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Jonny Packham OUGD301 / Brief 2 - Rebel Pin Up

Rebel Pin Up Is a contemporary, stylish salon located in the heart of Leeds inside the Paper Scissors Stone store. They combine bespoke fashion haircuts with a more traditional salon service.

The Brief Produce installation artwork for Rebel Pin up’s toilet, to bring the space in line with the rest of the store, with potential for applying across a “new look” range of promotional and in store products. Target audience - Rebel Pin Up staff and customers, with entertaining tone of voice.

Intentions Produce illustration that can work across a range of different scales, frames and formats including wall space and promotional material. To work towards my position statement set at the beginning of this term.

Jonny Packham OUGD301 / Brief 2 - Product

Illustration proposal Produced for in store wall space for the Rebel Pin Up Salon inside the Paper Scissors Stone Store in Leeds. This work exists alongside a product range consisting of promo and branding material, which aims to tie the toilet space together with the rest of Rebel Pin Up salon.

Large scale Resolve Large scale, hand painted, six colour wall space. The end result is a striking and vibrant piece which shows what Rebel Pin Up is all about. Edgy hair and tons of attitude.

Jonny Packham OUGD301 / Brief 2 - Product Expansion

High end, Low budget Printed in black & white, with white foil print finishes on business and loyalty cards make for a high end look that is cost effective to produce in runs of a few hundred.

Bespoke stamp & Loyalty card Stamp for loyalty card has been designed to fit with the identity of the overall range of products including the wall space, taking the floral motif and using it across the stamp and promotional products.

Look Book & Mailer Look book exists exclusively in the salon and operates as a price guide as well as something to read and arrange appointments by, which shows the pride Rebel Pin Up have for their salon.

Jonny Packham OUGD301 / Brief 2 - Range







The Rebel Pin Up product range Includes a promotional mailer pack with a loyalty card and poster, business card, in salon look book and tote bag. The range keeps a uniformity through repetition of logo and proposed new identity for rebel pin up.

Design Direction The new identity direction proposal is a cross breed of vintage brocade, extravagance and edgy attitude which challenges the normal conventions of “Burlesque� influence. In terms of feel, the identity embodies Rebel Pin Up.

The Product key 1. Promotional packaging 2. Tote bag 3. Promotional poster 4. Fold out mailer

5. Rebel Pin Up look book 6. (L) Business card (R) Loyalty card

Jonny Packham OUGD301 / Brief 2 - Context/ Distribution

The Rebel Pin New look website The new look website delivers the same information as the existing website, although has same visual uniformity as the product range and wall space. Having the website the same brings the wall space totally in line with the salon.

Proposition Customers can now make bookings online, as well as send a request to have a promotional mailer sent out to them, via the “make a comment” link in the “Book Online” section on the navigation bar.

Jonny Packham OUGD301 / Brief 1 - Manchester Book Fair

Pressurised R e c ov e r y Pressurised Recovery Is a short publication which acts as an encyclopaedia about deep sea life, including a Glossary of terms and categorised illustrations & classifications of deep sea fish recorded in the last two years.

The Brief Produce a book / publication to be sold at Manchester book fair via the Hot Bed Press on November 6th. Target audience is broad, collectors of bespoke books and publications, Tone is informative and entertaining.

Intentions The use of specialist print processes such as foiling and gloss printing, combined with bespoke book binding. To produce a broad range of illustration in order to improve skills and work against position statement.

Jonny Packham OUGD301 / Brief 1 - Illusration

Deep Sea Subject matter Pressurised Recovery has been designed and sold with the recent release of The Marine Census 2010 in mind along side it. The Deep Sea theme has made for engaging and interesting visuals with a strong subject matter running throughout.

Vector Illustration All illustrations are vectorised due to scalability considerations. All illustrations are fully scalable and fully editable in areas such as colour, size and appearance.

Jonny Packham OUGD301 / Brief 1 - Product

Content Publication combines traditional book design with vector illustrations of each spreads featured fish. Each is annotated with information about their history and attributes.

