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Teens Succeed

Teens Succeed BY: Joshua Herrera Visual Communications Final

BY: Joshua Herrera Visual Communications Final 6-18-14


Introduction For my Teens Succeed project, I took pictures of my sister participating in a church fundraiser. She is helping to raise money for girls’ camp. This will make the cost cheaper and therefore easier for people who may not be able to pay the whole price. She is also helping the community by washing some cars for free. While the car wash is free, money is raised through donations and the bake sale.

Advertising! The first step in any money-making endeavor is advertising! Kelsey and friends wave signs at passing cars in the hope that they stop and get a free car wash (and maybe donate).


After yelling and waving at cars, Kelsey takes a quick drink to prepare for the next phase of a car wash. Washing cars!

Preparations Kelsey pours water into a bucket in order to prepare the sponges to wash the car.


The next step is washing the car. Kelsey uses a hose to wet the car and get it prepared for soap.

Soapy Suds

When the car is ready, Kelsey uses a sponge to clean the car of dirt and grime.


Then, Kelsey dries the car in order to remove the water. This prevents any chance that streaks will form on the car.

Squeegee Time Finally, Kelsey will use a squeegee to remove water from windows and the windshield. And the car is ready to go!


Kelsey and friends wash their hands of soap and get ready for the next car.

Bake Sale

For the bake sale portion of the evening, Kelsey sits behind a table and sells food to customers waiting for their cars to be washed.


People don’t have to pay for the car wash, but donations are always welcome!

Group Shot

After a long morning of work, everyone poses for a group shot. (Note: I would be there but I had to take the picture)

Teens Succeed Car Wash  

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