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5 Recreational Destinations in Tagaytay City, Philippines So you've already booked at a lovely hotel in Tagaytay City, Philippines and are now interested on how you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Here are 5 popular places you can check out that offer great activities you can try. Whether you're with friends or family, you're in for some fantastic fun during your visit! Tagaytay Ridge Zipline & Cable Car Eager to start off your holiday adventure with something daring? Then head off to Tagaytay Ridge and challenge your fear of heights by taking flight on its zip-line. If you prefer to enjoy the view without fearing for your life however, you can choose to hop into one of the slowmoving cable cars that are also offered instead. This also lets you appreciate the scenic landscape longer, letting the details sink in, as opposed to everything being a hasty blur when you're strapped up and 'flying.' Either way though, you'll literally be seeing a whole new different side of Tagaytay while up there, that's for sure. Flower Farm Rediscover nature's resplendent beauty by dropping by this wonderful haven of fragrance and color. A trip to the Flower Farm will fill your senses with magnificent scents and hues as you indulge in a soothing stroll around its grounds. Some of the most abundant blooms that you can see here include roses, carnations, gerberas, anthuriums, and chrysanthemums in various vibrant shades. You can also purchase and create your own customized bouquet to take back and perfume your accommodation in Tagaytay with if you like. Picnic Grove While its name pretty much implies that it is a great venue to enjoy picnics in, this popular park also lets you give horseback riding a try. It also has zip-lining facilities. Taal Volcano and Lake Interested in seeing Tagaytay's most famous natural attraction up-close? Then go on a boat ride to the island itself. You'll see several boat trips being offered along the road on your way here, you'll just have to pick which ones are not charging steep rates. If you're feeling wary of them, you can ask your hotel in Tagaytay for advice on such boat tours. People's Park In The Sky If you would much rather enjoy a panoramic view of Taal Volcano and Lake from afar, you can opt to stay at a well-positioned hotel in Tagaytay City to stay at. However, if you want the best vantage point, go to the People's Park In The Sky.

5 Recreational Destinations in Tagaytay City, Philippines  

Where to go to indulge in some fun activities in Tagaytay City, Philippines? These 5 exciting destinations are a must for the adventurous va...

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