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Michel Strogoff by Jules Verne Publisher : Ecole des loisirs. ( 2008 )

Jules Verne is a very famous french writer of fantastic books. He lived is the XIXth century. This book was published in 1876.

Setting: The story takes place in the XIXth century in Russia, in Siberia between Moscow and Irkoustk. The Tartares are in revolt against the Russians.

Characters: Michel Strogoff is a tsar's postman. He is the hero of the story, he is very brave and cunning throughout the story. Ivan Ogareff is a traitor but he is Russian and the chief of the Tartares. Nadia is Michel's partner, she is a great help to him. She has got a father who lives in Irkoustk.

The plot: The communication are cut between the Tsar and his brother, Ivan Ogareff takes advantage of it to prepare an invasion. To prevent his brother from that, the Tsar sends his best postman Michel Strogoff. Ivan Ogareff wants to prevent Michel Strogoff from his mission because he disturbs his plans. During the travel, Ivan takes the identity of Michel and gives a counter-order. Will Michel arrive before the tragedy ? Will he save Siberia ? Will he get married to Nadia ? Will she find her father ?

Recommendations: We recommend this book to girls between 10 and 12 years because there is a love affair but there is advenure so this book is also for boys .

Best feature: For us, the best moment of this book is the love affair between Michel and Nadia because we are girls.

Worst feature: We hate the moment when they are stuck in the mountains.

Michel Strogoff  
Michel Strogoff  

Michael Strogoff, courier for Tsar Alexander II of Russia is sent to Irkutsk to warn the governor about the traitor Ivan Ogareff. The latter...