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Children tend to be unruly on eating tables. Table manners don't come naturally to them. Table manners have to be imbibed in children through training and demonstration. They gobble food and push it around on their plates, place their elbows on the table, chew loudly, use their hands while eating and make a display of the food in their mouth and speak while eating. Some children read or watch television while eating and some talk endlessly on the dinner table. Transforming children into well mannered eating individuals is a not an easy task for most parents. The term table manners literally means, eating etiquette. The norms of standard eating etiquettes differ with culture and place. However, some common dos of eating etiquettes are the following:1)Eat with your fingers and not with your hands. 2)Do not make noise while eating or open your mouth wide. In short eat with your mouth closed. 3)Spread a napkin on your lap while eating. 4)Mealtime is family time. Reading and watching television while studying, is anti -social behaviour. 5)Wait for everyone to finish eating before leaving the table. 6)Do not burp while or after eating. 7)Never talk while food is in the mouth. 8)Take small bites and chew the food properly. 9)Excuse yourself softly if it important to leave the table while eating. 10)Do not leave any food or push it around on the plate. 11)Use words like please and thank you while passing dishes to each other on the table. 12)Do not criticize the food which is served. 13)Do not be loud or rude while eating. 14)Do not criticize anyone for having bad table manners while eating with them. 15)Use a napkin to dab your mouth while eating. Do not wipe your face with it or blow your nose in it. 16)Do not indulge in tooth picking while eating. Good table manners are imperative to an orderly social existence. Children should be made aware that table manners are not just for regimentation, but a beautiful way to build good social interactions with family and friends. Excellent table manners translate into civic sense for cohabiting with other human beings harmoniously. In fact not knowing how to eat properly, makes one an outsider in society.

Today, Indian children need to have a very good general knowledge along with decent manners and civic sense to be a successful in life. In order to imbibe these skills we need to inspire them

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Teaching Kids Table Manners  

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