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5 Historical Sites to See in Cebu So you've picked out the perfect accommodation in Mactan and are raring to go on that much anticipated vacation in Cebu, Philippines. As one of the most historically significant places in the country, Cebu has so much more to offer than just its commercial attractions. But where to start on such an educational adventure? Here are 5 of the city's biggest tourist draws that are a testament to the city's fascinating past. 1) Fort San Pedro. Built in 1565 as a Spanish outpost during the colonial era, Fort San Pedro is the oldest tri-bastion fort in the country. It was also later used as a barracks during the Japanese and American occupation. Today it houses a small museum that showcases the San Diego shipwreck and Fort San Pedro diggings. 2) Basilica de Santo Ni単o. The country's oldest Roman Catholic church, the Basilica is home to the statue of the Santo Ni単o that was a gift from Magellan to Queen Juana of Cebu. The main altar also features decorated pillars that encase several antique statues of Augustinian saints. 3) Casa Gorordo Museum. Once the home of Juan Gorordo, the first bishop of Cebu from 1862 to 1934, the museum gives visitors a glimpse into typical Filipino lifestyle during those times. It features authentic antique household items and furniture, noted paintings, relics, and a courtyard. 4) Magellan's Cross. Housed in an octagonal little building, this simple wooden cross marks the spot where the first Catholic mass and baptism in the Philippines were held. It also commemorates the arrival of Portuguese conquistador Ferdinand Magellan upon the island and the conversion of the locals to Christianity. 5) Lapu-Lapu Monument. Regarded as the first Filipino national hero, LapuLapu fought against Magellan and his fleet when they first arrived in Mactan in 1521. This majestic statue towers by the beach where that historic battle was waged and won, and is a constant reminder of Filipino bravery. If you happen to be staying at a hotel or resort that keeps you conveniently close to all of these historical sites, planning your itinerary will be so much easier. You can also see if you can sign up for some organized tours, which will most likely include the sites in our list. Whatever you decide, you're in for an experience full of wonderful discovery. It's a great way to enjoy your vacation to the fullest just before you retire to your accommodation in Mactan for the day.

5 Historical Sites to See in Cebu  

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