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MAY 2013 * Platte County High School * Volume 1, Issue 4

The PCHS Porthole

The Captain’s Corner It is hard to believe we are at the close of another school year. This past weekend families, friends and our school community gathered at the KCI Expo Center to send off 226 graduates from the Class of 2013. The week prior to graduation ceremonies Platte County High School proudly honored over 94 of those students during the Senior Awards ceremony. Although graduation may be a bittersweet time for students and their families, we are confident that, having done what it takes to earn their high school diplomas, the students are ready to “loosen their moorings” and explore all the opportunities that lie ahead. As is the case with most transitions, when one door closes another one opens. Thus, as the Class of 2013 makes its exit, we are already busy preparing to welcome aboard the Class of 2017. If I may, I would like to make one suggestion directly to our incoming freshmen (and indirectly to their parents). I think if anyone asked a graduating senior for one piece of advice about what they did to make their high school experience memorable, they would answer with two simple words: “get involved”. To that end, we have dedicated a good portion of this newsletter issue to informing you about summer opportunities to start becoming a part of the PCHS community. One more item: please take time to fill out the spring parent survey available online on the District’s Home Page; just follow the link. Have a fun and safe summer, Alan Bunch, PCHS Principal

Seniors Awarded Honors and Scholarships

monies help to ease the financial burden of paying for college.

During the Platte County High School Senior Awards Ceremony held May 15th, seniors earned scholarships totaling more than $3.3. million dollars. An additional $1, 370,000 will be given to 137 students for qualifying for the A+ program, bringing the class grand total to $4.6 million.

Bright Flight Scholars, students earning 31 or higher on the ACT test, were recognized and honored at the event. Those students were Kaitlyn Burress, Jacob Cogdill, Logan Freeman, Alejandro Gallegos, Daniel Goering, Haley Johnson, Devin Kaveler, Sarah Regan, Corbin Smith, Brandon Spoor, Alexander Watson, and Joseph Whistman. Students who qualify for Birght Flight Scholars will receive scholarship money from the state of Missouri if they are attending a Missouri college or university. The amount students earn is announced by the state in July.

PCHS is thankful for the many businesses, clubs, organizations, private individuals, and colleges that provide these wonderful opportunities for students to reach their educational goals. Applying for scholarships takes time, organization and research, but the process is so beneficial as scholarship

(see More Senior Honors on PG. 2)

Counselors’ quarters Students Reap Rewards of A+ Program This year our counseling department was very excited that 139 students graduated being A+ qualified, the highest number of PCHS A+ graduates ever! A+ Coordinator Betty Rust wants to encourage every student to get on board with A+ and to work toward meeting the requirements whether they are a freshman, senior or in between. The most important things to keep in mind are: 1. Maintain good attendance. You must graduate with an overall average 95% attendance rate. Every absence, excused or unexcused counts so try to stay healthy and do not miss school for inconsequential reasons.

2. Keep your grades up! Keep track of your classwork and if you start to fall behind, get some help quickly. For A+ you must have a grade point average of 2.5 by graduation. 3. Take the semester course, Peer Helping, in your junior year if possible. Be a dedicated, enthusiastic peer helper who earns 50 hours and keep track of your time. 4. Don’t make a negative choice early in your high school career that you will regret later. A+ grads cannot have more than 6 days of OSS. Parents of potential A+ grads: Please support and encourage your students to meet these requirements to graduate with A+ even if there is no plan to use this scholarship after graduation. It can be a real “feather in the cap” and a tuition “insurance policy” in case of unforeseen circumstances.

IMPORTANT REGISTRATION DATES High School Enrollment Schedule: August 5th Seniors (9-5) August 6th Juniors (9-5) August 7th

More Senior Honors and Awards Students enlisting in the military were also recognized at the Senior Awards ceremony. Our best wishes and utmost respect for their service goes to Nathan Baumann, Active Duty of the United States Army, Rhiannon Fowler, United States Air Force, MU ROTC, Emily Hagenbuch, United States Navy Reserves, Shelbi Lowe, Active Duty of the United States Navy, and Jacob Olsen, Active Duty of the United States National Guard.

Sophomores (9-5) August 8th Freshmen (9-5) New School Enrollments (3-7) August 9th Open Enrollment (8-3)

Community Resources Available This Summer

AYE MATES! … SUMMER ACTIVITIES Here’s a list of the most recent information about summer camps and activities: (See Back Page Also) Football June Contact Dates June 4-6 (8:30-10:30) June 11 (8:30—10:00) June 26 (8:45-10:45) June 7 on 7 Dates June 12-19 (8:45-10:45) LSN 7 on 7 June 22 TBD July Contact Dates July 6 & 7; 9; 16 & 17; 23-25 (8:30-10:30) July 29-31 (7:30-10:30) 7 on 7 @ St. James July 10 TBD August Contact Dates August 1 (7:30-10:30) August 2 Iron Pirate Day Summer Golf (9-10) Shiloh Springs Golf Course June 12 - Putting June 26 - Chipping July 10 - Wedges July 24 - Woods Soccer PC Camp - June 3-7 HS: 10 am - 12 pm Youth: 6 pm - 8 pm OSU Camp June 26 - 28 Morning: 9 am - 11 am Evening: 6 pm - 8 pm Evening of Friday 6/28: 4-6 pm

