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Top 5 Places to Visit in Penang, Malaysia So you've booked a wonderful hotel in Penang, Malaysia and are all set to enjoy that much needed vacation. If you're interested in seeing the local sights, these 5 popular local destinations should make any must-visit list that you plan on making. 1) Penang Hill A trip up Penang Hill is something that is not to be missed by any first-time visitor. Most go up this famous hill to escape the heat, but it also showcases fantastic views of the surrounding landscape once you reach the top. A funicular train is the mode of transport, which takes about half an hour to take you to the peak. The hill is also home to a vast range of bird fauna, what with the rich forest covering it. 2) Kek Lok Si Temple Distinguished by the 7 tiers of its pagoda, Kek Lok Si Temple is a majestic architectural feat that combines Chinese, Burmese, and Thai styles of structure. Also called The Pagoda of 1,000 Buddhas, the temple keeps an enormous collection of Buddha statues made from all sorts of priceless materials. 3) Tropical Spice Garden This award-winning local attraction boasts over a hundred types of spices and herbs, as well as a vast collection of other exotic species of flora. Sprawled over 8 acres of land dedicated to nature conservation, this garden is a living museum that is also noted for its stunning scenery. 4) Fort Cornwallis This impregnable 10-foot fortress was built by the British back in 1786 and was named after the then-Governor General of India Charles Cornwallis. It has the unique feature of being shaped like a star, housing a chapel, lighthouse, ammunition storage area, and even old prison cells within its premises. The walls also still have several ancient cannons firmly set in them. An amusing bit of trivia states that one of them is said to have magical fertility powers. 5) Batu Ferringhi If all you want to do is soak up some rays and enjoy some fantastic beach culture, then Batu Ferringhi is the place for you. As the most famous beach on the Malaysian island, Batu Ferringhi understandably attracts vacationers left and right. You can easily choose to book your accommodation in Penang here as

the beach is lined with resorts and hotels that offer a broad price range. With so much to check out, it wouldn't be surprising if you'll be coming home to your lovely hotel in Penang just to rest!

Top 5 Places to Visit in Penang, Malaysia  
Top 5 Places to Visit in Penang, Malaysia  

Planning a must-see list for your visit to Penang, Malaysia? Checking out these 5 local attractions is sure to make your vacation an interes...