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5 Things to Know Before Visiting Berastagi, Indonesia All set for an Indonesian holiday? Before reserving accommodations at that Berastagi resort you've been eyeing, here are 5 useful pieces of advice for an enjoyable, worry-free vacation. 1) Bring enough cash to make you self-sufficient throughout your vacation. Since Berastagi is predominantly rural, ATM machines are hard to come by. In fact, there is only one at the main street of Jalan Veteran, which isn't exactly reassuring as we never know when these machines go offline or are not working. A good tip would be to get some cash in Medan first before entering Berastagi to be sure. 2) Acquire all the necessary information you need. Get maps, trekking advice, tour details, and transportation schedules or options at the tourist information center in Jalan Gundaling, located north of the town. You're going to need it if you plan on maximizing your stay (see no. 3). 3) Be prepared to do a lot of walking. Berastagi is easy to explore on foot since it is quite small. This makes it popular with backpacking tourists and travelers who wish to escape the trappings of the urban jungle by breathing in some fresh country air. You'll be in for a marvelous experience, as the town is known for its natural attractions. You'll be enjoying stunning views of volcanoes, waterfalls, and hot springs wherever you go. There's even a national park you can check out. The intriguing Karo villages also make for quite an educational tour with their unique traditional wooden houses, some of which are centuries old. Trekking is a fun way to discover the town while getting some exercise. If you happen to be staying at a resort in Berastagi that's conveniently located, you'll be making your way around easily in no time. 4) Forget about finding any fast food joints. Western ones, at least. Food in Berastagi is an appetizing mix of Chinese and Indonesian cuisine, and you will see several vendors lining the main street after dark. Favorite local dishes that are a must-try include the babi panggang or pork meat in a special sauce, Ikan Bakar or baked fish, and the popular nasi goreng. 5) Get ready to be without Internet during your stay. Or at least be patient when you do get to go online, as Internet access can be quite slow. You can try for an Internet cafe in the north of town if it's absolutely necessary, or plan ahead and book accommodations at a Berastagi resort that offers Wi-Fi access.

5 Things to Know Before Visiting Berastagi, Indonesia  

So you're planning to avoid the more popular Indonesian vacation destinations by going to Berastagi? Here are 5 things to know about the tow...