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Vintage cook books are are generally very old. These are the same cookbooks that our mothers and our grandmothers kept by their side while making those delicious home cooked dinners for us each day. It isn't a wonder why children and grandchildren feel so honored when they are able to receive one of these prized possessions. To think how much time our mothers and grandmothers spent with these vintage cook books can bring back great memories. Even for those who may receive classic cookbooks that aren't family heirlooms, they are still very valuable possessions. Not necessarily in a monetary sense, but valuable in the fact that they have recipes that are sometimes forgotten throughout the years. This very fact is what makes vintage cook books a frequently sought out item by cooking enthusiasts. FORGOTTEN TREASURES There are various vintage cook books that were created around specific time periods. For example: There are cook books that were written around World War II and they make mention of the fact that the recipes inside are recipes created during wartime when some household supplies were scarce. These are frequently referred to as "wartime editions." The recipes may reflect this such as saying lines such as, "for delicious wartime meals." It can make it sound like wartime was a celebration, when in reality the cookbooks were developed to help those with loved ones at war to care for their families with limited resources. VINTAGE COOK BOOKS TODAY Think about the fact that 65% of adults in America are overweight. This wasn't the case when our loved ones were making meals from these cook books. Why is that? Well, that's because a lot of the fattening ingredients used now were not used so much then. Furthermore, fast food was not available at every corner, so a home cooked meal was a necessity. Either way you look at it, you can get a taste of grandma's favorite dish and eat healthier - the way your family ate decades or even centuries before. If you simply like to collect vintage cook books, then you are in luck. The internet is full of them. You never know, you might come across one that belonged to your family in the past. It is utterly amazing the type of family heirlooms that are found, and what sorts of new treasures you can turn into heirlooms of your own. Before you know it, you'll have vintage cook books that you can pass down to your own family members to continue the tradition of family homestyle cooking into the future.

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==== ==== For Great Cooking Tips Check This Out. ==== ====

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