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Toni Cabo After a few days waiting for his mother return, little bear Nanook decides to set off on his travel alone. As soon as he starts on his way, he loses his small suitcase and he will try to find some help to find it. Althoug he is not always going to get it, the journey will

Nanook’s Long Journey

allow him to discover a valuable and precious heritage.



Nanook’s Long Journey

Toni Cabo


Nanook’s Long Journey Toni Cabo MORE INFO Edicions Bromera

Enric Solbes Award for Illustrated Albums

Carol Borràs

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Nanook the little bear had never been all by himself in that cave for so long before. It seemed enormous to him now!

His mom hadn’t come home in days. That winter the nights were long and cold.

But they were soon covered by the vast white blanket of snow.

Near the cave, Nanook found some red streaks on the snow. He didn’t know what they meant.

Days and days passed, and Nanook was still all alone. So he packed a suitcase with his most valuable possessions and left.

As he jumped from one ice floe to the next...

...his suitcase fell into the water and slowly sank.

Nanook dove into the water, not wanting to lose it. But just then a seal passed by and his suitcase got even further away from him.

Then all of a sudden, a submarine zoomed by furiously, sending the little bear flying.

Nanook landed on an ice floe that brought him to the shore,

“Have you seen my suitcase?” he asked him nervously.

where he found a fox as white as the snow.

“No. What’s inside it?” “Something very valuable.” “I can’t help you. After all, you are a bear, and when you grow up, you could eat me.”

A huge caribou approached Nanook. Seeing that the little bear was crying, he asked him: “What’s wrong? Are you all by yourself?” “I lost my suitcase and nobody wants to help me.” “Does it have something important inside?” “Yes, my greatest treasure.”

“Even if I wanted to, I can’t help you,” the caribou said. “I have to stay with my herd. But be careful, you are alone and small. Someone could hunt you.” And he left.

A giant walrus emerged from the water, opening his mouth to show his long fangs! “Get out of my house! Or I’ll eat you up!” he shouted. The little bear ran away, terribly frightened.

It didn’t look like anyone was going to help him.

Strange clouds began to appear in the sky. Where were they coming from?

Nanook looked around and saw that

Near the shore he discovered a creature with a fishing

the clouds of smoke were coming from

pole. Nanook had never seen a human being before.

an Inuit hut.

What was it doing? What was it looking for? Had it lost something too, like he had?

Then Nanook told the boy about his long journey, and how important it was for him to find his suitcase. Nanook went over to the human, bravely. They stared at each other.

Suddenly, the fishing line moved. What had he caught?

Incredible! He pulled up the little bear’s suitcase!

The Inuit boy could tell right away that it belonged

The little bear was very happy. He opened up

to Nanook. And he gave it to him.

the suitcase and pulled out a letter. “I only packed my most valuable possessions.�

And Nanook reread the letter that he had packed so carefully along with a drawing he had made himself.

I told you that if I ever didn’t come home, you should pack up this letter in your suitcase and leave the cave. The time has come for you to grow up, Nanook, and go out and discover the world. I will always be with you in spirit. And you will make new friends on your long journey and they will make your days happy and your nights short. You will get to see our earth and all the beautiful things it has. You must care for them, and treat them with love and respect. Remember how important and valuable this icy, snowy landscape is. Someday you will also write a letter to your little bear: remind him to take care of the planet and treat all the beings who live on it with kindness. I love you, Mama

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