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Publisher: « Le livre de poche jeunesse » Year of publication: 1997 Time of the story: The story lasts three days, it's in winter in the 20th century. Place of the story: The story takes place in a train called “The Orient-Express” Characters: Hercule POIROT Hercule is a brainy detective. He inquires into the matter about Ratchett's murder. Mister BOUC He's Hercule Poirot's friend, he helps him to find a place in the Orient-Express and to discover the criminals. Doctor CONSTANTINE He is a doctor and he helps Hercule Poirot too, to discover the criminal in the train.

The Plot: Hercule Poirot is on holidays in the Tokatlia Hotel but he needs to go back for an important business to London; He embarks on the Orient-Express but, because of the snow, the train is stopped for one night. During this night a traveller is killed, he is called Rutchett... Hercule Poirot and his friends need to discover the criminal. Who killed the traveller ?

Best feature of the book: Our favorite feature is when the detective discovers the corpse of Rutchett.

Worst feature of the book: We don't like the features when there are the testimonies of the characters because it's too long.

Recommendation: This book is great for the tennagers who like detective stories. It's a bit long but there is a lot of suspens.

Hortense Warnery and Constance Tard.

the murder of the orient express  

Another great detective fiction

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