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Must Reads for March Four books you’ll think about long after you’ve put them down

Bright’s Passage By Josh Ritter

“The story unfolds with leisurely ease, told in lofty, even tones. Ritter has a knack for details…He's an assured stylist as well…A tender, touching novel about a survivor of both World War I and a nasty family conflict.” —Kirkus Reviews

“[An] eloquent and intensely moving historical novel . . . a work of masterful, stunning prose.”—

The Biography of Princess Mennen Asfaw Edited and compiled by Anjhali Parnell

Revealing, well written and rich with historic photographs, this just published biography marked in 2011 the 120th anniversary of Empress Menen’s birth and the 100th anniversary of her marriage to Haile Sellassie I, the last reining Emperor of Ethiopia.

The Sugar Barons By Mathew Parker

"A tumultuous rollercoaster of a book … Mr. Parker tells an extraordinary, neglected and shameful story with gusto."—The Economist “[A] minutely detailed portrait of one corner of Britain’s constantly illuminated empire.” – Booklist

The Night Circus By Erin Morgenstern

"If this novel is just cotton candy, it's cotton candy spun from strands of edible silver...With no more lust than a late volume of Harry Potter, Morgenstern manages to conjure up a love story for adults that feels luxuriously romantic. When Celia calls their circus a 'wonder and comfort and mystery all together,' she could have been talking about this book." --Ron Charles, The Washington Post

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Memorable Must-Reads for March  

Books you'll remember long after you're finished reading