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5 Captivating Tourist Spots in Hue, Vietnam that Will Leave You Spellbound Looking for a great Southeast Asian getaway? Go online and find one of the most exciting Vietnam holiday packages that will bring you to the city complex of Hue. Being the country's ancient imperial capital and the modern time capital of Thua Thien province, Hue is unarguably a melting pot of Vietnamese history, culture, and natural beauty. Aside from myriad royal structures such as pagodas, tombs, and, palaces, this place boasts an array of leisure attractions that entices travelers all over the world. Behold and experience them yourself and get the most out of your vacation as you visit these 5 captivating tourist spots in Hue, Vietnam that will leave you spellbound. Perfume River Go on a boat trip on this poetic river that exudes a perfume-like aroma when the flowers from nearby orchards fall into its waters. You'll be enchanted by the beautiful landscapes and surrounding panoramas that you'll see along the trip. Interesting places that are included in the itinerary of a Perfume River Cruise are Hon Chen Temple, Thien Mu Pagoda, and Minh Mang Tomb. On your way back, enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and watch the stunning sunset as you listen to Vietnamese traditional folk song. Bach Ma National Park Spend a night or two in a hotel in Hue to enjoy the beauty of Bach Ma National Park, which is situated in the Annamite Mountains. This protected natural park is located in an area considered as the “Center of Plant Diversity” in Vietnam. Nature lovers will surely be delighted with its beautiful waterfalls, lush forests, and hiking trails. It's also home to a wide variety of native wildlife, including the Douc Langur, Asiatic Black Bear, and Stump-tailed Macaques. Plus, bird-watching is fantastic here, but you need to be up at dawn to experience the best sightings. New Star Hotel If you're traveling with your partner, New Star Hotel in Hue is the perfect place for your accommodation. Grab its Vietnam honeymoon packages and you'll certainly be amazed with the perks that the hotel offers. The exclusive package will take you by surprise as it includes a 60-minute body treatment for couple at First Massage, romantic candle light dinner at Aroma Restaurant, and 2 honeymoon cocktails at lounge cafe. During your entire respite in the city, you'll be left wondering about how antiquity and modernity can coexist in New Star Hotel. Hang Me Restaurant Hang Me is one of those restaurants which can aptly introduce any guest to the local food in Hue. Indulge in its delectable gourmet menu while basking in the relaxed, unassuming ambiance of the restaurant. Make sure to try banh nam, a mouthwatering combination of shrimp and pork with sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf, which is one of Hang Me's specialty cuisines. Watching the chefs as they prepare those delicious dishes in the corner of this cafe is another sight customers can enjoy . Lang Co Beach Another leisure attraction that you shouldn't miss in Hue is Lang Co Beach that promises repose in an island-like stretch of palm-shaded white sand and crystal-clear waters. This place is renowned for its magnificent natural landscapes surrounded by mountains and tropical forests. You'll definitely admire the boundless horizon of the Pacific Ocean as you stroll along the shores of this beach. For an ultimate fun-filled vacation, grab the best deal among all those Vietnam holiday packages and discover why Lang Co Beach is named as the “Beautiful Lady of Fishing Village.”

5 Captivating Tourist Spots in Hue, Vietnam that Will Leave You Spellbound  

The city of Hue in Vietnam boasts an array of leisure attractions that entices travelers all over the world. See and experience them yoursel...