Specialist Print Processes Front cover uses specialist print processes; Squid icon on the cover glows in the dark because of glow in the dark pigment, screenprinted. Type Shines in the light like the surface of the ocean due to black foil blocking print technique, screenprinted & heat pressed.

Jonny Packham OUGD301 / Brief 1 - Editions & Range

Editions Books were sold in runs of two editions; Special edition books with glow in the dark and foiled covers. Limited edition books with digitally printed covers and an illustration from the inside of the publication.

Range The range of materials were incuded with both runs of publication in different ways; Special edition included two stickers and a business card Limited edition publication included a business card.

Jonny Packham OUGD301 / Brief 1 - Context & Distribtution

Context The context of the publication was always inteded for the Hot Bed Press book fair.

November 6th The BAGD team sold well, and a good interest was shown for pressurised recovery, selling 5 to the public, one of which was a special edition.

Jonny Packham OUGD301 / Brief 3 - Layout publication


The UFO Handbook The UFO Handbook is a publication based on the UFO Handbook by Author, Allan Hendry. The new UFO handbook is a condensed version of the original, intended as a promotional publication to aid the relaunch of the original book published by Sphere.

The Brief Condense, and redesign the UFO Handbook. Use Layout and foldout considerationsto execture the publication to a high standard, and breathe new life into the original.

Intentions -The use of layout to create an interesting publication responding to contextual research. No specialist print processes, just pagination, island spreads and folding methods.

Jonny Packham OUGD301 / Brief 3 - Product

A New Look The UFO Handbook has been redesigned to appeal to a new age audience of UFO enthusiasts, acting as a functional guide to aid the spotting, recording and self education of the nature of UFOs.

Contents Include a UFO spotting guide, case files and the study of second hand information and allegations in terms of UFO reports. Grainy, bitmapped images and 1960’s inspired illustration gives a feel of area 51 and a time when UFOs briefly saturated the news.

UFO Types & IDs A list of the most famous and frequent UFOs spotted from around the world, with enclosed fold out to acting as an example of what most cases were recorded onto.

Jonny Packham OUGD301 / Brief 3 - Fold Outs

Fold Outs The UFO Handbook contains two fold outs; Three page small format fold out which explains the methods of recording sightings and the different kinds of close encounter. A UFO reporter based on original 1960’s UFO reporters, which folds out to A3.

Flexibility Fold outs allow the reader to take in alot of information while on the go or out in the filed, because of the size of the book and folds the publication never becomes like a map with loose corners flapping in the wind.

Jonny Packham OUGD301 / Brief 3 - Range & Product Extension

A Limited Edition Range The publication also comes with three limited edition posters of excerpts from the book. The Posters follow the same visual uniformity of the publication.

Jonny Packham OUGD301 / Brief 3 - Range & Product Extension

Context & Distribution The UFO Handbook is a limited edition publication and due to this, it would have to be distributed accordingly on websites for example like the NOBROW press website which sells bespoke publications and prints.

Proposition The proposal for the distibution of the UFO handbook is an example of the type of website in which the publication would sit contextually.

Jonny Packham OUGD301 / Mini Brief 3 - Promotional work

Self Promotional Poster Illustration printed in gold. Includes contact details and old logo. A copy of this was sent to Rebel Pin Up Prior to the wall spae live brief.

Jonny Packham OUGD301 / Mini Brief 1 - Editorial

Editorial Illustration for The Juice magazine Illustration of Albert Einstein based on the concept of “The science of Art” tobe on the front cover of January’s The Juice magazine.

Intentions Rationale spoke about submitting work to zines and magazines to gain exposure.

Jonny Packham OUGD301 / Mini Brief 2 - Collaboration

Collaboration / Ollie Saward Ollie produces great hand drawn Typography that has a fun approach. This image is the product of Ollies tyoe and my image combined.

