create. At BENG! the focus of our creativity is to maximize the impact of how your brand and behavioral instructions are delivered and converted. The real value of our multi-disciplinary background is that we often find innovative solutions off the beaten track, that deliver more results for your buck. Execute. We strongly believe that the cooperation with our clients and the quality of execution should be flawless. Period. No cutting corners here. No use of inferior “ingredients” either. We will do everything to meet even the tightest budget, but we will never compromize on quality. Ever! Evaluate. From the initial question “what should your audience do differently tomorrow?”, to handing over well filled databases, changed behavior and sales results, the measurement of progress and results is taken very seriously. We realize that you can only spend your budget once. So let us help you to spend it well and deliver solid proof that your investment was relevant.

Pushing the envelope. Since 1989. We have many firsts on our wall of pride. We introduced consumer events to Heineken and the Mars company. It took the brewer more than two years to accept that events were effective for a fast-moving product with a tight margin. Now, Heineken wouldn’t dream of excluding events from its brand strategy. Assigning us their first ever Brand Event worldwide, Mars proved to be a brave pioneer, allowing us to create the Twix MegaMovie. As an on-product promotion, Mars handed out tickets to a traveling drive-in theater where that summer’s major blockbusters premiered. Although summer heat and chocolate are not usually the best of friends, Mars’ Twix Candy Bar became the top seller among the 12 to 18 year old demographic, outselling all of its competitors. Today, brands invest an increasing part of their budget to bind relevant audiences online. In most cases however, the actual conversion is still made in the real world. Did you know we launched our first ever “cross over concept” when Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was only 10 years old?

Being sustainable. We leave small footprints. We use the BENG! CO2 calculator to calculate emissions of everything we do and stimulate ourselves and our suppliers to keep innovating towards more sustainable solutions and less waste of resources. We use database driven mobile and electronic media instead of paper. We power events with “greenarators� on solar- and wind power instead of traditional electricity. And by compensating the unavoidable part of the footprint with CO2 credits, many projects are reduced to 100% CO2 neutral.


Curious how a BENG! can benefit your upcoming project? Then lets meet and talk about your challenge. Remember: the first brainstorming session is on us. Can’t wait to get started! Nicole Cohen-Nelson Managing Director, BENG!NY PS: Discover our site. Try out our Expert Panel. Visit BENG!’s Media Vault. See our Slideshare presentations. Visit our blog. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook or Join our BENGNY Group on LinkedIn. Or just call me for an appointment at 646 688 5702 or 917 856 6297.

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Brochure BENG!NY  

Welcome to BENG!NY, short for The Brand Entertainment Group, LLC. The New York agency where brands get fans. This brochure tells how.

Brochure BENG!NY  

Welcome to BENG!NY, short for The Brand Entertainment Group, LLC. The New York agency where brands get fans. This brochure tells how.