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“Welcome aboard, Rich. Tie down your possessions…and if I were you I’d find a way to block the locks in this room.” “Block the locks? What are you talking about?” “They have a life of their own.” said Hardison, “Just tape them up or something so they don’t start doing weird things.” “What kinds of weird things?” asked Rich. “Why would locks do weird things?” “Oh, it’s not just the locks, my man,” said Billy, “it’s the heat, the air conditioning, the windows, the lights, your books and papers, even your computer; you’ll probably have to go to the library to get on the internet!” “Without a doubt,” said Sam, “especially in this room.” “Yeah, right!” said Rich doubtfully. “What’s so special about this room?” “She died here; in this very room forty years ago,” replied Sam, “Mae Belle Williams…right before she graduated!” “Don’t give me that crap!” said Rich. “I’m not some freshman that walked in here from the pumpkin patch! You can’t scare me with ghost stories.” “Oh, we’re not trying to scare you, Mr. Fresh Meat,” Hardison replied, “We’re just telling you how things are. No, we wouldn’t try to scare you, would we, Billy? It’s just…well…you see...Mae Belle was getting’ married after graduation, but she and the groom had their first fight that night.” “Yeah, very sad, really,” said Amed. “Guess he went off the deep end and strangled her. Yes, really very sad!” He stood up to go. “Let’s go, Billy. Mr. Fresh Meat can figure it out for himself.” “Do you think I’m going to get a roommate?” asked Rich. “Doubtful,” said Hardison, his hand on the handle to close the room door behind him. “the way I see it, you already have one.” With that, he closed the door and walked down the hall toward his own room. Rich lay back on the bed and relaxed. There would be no time to do that after school started tomorrow. Where do you suppose my roommate is? Drifting off to sleep, he dreamed fitfully; of dying. He woke with a cold clammy feeling pressing down on his neck. He felt cold clammy hands pressing harder and harder. Breathing was impossible. Gasping for breath, he rolled out of bed onto the floor. Something kicked him hard in the back. He little remaining breath knocked out and unable to breathe, he grasped desperately for the door knob. Locked! He rattled it once,


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