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General Management PLUS  Program

General Management Plus Program

WHU’s General Management Plus Program equips participants with essential management knowledge and an unique hands-on learning experience during a business impact project.

The General Management Plus Program gives you the chance to experience new concepts in market- and business models and prepares you for the challenges of leading international projects and concurring new markets. You will learn to conceptualize markets and business models along new lines and will apply and practice your skills during the innovative Business Impact Project (in association with BOOKBRIDGE). Training in strategy, leadership and innovation will be provided on the WHU Campus DĂźsseldorf, Germany, and practice is integrated in an unique way with a project in Cambodia.

Strategy, leadership and innovation in an international setting. A shift in the structure of global core and growth markets is redefining the status-quo in many ways and with that the unwritten rules in the home markets. Core business sectors undergo substantial changes and established product and innovation models often show to be ineffective in growth markets. Existing knowledge on these procedures of the home markets is therefore becoming insufficient to react quickly and efficiently to the changing conditions.

New markets require internationally oriented project managers and a focus on innovation. The challenges of unknown markets need to be met with innovative products and business models. This has established a new benchmark for best practice product management which calls for employees who are able to adapt to the demanding and rapidly evolving conditions they encounter. Therefore gaining insight into growth markets, especially on international and cultural aspects, and learning new and relevant skills has become crucial.

General Management Plus Program

The program offers the ideal learning environment for devising, implementing and experiencing new business models whilst respecting social and ecological criteria.

Program Objectives ··Provide an engaging journey of learning, combining theory with practice

··Understand how the world of emerging markets ·· ·· ·· ·· ··

has changed and how to meet up with new demands Analyze current challenges and opportunities of emerging markets Explore links between strategy, leadership and innovation Promote awareness on cultural differences and need to internationalize Develop and leverage personal networks and engage in trusting dialogue Reflect on the challenges that lie ahead and own role of leadership

Participant Profile This part-time program is specially designed to combine a professional schedule with a learning opportunity and therefore very suitable for middle management talents. Several years of working experience and a sound knowledge of the English language are essential to get the most out of your experience. Thereby, an interest and/or involvement in emerging countries or internationalization strategy would be optimal but is not obliged. Global orientation and willingness to engage in a social entrepreneurial project are crucial.

Campus Düsseldorf

Business Impact Project The Business Impact Project presents you with the task to develop a learning center that facilitates access to books in rural areas for a community in Cambodia. You will devise and implement a strategic plan, research and contact local project partners and customers, and plan a sustainable financial strategy (the project has to be self-sustainable within one year). During the final stage of the project the strategic plan will be put into action onsite, under guidance of the award winning social business BOOKBRIDGE.

Dates & Fees The program runs over a period of nine months, covering a total of 21 days, and consists out of four modules; three take place on our WHU Campus Düsseldorf and the fourth abroad in Cambodia. Additionally, in between modules 2 to 3 hours of (virtual) team work per week should be expected. Module dates for the program 2014 / 15 Module 1 (Düsseldorf): May 12 – 16, 2014 Module 2 (Düsseldorf): September 8 – 12, 2014 Module 3 (Düsseldorf): November 24 – 28, 2014 Module 4 (Cambodia): February 21 – March 1, 2015 Wrap-up (Düsseldorf): March 21, 2015

·· ·· ·· ·· ··

Fees: € 11,500,– including lunch. Excluding accommodation (corporate rates available) and airfare to the project location.

11 / 2013

About WHU Executive Education WHU is ranked among the top European Business Schools according to the Financial Times Business School Ranking. In only 30 years, WHU has developed its own culture with outstanding quality being one of the cornerstones. We show our commitment to this by, for example, participating in the international accreditation processes. Our core values “Passion, People and Performance” also hold true for our Executive Education activities:


Passion In order to promote entrepreneurial, innovative thinking and action, we provide an intellectual and creative learning environment that is characterized by the engagement and commitment of all people involved. This is what we are striving for when designing and delivering our programs for our clients.

BOOKBRIDGE is a social enterprise that sets up learning centers as social businesses in rural areas of developing countries. The learning centers bring quality education to people in need and also serve as a real life case study in an unique leadership experience for international executives to learn project planning, working with multiple stakeholders and leading diverse teams in different cultural contexts.

People Executive development is about people – our clients, our program participants, and our faculty members. We enjoy working closely with you and with our faculty members in order to ensure high impact programs which benefit every single participant. Performance Your experience is key to us. We aim to continuously develop and renew our programs to keep them up-to-date with the new standards and interests. We do this by closely evaluating, monitoring and discussing participant’s and faculty’s feedback on the program, including teaching performance, quality of program management and facilities.

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General Management Plus Program

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WHU General Management Plus Program 2014/2015  
WHU General Management Plus Program 2014/2015  

This brochure is about the 2nd General Management Plus Program conducted by WHU in partnership with BOOKBRIDGE in 2014/2015.