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Puerto Galera, The Affordable and Relaxing Beach Getaway Located on the northeastern shores of Mindoro in the Philippines, Puerto Galera – its accommodations, food, and activities – enjoy a reputation for being one of the more affordable in the country. Especially when you compare it to popular beach destinations such as Boracay and Palawan. As such, it is a favorite vacation spot for many local and international tourists during, and in between, the summer season. With a selection of hotels and resorts, Puerto Galera definitely offers visitors a chance to match their budget and preferences to the available accommodation providers. Because of its proximity to Metro Manila, and its affordability, many travelers come to Puerto Galera to enjoy even a short weekend holiday. Getting here is just a bus ride and short ferry ride away, which will not even cost you 500 pesos each way. And once you arrive either in White Beach, Sabang, or Talipanan you can spend a whole day just frolicking under the sun, or savoring tasty dishes in a restaurant. So, just how affordable is Puerto Galera? Cottages can go for as low as 500 pesos a night during the low season, while during the peak season prices can shoot up to as much as 1,500 to 2,000 pesos a night. That’s still affordable compared to Boracay or Palawan. For more inexpensive accommodations in Puerto Galera resort, (about 50% cheaper) you can try Talipanan Beach, which is just quick jeepney ride away from the more popular White Beach. It’s quieter and less crowded as well. Food prices in Puerto Galera will also put a smile of your face. For about PHP300, you can enjoy a meal good for 2 persons. And the variety of dishes you can savor here ranges from Cuban to Mediterranean, as well as local cuisine. Cocktail drinks can go for about 100 pesos. Meanwhile, beer goes for PHP35 a bottle and softdrinks are around PHP25. Of course, to have a more memorable vacation, you have to try one of the mustdo activities here. Scuba diving is a popular thing to do in Puerto Galera, boasting about 30 dive sites you can choose from. For as low as PHP1,300 you can enjoy a dive with full equipment, boat, and a guide. Or for about 3,000 pesos you can enjoy a package of an overnight stay with scuba diving. To enjoy an even more affordable vacation, avoid the peak months of April and May when rates are its highest as well. Or stay in Sea Jewel Beach Resort and delight in its superb facilities and services, as well as its affordable accommodations in Puerto Galera.

Puerto Galera, The Affordable and Relaxing Beach Getaway  

Enjoying a relaxing beach getaway doesn’t need to entail scraping your piggy bank dry. On the shores of Puerto Galera in the Philippines, yo...