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9 Random Facts About Bali, Indonesia Before thinking about lounging and just spending all your vacation at a fancy villa in Bali, you should find time to do some research about the city. A good traveler must know a few basic information about the city he/ she is about to visit. Plus, you'll never feel totally at a loss once you arrive in Bali. Aside from possessing a bit of knowledge, random facts are great conversation starters. Below are just some of the things to know about Bali: 1) Dramatic performances and traditional dances are important components of Balinese rituals and are significant parts of Balinese culture and religion. 2) Wet season is around November to March so don't forget to bring your rain gear. 3) Put on sunblock during the dry season, which is from April to October. The weather can become extremely hot. 4) There are three spoken languages on Bali: Balinese, Indonesian, and a sort of old Javanese called Kawi. Don't worry, the English language is generally spoken in the city. 5) Population is 3 million and still growing. 6) The average temperature in the coastal areas in Bali is about 28ยบC from May to July. On the other hand, temperatures average about 30ยบC around March and October. 7) Bali enjoys a tropical climate. Humidity is roughly 70% to 95%. 8) The majority of the locals practice the Hindu religion to which they call Agama Hindu Dharma, contrary to most of Indonesians who are Muslims. 9) Bangli, Tabanan, Jembrana, Badung, Gianyar, Karangasem, Buleleng, and Klungkung are the 8 regencies in Bali. These are just the tip of the iceberg. There are lots of other trivia you can find if you do more research. Of course, having a place to stay in Bali is very important. So, you might want to check out Villa Mahapala along Jl. Pantai Sindhu. It offers elegant, well-furnished villas you can totally relax in. Each villa is self-contained and even features a private pool with huts where you can enjoy a heavenly Balinese massage. You can even book rooms within minutes using the hotel's online reservation system. It's so simple. Simply head to its website at and click on the Reserve Now button. Now that you've got the knowledge about the city and a nice villa in Bali to stay in, all that is left for you to do is to have fun and create wonderful memories.

9 Random Facts About Bali, Indonesia  

If you're clueless about Bali, Indonesia, these bits of information may help you along your journey to the city.