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4 Ways to Have a Hassle-free Palawan Getaway Who wouldn’t be lured to visit Palawan when offered with a great Puerto Princesa package tour? This famous holiday destination has so much to offer travelers and with perfect planning, you will absolutely experience a wonderful adventure in this island. Here are a few tips to help you make your Palawan getaway more fun and exciting: Book your trip locally Once you reach Puerto Princesa City, you’ll find that there are many tour guides and travel agents offering their services. There’s no need to hurry and book everything from air tickets to accommodations and tours right on the spot. If you want to save money and still have the convenience that you want, you may ask your hotel in Palawan for their tour packages. The good thing about dealing with local travel agents is that you don’t need to worry about surcharges because they all follow the tour directives from the local tourism department. Book a private tour This is highly advisable if you are traveling in a group. Private tours are cheaper because you only need to pay for the rental of the motor boat and not per head or the number of passengers. And because there are many islands to go to, you can freely design your own itinerary and choose which of them you want to explore. If your Puerto Princesa accommodation includes a free shuttle, tell them to drop you off at St. Lourdes Pier where you can rent a motorboat. You don’t need to haggle for the price because the local government has already set the standard rates for boat rentals. Pack extra clothes Bring extra shirts and shorts even if you’re not planning to swim in every island you visit, because you will get wet just from the boat ride. Palawan has a hot climate and you’ll surely be sweating a lot, too, so an additional set of clothing is a must when exploring the island. Bring your own food Unlike other tourist destinations, Palawan doesn’t have a lot of vendors that sell everything travelers might need on the road. So bring packed lunch when going on a tour to make sure that you have something to eat when you get hungry while exploring the magnificent attractions of Palawan. It’s still better to pack your own even though some Puerto Princesa package tours provide free meals. Island hopping can be very exhausting, so you need to feel full and recharged at all time.

4 Ways to Have a Hassle-free Palawan Getaway