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Whisper by Lynette Noni Lynette Noni grew up on a farm in outback Australia until she moved to the beautiful Sunshine Coast and swapped her mud-stained boots for sand-splashed flip-flops. She has always been an avid reader and most of her childhood was spent lost in daydreams of far-off places and magical worlds. She was devastated when her Hogwarts letter didn’t arrive, but she consoled herself by looking inside every wardrobe she could find, and she’s still determined to find her way to Narnia one day. While waiting for that to happen, she creates her own fantasy worlds and enjoys spending time with characters she meets along the way.

Jordan has been a huge Lynette Noni fan for some time, and so we couldn’t resist putting this box together! Whisper hooks you with a mystery, holds you with intrigue, unexpected moments of joy, and leaves you wanting more. We hope you love it, and the accompanying items, just as much as we do!

Litwick AU Some words from the creator: Hi, I’m Zoe, the creator behind Litwick! I started this business to indulge in my passion for books and as an excuse to read more. I make candles based on books I’ve read and loved. I believe that every fandom, regardless of size, should get a chance to experience their literary home through candles. You can find me on Instagram @litwick_au where I am always happy to discuss candles and books. Why we chose Litwick’s Dillyberry candle: We chose Litwick candles because some of the flavours are inspired by Lynette Noni’s first YA series, The Medoran Chronicles. We settled on Dillyberry Juice, rather than the other flavours, because it ticked more than one box. Dillyberry juice is a prominent drink in the series, and the purple colour is electric and fun. Light this baby up when you dive into Whisper and enjoy the deliciousness of Dillyberry.

@LitwickAU on Instagram & Etsy

The Curio Boutique Some words from the creator: Curio Boutique (aka “Curio”) is an Etsy shop set up by bookworm and polymer clay hand-crafter NJ Hu. Art, crafting and reading are some of NJ’s favourite things to do, as a result Curio was born. What you have in front of you is exclusively made for Bookcase Australia subscribers and custom crafted with love. To see my latest handmade miniature items and craft reveals check out and follow The Curio Boutique on Etsy and social media! Why we commissioned Curio’s Falling Alice Pin: We met NJ at our very own launch in October 2017, and have been excited to work with her ever since! NJ has done a fantastic job with the ‘Falling Alice’ pins and we are thrilled with the result! We came up with the idea while brainstorming about underground adventures, and found ourselves drawing parrallels between the main character in Whisper with Alice. In many ways she falls down her own rabbit hole and nothing is ever the same again. She meets many characters of questionable loyalty, sees things she never imagined could be possible, and must learn her own place in her new reality.

@TheCurioBoutique on Instagram & Etsy @Curio_Boutique on Twitter

Melissa Coates

Creative Director

Mel is a genre-junkie, graphic designer, and illustrator. She is the artist behind the original prints featured in the Bookcase Australia boxes and is a firm believer in the power of imagination and creativity. She runs The Little Inkery, producing art prints, gift cards and bookmarks. She is an avid fan of fantasy, science fiction and romance fiction. @TheLittleInkery

Jordan Meek Director Jordan runs the logistics behind Bookcase Australia but considers her main job to be to ooh and ahh over the amazing creativity of all of our contributors. She is an avid bookworm who loves nothing more than to curl up with a good book and a cuppa. She works as a Rights Administrator at Penguin Random House @bookcaseaus Australia.

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Bookcase Australia: Below The Surface Box Contributors  

This is a contributor pamphlet included in our May 2018 box, Below The Surface, detailing the contents and creators that were featured in th...