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Enr ol now ! Cutting-edge business and leadership skills taught by experienced coaches + Setting up your own social business in Cambodia in a culturally diverse team = Turn you into a next-generation leader making a difference in this world

BOOKBRIDGE Capability Program Learn, develop and create sustainable impact!

The Challenge

Program Key Features

Our world is growing in complexity at an un-

This six-month part-time program is

precedented pace. As organizations are con-

designed for young professionals as well as

stantly challenged to develop new business

experienced managers who strive to…

opportunities by quickly adapting to unfamiliar markets and conditions, the process of developing effective leaders is a paramount. In an interrelated world, the next generation of leaders is required to exhibit high levels of responsibility for themselves and others while simultaneously integrating value and

• stretch their business and leadership capabilities by immersing themselves in their own entrepreneurial venture. • reflect upon their experiences and originate innovative approaches to complex situations. • integrate sustainability in their leadership practices and apply it to their business.

meaning into their professional lives. Candidates create tangible business outcoTo help organisations and individuals

mes by being asked to translate their new

address this challenge, BOOKBRIDGE and

vision of sustainability into their very own

its partners take an exceptional approach to

social business venture.

shape the next generation of leaders.

The Program The Capability Program develops your business and leadership skills through experiential learning. Two professional coaches teach and mentor you on cuttingedge business and leadership skills in an open workshop setting. You directly apply the learnings as an entrepreneur, making a difference in Cambodia, one of Asia's fastest-growing economies. With international counterparts, you will conceptualize, setup and monitor their own community-based learning center as a social business. Your personal learning journey will teach you how to create and implement a business plan from scratch, how to deal with uncertainty and unfamiliar markets as well as how to work in a

The Schedule The Capability Program is designed to run in sync with your professional schedule. Three on-site weekend modules and one virtual module are coupled with off-site virtual teamwork to ensure minimal disruption of professional life. Eight days on-site in Cambodia provide the opportunity for a transforming leadership experience.

cross-cultural virtual team. The BOOKBRIDGE Team along with two professional business and leadership coaches equip you with the know-how and management competencies to become a next-generation leader. The Key Learnings • Cutting-edge business and leadership skills taught by two professional coaches • How to create, implement and monitor your own business plan in an unknown environment • How to manage a complex project in an international environment • How to work together at eye-level in a virtual and multi-cultural team • How to change perspective, exert leadership skills and reflect on your own performance

Module 1 Team setup and project planning Oct 31-Nov 2, 2014 | Black Forest, Germany Module 2 Business modelling Jan 11, 2015 | Virtual teamwork Module 3 Investor pitch and project planning Feb 7-8, 2015 | Hub Zurich, Switzerland Module 4 Business plan implementation Mar 14-21, 2015 | Cambodia Module 5 Evaluation and transfer Apr 30-May 1, 2015 | Black Forest, Germany

Next-generation leader

What candidates say “Next to the managerial learnings we faced unpredictable challenges and hereby win recognition of own characteristics and qualities. For my personal life the program made me realize that I can strongly leave an impact on global communities and this gave me the confidence to do it. It was a really transformational experience.” Willem Bosman, Business Unit Leader, Netherlands, Kuehne + Nagel "The Capability Program was a unique opportunity to learn new skills in the field of leadership, business and financial modeling as well as effective communication across boarders and cultures. Having an engineering background all this was new for me." Olga Katsanova, Project Manager Health, Safety & Environment, HILTI GB “The Capability Program has been a unique experience im my life so far that I can definitively recommend. Why? I was able to develop my leadership skills and experience entrepreneurship in a real international business environment. But above all it enabled me to create a positive and sustainable impact and live the change I would like to see in the world.” Delphine Ziarovski, Senior Consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers Switzerland

Participation requirements


• Minimum of 3 years work experience

BOOKBRIDGE is a social enterprise in

• Advanced Level English skills Fee • EUR 10,000 / CHF 12,500 participation fee including local transportation, food and accomodation during 8-day module in Cambodia. • Fee does not include air fare to Cambodia and travel costs for workshops in Europe.

education. Based on our award-winning learning centers run as social businesses, the Capability Program offers an unique learning environment for the next generation of leaders to learn, develop and make a sustainable difference. About our COACHES

Special discounts

One experienced leadership coach and

• 20% discount applicable for individuals and NGOs signing up for the program.

one senior business coach will conduct

• Discount available for companies with 3 participants or more. Contact us!

the program jointly with the BOOKBRIDGE Team. Past coaches include Dr. Heike Rudolf von Rohr (The Gotthard Concept,

Time Invest

Zurich), Torsten Weber (Bridging People

• 7 days on-site workshops (3 weekends)

and Ideas, Frankfurt) and Christian Langen

• 1 day virtual teamwork session

(dynago, Düsseldorf).

• 8 days on-site in Cambodia (1 week) • 2 hours per week virtual teamwork throughout the duration of the program

Enr ol now ! Contact us Dr. Carsten Rübsaamen E T +41 61 511 52 24 T +49 761 458 75 80 72

5th BOOKBRIDGE Capability Program to Cambodia, starting in October 2014  

BOOKBRIDGE is a social enterprise in education. Based on our award-winning learning centers, the Capability Program offers an unique learnin...

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