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Are you done with your Easter preparations? Planning an Easter celebration and not including great recipes to your menu is not done. For those who want to come up with some sumptuous meal ideas but are running short of time can try their hands on easy recipes for Easter. Following is a list of easy Easter recipes from where you can prepare any of your choice. Almond Sandwich: Almond Sandwich is one of the great recipes for Easter that is sure to satisfy your hunger. Ingredients needed- Almond Butter (1/2 cup), Honey (1 tbsp), Ground Cinnamon (1 tsp), Sliced Almond (4 tbsp), Raisins (4 tbsp), Whole Grain Bread (8 slices) Method of Preparation- Take a bowl and mix in it cinnamon, honey and almond butter. Now, spread this mix in a slice of bread and sprinkle raisins and almond over it. Top it using another slice of bread. Black Walnut Cake: Black Walnut Cake can be grouped under easy Easter recipes and your kids are sure to fall for the taste. Ingredients needed- chopped black walnuts (1/2 Cup), Vanilla extract (1/2 tsp), Baking powder (1/2 tsp), milk (1 Cup), flour (3 Cups), softened butter (1 Cup), shortening (1/2 Cup), sugar (3 Cups), Ground cinnamon (1 tsp), Eggs (5) Method of Preparation - Take a medium sized bowl and beat sugar, butter and shortening to it. Beat the eggs and add cinnamon, flour and baking powder into the above mentioned mix. Now, stir the walnuts and vanilla and pour this mix onto the pan. Heat the dish at a temperature of 350 degree F and place the mix to it. Your walnut cake is ready. Herb Roasted Turkey: Herb Roasted Turkey is one of the easy recipes that you can try out this Easter. Ingredients needed- Whole turkey (1), dried basil (2 tsp), Garlic powder (2 tbsp), Black pepper (1/2 tsp), Ground sage (1 tsp), water (2 Cups), olive oil (3/4 Cup), Salt (1 tsp) Method of Preparation - Heat the oven at 325 degrees F. Next, clean the turkey and keep it in the pan. Take a bowl and mix in it garlic powder, olive oil, ground sage, dried basil, black pepper and

salt. Apply this mix on the uncooked turkey. Now, pour water into the roasting pan and cover it using a lid. Bake it for about three hours till the internal temperature comes down to 180 degrees F. Take out the turkey out from the oven and allow it to cool before serving. These are some of the easy recipes for Easter that you can try out this season.

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==== ==== For Great Cooking Tips Check This Out. ==== ====

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For Great Cooking Tips Check This Out:

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