International Review of Books - Winter Edition

Page 8

Everyday Enchantments is full of delightful slices of life in the southwest. Everything is worthy of wonder and contemplation, from a double yoked egg and chorizo breakfast to a wellworn book recently redisocovered. Each and every reflection contained in this book is best savored curled up by the fire under grandma’s knitted quilt, one memory at at time.

The focus of the book is on how you should begin with an idea and then transform it into reality using various techniques instead of only building castles in the sky. The author focuses on a few practical examples to transform the ideas into reality and also focuses on visualization and other techniques like EFT.

Broken Branches, though short, is a gut-wrenching family drama that hits you deep in your core and finds a place to live in your heart. After the death of her grandmother, Sara sets out to find out who her father is. All anyone would ever tell her was that he was dead and to leave it alone. When the web of truth starts to unravel around her, Sara finds herself hanging from a thread and questioning everything she ever thought she knew about herself.

McFarland takes you on a rollicking journey with 1950s style whodunit capers that feature The Thin Mann (T.T. Mann), a private detective who stands six feet tall and weighs a mere twenty-two pounds. Surrounded by a colorful cast of characters, T.T. follows the clues and takes you along for the journey. Will he get his man?