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BSHS 311 Week 5 Team Assignment Systems Chart and Annotated Bibliography Blake Family Click Here to Buy the Tutorial For more course tutorials visit

Your faculty member has assigned the team a particular family system to analyze and chart. As a team, chart the system you have been assigned. Use drawing software, showing system dynamics such as dyads and triads, factors contributing to homeostasis or upsetting the balance, closeness and distance of members, and roles such as the clown, the scapegoat, the rescuer, or others. Submit your chart with a brief explanation of it. Attach a one-page annotated bibliography of the top ten of your Learning Team’s articles from the Week Four search and discussion.

Team: Here is the family system you will use to create your genogram/family systems graph for Week 5:


Shelley Blake is a 34 year-old, single mother. She is raising two children with the assistance of her 60 year old mother, Mabel. Her two children are Steve, aged 11 years, and Martha, aged 9 years. Shelley and her mother have a problematic relationship. Shelley is a recovered methamphetamine addict, who has been clean for two years now. During her time under the influence, Shelley had essentially abandoned her children, and Mabel took over their care for approximately 3 years. Mabel deeply resented this and constantly reminds Shelley of her failings as a mother. Shelley does not know who Steve’s father is, but Martha’s father, Raoul, is also a recovering addict who is attempting to rehabilitate and wants to get more involved with Shelley and the children. He has begun coming over to the house several times a week. Mabel is adamantly opposed to this and fears that Raoul will drag Shelley down into drug addiction again. Steve has recently become an increasing problem for Shelley. He is beginning to strongly challenge her authority as the mother, and she describes him as “playing my mother and me off against each other”. Recently, his previously good school attendance and performance has been changing for the worse. Mabel is concerned that Steve is gravitating to Raoul and may be negatively influenced by him. Martha seems to be always anxious and clingy with Shelley. Shelley says that Martha’s constant need for attention and reassurance has been increasing steadily, and has become exhausting.

Shelley indicates that the family never communicates as a unit, but rather has “constant squabbles”. “We can never agree on anything, she says.”

Bshs 311 week 5 team assignment systems chart and annotated bibliography blake family