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Simplify the Task of Booking Malayala Manorama Advertisement

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Why Malayala Manorama ?

Malayala Manorama is one of the best publications to release Manorama classifieds across Kerala. It is a morning publication which was published in Kottayam on 14th March 1890. However, the popularity of the newspaper among the readers in Kerala has pushed the newspaper to become a daily, thereby providing a crisp set of information catering to various genres in the Malayalam language.

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Book Ads in Manorama

Today the newspaper experiences a readership of 20 million backed up by circulation of 2,372,256 copies daily. Hence, the numbers clearly throw light on the popularity of the newspaper. Among the new age advertisers, if they are planning to engage the readers in Kerala, indulging in Malayala Manorama classifieds is a mandatory strategy.

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Malayala Manorama

Most of the brands of Kerala rely on Malayala Manorama for advertising themselves as it helps to define the brand features for a better ROI. Furthermore, it covers information catering to disciplinaries like sports, entertainment, politics, fashion etc. Hence, advertisers can engage in publishing Malayala Manorama advertisement of different natures.

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Release Ad inMalayala Manoramathrough Bookadsnow

Bookadsnow is an online media planning, buying and releasing portal with the INS accreditation, thereby adding credibility to the organization. Moreover, they do not display the predefined card rates for Malayala Manorama advertisement tariff as we have the ability to negotiate the rates with the publications on behalf of our clients. This way, we also provide our clients with the best Ad rate in the market.

Benefits of ReleasingAds with Bookadsnow

The bond between Bookadsnow and various media houses has been built and strengthened during the years of their continued association over 3 decades. The INS Accreditation that Bookadsnow has earned speaks of the veracity of their claims, adding value to the brand name. Media experts will ensure that your ad gets the best placement as they know all the ins and outs of the trade. As has been mentioned above, Bookadsnow promises the best Newspaper advertisement tariffs that you will find in the market.


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