Intentions Rationale spoke about collaborating in order to produce a varied range of work. Final major project will see more of this collaboration under a branded

Jonny Packham OUGD301 / Brief 4 - LCA Newsletter

Background Leeds College of Art releases an annual newsletter in which the BAGD design team got the offer to pitch to design this years newsletter.

The Brief Design a 2 colour Newsletter proposal to be delivered to the marketing team. Proposal to have dummy copy and images lifted from LCA website with a flexible grid.

Intentions Create a type driven project that would not look out of place in the LCA institution. Produce proposal to a high enough standard to be able to include it in portfolio.

Jonny Packham OUGD301 / Brief 4 - Product proposal

Concept The idea was to design a newsletter that looked like a broadsheet newspaper which would then fold out into a large format poster, informing those interested in the college about the up coming open events the college has to offer.

Proposition Produced an A6 news letter which progressively folds out, and information leads reader around the page until reaching the reverse, which is a promotional poster for the College.

Fold Method & Layout The fold method for the LCA Newsletter is basically a short edge bind at A5, which folds out into a double sided A2. The layout is positioned in a way which enhances this process.

Jonny Packham OUGD301 / Brief 4 - LCA Poster

Poster, Open Days A2 poster With an image of the typesetting press found in the Vernon st. Print room. Poster communicates upcoming open days & evenings.

Jonny Packham OUGD301 / Brief 5 - Diesel

The Brief Create an illustrated interpretation of a musical track that is experienced by the viewer in an unconventional and pioneering way.

Creative Challenge Over the past decade the world of music has undergone a revolution. Just as the ways people consume and experience music have been turned upside down, so the role of illustration in the world of music has changed too.

Intentions Submit a competition brief to D&AD Produce impressive illustrative type (This brief in its current stage does not wholistically represent what will be submitted to D&AD.)

Jonny Packham OUGD301 / Brief 5 - Outcomes

Illustrative response Produced vector artwork based on lyrics from a well known Jamiroquai song, “Return Of The Space Cowboy”. Here it sits in the context of a Diesel Tour poster with Jamiroquai as the headlining act.

Promotion of a Diesel Live Radio Station The tour would be a celebration of diesels “live radio” launch, available on air, and over the internet & podcasts.

Jonny Packham OUGD301 / Brief 5 - LCA Newsletter

Pioneering visuals Visuals created would also be transferred across digital media in the form of music visuals, projections and VJ material for live sets at the Diesel tours.

Jonny Packham OUGD301 / Brief 5 - Context

Radio Proposal Online radio station proposal follows uniformity of promotional campaigns and links Diesel tours with the radio and overall context.

MEN Arena, Manchester 17 April 2011

SE&CC, Glasgow 19 April 2011

Shows of year 2011 20 April 2011

Forest National, Brussels 8 April 2011

Arena, Oberhausen 10 April 2011

Ahoy, Rotterdam 12 April 2011

O2 Arena, London 13 April 2011

SE&CC, Glasgow 27 March 2011

O2 Arena, Leeds 3 April 2011

NEN Arena, Manchester 4 April 2011

Sheffield Arena 6 April 2011

Roc Hall, Luxemburg 10 March 2010

Newcastle Arena 15 March 2010

Millenium square, Leeds 20 March 2011

J A MIR O Q U AI 2 0 1 1 LG Arena, Birmingham 15 April 2011

Supporting Artists: Gnarles Barkley / Bonobo / Hidden Orchestra / Lewis Parker / Shed / The Bamboos / Pete Rock & More.

DIESEL Diesel Celebrates the launch of Diesel radio january 1st with a Host of artists headlining Jamiroquai with the return of the soace cowboy music event on january 1st.

DIESEL RADIO GOES LIVE Diesel Celebrates the launch of Diesel radio january 1st with a Host of artists headlining Jamiroquai with the return of the soace cowboy music event on january 1st.

module 301 submision boards  

the boards i submitted for module 301 bagd

module 301 submision boards  

the boards i submitted for module 301 bagd