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The Coven Murders by Brian O’Hare In the past Chief Inspector Sheehan and his team have dealt successfully with murderers, serial killers, vicious psychopaths, but how will they succeed against a malevolent Satanist who has the support of a determined coven and a very powerful demon? And bizarrely, will Sheehan have time to discover who is murdering members of the coven while trying to rescue a young lady who is targeted by them for human sacrifice on midnight of the sacred feast of Lughnasa? 5 out of 5 stars. A Brilliant Who-dun-it with a Twist. By Kendra Morgan “The Coven Murders is a brilliantly crafted mystery that left me on the edge of my seat right up to the last page. DCI Sheehan investigates when a skeleton is discovered near a dilapidated church in the countryside. During this investigation, another series of murders begins. It’s impossible to get into without some serious spoilers, so I’ll leave you with this: It will make the hairs on your arms and neck stand up straight. If you like a great mystery that’s hard to figure out, you gotta read The Coven Murders!”

Water Ghosts by Linda Collison “I see things other people don’t see; I hear things other people don’t hear.” Fifteen-year-old James McCafferty is sent aboard a Chinese sailing ship for a forced therapeutic experience with other young misfits and miscreants. James knows the ship is doomed. Water Ghosts is a nautical adventure and survival story, a psychological and supernatural struggle, and a trip into imperial China of long ago. “A witty YA voyage with plenty of narrative power.” -Kirkus “James’s voice is relatable and often laced with sarcastic teen wit. With this leavening, believable characters, a well-constructed plot, and writing that avoids all the possible clichés, Water Ghosts should appeal not only to teens but to adults looking for a jolt of adventure or a reminder of what being a teen feels like.” – Susan Waggoner, Foreword Reviews


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