You might want to keep this list handy Family Support Division- Platte Counin case you or someone in your family ty 816-858-3740, 233 Marshall Road, Platte City, MO. Clay County 816-407finds themselves in need this summer. 5800, 7000 Liberty Drive, Liberty, MO 64068 211- Need to find counseling? A nursing Metropolitan Lutheran Ministryhome? Job training? A food pantry? Want to Clay-Platte-816-454-5295 volunteer or donate goods? You’ll reach a Clothing closet for Clay trained, caring professional 7 days a week, County families only. Call to schedule ap24 hours a day. All for free, all confidential. pointment. You can also call 816-474-5112 or visit Salvation Army- Northland- 5663, 5306 N. Oak Trafficway, Kansas FOOD & BASIC NEED ASSISTANCE City, MO 64118. Emergency Assis(Food, clothing, shelter, utilities) tance: The Northland Corps offers assistance with gas, electric and rent. CommuHarvester’s Outreach at Vineyard nity Food Pantry: Pantry hours are genChurch erally Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 12 12300 NW Arrowhead Parkway p.m. and 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. Hours are subject to 816.734.8100 change. Northland Homeless Shelter-816 Harvesters will deliver a semi-truck full of -587-4224. 5935 NW Bell Rd., Parkville, food to Vineyard Church for families in MO 64152. need. Feel free to bring your own bags and get items for your family. Certain Satur- United Services-Platte County-816-8585153, 412 Aller, Tracy, MO 64079. Case days each month: 8 to 10 a.m. management services (homeless, parent Upcoming Outreach Dates: aid, and employment education). Emergency assistance (food pantry, utilities, fan/ May 18 A.C. program, Christmas, Thanksgiving) June 22 Clay County- 816-459-9615, 1900 NE EngJuly 27 lewood Road, Gladstone, MO 64118 Hillcrest Transitional Platte County 816-587-9037. Clay County 816-781-8988. Transitional housing program for homeless families, including employment skills training, financial planning, nutrition classes, and pastoral counseling. Barry Christian Church- 816-4360462. Community Clothing Center of Platte County (816) 741-2977, 5047 N Oak Trafficway, Kansas City MO 64118 (Agency referral) Family Support Division- Platte County 816-858-3740, 233 Marshall Road, Platte City, MO. Clay County 816-4075800, 7000 Liberty Drive, Liberty, MO 64068

HEALTH & MENTAL HEALTHCARE: Platte County Health Departmentoffers primary care appointments for uninsured and MC+ Platte County residents. Please call the Parkville office at 816-5875998 to schedule an appointment. The Platte City office schedules primary care appointments for Thursdays only. The Platte City office has walk in availability on Mondays and Wednesdays. The Parkville office makes appointments for Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Platte City location- 212 Marshall Road, Platte City, MO, 816-858-2412 Parkville location- 1201 East Street, Parkville, MO, 816-587-5998

Platte County R3 High School 1501 Branch Street Platte City, MO Tel: 816-858-2822 Fax: 816-858-5140

Aye, Mates! More Summer Activities Cheerleading William Jewell June 10-14 Volleyball Open Gym Dates Mondays June 3, 5,10, 12, 17, 19,24 July 8-9 &15 9 - 11:30 @ PCMS VB Open Play Mondays June 6:30-8:30 pm PHS VB LEAGUE Tuesdays in June Varsity 4:00 JV 6:45 FRESHMAN LEAGUE Tuesdays in June @ Kearney TBA PITT STATE TEAM CAMP Leave for Pittsburgh, KS 8:00 AM from PCMS 9th Grade VB Team Camp 9-Noon 7th-8th Grades VB Camp 1-4 pm

Boys Basketball June 10-14 Grades 10-12 (7-9 am) Free Grades 7-9 (10-Noon) $45 Grades 4-6 (1-3) $45 Girls Basketball in North High School Gym JV/Varsity Camp June 3-6 (7-9 am ) Freshmen Camp June (8:30-10:30) 6th-8th Grades Camp June3 -5 (Noon-1:30) 3rd-5th Grades Camp June 3-5 (2-3:30) Cross Country @ PCHS Track July 22-27 (7-9 am) Wrestling Competition Team Camp Smithville High School June 25-27 (9:00-1:00) $60 per wrestler includes camp t-shirt Featured Clinician: Dom Bradley Special Guest Clinician

Pirate Pride and Traditions Band & Color Guard Camps Look for more detailed information and this schedule in the mail this summer: Drum Line Camp - July 23-25 5:00-8:00 pm (Required of all percussionists in Pride Band Pride Band Marching Bootcamp - July 23 8:00-4:00 NEW CAMP for Pride Band Leadership Camp/PRIDE Institute - July 24 8:00-4:00 (Limited to Juniors and Seniors who signed up before school is out in May) Freshman Camp - July 25-26 (8:00-4:00) Students should report to the HS Band Room using the back entrance located on the west side (football stadium side) of the building.

“Navigating Towards Excellence� Alan Bunch Principal Shari Waters Asst. Principal Phil Dorman Activities Director

Freshman & First Time Marcher Meeting in the Wilson Center- July 24, 7:00 pm for freshmen and first time members and their parents. Full Camp - July 29 - Aug. 2 - Both Pride and Traditions bands meet during the first week. Daily Schedule: Pride playing rehearsal inside (1-3); Break (3-3:30) Traditions playing rehearsal inside (3:30-5:30); Dinner Break (5:30-6:30) Traditions marching rehearsal outside (6:30-9:15) Pride Camp Aug. 5-9, (7:00-4:00); Marching/Field Rehearsal outside (7-Noon); Lunch Break (Noon-1:00); Playing Rehearsal/sectionals/fundamentals practice inside (1-4)

Pirate Porthole Pre-Summer 2013 Newsletter  

This is the Pre-Summer 2013 Platte County High School Newsletter.

Pirate Porthole Pre-Summer 2013 Newsletter  

This is the Pre-Summer 2013 Platte County High School Newsletter.