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7 Things to Enjoy When You're in Oaxaca, Mexico Oaxaca, Mexico offers visitors exciting activities and historic places to visit to make any vacation memorable. Here, Mexico hotels provide travelers an ideal spot for exploring the many attractions of Oaxaca, providing guests with tour services or a great location. There are various ways to enjoy this historic city, so here's a list of activities that you shouldn't miss once you reach this destination. 1. Shop at roadside markets. Stroll the alleys full of stalls and bazaars at Oaxaca and purchase anything that will remind you of your visit in this exotic place. Here, you'll find people selling Oaxacan-style clothing, leather shoes, ceramics, pottery, and handmade figurines at very affordable prices. 2. Watch cultural performances. Watch the locals perform folk dances while wearing their colorful, traditional clothing. La Guelaguetza, as the locals call it, is a presentation that portrays the country's cultural heritage. During this event, locals offer fruits, vegetables, and other gifts to the crowd. 3. Visit the Museo Textil de Oaxaca. A beautifully restored building, this museum in Oaxaca exhibits all kinds of textiles from around the world. 4. Relax at the central plaza. Zocalo is the main square located at the heart of the city. With its calm and serene ambience, it's a perfect place for those who want to unwind after an exhausting day of shopping or sightseeing. It has a fountain, modern sculptures, and benches under the trees where tourists can relax during the day. At night, visitors can stay here to listen to live marimba music. Zocalo is within proximate distance to a number of hotels in Oaxaca. 5. Enroll in a culinary class. Oaxaca is also known as the culinary capital of Mexico. There are a lot of cooking schools in this city that offers short-courses for tourists who want to learn to prepare authentic Mexican dishes. 6. Visit archeological ruins. Situated atop a mountain, Monte Alban is recognized as one of the most significant archeological sites in the country. It was built more than 2,000 years ago and offers a panoramic view of the city. 7. Experience a temazcal bath. This ceremony consists of chanting, music, massage, and an herbal sweat bath, a ritual performed by Mayans, Zapotecs, and Aztecs – all indigenous groups in the country. This ritual aims to rejuvenate minds and spirits and relieve physical pains like arthritis. During your tour of these places, you'll find out that there are more activities that you can enjoy in Oaxaca. Indulge in every moment and make this trip a remarkable experience to remember later on. So, book an accommodation with a Mexico hotel that provides easy access to tourist attractions or offers tour services.

7 Things to Enjoy When You're in Oaxaca, Mexico  

Don't leave Oaxaca, Mexico without having the chance to experience fun and exciting activities that make this city a popular tourist destina...

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