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Managed Program Printing Services Managed program printing services have come a long way. By this term we mean that the instead of doing the printing by oneself, the job is outsourced to another division in the office which would cater to the printing and copying requirements of the entire company so as to reduce the costs and wastages. If the service is run smooth, this would result in lot of money savings and also in the increase of the productivity figures. The managed program printing services need a good balance of technology run using the right process by efficient people. The service should be made accountable and should mean results whether it is for printing or faxing as the case maybe. All the connected equipment for the program printing services should be under the control of this department alone. This would help to know the costs per copy better and also in identifying any hidden costs which are otherwise unknown. There should a single point of contact or otherwise known as accountability for the managed program printing services. Because of this centralization, the process becomes simpler and hence easier to verify. It is important to ensure that the seamless functioning of the process can be ensured by having the right tools in place for having a smooth work flow. All the benchmarks for the equipment should be available beforehand so that periodic measurement of the effectiveness of operations can be done. Knowing this information would enable the organization to invest in more printers, copiers or fax machines if the requirement is felt or to remove the excess equipment if it has been found to be on the higher side. This would ensure that the efficiency and productivity are higher. This evaluation has to be done on a periodic basis to ensure that the required levels are met. The managed program printing services division when created in the organization would result to a lot fewer issues to the IT help desk staff because the number of users of these equipment would be lesser and moreover these users have been specifically trained to operate these systems. Because of this drastic reduction on the calls made to the help desk, the IT staff would be able to devote their time and efforts to initiatives which are more important. The staff in the program printing services division can take care of the equipment maintenance and inventory too. They can make the necessary calls to ensure that the equipment is serviced periodically for smooth running. Because of all these above mentioned benefits and more, organizations the world over are opting for managed program printing services.

Managed Program Printing Services