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4 Places You Just Have to See in Batam, Indonesia There are a number of interesting sites to explore at Batam , Indonesia but here are the best ones you should see when in the city. Batam, Indonesia boasts a number of unique attractions that visitor's will find interesting. If you're planning to see them, a hotel in Batam that offers a good location where you can access these sites is a must. You might also want to consider an accommodation provider that offers tour packages or car rental services to help you get around the city with ease.???? Always remember that the key to achieve a great travel experience is to go to the places that perfectly showcases the city or country you're visiting. For Batam, here is a short list of the places you should check out: Padepokan Seni Art Center – Located in Sekupang, the Padepokan Seni Art Center houses creative arts and crafts from all over Indonesia. Plus, it showcases different kinds of lively performances almost each day for tourists like you to enjoy. Also, you can visit Desa Seni nearby, an art village built to conserve, develop, and maintain the Indonesian culture. Nagoya – If you're the type who is more attracted to highly urbanized sites, then you'll definitely love Nagoya. This place is the entertainment and business center of Batam. Here, a lot of restaurants, shops, dance clubs, spas, karaoke clubs, cinema bars, plazas, Batam hotels, and music lounges can be found. Among the popular shopping centers in Nagoya include the DC Mall, Centre Point, Batam Centre Mall, Lucky Plaza, Megamall, and Robinson & Ramayana. Turi Beach – Slather on a thick layer of sunblock and get ready to hit the pristine sands of Turi Beach. Here, you can just enjoy hearing the waves gently splashing on the shore while lounging on a beach chair. Turi Beach is considered one of the best coastal areas in Asia. The Barelang Bridge (Jembatan Barelang) – Another popular tourist attraction in Batam, The Barelang Bridge is an icon of the islands. It is the link that connects the 3 well-known islands: Batam, Rempang, and Galang. Now that you know the key places you should be visiting when in Batam, it's time to think about where to stay. Of course, it's always nice to stay in a great hotel that offers the best in comfort and service. It's what you need to be able to rejuvenate and be ready for the next day's adventure. You need an accommodation that offers the amenities and ambience you need to slumber peacefully. A hotel that indulges your need for relaxation and excitement at the same time. One such hotel offers you the care and pampering you need while you're on a holiday – Panorama

4 Places You Just Have to See in Batam, Indonesia